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GALLERY: 810 / DATE: Sep 2 2011 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Minax is a woman I can explain is one phrase; "there are talkers and there are doers, Eve Minax is most defiantly a doer." I have known her since she moved to San Francisco and have great respect for her abilities, knowledge, but mostly her integrity and character. She is the real deal and understands the nuances of a penis. She has poked and prodded, pumped and pierced, clamped and cupped, slapped and stomped, branded and banded, sounded and shocked and more if there is anything. Chastity is bondage of the orgasm and erection. The fact that the desire for release is the most powerful form of bondage does not escape her. This is a two part tutorial on pumping and installing a chastity device from My-Steel . This is all while 'Miss P' is secured in the aluminum and medical restraint split chair.


GALLERY: 809 / DATE: Aug 29 2011 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

A young kinky couple visits SBI for some fun. This is round one of a long fun say switching. The first contestant fit this soft leather strait jacket from Mr.S perfectly. Mark fed his boot fetish with a vintage pair of little shoe box thigh high boots. A Sinvention ball gag was tightly attached to her next. Dalton rigs a suspension system to make her as vulnerable as possible. The energy between these two was magic. Young sexy and kinky what more could you ask for.


GALLERY: 807 / DATE: Aug 25 2011 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 3

In this hilarious 3-part video our friend Mummy Ed explores his fascination with bondage, transportation and storage of various willing subjects. Utilizing an old trunk, Ed installed metal attachment points inside for fastening his subject's wrists and ankles with Clejuso cuffs, Mr.S mitts and drilled a hole in the side of the trunk to accommodate an air intake hose from a special rubber gas-mask hood from Maxcita. The result is a transportation box which is just big enough to fit his favorite submissive Brianna, who is shackled, locked, gas-masked and sealed inside for a tour of San Francisco. Although she can't see outside, she can feel the movement of Ed's van as he drives up and down the steep hills of the City, and the bumps in the pavement as she's rolled along the sidewalk and across busy intersections on a furniture dolly. If the drivers only knew what was in the old truck! This is a Mad Hatter's ride for sure and could only happen in San Francisco. Ed rolls the trunk into a local café where he receives a round of applause as he opens the top and the patrons gaze upon his sexy bound cargo!

A special thanks to Wicked Grounds café for putting up with our crazy bondage antics. This update includes 3 videos totaling 45 minutes, and 46 still images.


GALLERY: 806 / DATE: Aug 21 2011 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 1



The Serious Bondage Institute is always searching for interesting and interested couples. This very kinky and young couple came south from northern California for a weekend in the big city. They had an evening free so we invited them to visit and try out some of our bondage gear. They have a very nice dynamic, they switch. This is only part of this long evening which explains their well flogged asses. The enthusiasm and sexual energy of these two is intoxicating. My Maxcita sleepsack set up keeps evolving and this is a newer version. Finally add some Humane Restraints leather straps and topped with a Sinvention hood he was helpless. This isolation setup is great by itself, but having this beautiful young woman playing with your cock makes it complete.


GALLERY: 805 / DATE: Aug 17 2011 / IMAGES: 213 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend JG-Leathers has been traveling the world for years. Naturally he enjoys the sights and sounds of other countries, but more interestingly for us he has made friends with all kinds of kinky people during his travels.

This set of photos and video document JG's visit with his Dominatrix friend Mistress Madieanne in her private dungeon in Amsterdam. In an eloquent text narration, JG describes his play session with Madieanne including the sweat, near panic and joyful bliss he experiences under her control.

Many of us have entertained the idea of visiting a professional Dominatrix but have shied away because of shyness, embarrassment, or cost. For the most part, Mistresses like Madieanne who have been in the business for a while are friendly and accommodating and can provide you with a quality experience providing you are honest and clear about the kind of experience you are seeking.

A special thanks to JG-Leathers and Mistress Madieanne for sharing these unique photos and video with us.


GALLERY: 804 / DATE: Aug 14 2011 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 2

Sometimes you just have to have some fun and Alice brings a great sense of fun. Today she brought two very fun people who get into role play. We strapped our lovely patient to medical table after first properly restraining her in a Humane Restraints strait jacket, leather straps and cuffs. Orgasm Therapy is a long time psychological treatment, well at least it should be. The tickling and infectious laughter started things off. Then the orgasms begin in earnest, wave after wave of powerful orgasms help display the effectiveness of the rather extensive bondage. This is a two part video, enjoy.


