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GALLERY: 713 / DATE: Dec 1 2010 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 1

It was cold in San Francisco and the three of us were cuddled around hot drinks to warm up in a local neighborhood diner. We talked about bondage and how much we all loved how it feels. The fact was that two of us had been in a great deal of bondage the night before and that morning. There are talkers and doers, so we headed back to the house to do. I dreamed up a little scenario and located the gear and supplies. Our willing model stepped up for whatever I had in mind. I started with a Darlex walking sleepsack from Mr. S that fit her quite well. The vertical metal post had been prepared with a cargo blanket covered with pallet wrap.

I positioned our model on a stool and began to attach her to the post with a second layer of plastic wrap. After this I covered her with a full layer of duct tape. A vibrator was positioned in a slightly wrong position; a little added frustration is always good. I put on a last layer of Mr. S leather straps for some added support. The vibrator got her undivided attention, and eventually I was nice and moved it in a more effective position.

After a round of powerful orgasms I removed the stool under her feet. She drifted off for a journey through sub space. I also applied a very supportive posture collar and head strap. She said the bondage was very relaxing she could completely relax into it. A long stressful day came to an end with a very soothing bondage experience.


GALLERY: 704 / DATE: Nov 25 2010 / IMAGES: 100 / VIDEOS: 2

Super hero rubber fetish comes to the Serious Bondage Institute. The day was perfect for rubber fetish play outdoors in San Francisco, not too hot or cold. The light rain was also a fun addition to the experience. This shoot was not hardcore; lighter hearted, and what is more fun than dressing up in rubber?  The surer hero theme was set as our guest displayed his latest purchase. Mistress Minax could not be out shined so she brought out her own version of a super hero. Not to be out done, our third guest simply had some of the most over-the-top boots that would make any super hero drool.


GALLERY: 703 / DATE: Nov 23 2010 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 4

Dorothy Laine was an early adopter of the Internet when she launched her popular Straitjacket Bound web site in the early 2000's. At that time, adult fetish magazines were on their way out and web sites were being launched right and left by the ‘next generation' of fetish entrepreneurs. It required a lot of research, skill and patience to build a bondage web site at that time because the computers were slower, the software was immature, and many people were still accessing the Internet with dialup modems. However, Dorothy and her friends embraced these technical hurtles and went on to set up a web site, run their own business, have a lot of fun and share their fetish with the rest of the world. Our hats off to Dorothy, as well as many other early adopters such as Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage, Bob Zack of Gwen Media, Gord of House of Gord, Simone of Devonshire Productions, etc.

We are honored to present a number of straitjacket photos and videos from Dorothy's collection, which were shot by Dorothy and her friends during their ‘Internet heyday' only a few years ago. This is the first set of images to be presented on this site, with a number of other sets coming along in the future. Remember, these images and videos were compressed to accommodate slower computers and Internet connections. A special thanks to Dorothy Laine of StraitjacketBound.com for sharing these cool images with us - it's always a pleasure to see pretty women like Dorothy struggling and whimpering in their bondage. Dorothy's straitjacket is from Maxcita. This gallery contains 39 still images and two short reduced-screen-size videos.


GALLERY: 702 / DATE: Nov 20 2010 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

After a long day of working on a bondage web site it is always nice to have a private bondage session. It was a cold and rainy night and my friend was eager to keep me in bondage for the evening.

I had mentioned some tease and denial play I had done in the past, but it was not on my mind when we began. However it was on the top of her "things to do to him" list.

The love for heavy bondage is a refreshing common dynamic between us and tonight is my turn to get tied up.

Tonight my attempt was to be in bondage for the full evening. A shoulder problem has limited my longer sessions for several years, but tonight it felt better. Long term bondage is a favorite fantasy of bondage lovers, but fantasy and reality are much different.

Comfort is vital to facilitate sleep in full bondage. This includes pressure points, overheating, and cramping.  The addition of sexual stimulation makes most bondage tolerable as long as the stimulation continues.

We did not make a full night, but it was observed that my cock was hard for four hours. I don't claim credit for this, the combination of heavy bondage and the impressive skills of my captor were the primary reasons this was possible.

Tease and denial was a welcomed surprise. Her first attempt was very impressive, it truly drove me crazy.

The video is shot from a fixed position because it was a private moment. This is as real as it gets, I'm sure you will get the sense we forgot the camera for the most part.


