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GALLERY: 853 / DATE: Jan 18 2012 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

The final part of this video is a public scene in a quiet neighborhood in San Francisco. We blindfolded our birthday intern and took her out for a birthday lunch. All of this was done without staging, it is so fun to live in this laid back city.


GALLERY: 852 / DATE: Jan 16 2012 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

The second part of this Birthday Bondage adventure is a public walk to a popular San Francisco kinky café called Wicked Grounds. Our intern is blind and locked in hand cuffs. Soon the birthday intern is bubble wrapped and hauled through the hills of San Francisco in the back of a van.


GALLERY: 851 / DATE: Jan 14 2012 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

Our intern had a birthday and MummyEd took the initiative to grant a birthday wish. It started out with a night in a sleepsack and a trip to Mr S Leather.  If you enjoy public bondage you will enjoy these videos.This is in three parts.


GALLERY: 850 / DATE: Jan 10 2012 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

The first time we met her we knew she was a great deal of fun. Yes we are serious bondage, but what is in a name. We have been using fiberglass casting for bondage, but not in the form of a corset. We needed to incorporate bondage into this scene and our guest was more than happy to submit. This video is filled with fun and a great set.


GALLERY: 849 / DATE: Jan 10 2012 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Alice takes Gumby on a kinky dentist experience using the newest or perhaps the oldest dental techniques known to woman. His blow up rubber and heavy bondage make this a very fun and powerful scene.


GALLERY: 848 / DATE: Jan 6 2012 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

I have communicated with this young lady for several months. I think she initially contacted us, then faded away, then came back and faded away again. Finally she became curious enough to visit the Serious Bondage Institute. This was impressive in my opinion so we wanted to give her a good bondage experience. We gave a tour and asked what she wanted to try. She has a great deal of BDSM experience and said she loved hoods and heavy bondage. She showed an interest in my weird floating bouncing sleepsack so I figured that was a good place to start. After I put her in the hood she began to coo and moan. Each strap produced a small sound. As I elevated her off of the floor she began to giggle loudly. Her laughter was infectious as she bounced and spun around the room. She floated and drifted away for an hour or two. I could feel something profound was happening inside. Eventually I removed her slowly. Her face tells the story. From laughter to tears, she felt the power of this sensory deprivation device. This was all an unexpected reaction, the laughter, the tears, and the profound connection she felt with this experience. This will not be her last I'm sure.

Sleepsack by Maxcita Caught In The act

Leather Discipline Hood by Top To Bottom Leather

Straps - Humane Restraints

The following was posted on the social web site Fetlife on 1/5/2012

My experience at SeriousBondage.com

Journal Entry

i really did not know what to expect when i was walking up the stairs of this nice house in San Francisco...the door was cracked open and when i knocked i heard "come on in"....i opened the door and there was Dalton and Mummy Ed...standing over a Man who was completely encased in tape, foil, a heavy hood with ear plugs...You could not see any skin on the Man and He was spinning around slowly strapped to a leather bed. They all welcomed me in to take a closer look and i was in awe of how casual everything was and how approachable They all are... i was taken on a tour and i could not believe how much leather and metal they have... i also could not get the huge cheesy grin off my face:)... i even clapped :-)

i have always been a fan of bondage, not particularly rope, but heavy, thick leather, and heavy, cold, metal restraints....a fantasy of mine has been to be in an extreme sensory deprived situation for an extended period...i have slept in hoods, straitjackets, rope and chains...and it feels safe to me, like my entire body is being hugged, it is hard to explain but it feels like love...i have also had my freak-outs in the middle of the night where i have not known where i was and safe-worded out of the bondage...it has been years since i have been in really heavy sensory deprived bondage so i did not know how i would react...or even what i wanted to try...

