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GALLERY: 584 / DATE: Dec 31 2009 / IMAGES: 93

Amanda Wildefyre took advantage of the gear and play space on a visit to Maxcita Caught in the Act straitjackets. The vertical isolation cell is my favorite if all of the cells I have seen. The Exosuit is a creation of Max that Amanda has purchased for use on her willing subject. This suit has it all, D rings, straps, and zippers everywhere.  The heavy canvas is the same as he uses for his straitjackets. Amanda loves to use electricity and this is no exception. She also uses her inventive mind to create an evenly secured subject. The door closes and the retractable units on the door secure the subject to the front wall.


GALLERY: 554 / DATE: Oct 20 2009 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 1

In this 10 minute video we see Amanda Wildefyre at work in the Maxcita high-security Psycho Laboratory where her patient is secured to a stainless steel autopsy table for therapeutic purposes.  Amanda has completely immobilized her rubber-clad patient with institutional straps and magnetic locks from Segufix. In addition to his padded isolation hood and helpless mitts, she has him wired for stimulation with an ErosTek and RoBoJac automatic masturbation machine. This intense style of therapy is quite the norm when visiting the Maxcita Psycho Laboratory.


GALLERY: 551 / DATE: Oct 18 2009 / IMAGES: 60

During our trip to visit Maxcita, we ended up at a local BDSM club in Ottawa called Breathless. A local rubber guy volunteered to try out Max's rubber Vac-Sack and Inside-out Straitjacket. The Vac-Sack is similar to a sleepsack with traditional internal sleeves, however the Vac-Sack allows the air to be completely sucked out of the bag, or for the bag to be inflated. By attaching a vacuum cleaner to the bag all the air can be removed which collapses the bag like a vacuum package of meat you would find at your local grocery store. The Sack has a valve so that once all of the air is sucked out the vacuum cleaner can be turned off and the Sack will maintain its vacuum seal. This vacuum seal is accomplished with air-tight zippers and an internal rubber seal around the neck.

The inside-out straitjacket is interesting because the subject's arms are caught up in a rubber pouch which is inside of the front of the straitjacket. This allows the subject to stay in the straitjacket for a longer period of time without fatigue of the shoulders. Max says that his Inside-out straitjackets (in rubber or canvas) are far more inescapable than the traditional two-sleeve straitjackets we are all familiar with.


GALLERY: 541 / DATE: Oct 9 2009 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

In this unique 40 minute video Mark interviews Max of Maxcita.com about his canvas and rubber bondage products, his business, and his life-long interest in the art of ‘escapology'. It turns out that Max is a hard-core bondage enthusiast of many years, who enjoys being restrained in his own gear as much as he does putting someone else in bondage. Max has performed escape artistry on stage in front of large audiences, and enjoys the challenge of straitjackets. His canvas restraint products have long been a standard for magicians, and naturally cross over into the world of bondage, kink and fetish. Max talks about how his products evolve, materials, safety while playing, his personal web site DrMadMax.com, and the time it takes to deliver his orders. This video is a must-see for those who already own Maxcita products or those who are considering the purchase of his gear.


GALLERY: 538 / DATE: Oct 4 2009 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

In this ten minute video Mark and Max of Maxcita.com discuss molded rubber hoods which incorporate gas-masks from various counteies around the world. These unique hoods were made by Polymorphe, however they are no longer manufactured and there are only a few available from Max.


GALLERY: 515 / DATE: Aug 29 2009 / IMAGES: 118

Ashley Renee is always delightful to photograph, and when you add the medical gear photographing her can be even more fun. This set of photos was shot at a Los Angeles studio owned by Robert Flutie who also runs Kink In The Caribian. Ashley's kinky nurse is also a fun Los Angeles bondage model Samantha Grace. All the medical gear and white leather hood and restraints was provided by Twisted Clinic. The white canvas straitjacket was on loan to us by the folks at Straitjacketed.com. It was originally made by Maxcita.com.


GALLERY: 499 / DATE: Aug 27 2009 / IMAGES: 47

In this set of photos, Troy demonstrates the use her MetalBound steel cage. Once her subject Gumbi is fully restrained and helpless, Troy takes advantage of his vulnerable situation by inserting a butt plug deep within his body. Naturally, Gumbi is unable to resist. Actually... truth be told... Gumbi was having a wonderful time while under the control of Mistress Troy. What a lucky guy!


GALLERY: 513 / DATE: Aug 25 2009 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 2

This two-part 40 minute video features the 2009 MedicalToys New Years Eve Party with Amanda Wildefyre, Anna Rose of Alterpic and Kinky Ponygirl, and Sebastion 'Doc' Wood of MedicalToys. The highlight of the evening was a full body fiberglass mummification which Amanda and her assistants performed on their willing patient an hour or so before midnight. The fiberglass cast was unbelievable and an excelent way to bring in the New Year! The video includes how the cast was cut off of the patient. 

Dalton and I never thought that our lives would include amazing events like this when we entered the web site business. Web sites are a lot of work, but as this video will show they can be a lot of fun when hanging out with our kinky friends. This video highlights one of our more crazy adventures, shot on New Years Eve 2009.


GALLERY: 502 / DATE: Aug 20 2009 / IMAGES: 53

In this photo set Troy Orleans uses a spandex sleepsack under a Fetters vertical suspension body harness, and then tops it off with a beautiful combination head harness muzzle and neck corset.

After her subject is fully secured he is lifted off of the floor with a four-point MetalBound cable hoist suspension rig. Once airborn Tory attaches four heavy springs to his suspension harness which, after some load balancing adjustments, allows him to 'float' above Troy in mid-air while she massages him with her feet for our camera.


