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GALLERY: 737 / DATE: Jan 13 2011 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

SubMissAnn was a willing participant in our ongoing research into the use of medical fiberglass. This time I wanted to try a full body encasement. The position is a proper kneeling slave position, which is natural for SubMissAnn. This is our first attempt at this position which has a great deal of potential. This will make a spanking bench or table. I eventually want to create the perfect objectification piece. A woman totally encased in solid fiberglass with the proper access holes will make a perfect party favor.


GALLERY: 709 / DATE: Jan 10 2011 / IMAGES: 85 / VIDEOS: 1

Rubbert is retired with a beautiful secluded home in a rural neighborhood. He has that dream scenario of time a beautiful home and enough money to indulge his passions for bondage. We were welcomed to share in his passions and today we had the chance to experience his isolation cell. Rubbert is a retired engineer which shows in his well designed gear. Dalton was today's test dummy with a little help from his friends.


GALLERY: 733 / DATE: Jan 7 2011 / IMAGES: 70

A friend of the site shot these artistic bondage photos and submitted them for our evaluation, knowing that we always enjoy seeing pretty women bound in metal bondage gear. As you can see, our friend is a wonderful photographer. The model's name is Aracoeli Nin who has appeared on other bondage sites including CastYourEnthusiasm.com. She can be found on FetLife under the same name.

For us men, the images of women in metal shackles usually conjures thoughts of sexual ownership, and I must say these photos are no exception. Aracoeli's restraints are from DungeonDelights. Look for more of Aracoeli Nin on this site in the future.


GALLERY: 639 / DATE: Jan 4 2011 / IMAGES: 30

Poor Ashley Renee is tied up again. This time she's caught up in a very sexy leather corset and unique Butterfly Straitjacket. As you can see, combining the two leather garments was incredibly sexy. Dalton added some thick leather straps to hold Ashley to the antique gyno table, and the result was outstanding. Naturally, Ashley hated every minute of this unusual and inhumane treatment - but it was pure fun for Dalton and I! Next time we'll include a tight-fitting faceless leather hood and big dildo, and see if we can push Ashley over the top.

A special thanks to our dear friend Ashley Renee, GwenMedia for the use of their studio, and Mr. S for the leather gear.


GALLERY: 714 / DATE: Jan 3 2011 / IMAGES: 32

This short set of vintage photos from BedroomBondage.com features Lorelei as she's tied up into a tight ball with a canvas straitjacket and a pile of HumaneRestraints. I love the use of the leather restraints over her arms and wrists, which ad an additional amount of immobility to her helpless hospital situation. Additionally, with her knees pulled up towards her chest she becomes quite sexually vulnerable. Luckily, the doctor seems to be professional and trustworthy...


GALLERY: 681 / DATE: Jan 1 2011 / IMAGES: 82 / VIDEOS: 1

In an effort to increase our understanding of fiberglass casting procedures, we decided to cast our subject's head and both hands. In addition we implanted steel bolts into the casts which would allow us to attach chains for securing the patient. All in all, our test procedure worked quite well. A special thanks to Twisted Clinic for the use of their facility.


GALLERY: 726 / DATE: Dec 29 2010 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 1

Trapper Smith is once more under the control of Alice. She has the help of Serious Bondage to secure this long lean man in very secure bondage. We used some metal construction material to build some very secure stocks. The metal grip of this set up put Trapper in a helpless and quite vulnerable position. Alice took advantage of this by tormenting Agent Smith by keeping him on the frustrated side of orgasm. He said afterward that it was the most strenuous bondage session he had ever endured.


GALLERY: 720 / DATE: Dec 27 2010 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Last year Serious Bondage took a trip to Canada to visit Doctor Mad Max and have posted several photo sets, videos, and articles. We took a side trip to Toronto to visit several kinky businesses, one of which was North Bound Leather. Toronto is a beautiful city and we found one of the more perfect days. The owner of North Bound Leather welcomed us with open doors. This video tours the sales floor and production areas with a full narrative of every inch. Please enjoy this informative video.


GALLERY: 725 / DATE: Dec 23 2010 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of2 - The second part of this video is Alice in her toppy mode, giving Agent Trapper Smith a little "T" and "A" torment. The casting is extremely effective. It did two specific things very well. It kept Agent Smith prisoner and kept his sexual attention. Please enjoy this powerful and fun video.