GALLERY: 803 / DATE: Aug 10 2011 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

The idea of having a cast was always a fantasy of mine when I was a kid. However the required broken bone was not something I really wanted to do. Now that we have the materials to do our own the broken bone thing is not required. Brianna is our subject today and we chose a fairly awkward position. After we cast her she spent the night in it. First she took a trip to a local donut shop. Before we cut her out we added several more additions.


GALLERY: 61 / DATE: Aug 9 2011 / IMAGES: 85


Travis and John Green do a triple hood, full body strait jacket, and full suspension. Then they add a breathing machine. This application of Travis's Maxcita canvas bag is what inspired me to build the swivel set up that is hanging in our front room. This is such a comfortable set up. The extra layers make it even more intense. JG Leathers is visiting soon. Perhaps I will try it myself, layes and all. The hoods, sleep sack, and rubber hood scuba is from Maxcita. The loose rubber Boiler Suit was from Mr.S.


GALLERY: 800 / DATE: Aug 4 2011 / IMAGES: 74 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a shoot from a few years ago. It was at a house in the suburbs of Sacramento. This is an extra room located off of the Master bedroom hidden by a secret bookshelf door. The second floor window faces south and receives a full afternoon of sunlight. Everyone there understands bondage and can appreciate a nice float away afternoon of bondage. I prepared everything for my lovely friend and she was more than happy to put me in. I have a very snug neoprene sleep sack from Mr.S and a form fitting board to strap it to. My hood has a very large leather gag built in. The round piece on the front indicates its size, but the depth makes it a true gag because you can't speak without triggering your gag reflex. It is comfortable and manageable if you relax and stay silent. Posture collar I got from a shop called Smoking Lingerie. The eye patches and ear plugs shut out the conversations and sunlight. Finally some Mr.S leather straps so there is no escape. She is having fun as am I and shows a great deal of interest in my idea of a good time. I love total immobilization and a chance to check out for a few hours. Even though this may sound like heaven to our fans, we are accepted but still regarded as a little strange. Everything went well because she made sure it was snug but not too snug. She was kind enough to monitor me while I floated, however she could not resist teasing me. This was a weekend of photo shoots and play. This video captures the process of putting me in , but the real fun began after the cameras went away. The still photos show what it was like in this silent world. My thanks go out to this lovely lady for taking the time for this experience.


GALLERY: 781 / DATE: Jul 31 2011 / IMAGES: 259 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 3of3 - We pull out all the stops as Steffy is transformed into a tall, slinky and voluptuous Playboy rubber doll. Assisted by our guide Alice, Steffy's transformation is nothing less than memorizing, and her innocent and submissive persona seems to trigger a latent sexual conquest fantasies for the average heterosexual male. Steffy knows this, and works her good looks and dialog for the maximum sexual appeal. This is an unusual and secret peek into the world of female transformation that many men aspire to experience.

Steffy has a web site, Yahoo group, and can be found on FetLife as ‘Steffy'.  In addition, do a web search for ‘Steffy the Rubber Doll' for tons of additional information and photos. Alice can be contacted via her web site or ‘Go Ask Alice' on FetLife. She has lots of other TV/TS videos on her Clips-4-Sale site. A special thanks to both Steffy and our friend Alice for allowing us to witness this most amazing transformational fetish experience.


GALLERY: 721 / DATE: Jul 28 2011 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

In this short video we toured Kink.com's infamous ‘Upper Floor' where they webcast live BDSM scenes for their Upper Floor website. The building manager also showed us the ‘saloon' set in the basement, which is setup to look like a real bar where they also shoot BDSM scenes. The Kink.com building is four stories and occupies an entire city block. Unbelievable.


GALLERY: 799 / DATE: Jul 23 2011 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 1

I have debated if I should reveal my secret bondage ritual. I help run a bondage website and a downside can be turning something I love into something I just have to do. I will admit at times I have suffered a level of burn out. I know I will never lose interest in bondage because I have actually tried to stop, but we all know how that works.

I keep the bondage fires kindled by playing off camera, in private, and away from work. The energy remains strong and it doesn't become just another photo shoot.