Dalton asked me what i wanted to try and mentioned a gorgeous leather chair they have, and this really beautiful full body straight jacket set up with leather straps...We went with the full body straight jacket and a really heavy leather hood...He had mentioned how much bondage is about trust, but this really did not register to me until later on......ear plugs were placed in my ears.....i stepped into the canvas and laid down, He placed the heavy leather hood over my face and started tightening the laces...i was immediately taken to another place...i remembered how much i loved that feeling of soft leather covering my entire head, sight removed, sounds muffled, breathing restricted...i could not stop smiling inside that comforting darkness...my arms were placed into arm sleeves built into the suit and the zipper was pulled up, i was then raised off the floor, the sides were tightened one by one just right...each one was the same amount of pressure as the next and tight, but not uncomfortable...and then i started spinning:) i could not stop laughing...the feeling of floating in the air, hugged tightly and then spinning around was exhilarating....i tried to stop laughing cause after all...Their name is Serious Bondage...but i could not stop...then weights were placed on top of me...increasing the feeling of being hugged...i was spun again, and rocked, fast and hard...i laughed and laughed until all of a sudden i felt nauseous, and panicked..and that is when i realized how much this experience is based on trust...i did not know these people real time, of course i had heard great things about them from people i trust but there i was completely bound, no sight , very little sound with strangers....i was informed of various degrees of safewords prior to this scene and i came very close to asking for the hood to be ripped off...all i could think about was vomiting and how i had a heavy leather hood on my head... i mumbled "whoa...i feel woozy" and the spinning immediately stopped, i could feel hands on my ears, forehead, and it got real quiet...i tried to focus on my breathing and anything other than vomit because i did not want to let my fear take control of the situation....and after what seemed like a lifetime my heart rate slowed down and my breathing became relaxed...i remained still for a while...who knows how long, time seems to stop when one is in that land, and the thoughts that go through someone's head when You are forced to be still, quiet, alone, with yourself...well...let's just say it can be very enlightening...in a world where we never stop, never sit without the TV on, or a laptop in front of us, or staring down at our cell phones...or even worse...all three at once......when One stops...it is therapy.

And then the rocking started, slowly at first picking up the pace over time, the motion, combined with the noise of the springs stretching was hypnotic, i went into another place where i felt like i was floating on water...alone in the middle of the ocean but it felt comforting, i let go for a second and exhaled...i exhaled some shit i have been holding onto and needed to let go..
then i felt the straps being loosened and couldn't help but feel a sadness..i did not want to open my eyes.

i was lowered down to the floor and the hood was removed, i briefly saw bright light and before i could process the shock of it a soft leather blindfold was placed over my eyes, as if They knew...and They know...i sat there for a while, trying to take it all in and come back to reality...and became very emotional...one of the reasons i love a heavy physical/psychological scene so much is the release associated with it, the crying, the letting go, the emotional emesis...i have never experienced that same feeling from bondage alone...

i can't wait to go back:)


GALLERY: 876 / DATE: Jan 4 2012 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 2

This update isn't exactly about bondage or fetish, but for those of us who play with rubber or latex you will find this video quite helpful. Our friend Rank is a walking encyclopedia of rubber knowledge, and in this 30 minute video he walks us through the detailed steps of repairing a common tare in a latex catsuit. As Rank explains, this procedure can be performed at home with simple household supplies.

For those of us who have played with latex for more than a few years, we can appreciate the value of this information. Rank's instructions seem to demystify the repair of latex clothing. Up until now I have felt that the manufacturing and repair of latex clothing was some kind of black magic, and that you needed to be part of a secret ‘inner circle' to obtain this sacred knowledge.

This video was produced for the RMSF.org (Rubber Men San Francisco) rubber club, and it can be found on their web site as well. More care-and-repair videos will be available on their site in the future. A special thanks to Rank and RMSF.org for allowing us to share this video on our web site.


GALLERY: 844 / DATE: Jan 2 2012 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

SBI is always ready to help when there is an educational need. We had a "student" who was doing "research" and want us to tie her up. I've heard and used plenty of lines to tie or get tied up myself, but this one was original enough we couldn't refuse. One thing I knew was she was curious and willing for whatever reason. I took a teaching approach to our session. I explained what effect I was trying to achieve in each bondage scenario. Compression, sensory deprivation, and total immobility, in a  sleepsack, a strait jacket, the famous bondage chair, a vulnerable chair tie, and finally mummification in a coffin. Everything was explained and executed then she was debriefed as to how she felt. What surprised her the most was how much it stirred her sexually. I hope she can find a way to put that in her "paper". This was so much fun for us all, I learned a great deal myself.

Sleepsack by Maxcita Caught in the Act

Straps by Humane Restraints and Mr S Leather


GALLERY: 842 / DATE: Dec 29 2011 / IMAGES: 131

In 2005 I had the honor of visiting the popular fetish model Pupett in her home country of Germany. What a special trip this was. I stayed with Pupett for three weeks and during that time I was able to witness the magic that she and her fetish model friends could create for the camera. Pupett enjoys fetish, bondage and chastity in her personal life, and when she combines her passion for kink with beautiful European model friends, the photos are amazing.