GALLERY: 712 / DATE: Dec 21 2010 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

Karina Santos is a well known bondage and fetish model who has been featured in detective magazines and, as one would expect, on Lorelei's popular BedroomBondage site. I was disappointed to hear that Karina retired from bondage modeling in 2009. In any case, these vintage photos and video clips highlight her sexy appearance in a red PVC straitjacket on another popular bondage site StraitjacketBound.com run by Dorothy Laine in the early 2000's. A special thanks to Dorothy for sharing these early images with us. As you will see, sexy models like Karina don't need to be naked, they can be restrained helplessly in black panty hose, high heels and a bit gag and effortlessly fulfill our secret bondage fantasies.


GALLERY: 724 / DATE: Dec 20 2010 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of2 - 'Agent Trapper Smith has a face transplant' was the banter during the shoot, but mostly this guy is into heavy bondage and I was glad to provide it. Alice was a very helpful part of the preparation, but her strong suit is in the second part of this video. I have done enough fiberglass work by now that it becomes more uniform and tight. We imbedded bolts in the fiberglass which turned this into really effective bondage. This video is about the process, but Trapper really shows his excitement as the layers build.


GALLERY: 719 / DATE: Dec 15 2010 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

Her love for very heavy bondage is very impressive. I take her deeper and deeper each time, this was no exception. This bondage position is very comfortable and makes the person very vulnerable. I left a few places exposed for access. The position creates pressure in these areas to make them even more sensitive. This was a rather personal shoot with a nice interactive energy. She is very sexual and has very intense orgasms. She reported six very powerful orgasms over this two and a half hour session. The nice thing about this bondage is how easy it is to remove. She was physically spent and cold when I took her down, but after food and a warm shower she was ready for more.


GALLERY: 718 / DATE: Dec 10 2010 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 1

The Folsom Street Fair is a San Francisco original. I have had the opportunity to attend for the last four years. Each year I see something new and each year I leave shaking my head. We usually have a house full of out of town visitors during the fair and this year was no exception. As the morning begins we put on our favorite fetish wear - or lack of it - and head to Folsom Street. We usually take cabs or public transportation because of the lack of parking. This video gives you a flavor of the Folsom Fair. It by no means gives you the full picture, just a sample. I encourage every kink minded soul to make the pilgrimage to this one of a kind event at least once.


GALLERY: 672 / DATE: Dec 7 2010 / IMAGES: 15

In this sexy photoset Dalton secures Venus DeMila to the infamous 8020 Split Bench. Venus is certainly sexy, but so is this heavy metal bondage device!


GALLERY: 704 / DATE: Nov 25 2010 / IMAGES: 100 / VIDEOS: 2

Super hero rubber fetish comes to the Serious Bondage Institute. The day was perfect for rubber fetish play outdoors in San Francisco, not too hot or cold. The light rain was also a fun addition to the experience. This shoot was not hardcore; lighter hearted, and what is more fun than dressing up in rubber?  The surer hero theme was set as our guest displayed his latest purchase. Mistress Minax could not be out shined so she brought out her own version of a super hero. Not to be out done, our third guest simply had some of the most over-the-top boots that would make any super hero drool.


GALLERY: 703 / DATE: Nov 23 2010 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 4

Dorothy Laine was an early adopter of the Internet when she launched her popular Straitjacket Bound web site in the early 2000's. At that time, adult fetish magazines were on their way out and web sites were being launched right and left by the ‘next generation' of fetish entrepreneurs. It required a lot of research, skill and patience to build a bondage web site at that time because the computers were slower, the software was immature, and many people were still accessing the Internet with dialup modems. However, Dorothy and her friends embraced these technical hurtles and went on to set up a web site, run their own business, have a lot of fun and share their fetish with the rest of the world. Our hats off to Dorothy, as well as many other early adopters such as Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage, Bob Zack of Gwen Media, Gord of House of Gord, Simone of Devonshire Productions, etc.

We are honored to present a number of straitjacket photos and videos from Dorothy's collection, which were shot by Dorothy and her friends during their ‘Internet heyday' only a few years ago. This is the first set of images to be presented on this site, with a number of other sets coming along in the future. Remember, these images and videos were compressed to accommodate slower computers and Internet connections. A special thanks to Dorothy Laine of StraitjacketBound.com for sharing these cool images with us - it's always a pleasure to see pretty women like Dorothy struggling and whimpering in their bondage. Dorothy's straitjacket is from Maxcita. This gallery contains 39 still images and two short reduced-screen-size videos.