GALLERY: 698 / DATE: Nov 17 2010 / IMAGES: 140 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friends at Captive Kink in the UK sent us this fun set of photos and videos titled ‘A New Day Begins'. Karina, who is wearing a black spandex suit, ballet boots and leather helpless mitts is released from her (overnight?) captivity in a metal cage by her mistress Adreena. Her wrists are then locked to a ring in the wall above her head and her suit is stripped away from her body. At this point she is dressed in a latex catsuit, leather boots, rubber straitjacket and latex hood. Her legs are secured together with leather straps and in her final and helpless state she is subjected to the relentless stimulation of a powerful vibrator. Wow, what a way to start a day! Oh well, girls will be girls. Our thanks to Captive Kink for sharing these photos and videos with us. Rubber hood and Straitjacket from Elenas Latex, helpless mitts from Mr. S, catsuit and latex stockings from Murray and Vern.


GALLERY: 699 / DATE: Nov 15 2010 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 1

Serious Bondage recently visited a retired kinkster with a beautiful kink friendly home. Rubbert is happy to share his toys with other kindred spirits. He has a very nice, state of the art vacuum bed made by Maxcita. Mad Max has his own ideas about bondage gear, more is always better. This vacuum bed is no exception. The latex is produced by Polymorphe, a Canadian latex manufacturer. He uses dry suit zippers to retain the vacuum for a quieter bondage experience because the vacuum can be shut off. I spent some time in the sack along with Nurse Humble. Our video shows the process along with detailed explanation of Mad Maxes creation.


GALLERY: 697 / DATE: Nov 13 2010 / IMAGES: 40

Our friends Mel and George in Germany sent us these photos of their play. They enjoy many different styles of bondage gear, but seem to have a special fondness for Zenti suits, rubber, and metal shackles. These two kinksters are both switches, but I get the feeling that George is tied up more often by Mel than the other way around. Hummm... Mel has a photo-art website which she runs in her spare time: th-photoart.


GALLERY: 693 / DATE: Nov 12 2010 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

This video captures a classic moment with the famous dominatrix Amanda Wildefyre. We were visiting Maxcita in Canada, and during our stay Amanda had her subject restrained overnight in a Maxcita Canvas sleepsack in Max's playroom. In the morning I fired up the video camera and met Amanda and Max in the kitchen as they were having coffee. Amanda took me upstairs to the playroom and showed me her captive who had been blindfolded, cocooned, catheterized, butt-plugged, E-stim'ed, and hydrated for the prior 10 hours. Unbelievable. This is as real as it gets folks.

Amanda and Max are both into creating serious bondage adventures with all of their specialized gear, but most importantly their knowledge of bondage allows them to facilitate extremely high levels of restraint and captivity in a safe environment.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable bondage experience Amanda Wildefyre can provide you with the best. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bondage enthusiast, a visit to Amanda should be on your short list of experiences to pursue. Amanda runs a membership web site Castle Diabolica which highlights many of her interesting sessions. Similarly, if you are looking to purchase top quality bondage gear, Maxcita manufactures some of the most unique and inescapable gear on the market. Max also runs a personal web site Dr. Mad Max which highlights his play. For more information about our visit with Max, you can read the article Caught In The Act on the free-access website SeriousBondage.com.


GALLERY: 696 / DATE: Nov 11 2010 / IMAGES: 291

When you have a fetish for rubber, almost anything goes. In this mind-blowing set of photos we capture San Francisco's Mistress Minax in rare form as she takes her submissive ‘Rubber Bug' for a ride he's not likely to forget anytime soon.

Encased in head-to-toe heavy rubber, Minax's cocooned captive has his wrists cuffed behind his back and then winched up towards the ceiling ‘strappado' style. Once he is completely helpless Minax turns up the heat with some flogging, ball-busting and sexual teasing. All the poor guy could do was gaze through his goggles and enjoy the odor of heavy rubber while his face was buried within her magnificent bosom!

This scene was so much fun we have decided to post all the photos of the set, even if some of them are not the most compelling shots. As a result, this large selection of images will give the viewer a sense of the energy that was flowing between these two heavy rubber fetishists. This gallery contains 291 photos, and a video of this scene will be available in the future. If you enjoy rubber, we suggest that you visit Mistress Minax in San Francisco for a special experience of your own. Rubber hood by Studio Gum, rubber suit by Hydro Glove.


GALLERY: 687 / DATE: Nov 6 2010 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

In Part-2 of this three part video Ed continues his mummification project by covering his subject ‘Banana' with special 6-inch military duct tape. This unusual tape works quite well for securing her to our padded mummification rig which is held a few feet off of the floor by steel pipes extending out from the wall. Although the tape is a drab Army green color, it complements Banana's camouflage bikini and also conforms to the sexy curves of her female figure.