However, I have decided to share my most intimate bondage secret, my morning self bondage ritual. I hope this will set a new direction and encourage others to reveal their secrets. We all do some crazy shit in private. I thought I would share mine so it will embolden others and help them not to be ashamed of their secret kink. I don't do this particular thing every day, even though I probably could. I just don't want to burn my partner out; she is a very lovely lady. She loves bondage as much as I do but anything can become too much if you let it.

I wake up early and have my morning coffee and take care of other private issues. I catch up on recorded TV programs and surf the news on the web. Occasionally I wake up with bondage on my mind. I start thinking about being tied up as I go to sleep, wake through the night, and sometimes in my dreams. I get up with bondage as my focus and my only mission is to secure myself in strict bondage and wait to be released by my sleeping partner. I'm in total isolation and trapped in a web of strategically placed straps. The unpredictability of this type of bondage is key; she could wake up in three minutes or three hours. I have done this bondage hundreds of times so the restraint is absolute with no chance of escape. I did this with ice cubes and string for years and spent countless morning hours waiting for ice to melt and keys to drop to within my reach. There is an element of danger to self bondage, most self bondage practitioners have horror stories to tell and unfortunately some did not have the chance to tell their story. I do not recommend self bondage with mechanical devices; it is too fucking dangerous and stupid. A sleeping person in the next room is much safer and deliciously unpredictable. I have never had an ice cube tease me to the edge of orgasm while I was trapped in my chair for hours.

As for the actual bondage, this is how I like it. I like being impaled on a plug during bondage; I love the idea of not being able to expel it. Regular ass play does not interest me nor does rough CBT, but cock and balls just need to be tied down. Straps are great to strategically secure my skeleton and compress my muscles. Full hoods with head bondage plus ear plugs, taped eyes, and gagged mouth are a must. Toe bondage, tight chest straps for restricted breathing, and locks for unchangeable security are also vital. Any self bondage lover will understand the finality of a lock click, just typing it sends a shudder through my body. Struggling to a sweaty lather is my usual MO. I attempt to hump the air, but I make an effort to restrict all humping. This video shows only small movements but trust me, I was straining with all of my might. This is as personal as it gets, I show all of this private bondage fantasy......well almost. I hope you enjoy this video. It is the first video in a long time that gave me a boner. Perhaps I know how it ends.

Hood by Top to Bottom Leather out of the UK



GALLERY: 797 / DATE: Jul 19 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

To be honest this is my girlfriend. I love her very much and feel so helpless when things in her life go wrong. She has been stressing over some issues I can't control. However she loves bondage and I'm pretty good at applying it. I invited her over to "get tied up" and she ran some errands then stopped by. We talked and discussed things then made a plan to eat dinner. We could have had a nice evening of TV and conversation, but bondage was right in the other room. I asked her if she wanted to eat or get tied up, she jumped at the idea. I gently put in some soft 32 db ear plugs and applied a Sinvention soft leather isolation hood. The Maxcita canvas sleepsack has been used a few times in this configuration. Leather straps from Humane Restraints. Each time I fine tune it a little more to make it perfect. The position is relaxing and stress free. The disorienting motion and the dark silent world take only a few minutes to take effect. She said everything with the look on her face as I removed the hood. This was a good choice on a busy and stress filled day.


GALLERY: 795 / DATE: Jul 14 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Alice and Rubbert play with e-Stim as Rubbert is locked in a rubber hood by Cocoon, rubber catsuit and a very effective piece of metal bondage gear made by Maxcita. This is a very strange position as electricity violates Rubbert's cock and ass. Alice has a way with her hands on style. Enjoy this very hot video with full rubber, electricity, and metal bondage.


GALLERY: 691 / DATE: Jul 11 2011 / IMAGES: 98 / VIDEOS: 1


For those who love rubber, Dalton is put in an inflatable latex sleep sack, and then Fushia uses two dildos to pleasure herself. So close but way to far away is the idea. This is a serious bondage of safe sex.

This sack is from Regulation in London, and has an attached gas-mask hood for total 100% latex enclosure. The sack has an inside and outside latex wall which creates an internal inflatable bladder. A zipper up the back allows for easy entry. There is no inflation around the neck or head, only from the neck down. This sack does not have internal arm sleeves.


