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GALLERY: 856 / DATE: May 18 2024 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's an interesting video we shot almost 20 years ago featuring our friends Mistress Gwen Freestorm and her leather bondage submissive John. What's unusual is that John is actually a retired professional doctor who happens to be kinky. At the time we met John he was single and in his mid-70's. He had sent us an email asking if he could meet us. We were located in San Francisco, and he didn't live that far away, so we invited him over to the house. It turned out that he was rather lonely and wanted to have some kinky friends to talk to.

It turned out that John was not only kinky, but in his younger years he would make leather bondage gear in his garage for he and his wife to play with. This was back in the days of bondage magazines and adult bookstores, long before the Internet. Years later, after his wife passed away, John had tons of leather bondage gear stored around his house which he had made. As years passed, he felt the need to downsize, so he held garage sales to clear out the clutter, and along the way gave us his entire leather collection including his leather tools and industrial sewing machine. This guy was serious about making bondage toys. It's hard to imagine a professional doctor who spent his weekends in the garage making bondage gear instead of playing golf.

One day Mistress Gwen contacted us about coming to San Francisco for a visit, so we invited Doctor John to join us. Once Gwen arrived and the formalities were out of the way, we decided to strap John into some of his own gear so Gwen could play with him. Needless to say, Doctor John was excited at the opportunity to play again, so it wasn't long before he was naked, zipped into his own leather sleepsack, laced into his own padded hood, and suspended from overhead. The video picks it up from here.

So now, almost 20 years after this video was shot, Doctor John is no longer with us. We miss him. We miss his deep voice and calming bedside manner. From what we could tell he was a highly educated, gentle, and caring professional, with an unusual hobby. John, thank you for your friendship, and sharing your kink with the world. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1763 / DATE: May 2 2024 / IMAGES: 107 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is something you don't see every day. Elise Graves, naked, in an iron lung. Yep! Photos and videos of Iron Lungs are starting to appear on social media, prompted in part by our friend HotHardHat (Fetlife) who owns one. His primary interest is heavy rubber and hazmat suits, and his Iron Lung fits into his fetish in some obscure way.

HotHardHat invited us to visit him at his home in New York to see and play with his Lung, so it wasn't long before Elise found herself naked and locked inside. This wasn't surprising, as Elise is a bit of an exhibitionist. It took her a while to familiarize herself with the pace of the Lung. Any new patient in a Lung must learn to pace their breathing to the pressurization and depressurization cycles, which can take quite a while.

After a while Elise got the hang of it after releasing control of her inhale and exhale to the machine. For clarification, she can breathe around the cycles of the machine, so she's in no danger. However, real patients with breathing issues found that conforming to the Iron Lung cycles - and more recently ventilator cycles - to be lifesaving.

Here's a little background - the Iron Lung was invented years ago to keep people alive who were experiencing respiratory paralysis during the polio era. Imagine the terror of not being able to breathe because your lung muscles are paralyzed. You're gasping for air as the medical team slides you into the iron lung. They seal you into the chamber up to your neck, and a strange 'whooshing' sound starts. Then, relief. Your lungs pull in fresh air, and you find you're breathing again.

As Elise became comfortable with the Lung breathing for her, two masked men entered the room. I'm sure they weren't members of the medical staff because of their clothing and bizarre rubber helmets. They looked scary and alien-like, but they seemed to know their way around the Iron Lung like they had been there before. They slipped on pairs of long black rubber gloves, then passed their hands into the Lung through round access ports in the sides of the pressurized chamber. Once inside, their four rubber-gloved hands were able to grope, stimulate and play with Elise's helpless body. Knowing Elise, this is exactly what she had been fantasizing about. Maybe these two intruding faceless gimps were actually her idea?

The gimps squeezed, poked, and prodded her naked body. Then, out of nowhere, one gimp pulled out a battery-powered vibrator and used it to stimulate Elise's vulnerable body. At this point it became obvious that Elise was enjoying her predicament, and that the whole scene had been planned in advance. I guess it didn't make any difference anyway, because this scene was super-hot and something I haven't seen before. To Elise it was nothing less than a hot fantasy come true.

As it turned out, the two gimps were Elise's friends Heavy_(Fetlife) and PupHavok (Recon). I thought they looked familiar. A special thanks to Elise and her Gimps, and to HotHardHat (Fetlife) for inviting us to take a ride in his fantastic Iron Lung!


GALLERY: 1509 / DATE: Apr 17 2024 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is from the early days of this website. At the time we were working a lot with Mistress Alice who started her website AliceInBondageLand not long after we started this website. Mistress Alice was an inspiration to us all, and we were an inspiration to her as well. She liked to hang out with us because we came up with cool gear and ideas.

I like to call myself a 'gear head' because I love to create unique bondage gear and scenes for us to film. As I've said before, the bondage gear I come up with is all stuff I would like to play with myself. Now days in 2024, I'm getting more personal bondage play time, which is really great. I've spent too much time filming others having a good time, and it's about time I join in the fun.