Once covered with the green military tape, Ed applies a final layer of silver duct to Banana before the blocks under her feet are removed. Removing the blocks will put the entire weight of her body on the pallet wrap and duct tape and leave her suspended in mid-air in the middle of the room, which will be an unusual site to see.

A special thanks to Twisted Clinic for the use of their weird bondage device, and to our friend Banana for being such a willing (and trusting) subject!


GALLERY: 694 / DATE: Nov 4 2010 / IMAGES: 59

We are honored to present this beautiful and artistic photoset of the popular bondage model ‘Star'. She has been featured on Infernal Restraints, Kink.com and many other quality bondage sites. Star is an experienced and hardcore bondage model, however in these images we can see her true beauty and sensitivity as an attractive young woman who enjoys her trade. Shot on the simple oak flooring at SBI, her familiarity and acceptance of the steel shackles is apparent. As we often say at the Institute, it's not about the nudity; it's about the enjoyment of the bondage itself.

A special thanks to LT-Switch of PhotoBound for shooting the photos, and to Star for her lovely enjoyment of the moment.  As a side note, Star runs her own website Bondage Update which features many of the sites she has worked with. We hope to feature more of Star and the photography of LT-Switch in the future. Metal shackles by Dungeon Delights, vertical cage by Mr. S.


GALLERY: 688 / DATE: Oct 30 2010 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Sable brought a friend with a taste for heavy bondage and heavy industrial rubber and latex. He also brought his very large collection. The bondage was outdoors but like all latex subject to every whim of weather change. San Francisco has weather change minute by minute. The bondage combined metal and a bizarre industrial pipe bondage device.


GALLERY: 695 / DATE: Oct 29 2010 / IMAGES: 164

Many of us men, including myself, yearn to act out our kinky rubber fantasies with a woman who has the same interests. In this case Mistress Minax fits the bill. She understands the fetish of rubber and latex, and embraces our rubber interests with gusto.

In this set of photos we had a visitor to the Institute who had just purchased a special rubber gas-mask hood from Maxcita.com and wanted to show it to us. We got on the phone and called Minax who came right over to join in the fun. It also so happened that we had just finished constructing a ‘Bondage Transport Chair' so Minax strapped our poor visitor to the chair for a test drive around the room in his latex cat suit and new gas-mask hood. As a side note, the transport chair is made by Pro-Straint and is used by the police to transport prisoners who have their hands handcuffed together behind their back. We purchased two of these chairs from E-Bay, and then built a pair of metal Unistrut frames with caster wheels that we bolted the chairs to. Notice the overhead metal strut that will be used for anchoring the subject's head. I think you can purchase similar chairs from PX Direct and HandcuffWarehouse. You can read a review of a similar chair on Yossie's website.

As you will see in these photos, Minax really enjoys playing with bondage and latex. She loves to have a guy in helpless bondage and head-to-toe latex, and for us guys it's really refreshing to know a woman who can play with us in our rubber and not think it's weird or strange. Personally, I love the feel of total enclosure rubber, heavy hoods and gas-masks, however most of the time I'm embarrassed to share this fetish with others. I was personally delighted that we had a chance to shoot these photos and enjoy the time with our rubber visitor and Minax. We also shot some video of this scene which will be available on the site in the future, so stay tuned! A special thanks to Mistress Minax for allowing us to photograph her in this scene.


GALLERY: 923 / DATE: Oct 26 2010 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

Now it is her turn to take a ride in the small cage. This whole weekend has been super fun for me. I've simple provided and applied some bondage gear and then stepped back to watch. This young couple really enjoys hurting and being hurt. I've seen some heavy play but it is usually serious and a bit dark. These two laugh and play as the make the other one beg and scream. This video is a chance for him to even the score from his time in the cage. Cage made by Rigidcuff......Suspention bar sold by Mr S Leather....Straps from Humane Restraints.


GALLERY: 689 / DATE: Oct 19 2010 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Anna Rose of Alterpic.com and KinkyPonyGirl.com and Gwen of RubberDynasty.com were visiting us at the same time. Two latex fetishists and an evening in San Francisco - why not go to the local store in rubber? After all we needed some wine and a few other things. So we locked them together with a pair of metal waist belts and a heavy chain and we were off into the night. Once we arrived at the store we drew a small crowd. Imagine that! Thanks to everyone involved for their cooperation and good natures.