As a result of my friendship with Pupett she has agreed to share some of her amazing images with our web site. This photo gallery captures Pupett and her German friend Liv playing a board game. Each time one of the women rolls their dice and looses she must put on a piece of bondage gear. This is a popular game in the fetish community, but when these two sexy women gamble with their chastity belts, handcuffs and gags it takes this game of chance to new heights. If you are a fan of steel chastity devices do not miss this update.

You will find other photos on this web taken during my trip to visit Puppett in Germany, and when she came to visit us here at Serious Bondage in San Francisco. Also, take a look at this fun article on SeriousBondage.com titled 2006 Fetish Ball highlighting a visit by Pupett, the Rubber Sisters, House of Gord and Martin of RigidCuffs in 2006. Unbelievable! I can't believe we do this stuff.

A special thanks to Pupett and her webmaster for sharing these eye-popping photos with us. For more mind-blowing fetish imagery, visit Pupett's popular web sites: Blood Angels, Clinical Torments, and her original site Pupett.


GALLERY: 841 / DATE: Dec 25 2011 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 1

The 2011 holiday season is in full swing and everyone is doing seasonal photo shoots. The red dress with white fringe and green holly is very nice, but red panties and a white canvas Maxcita strait jacket is always better.  Our model is really kinky and really into bondage. I'm getting used to the idea that I just love tying people up. Around SBI it seems that bondage sessions just start somehow. I've noticed that I'm that "somehow". After a classic holiday shoot in a cage with shiny shackles, we moved to some of my holiday tradition. This woman took to her bondage well. I love to surprise women when they think the bondage will be simple but effective. I however love to totally immobilize them and make them feel physically and sexually vulnerable. The rapid breathing and the occasional scent of sexual arousal is what I try to achieve. If they begin to hump the air...bonus! I just love tying up women, happy holidays!


GALLERY: 707 / DATE: Dec 21 2011 / IMAGES: 33

For those who are fans of the popular bondage model Jewell Marceau, I'm sure you will appreciate this set of vintage photos from 2004.  These images were shot by Dorothy Laine from StraitjacketBound.com, and retain the fun and romance of bondage photography before sexually explicit photos became the norm.

As the previous generation of bondage fans will tell you, vintage magazine photos and early Internet photos relied entirely on the viewer's imagination to fill in what nudity supplies today. The viewer was left to fantasize about discovering the beautiful Jewell Marceau tied up and helpless under their Christmas tree, wearing nothing but a straitjacket and red high heels. Just think of the pleasure it would be to unwrap this tidy little package!

As far as I'm concerned, nudity in bondage photography today is like having all of your Christmas presents unwrapped in advance, so you miss out on the enjoyment of unwrapping the gifts yourself and discovering what surprises lie within. Alas, we have been forced to accept the lowest common denominator in bondage photography for the sake of a lousy buck. Where is the fun and romance in bondage photography these days? I submit to you that the Jewell Marceau is a wonderful Christmas present while simply restrained in her straitjacket, with her sexy heels, red lipstick and dark silky hair - not to mention her big pretty eyes. How about if we leave the sexually explicit parts of the photo shoot to the imagination of the viewer?


GALLERY: 840 / DATE: Dec 17 2011 / IMAGES: 67 / VIDEOS: 2

KinkEngineering.com has been in business since 2008. We were fortunate to have met these two when they began their journey. The name Kink Engineering caught Mark's attention so on one of our SBI road trips we gave them a visit. They were in an industrial space where they began their small business and also lived. They are a young energetic couple well connected to the local kink community. They were rubber fetishists with a love for bondage. The items they created seemed to break away from the traditional black formal or traditional fetish wear; it was much more colorful and playful. The idea of having fun with bondage is right up my alley. The bright pink hello kitty vac bed is an early example of this creative cutting edge company. Since our visit their list of original items has grown to an impressive size. They have fun and enjoy what they do, it shows in everything they produce.