In any case, this video from around 2008 and features Alice and her friend Bob in a scene that many of us wish we could participate in ourselves. Some of us fantasize about being taken advantage of in a hospital setting. We are drugged or restrained, and embarrassing or invasive procedures are done to us against our will. Or, we are made helpless, and sexy and attractive hospital staff take advantage of us sexually. These are all exciting fantasies.

In this video Alice's friend Bob finds himself in a psychiatric hospital, wearing a hospital gown, and restrained to a medical table with HumaneRestraints and a Sinvention leather muzzle. These restraints are gentle and effective, and render him completely helpless. Mistress Alice is the sexy nurse, dressed in a hot outfit with black fishnet stockings and boots. She is visiting her patient to see if the treatments have improved his attitude. Alice decided take advantage of her helpless patient by first sucking his cock, then climbs onto the exam table, straddles him, and guides his erect cock into her wet pussy. Grinding and moaning follow while hospital rules are broken left and right. What kind of hospital is this, and where can I sign up? Alice kisses her patient through his leather muzzle, which is really kinky, reminding me of a similar scene in the Terminator 2 movie.

We have sure had a lot of fun filming Mistress Alice, and we hope to shoot more crazy stuff with her in the future. This video is in the old Windows Media Format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC media player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1759 / DATE: Apr 3 2024 / IMAGES: 65 / VIDEOS: 2

This 2-part video is from the archives featuring a visit my business partner Dalton had to the studios of DungeonCorp in Los Angeles. DungeonCorp is a Web business that runs a selection of sites including StrictRestraint, SocietySM, PerfectSlave, CumBots and FuckingDungeon. During their heyday they cranked out tons of BDSM content, and we met the owner around 2012 because of our interest in their StrictRestraint website.

Like ourselves, the owner was into BDSM but not as interested in the gear. His interest was more focused on the SM and the gear was a far second to the SM scene. So, Dalton suggested that he bring some of our gear to the DungeonCorp studios for a few video shoots.

This two-part video features Dalton and our friend Sandy Skarsgard (also known as RubberNecro) in a suspended home-made leather bondage sack. This sack was made by and gifted to us by a fan of our website. We called him Doctor John because he was a retired doctor (now deceased). When Doctor John wasn't attending to his patients, he was at home in his garage making leather bondage gear with his sewing machine. Dalton also had a leather hood which was made by the doctor, which he laced on Sandy. She was already in the sack, suspended from overhead, with a chain attaching the foot of the sack to a metal bracket bolted to the floor. Once Sandy was fully secured and helplessly covered in black leather, one of the DungeonCorp dommes took over to torment her.

This is where Dalton bowed out because he, like me, isn't interested in SM play. The DungeonCorp guy unzipped the round leather cups which covered Sandy's breasts and attached weighted forceps to her nipples. He then inserted an electrified metal dildo in-between her closed thighs and hooked it to a portable E-stim box.

I must say that Sandy looked really hot as she screamed and whimpered in the suspended leather sack with her face fully covered by the hood and only her breasts and crotch showing. I especially liked when her body would swing and pull on the chain connecting the foot of the sack to the floor!

The second part of this video is a short interview with Sandy and Dalton. During the interview they refer to a previous scene which they filmed when Sandy was in a full fiberglass body cast. All in all, everyone had a good time, however Dalton was unable to convince DungeonCorp that they should invest in some serious bondage gear. C'est la vie. A special thanks to DungeonCorp for inviting us to appear in their videos. Check out all of their websites at DungeonCorp.com.


GALLERY: 1755 / DATE: Mar 15 2024 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

This video features Elise Graves and her friend BondageFan70 from Germany. Elise and I have made friends with BondageFan70 in the last few years since the Covid pandemic. He has visited us a few times in the US, and we expect to see him and his awesome playroom when we visit Germany.

BondageFan70 loves severe and restrictive bondage and owns a lot of his own custom and unique gear, which you can see on his Twitter feed. However,on this trip he wanted to visit Elise and try out some of her gear, including her bondage chair. Maybe you have seen this bondage chair online before. I built this chair approximately 25 years ago, and photos of it have been on the Web for years. The bondage chair was built to fit me, and although BondageFan70 is a little taller than I am he seems to fit in it rather well.

Elise loves to play with E-stim, so before strapping BondageFan 70 into the chair she inserted a well lubed electro butt-plug in his ass. Once he was restrained, she added three straps around his head which provided even further immobilization. At this point BondageFan70 was too far down the rabbit hole to back out. Next was wiring his cock with E-stim, which consisted of one pole wrapped around the base of his ball sack, and the other behind the head of his cock which included a special urethra conductive probe. Once he was fully wired, Elise connected both his cock and butt-plug to a portable Erostek 232 box. This is the bondage territory that Elise thrives in. She becomes so happy and sadistic when her submissives are completely helpless and under her control.