GALLERY: 27 / DATE: Jul 7 2011 / IMAGES: 69

Latex from head to toe, a tight leather single sleeve from Mr.S, Inflatable from Cocoon, and a beautiful tormentor, plus a little foot worship. Our friend from the east coast is in latex always. In fact he even wears latex under his clothes during plane trips.


GALLERY: 793 / DATE: Jul 2 2011 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Serious Bondage is a very small operation with only the two of us for the most part. We have many friends who love the site and love gear bondage. They help us greatly with contacts, ideas, and hands on bondage. We recently met Brianna who has geek skills and some time to kill. She has been helping with marketing part time. However, she is just someone who has an invisible sign on her forehead that says "tie me up." I am distracted sometimes with strapping her in any gear that may fit. It seems to always evolve into some pretty amazing bondage. This was a short video with only a few pictures simply because it was not a shoot. We just started to tie her up and as the bondage accelerated the camera came out. This was a great deal of fun and I think it shows in this video. Vertical Stocks were made by The Serious Bondage Institute. Leather straps, rubber gag, and blindfold are from Mr.S.


GALLERY: 780 / DATE: Jun 28 2011 / IMAGES: 259 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of3 - In this update Alice dresses Steffy in each piece of her unique rubber doll outfit. A magical transformation happens before the camera as we are shown how each accessory of Steffy's outfit enables her to more effectively identify as a tall and voluptuous female. In addition, this is an amazing demonstration of the famous ".7 Waist-to-Hip Ratio" theory. Scientists claim that this ratio hard-wired into men's brains and used to identify the most attractive female. Monitor your own reactions as you watch Alice dress Steffy, and see if the ".7 Ratio" applies to you as well.

In this rare and highly unique video, our friend Alice acts as our guide as she walks Steffy through each step of his rubber doll transformation. This involves inflating Steffy's iconic female hips, applying her red wig, and dressing her in a custom Playboy Bunny suit including black heels, gloves, cufflinks, collar, bow-tie, and fluffy tail. This amazing and magical step-by-step transformation spans 45 minutes in three videos. Part-2 of this video is included in this update along with 260 amazing still photos. Part-3 will be available in a future update.

The interaction between Alice and Steffy captures girl-talk between two females in the privacy of their dressing room as they peer into the mirror and talk about the allure of the scantly-clad female figure. Alice walks the viewer through Steffy's Playboy Bunny wardrobe and allows a peek into Steffy's submissive personality. We hope you become as mesmerized as we were when we shot this highly unique video.

Steffy has a web site, Yahoo group, and can be found on FetLife as ‘Steffy'.  In addition, do a web search for ‘Steffy the Rubber Doll' for tons of additional information and photos. Alice can be contacted via her web site or ‘Go Ask Alice' on FetLife. She has lots of other TV/TS videos on her Clips-4-Sale site. A special thanks to both Steffy and our friend Alice for allowing us to witness this most amazing transformational fetish experience.


GALLERY: 790 / DATE: Jun 22 2011 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Troy Orleans is a long time fan of Serious Bondage. In fact we visited her in Manhattan New York a few years back for an interview posted on SeriousBondage.com called "Meet Troy Orleans". Troy visits San Francisco now and then and she usually drops by the Institute to say hello. I picked her up at the airport after her long coast-to-coast flight. She was anxious to eat and get to her friend's house to take a nap. We had lunch and stopped by the house to say hello before I drove her to Russian Hill. Well, we had some other friends visiting at the time and before I knew it we were doing a live webcast. Troy had some favorite toys in her bag; a short single tail whip and a Mr.S surgical stapler. I strapped her willing victim to a medical examination table with Mr.S leather straps , Medical Toys ballet shoes and let the fun begin. This was a very hot scene that tested every restraint. I love putting people in bondage so they can't move, but I love it even more when they frantically try. A special thanks to Troy, and to our friend ‘Oliver Hyde' for being such a willing recipient of Troy's medical procedures.


GALLERY: 787 / DATE: Jun 18 2011 / IMAGES: 106 / VIDEOS: 2

This two-part video and 100 still images shot at Studio Rubber Dynasty highlight Rubber Elle's test our leather sleep sack and Mr.S straitjacket.

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