GALLERY: 808 / DATE: Dec 13 2011 / IMAGES: 52

Bondage play is a long overlooked phrase. Many of us have forgotten the magical fun we had when we first found bondage. The photographer is a longtime friend of Mark's and arranges this scenario in most of his shoots. This time he nailed it and captured that magical atmosphere. As these two beautiful young women explore this cold metal bondage gear you can feel the sexual energy (or juices) flow. I've shot with one of the models and I can see she is truly into the gear. They both projected that youthful and sexually driven titillation of a first time bondage experience.

A special thanks to Dungeon Delights for supplying the heavy steel shackles.


GALLERY: 838 / DATE: Dec 9 2011 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

Our intern Kitty was caught playing with herself while sorting bondage photos for our web sites. As punishment she was stripped, shackled and locked in the deck cell for the afternoon. It was a cold overcast day, so her goosebumps and erect nipples are clearly visable. Lucky for Kitty we released her before it started to rain. Hopefully this will teacher her to play with herself ONLY when our cameras are rolling!  :-)

A special thanks to Dungeon Delights for supplying the heavy steel shackles.


GALLERY: 837 / DATE: Dec 5 2011 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

JG Leathers and company returned from their tour of Twin Peaks and John/Joanna changed into his Folsom Street Fair gear. He spent the past year creating this beautiful and totally original piece. Later he sported anew southern belle style gown and hat to torment a sassy young woman. The bondage created an awkward predicament that jus screamed spray me with cold water.


GALLERY: 836 / DATE: Dec 1 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Around the time of the Folsom Street Fair we had a houseful. JG Leathers and friends from across the pond wanted to do a little fetish sightseeing. Twin Peaks that is only a short drive from the institute overlooks the entire city. Along with the view come tourists, many many tourists. This was a very fun shoot with plenty of playfulness.


GALLERY: 835 / DATE: Nov 27 2011 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

SBI is always ready for some outrageous bondage. Our intern is moving and we have fiberglass and a van. Well, it isn't that simple there have been many fiberglass encasements but we had no idea how much our intern wanted to experience it. This time we chose a more traditional position, if there is such a thing as traditional bondage position. After our tour of the Castro area, we headed back to the institute via public transportation. This was one of the coolest things we have done. The wheel chair lift and the bus driver's special attention to locking the cart in the handicap area just rocked. Then we headed over the hill and through the neighborhood to the SBI. After a little lifting and dragging we started the removal process. We will miss our intern and hope to see more use of that form fitting fiberglass shell.


GALLERY: 834 / DATE: Nov 25 2011 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

SBI is always ready for some outrageous bondage. Our intern is moving and we have fiberglass and a van. Well, it isn't that simple there have been many fiberglass encasements but we had no idea how much our intern wanted to experience it. We loaded our cargo and headed over the hill to the Castro area of San Francisco. This was close to the Folsom Street fair weekend so the Castro had seen just about everything. Well they had never seen anything quite like this. You have no idea how much it takes to draw a crowd, but this was even affecting the jaded locals. We passed the Castro Theater, ate in a local restaurant, and took a trip through Walgreens. After that we waited for the 24 Muni Bus.


GALLERY: 833 / DATE: Nov 23 2011 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

SBI is always ready for some outrageous bondage. Our intern is moving and we have fiberglass and a van. Well, it isn't that simple there have been many fiberglass encasements but we had no idea how much our intern wanted to experience it. This time we chose a more traditional position, if there is such a thing as traditional bondage position. First layer was cotton which created a padded mummification for protection. Second was the usual pallet wrap and duct tape. Third was a very thick layer of medical fiberglass. We than positioned our cargo on a wheel around cart. This process took some time. The hours before we loaded up were spent in silent darkness.


GALLERY: 754 / DATE: Nov 19 2011 / IMAGES: 81

Our friend Rich from CaptiveKink.com in the UK paid us a visit, and during his stay we drove to Los Angeles for some photoshoots with the popular bondage model Ashley Renee. Rich is a collector of interesting bondage gear and brought some of his toys along to try out on Ashley. As it turned out, two of our favorites were his bizarre leather booties with a special strap that bends Ashley's toes around into an awkward and cramped position, and a gag with a metal attachment which allows it to be locked to a bolt in the cement floor. Fantastic! Rich's darlex hobble skirt and leather helpless mitts were pretty cool too. Rich has an eye for acquiring cool gear.  Check out his free website for other interesting gear and imagery. A special thanks to Ashley, Rich, and Rubber Dynasty for allowing us to shoot in their Los Angeles studio.

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