Elise slowly increases the power level knobs on the Erostek as BondageFan70 starts to moan and squirm. This is BondageFan70's favorite kind of play. Elise ramps up the intensity of the scene with sexy comments as she strokes his cock with her gloved hand. We can see BondageFan70's pelvis and thighs tense and contract as hot juices coarse through his naked body.

BondageFan70 strains against the heavy leather straps as the stimulation in his ass and cock increases. Elise has the Erostek set to 'orgasm mode' which delivers an intense pulsating rhythm designed to deliver maximum sexual stimulation. At this point let me direct your attention to a charming quirk about Elise. Having filmed Elise many times, I’ve noticed that as she torments her subjects, she develops a sneer on her face by raising and tightening her upper lip. If you watch closely you can see a bit of her sneer in this video as BondageFan70 ramps up.

You can tell Elise is in the zone, emotionally connected and riding alongside her slave while he experiences her masterful edging techniques. Elise is at the helm as she guides his sexual high. A special thanks to Elise Graves and BondageFan70. Check out Elise's videos on her website BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1697 / DATE: Mar 4 2024 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a wonderfully armature and corny video from the archives which we shot years ago at MedicalToys.com, but regardless of how corny, the fiberglass bondage that the patent finds herself in is very hot! The patient was caught playing with some of the medical equipment, so the staff found it necessary to limit her mobility - or some such story.

One of the unique methods of fiberglass casting for bondage is shown on this patient. Her hands are covered in the cast material, then a metal loop is embedded in the cast before the material hardens. This is quite effective and kinky, as she can no longer use her hands, and the metal loops provide an effective way to attach her hands to an overhead suspension bar. How hot is that? Similarly, the cast is wrapped around and under her shoes, then her feet are joined together with a wood dowel wrapped with more casting material.

Covering her head is a pretty intense thing to do to someone who hasn't done fiberglass before. As you see in the video, a synthetic cotton wrap is applied before the casting material. This is done for two reasons. The first is to protect her skin and shoes from the harshness of the epoxy in the fiberglass and to prevent the black fiberglass dye from staining her skin. As you will see in the video, the gloves of the medical staff are covered with black dye and sticky epoxy. The second reason for the cotton under-wrap is to provide protection from the cast saw blade which is used to remove the fiberglass. The cast saw uses a vibrating (not rotating) stainless steel blade.

The blade has sharp teeth that cut the hardened fiberglass by vibrating. So, the cotton under-wrap protects the skin, bones and shoes of the patient. Casting her head requires lots of cotton under-wrap. Also, cutting the fiberglass creates lots of fiberglass dust so a vacuum cleaner is required while using the saw. Cutting the cast takes time and creates a big mess, so removing someone from a cast IS NOT quick and easy. The fiberglass casting material is rather expensive and can be used only once. Casting fiberglass is available in many different colors. The cost of the fiberglass and synthetic under-wrap used in this video was around $150 or so.

We shot a lot of fun videos at MedicalToys until they relocated to Florida during the 2008 economic downturn. We would load up our car with bondage supplies, then drive 5 hours north of San Francisco to Eureka, a small town along the coast where MedicalToys was located. The owners of MedicalToys were a kinky couple whose stage names were Doctor Wood and Nurse Laurel. You can see some of the other videos we shot at MedicalToys by searching for the key word 'MedicalToys' in the search window at the top-left of this page.

A special thanks to our willing patient, the knowledgeable doctors and nurses, and MedicalToys.com for creating this armature and corny video. Be sure to check out the still photos included with the video. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1762 / DATE: Feb 19 2024 / IMAGES: 97 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video we visit Hans-Peter and the showroom of StudioGum.com in Schluchtern Germany. Hans-Peter is the owner of Studio Gum and a super nice guy. He enjoys heavy rubber like we do and has been in the retail rubber business for years. His first website was latex-maske.com and years later purchased Studio Gum, and now works full-time running his two businesses. His two websites are a lot of work, so he scaled back his regular daytime job to focus exclusively on manufacturing and selling his fetish rubber products. Hans-Peter manufactures his own heavy rubber sheeting for making the glued Studio Gum products and has another location in Vienna Austria which manufactures all of his unique molded hoods.

During this 90 minute video we show and discuss all the details of his heavy rubber products. If you're thinking about purchasing some Studio Gum gear you should view this video to become acquainted with Hans-Peter as well as his sizing and terminology. And, as you will see, visiting Hans-Peter's showroom in person is a fantastic experience and the best way to purchase or order his gear. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1648 / DATE: Feb 18 2024 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a short video from the archives featuring a hot latex gem Rubber Elle in Los Angeles. We filmed this video 10+ years ago in the studio of Mistress Gwen CheminDeFer of Rubber Dynasty. Rubber Elle lived down the street from the studio, so Mistress Gwen suggested that she call Elle and invite her over for a rubber shoot. Little did we know she was such a hottie, and game for anything we suggested.