GALLERY: 702 / DATE: Nov 20 2010 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

After a long day of working on a bondage web site it is always nice to have a private bondage session. It was a cold and rainy night and my friend was eager to keep me in bondage for the evening.

I had mentioned some tease and denial play I had done in the past, but it was not on my mind when we began. However it was on the top of her "things to do to him" list.

The love for heavy bondage is a refreshing common dynamic between us and tonight is my turn to get tied up.

Tonight my attempt was to be in bondage for the full evening. A shoulder problem has limited my longer sessions for several years, but tonight it felt better. Long term bondage is a favorite fantasy of bondage lovers, but fantasy and reality are much different.

Comfort is vital to facilitate sleep in full bondage. This includes pressure points, overheating, and cramping.  The addition of sexual stimulation makes most bondage tolerable as long as the stimulation continues.

We did not make a full night, but it was observed that my cock was hard for four hours. I don't claim credit for this, the combination of heavy bondage and the impressive skills of my captor were the primary reasons this was possible.

Tease and denial was a welcomed surprise. Her first attempt was very impressive, it truly drove me crazy.

The video is shot from a fixed position because it was a private moment. This is as real as it gets, I'm sure you will get the sense we forgot the camera for the most part.


GALLERY: 698 / DATE: Nov 17 2010 / IMAGES: 140 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friends at Captive Kink in the UK sent us this fun set of photos and videos titled ‘A New Day Begins'. Karina, who is wearing a black spandex suit, ballet boots and leather helpless mitts is released from her (overnight?) captivity in a metal cage by her mistress Adreena. Her wrists are then locked to a ring in the wall above her head and her suit is stripped away from her body. At this point she is dressed in a latex catsuit, leather boots, rubber straitjacket and latex hood. Her legs are secured together with leather straps and in her final and helpless state she is subjected to the relentless stimulation of a powerful vibrator. Wow, what a way to start a day! Oh well, girls will be girls. Our thanks to Captive Kink for sharing these photos and videos with us. Rubber hood and Straitjacket from Elenas Latex, helpless mitts from Mr. S, catsuit and latex stockings from Murray and Vern.


GALLERY: 699 / DATE: Nov 15 2010 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 1

Serious Bondage recently visited a retired kinkster with a beautiful kink friendly home. Rubbert is happy to share his toys with other kindred spirits. He has a very nice, state of the art vacuum bed made by Maxcita. Mad Max has his own ideas about bondage gear, more is always better. This vacuum bed is no exception. The latex is produced by Polymorphe, a Canadian latex manufacturer. He uses dry suit zippers to retain the vacuum for a quieter bondage experience because the vacuum can be shut off. I spent some time in the sack along with Nurse Humble. Our video shows the process along with detailed explanation of Mad Maxes creation.


GALLERY: 693 / DATE: Nov 12 2010 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

This video captures a classic moment with the famous dominatrix Amanda Wildefyre. We were visiting Maxcita in Canada, and during our stay Amanda had her subject restrained overnight in a Maxcita Canvas sleepsack in Max's playroom. In the morning I fired up the video camera and met Amanda and Max in the kitchen as they were having coffee. Amanda took me upstairs to the playroom and showed me her captive who had been blindfolded, cocooned, catheterized, butt-plugged, E-stim'ed, and hydrated for the prior 10 hours. Unbelievable. This is as real as it gets folks.

Amanda and Max are both into creating serious bondage adventures with all of their specialized gear, but most importantly their knowledge of bondage allows them to facilitate extremely high levels of restraint and captivity in a safe environment.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable bondage experience Amanda Wildefyre can provide you with the best. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bondage enthusiast, a visit to Amanda should be on your short list of experiences to pursue. Amanda runs a membership web site Castle Diabolica which highlights many of her interesting sessions. Similarly, if you are looking to purchase top quality bondage gear, Maxcita manufactures some of the most unique and inescapable gear on the market. Max also runs a personal web site Dr. Mad Max which highlights his play. For more information about our visit with Max, you can read the article Caught In The Act on the free-access website SeriousBondage.com.

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