GALLERY: 493 / DATE: Aug 19 2009 / IMAGES: 37

Here are some more detailed photos of the Paul Mauser bondage chair with my friend in his inflatable latex suit. As I mentioned in a previous gallery, I especially like the inflated hand mitts under the heavy leather straps. Imagine being confined in this scenario for the night. Fantastic!


GALLERY: 500 / DATE: Aug 17 2009 / IMAGES: 100

In our continuing series featuring Miss Troy Orleans, this photo gallery shows Troy and Gumbi playing on her unique rounded-top steel cage manufactured by MetalBound. Troy leaves nothing to the imagination - as you can see in this photo series, she is well versed in a wide variety of BDSM practices.


GALLERY: 511 / DATE: Aug 15 2009 / IMAGES: 63

Amanda Wildefyre provides some of the most elaborate bondage experiences available on the planet. In part-1 of this photo set Amanda and her crew greet their client at the airport and within minutes secure him in a straitjacket (which has been disguised as a leather coat) and wheelchair. Once he's wheeled to the safety of the parking lot elevator, a leather hood is thrown over his head and he is further transported to a waiting vehicle. This is just the beginning of his multi-day incarceration. Amanda and her roadies have devised a full schedule of bondage scenarios to keep him entertained during his stay. Straitjacket and hood from Mister-S.


GALLERY: 498 / DATE: Aug 13 2009 / IMAGES: 53

Here are some dramatic photos of Troy Orleans in her New York dungeon, using her horizontal cage and suspension system manufactured by Cory of MetalBound.com.

The quality of the MetalBound gear is very good and as you will see the cage is perfect for use with sleepsacks and other styles of horizontal bondage. The cage is made of welded aluminum so its light weight, and it has four wheeles on which allow it to be easily moved around the dungeon - with or without a subject inside. The aluminum is powder coated metalic gray so the finish very durable. Naturally the door locks, and only when you are inside and the door is closed do you realize how helpless you really are because there is no room to sit up or get any serious leverage against the bars. The leather sleepsack Troy is using is from her collection of Fetters gear.


GALLERY: 494 / DATE: Aug 11 2009 / IMAGES: 86

Here are some additional photos of our friend in his inflatable latex suit, but in these photos he was wearing an inflatable hood as well. Unfortunately, I forgot where he said he had purchased the suit and hood. He's restrained in the cool Paul Mauser bondage chair. For me, the most exciting part of seeing him in the Mauser chair is looking at his inflated wrists and hands held under the heavy leather wrist straps. Once his hands are inside the mitts and the rubber is fully inflated, his hands and fingers become utterly useless. Can you imagine being restrained in the chair and looking down at your hands and being completely unable to use them? Fantastic! This is serious bondage at it's best!


GALLERY: 920 / DATE: Aug 6 2009 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

The energy of this young couple was intoxicating. The two days of fun were as simple as showing them some gear tying one of them up and watching them play. They do play a lot rougher than I expected. "No" was greeted with laughter and "turn it down" meant "turn it up". She had worked over his balls the day before so this was his turn to do a little payback. This is too hot to cut anything out so it is in two parts. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 506 / DATE: Aug 4 2009 / IMAGES: 56

In these photos Madame Wilcox demonstrates two unique items from Martin of RigidCuff. The first is a machined aluminum collar which attaches around the vertical bars of a cage, or in this case a jail cell. The second is a heavy leather belt with a round metal assembly that incorporates a pair of East German handcuffs. By using the collar and handcuff belt, Madame Wilcox's prisoner is not going anywhere! Her prisoner could not show his face in the photos, but it's plain to see that Wilcox was very excited to lock him into this set of ultra-cool gear! Collar and East German handcuff assembly by RigidCuff, leather handcuff belt itself from Handcuff Warehouse. Jail cell owned by Yossie.


GALLERY: 497 / DATE: Aug 2 2009 / IMAGES: 132

In this photoset we were able to see Troy Orleans in action in her New York studio. Not only were we excited to see Troy use a Studio Gum bubbler bottle on our friend Gumbi, but when she told us what liquid was in the bottle we were extra impressed! In addition, she is using a pair of leather inflatable helpless mitts on Gumbi which I think were made by Fetters in the UK. Clearly, Troy is the real deal and knows her gear. Rubber hood, hose and bubbler bottle by Studio Gum, bondage chair by MetalBound.


GALLERY: 496 / DATE: Jul 23 2009 / IMAGES: 39

During our visit to Tory Orleans in New York City we conducted a number of photo shoots in her private dungeon, or "studio" as she likes to call it. Her collection of bondage gear includes pieces from Fetters in England, and some cool metal furniture from Corey of MetalBound in Florida. As you will notice in the photos, Troy doesn't show her face, which, to me, only ads to her intrigue of being a popular New York domme. She's a classy lady, and her well developed skills and studio reflect her interest in providing a quality experience for her clients.


GALLERY: 492 / DATE: Jul 21 2009 / IMAGES: 49

This is another set of photos I took in 2004 when Mauser came for a visit with his bondage chair. I invited a friend of mine who owned an inflatable latex suit to come over and try out the bondage chair. The result was amazing. I only wish I were the one in the latex suit and hood, secured in Mauser's bondage chair. Latex gas-mask hood from Maxcita.


GALLERY: 495 / DATE: Jul 16 2009 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 5

In this 60 minute video, Mark interviews the famous New York dominatrix Miss Troy Orleans. Troy shares her interests in bondage, fetish and kink, and talks about her gear collection and the various experiences she can provide her clients. If you have ever considered seeing a pro-domme this interview will give you some insight into the world of professional bondage and fetish services. A feature article about Troy can be found on SeriousBondage.com.
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