We had a pair of unique home-made ballet bondage boots with us that our friend in San Francisco had made, so we pulled them out and laced them on Elle once she had squeezed into her latex catsuit. The boots fit her perfectly, although she couldn't walk in them. This problem was solved by our cameraman who was good with rope. He created a fantastic rope harness on Elle which was attached overhead and held her suspended with her body weight off the home-made boots. This seemed to work out well, and the white rope harness contrasted nicely against her black latex.

Rubber Elle was also strapped into a rubber straitjacket, as well as a severe latex zip-up hood. Our assistant Dalton Ott added the final touch with a short spreader bar attached between her boots to hold her legs apart. What a wonderful sight she turned into. This sexy rubber nymph was under our control and completely helpless.

Next, our cameraman stepped in again, this time with a leather flogger. Clearly, he had a lot of BDSM experience which made our video all the better. He flogged Elle's rubber-covered ass while she yelped and screamed through the rubber hood. This was such a hot sight. The rubber catsuit outlined her sexy body and her rubber hood kept her in total blackness. I guess Mistress Gwen didn't tell her that she would be strung up in bondage and whipped.

I don't remember how long we left her in this position, but it must have been over an hour. She struggled against her bonds until she tired and became docile, submitting to her sexy latex predicament. At this point we knew that we had tamed this rubber nymph.

A special thanks to our host Mistress Gwen CheminDeFer, Rubber Dynasty, our cameraman, our assistant Dalton Ott, and to our wonderful latex model Rubber Elle. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try loading the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1753 / DATE: Feb 5 2024 / IMAGES: 113 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a unique video featuring Elise Graves, BondageFan70, and some unique gear which you don't normally see. Elise Graves is in the San Francisco area, and BondageFan70 is from Germany. BondageFan70 travels the world in search of unique bondage experiences, and in this video, he visited Elise who restrained him in her heavy bondage stocks. In addition to the stocks, she hooked his cock and balls up to e-stim and connected his gasmask to a specially modified breath-control ventilator with a rubber hose.

These stocks are quite intimidating because they capture not only the neck and wrists, but the waist, knees and ankles as well. BondageFan70 is held completely naked, vulnerable, and on display. He's rigid and unable to move, and no amount of struggling will release him from his bonds. This is the way Elise likes her subjects.

Elise connects one channel of the e-stim to his nipples with bi-polar clips. Then, using a bit of conducting gel, Elise connects one pole of the second e-stim channel around his ball sack, and the other pole to the head of his cock with a special electrode that fits into his urethra. Elise is quite experienced with e-stim and vibrators to produce orgasms, but to raise the bar she attaches the ventilator's rubber breathing hose to BondageFan70's gasmask. This is a modified ventilator rig that only allows the subject to inhale when the ventilator is pushing air. Normal ventilators will allow the subject to inhale when the ventilator isn't pushing air, but this setup is different. So, while BondageFan70 is being stimulated with e-stim and a vibrator, Elise slowly turns down the ventilator's breaths-per-minute push of air. This forces Bondage Fan to follow along and breathe less often - which is hard to do when he's being sexually stimulated!

These are the games that Elise likes to play with her clients which is why she has so many visitors from all around the world. You'll have to watch the video to see if BondageFan70 reaches orgasm before running too low on the ventilator's inhale air breaths! Visit Elise's website at BondageLiberation.com, or her session website at BondageTherapy.com. Also visit BondageFan70 on X/Twitter to see his fantastic bondage experiences.


GALLERY: 1757 / DATE: Jan 18 2024 / IMAGES: 56 / VIDEOS: 2

Here is an interesting video from the archives featuring a kinky couple we met back in 2011. We have known them for years, long before this website went online. I first met them as members of the Society of Janus, a well-known BDSM educational organization in San Francisco.

This 2-Part video shows our friends playing with a bondage device we called the Bishop Stand, built by my business partner Dalton. This is one of his great inventions, inspired by the famous bondage artist The Bishop. The Bishop's artwork was very popular in bondage magazines during the 70's, and can be found by doing a Google search and Google image search for 'The Bishop Bondage Artwork'. You will be amazed at the extremely hot imagery the Bishop produced during his heyday.

In any case, The Bishop had drawn a device which held a woman on her knees, arms up and vulnerable in a displayed and helpless position, to be used and tormented. My business partner Dalton was a fan of the Bishop, and cobbled together a similar device which we filmed many times including the video in this update.

Our kinky couple friends would visit us to see what was new, and in this case they got to try out Dalton's Bishop Stand. The woman of this couple didn't mind showing her face in our videos, but her boyfriend wanted to keep his face covered. She was a born BDSM submissive, and he was a born dominant. They were a match indeed.