GALLERY: 684 / DATE: Oct 7 2010 / IMAGES: 104

We are proud to present this unique photo set featuring John Hewson and his slave Krystal. John is a bondage perfectionist from Down Under, and hand crafts beautiful and amazing bondage gear in his home workshop. He's good friends with Gord of the popular web site House of Gord, and you can see a striking similarity between their bondage aesthetics.

John visited us during the popular 2010 Folsom Street Fair weekend in San Francisco, when we hosted a party at the Serious Bondage Institute. When John showed up with his submissive Krystal on a leash the party went silent and everyone shared a collective gasp. Wow. What a fantastic sight!

This update includes a variety of photos of John and Krystal in our white background studio, as well as shots of them strutting their stuff at the Folsom Fair the following day. A special thanks to John and Krystal for allowing us to share these photos on our web site. As a side business, John makes custom bondage and fetish wear and can be contacted at his e-mail address:  jwhs@optusnet.com.au. As you will see in the close-up photos of Krystal's collar, she is wearing a shiny metal name tag that says ‘Krystal Tied' which is the name of this gallery. Enjoy.


GALLERY: 665 / DATE: Oct 1 2010 / IMAGES: 64

Our friend at Captive Kink has a unique selection of RigidCuff metal bondage gear to photograph on his models. In this photo set we see his ladies restrained in a Single Fiddle, Double Fiddle, and a pair of heavy Rigid Stocks. The Double Fiddle is an especially fiendish device which is designed to lock two women together face to face - which would be an interesting dilemma if the women don't like each other. Alternatively, a Rigid Stock can be used to restrain the wrists and ankles of a single lady, or a pair of stocks can be used to lock two ladies in the sexy ‘69' position. In all of these interesting bondage scenarios neither photo model seems to be worse for the wear. A special thanks to Captive Kink for sharing these photos with our web site. All of this metal bondage gear can be found on the RigidCuff web site, and a unique list of all of the bondage gear ever made by RigidCuff has been assembled by SeriousBondage.com and can be viewed by clicking HERE. The model with the black hair is Karina.


GALLERY: 682 / DATE: Sep 29 2010 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

During secret experiments at Twisted Clinic, our group of rogue doctors are applying fiberglass casting material to an unsuspecting patient in hopes of developing a new method for secure and inescapable bondage. In a brilliant stroke of genius, solid metal anchors are imbedded into the fiberglass as it's applied to the patient's head and hands. Then, with the use of a short spreader bar, her feet are cast together into one unit. Yep! As the experiment progresses the patient becomes more and more uneasy, however, once her head and hands are attached to an overhead bar she realizes there is absolutely no escape! I believe our doctors are on to something here. Our hats are off to their bondage ingenuity. Now, how do we get her out?


GALLERY: 677 / DATE: Sep 18 2010 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of2 - The second part of this video is the actual fiberglass casting. We had a great time in this video of learning more about fiberglass and what new kinky things we can do to people with it. Serious Bondage once again visits Medical Toys in Northern California for some fun shooting in their very well equipped medical room. We took along our crew and hooked up with a few of the kinky locals. Twisted Clinic supplied the medical wardrobe and our own tired twisted minds adlibbed the rest. The Fiberglass bondage is very unique and rather expensive. We put our best people on it to come up with the most outrageous bondage yet. Poppy was a very stressed out patient and our crew of pseudo medical professionals did their best to immobilize and calm our unruly patient. The possess is simple, put her in a strait jacket supplied by MedicalToys.com and Humane Restraints. Wrap her in layers of plastic and cover that with several more layers of quick hardening medical fiberglass. Oh and there is that remote controlled vibrator. Poppy soon calms down and we cut her out, yes cut.


GALLERY: 676 / DATE: Sep 18 2010 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of2 - Serious Bondage once again visits Medical Toys in Northern California for some fun shooting in their very well equipped medical room. We took along our crew and hooked up with a few of the kinky locals. Twisted Clinic supplied the medical wardrobe and our own tired twisted minds adlibbed the rest. The Fiberglass bondage is very unique and rather expensive. We put our best people on it to come up with the most outrageous bondage yet. Poppy was a very stressed out patient and our crew of pseudo medical professionals did their best to immobilize and calm our unruly patient. The possess is simple, put her in a strait jacket supplied by MedicalToys.com and Humane Restraints. Wrap her in layers of plastic and cover that with several more layers of quick hardening medical fiberglass. Oh and there is that remote controlled vibrator...

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