Together, both he and Dalton strapped her to the stand. As you will see, once she was tethered to the stand, she became completely helpless and vulnerable. Naturally, the first part of her torment was with a Hitachi vibrator. Her legs are held fully spread, providing full access to her pussy through her body stocking. The guys used a slew leather straps to hold her torso symmetrically to the stand, which was a lovely site indeed. You can tell she's slipping into a submissive headspace as they stuff a breather tube gag in her mouth.

In Part-2 of this video, the intensity of their play is increased as they both don gasmasks which are connected together by a rubber hose. She is panting as she breathes air which has passed through her boyfriend's gasmask. This increases her anxiety and the effect of the Hitachi vibrator between her legs. She is an exhibitionist for sure.

The intensity of their play is increased as he covers his gas-mask air intake which prevents her from inhaling. At one point she breaks down and requires some recovery time. Her boyfriend replaces her gasmask with a leather strap pulled tightly between her teeth, which she suffers with and dislikes a lot. He plays mean, and she takes it with tears. We have seen them play this way many times. He's mean and she likes it. They have been together for many years. Since this video was shot in 2011, they have moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area, but I assure you they still play at this intensity!

This 2-part video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 817 / DATE: Jan 2 2024 / IMAGES: 110 / VIDEOS: 2

We are honored to present this full-length video from the archives featuring our friend JG-Leathers. The video is titled ‘Exploring A Different Reality' which covers JG's famous ‘Creature' rig which is located in his basement, or ‘whine cellar' as he affectionately calls it. During the video JG's friend Mistress Marlene secures him into the Creature and takes him for a wild ride of intense multi-pronged e-stimulation, vacuum suction, breath control, heavy rubber, serious bondage and extreme helplessness.

This video is an example of fetish and kink that's been taken to an entirely new level. JG says that "horniness is the mother of invention", and I'm sure you'll agree when you watch this video. The Creature is an evolution of kinky ideas that came to JG over the years, building and reworking the gear until it provided him with the ultimate bondage and sexual experience.

There's a lot of crazy Rube Goldberg style technology in the rig like custom tit suction cups with e-stim electrodes, a custom cock suction tube with special urethra stimulation rod, custom electrified butt-plug, and custom control panel which allows the operator to adjust all aspects of the stimulation process. To add an additional layer of helplessness, JG invented the use of springs to suspend all parts of his body in mid-air. This creates a very unusual experience for the subject as no amount of struggling and pulling on the bondage points will provide any feeling of connection to the room. As JG says, no matter how hard he pulls or thrashes about "the springs always win".

We hope you enjoy this unique and one-of-a-kind video, narrated by JG-Leathers himself. As only a master wordsmith could, JG explains the psychology of the Creature and how like-minded kinksters might relate to it.

The two videos in this update are in the Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing the videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. This update includes a two-part 35-minute video and 110 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1754 / DATE: Dec 18 2023 / IMAGES: 220 / VIDEOS: 3

Part 1-2-3 - Elise Graves and I have shot a few scenes using liquid silicone in the past, but this is the best scene so far. This video features our friend Strange Hobbies (on Twitter and Fetlife) who lives is France. He's a kinky guy for sure, and loves to experience strange and unusual activities and kinky gear. He loves the unique bodily sensations he gets from his play. The intense silicone experience in this video is not a stretch for him because he has experienced full-body plaster and fiberglass castings, both on the giving and receiving end.

We have done this same silicone treatment with Strange Hobbies previously, but this time we used more silicone which provided better coverage and thickness. We also added a bit of yellow dye, which created a more interesting amber color. This ilicone play is not cheap. When all was said and done, this scene cost us around $800, not to mention needing three people to mix and apply the silicone.

As you may know by now, Elise Graves is also a sensation seeker. She also loves to experience unusual exotic activities and is well-versed in both giving and receiving. Elise Graves and Strange Hobbies are a match for sure.

In this 3-Part video, Elise and our friend PupJake apply the silicone, while I'm in charge of opening and mixing. The silicone comes in two parts, A and B. Once you mix the two parts together you have, say, eight minutes or so to apply the silicone before it starts to congeal. It's tricky and quite messy. That's why it's best to have multiple people helping with the scene. Also, it's important to have a subject that can remain calm during the process. If your subject has a panic attack everyone is in big trouble.

Elise applied E-stim pads to Strange Hobbies’ body, as well as a catheter and remote-controlled vibrating butt-plug. Frankly, watching the video is way more fun and informative than me explaining every detail so I’ll stop talking. PupJake said that he would like to be covered in silicone, only he wants to try silicone mixed with black dye. OK, no problem! A special thanks to Elise Graves, Strange Hobbies, PupJake, and KinoPayne for shooting the video. Check out Elise's website Bondage Liberation for more crazy and unusual videos. You can find more videos of Strange Hobbies on this website by searching for the key word ‘hobbies’ in the top-left search window. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1750 / DATE: Dec 1 2023 / IMAGES: 133 / VIDEOS: 1

I'm excited to present this video from the archive. I recaptured it from the original DV videotape and re-edited it. This video is maybe 20 years old and is from the near beginning of this website. It was shot with an inexpensive video camera however the subject material is pretty hilarious and unique. The video features Mistress Minax and her friend Gumbi, and a bizarre bondage stand.

We have known Minax and Gumbi for years, but as time passes people grow older and move on with their lives. In this case, Gumbi retired and moved away. He had a giant rubber collection, and we shot many videos with him. He was always game for play with dominant women and was 100% submissive. Similarly, Minax was a wonderful dominant mistress and always game for playing with Gumbi and appearing in our videos. Together, we all had a lot of fun and received a lot of satisfaction from our combined efforts.

This video highlights a bizarre 'steampunk' bondage stand I created on the backyard deck. It looks like something from an old sci-fi movie. I love building stuff like this. This video also highlights the hilarious interaction between Minax and Gumbi. Gumbi is so cute and submissive. The dialog between the two of them is priceless. He's really in his element when he's in rubber and under the thumb of a Mistress. Although their interaction is cute, it also shows us the headspace that Gumbi is in when he plays. This is a great example of Gumbi's submissive yearnings, along with Minax's ability to go with the flow and support him in his role. I love Minax, she's a very knowledgeable and experienced Mistress and I highly recommend her for sessions. I hope you enjoy this old funky video, it's a classic. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1737 / DATE: Nov 16 2023 / IMAGES: 100 / VIDEOS: 1

It was my pleasure to introduce my two friends Elise Graves and Thorben aka BondageFan70 from Germany. As you may know, Elise Graves is a popular bondage mistress located in the San Francisco area. I like Elise because she's a 'gear head' like me. Recently, Thorben has become our latest kinky acquaintance. If you look at his X (Twitter) feed or profile on FetLife (both under the same name BondageFan70) you will be that he's a gear head as well. Thorben is a bondage submissive with an extensive collection of gear, and bottoms to both men and women.

In this video Elise outfits Thorben in a leather arm binder, leather ballet boots, leather hood, leather muzzle and blindfold. Thorben can't show his face in videos, but it doesn't make any difference because we can't see his face. Thorben likes to have his head and face covered with gear when he plays.

Elise uses leather straps to restrain Thorben to her favorite device which she calls the 'Fuck Cart'. This rig is specially built for the hogtie bondage position, allowing easy access to the genitals and sexual intercourse from behind. Once Thorben is strapped down, Elise uses Shibari rope to secure his muzzle and arm binder to the overhead steel pipes which are part of the cart. Thorben is totally helpless and vulnerable, and exactly where he wants to be. Elise is very creative, so Thorben might be in trouble.

One of Elise's trademarks is the use of amber latex tubing to tie up the cock and balls. The tubing has a bit of stretch, so it works well for CBT and bondage. Once Thorben's cock and balls are squeezed tightly, Elise pushes a bi-polar metal butt-plug into Thorben's ass. She hooks up the wires to a portable Erostek 232 and slowly turns up the knob until Thorben's ass cheeks start to contract. Next, with the aid of conductive electro-gel she attaches two polls of a cock stimulation set. One poll goes around the balls and the other around the cock shaft. The Erostek unit has two channels of stimulation, and in this case one of the channels is for Thorben's plug and the other is for his cock.

With all the bondage and electro-stimulation, Thorben was hot and ready to cum. It wasn't long before Elise brought him to a powerful orgasm by jerking him off with her gloved and well-lubed hands. Thorben was moaning and struggling and shot a big load all over the place. This just goes to show that bondage play combined with helplessness and E-stim, and under Elise's control, is a very powerful combination. Check out Elise's website at Bondage Liberation for more of her amazing gear videos, and Thorben aka BondageFan70 on Twitter and FetLife.


GALLERY: 1745 / DATE: Nov 4 2023 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part-2 of a crazy video we shot years ago featuring Dalton, MummyEd, ModeNarr, our young contortionist friend FetGames (FetLife), and Mistress Susan. We were at our friend Yossie's jail which was out in the wilderness a few hours north of San Francisco. It's funny how easy it was to get some kinky people together for an outing. Today, it's still easy. I guess dominant and submissive people are always game to play when an opportunity presents itself.

First up was our contortionist friend FetGames. He brought what looked like a nylon laundry bag, and wanted to be handcuffed, put in the bag, and hoisted off the ground with a rope thrown over a tree limb. Frankly, this guy is pretty amazing. He likes to be in tight confined spaces. He zipped himself into a suitcase once during one of our video shoots. In this video MummyEd puts the handcuffs on him, ties up the top of the sack and throws the end of the rope over a tree branch before securing it. The rope was taught but FetGames was still on the ground. I guess that's as much as MummyEd wanted to do, because he was more interested in playing with Mistress Susan.

MummyEd wanted his wrists to be handcuffed around a tree. I never really thought about it, but this turned out to be a pretty hot idea. The diameter of the tree that MummyEd picked accommodated his long arms and didn't leave much wiggle room. Before the handcuffs were applied, he removed his clothes to reveal a woman's Lycra swimsuit he was wearing underneath. This didn't surprise any of us because MummyEd usually wears a tight swimsuit - or multiple swimsuits - under his street daily street clothes. He donned a fabric blackout hood and then Mistress Susan locked his wrists together around the tree. How many people have seen someone handcuffed around a tree like this with such little wiggle room?

Once he was properly secured Mistress Susan brought out a cane to use on her captive. MummyEd had no experience receiving cane strokes, and he embraced it well. The combination of his helpless predicament, along with not being able to see, certainly enhanced his caning experience.

Meanwhile, Dalton and ModeNarr took it upon themselves to hoist FetGames completely off the ground. With considerable effort they hoisted FetGames a few feet which was enough to allow him to have the experience he was seeking. It's quite common for FetGames to seek this kind of treatment, and he thoroughly enjoyed his suspended helplessness.

We only spent the daytime in the wilderness, and eventually we packed up and headed home. Our day had been filled with fun including the stop by the police, which was covered in Part-1 of this two-part update. I only wished I could have filmed the police stop. C'est la vie!


GALLERY: 1752 / DATE: Oct 17 2023 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part-2 of a video discussing the new Silencilicone silicone gags on the market which are gaining popularity worldwide. Elise Graves and Kino Payne and I created this video in a effort to share information about the wide selection of sizes and variations these gags come in. Part-1 of this video is available in a prior update on the site, and shows the variations of gags, and this video (Part-2) shows some of the gags in use.

I consider these gags to be part of the 'next generation' of kink and fetish products on the market. With the availability of computer aided 3D printing, these gags and other BDSM products are starting to appear on the market. Whereas leather, rubber and metal have been the traditional materials of kinksters, along came neoprene, and now we can ad silicone and printable plastics to the list.

A special thanks to Elise Graves and Kink Payne for helping to create this fun video. Visit Silencilicone on Etsy for ordering these new gags. Tell'em you saw their gags on SeriousImages.com!


GALLERY: 1751 / DATE: Oct 17 2023 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part-1 of a two part video which Elise, Kino and I shot recently demonstrating the new Silencilicone silicone gags on Etsy. These gags are gaining popularity quickly, and since they are available in a number of sizes and options we decided to shoot this informational video as a guide. It's tricky to purchase the right gag, so hopefully this video will help.

Part-1 talks about the various sizes and options, and Part-2 shows us trying out the gags in various ways and positions. These silicone gags are available in five sizes - extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and there are five or so variations of each size - basic, breathing tube, ball-gag, ball-gag with steel shackle, ball-gag with steel ring, etc. There's a lot of stuff to think about.

Most people say that they can accommodate a slightly larger or smaller gag in their mouth, so I think if you order one or two sizes from the exact gag for your mouth the gag will still fit you. A special thanks to Elise Graves and KinkPayne for helping create this video. Check out the gags on Etsy at Silencilicone.


GALLERY: 1634 / DATE: Oct 3 2023 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 4

This is a highly unique video from the archives featuring JG-Leathers and Mistress Gwen. JG is along in years now, and is not playing as much as he used to. He's downsizing his gear collection and enjoying his retirement by traveling with his wife. On the other hand, Gwen is still playing and maintains her playroom in Minnesota. Both of these people are serious kinksters and bondage players, and have made their mark in the history of BDSM.

We were lucky to have both of them visit the SeriousBondage Institute at the same time, and shot this 4-part video to document all the gear that JG travels with. When JG comes for a visit, he brings two or three heavy suitcases filled with gear in case he has the opportunity to play. JG usually drives his van down to San Francisco from Vancouver Canada, which allows him to bring as much gear as he likes.

In this video JG shows Gwen and our camera some of the gear he travels with. JG has some unique bondage toys, some of which he makes himself. JG is quite a kinky inventor. His motto is 'horniness is the mother of invention'. Ha ha! Funny and so true! For those who are unfamiliar with JG, he is the inventor of the infamous 'Creature' bondage and suspension rig. As well as being an inventor, JG is also a kinky fiction author and has penned many wonderful books, some of which are available on Amazon.

Check out JG's massive website JG-Leathers.com. His website covers his interests, inventions, friends and his books. Eventually his books will become collector’s items. JG was a good friend of Jeff from The House of Gord, and over the years their friendship and collaboration spawned many unique and creative inventions. You can find other videos on this website featuring both Gwen and JG by searching their names in the upper-left search window.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can be found HERE.

Also, click HERE for an article about JG, and click HERE for an article about JG's Creature, and click HERE for an article about a presentation that JG did on his Creature.

Additionally, click HERE for Part-1 of an article about Jeff Gord, and click HERE for Part-2.

The 4-part video in this update is in the Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1746 / DATE: Aug 29 2023 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

Many people fantasize about being tied up in a car or van. This is exactly what we did with ModeNarr when we drove two hours north of San Francisco to visit our friend's secret jail cell for the day. This jail cell and play room was way out in the sticks, far away from the nearest town. We rented a van and strapped ModeNarr in a straitjacket, ball gag and hood, then restrained him to the wall in the van. This was indeed serious bondage, and there was no way he could escape, which was exactly what he wanted.

We stopped along the way to buy some groceries, being careful to park on the far side of the parking lot where nobody could see our bound prisoner. However, little did we know that a passerby was able to look in the side door of the van and was shocked by seeing ModeNarr in the straitjacket and the scary canvas hood. They drove past and then called the police to report some kind of kidnapping. Unknowing what had happened, we drove out of the parking lot and onto a back road that headed into the hills. It wasn't long before three police cars we following us with their lights blinking. When we pulled over the cops asked us if anyone was in the back of the van. We said yes, and that we were shooting a bondage video. We opened the van doors and the police were shocked when the saw ModeNarr strapped and restrained. They wanted to talk to ModeNarr, and were further shocked when we pulled the hood off of ModeNarr only to see a big red ball in his mouth! We released ModeNarr and the cops interviewed him to make sure he wasn't being kidnapped, then told us that nobody can ride in the back of the van because it's not equipped with proper seats and seat belts, then let us go. Phew! Close call. I bet we made the day of the cops because they work a small town far away from a big city and aren't exposed to stuff like this. I briefly thought about filming the interaction with the cops for this video, but decided against it! Anyway, we all got a laugh out of it.

Once we arrived at the jail ModeNarr donned his latex and we restrained him in a rubber armbinder and nose hook in the jail cell. ModeNarr was in a very submissive mood so Mistress Susan tormented him, to his delight. ModeNarr really needed this sub time. Later on we strapped him to a wooden spanking horse where Dalton and Mistress Susan further tormented him with various implements including ice cubes. ModeNarr howled but loved every minute of it. This is an example of the fun that kinky people can have when they get together, especially in a remote location like this. All in all, everyone had a good time.

As a side note, the jail cell in this video was made by myself and our friend Martin of Cuff24.com. We spend a week building the jail cell in his garage in Los Angeles, then hauled it up to this remote location. What a job that was! You can read about it towards the bottom of this article about Martin titled The Master Of Metal.

WARNING - The vehicle bondage shown in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as a suggestion or guide for restraining someone in a vehicle. Bondage in a car, truck or van can be very dangerous. In an accident, passengers may be disabled and not able to free the restrained subject, and emergency responders may not be able to release the subject from their restraints in a timely manner. Accidents happen. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1734 / DATE: Aug 16 2023 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 3

This update contains three videos from the archives featuring our friend Ashley Renee. These videos were shot ten or more years ago and include our video editor at the time Dalton Ott. Dalton was a big fan of Ashley and had a collection of bondage magazines which contained photo-sets of Ashley during her heyday before the Internet.

Ashley was the real deal. She told us many times that she really enjoyed being tied up. She was a true submissive and relished her role as a sexy and attractive damsel in distress. We shot many videos with Ashley in Los Angeles, which we posted on her website and ours.

Since these videos were shot Dalton has moved on, and I lost contact with Ashley. On more than one occasion Dalton said that as far as he could see, Ashley's big boobs were real. Dalton paid attention to this kind of detail.

I think we first got connected with Ashley through our friend Bob Zack who ran Gwen Media in Los Angeles. Gwen Media was an early adopter of the Internet with a fetish rubber pay website. At the time, websites like Gwen Media featured almost exclusively still photos. Distribution of video on the Internet was in its infancy with slow connections and the use of the RealVideo format. We shot stills with Ashley Renee at Gwen Media and shared the content between our websites. Also, during this early time in the mid 2000's, I was only running one website, SeriousBondage.com. Bob Zack contacted me and wanted me to link to Gwen Media through his affiliate program. A special thanks to Bob who was my first advertising client! Later, I created SeriousImages.com and then SeriousMaleBondage.com. Here are two articles on SeriousBondage.com. One is about Ashley written by Dalton Ott titled Meet Ashley Renee, and the second is an article Dalton wrote about himself sharing his exploration of bondage titled Long Strange Trip.

Ashley was a down-to-earth woman who wasn't full of herself. She was a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to hang out with. I hope Ashley is doing OK. We were of similar ages, and we are all getting older. Check out her website at AshleyRenee.com. You can find more videos of Ashley on this website by doing a search for the word 'Ashley' in the upper-right search window. The three videos in this update are in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing these videos, try installing the free VLC MediaPlayer. Enjoy!
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