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GALLERY: 1604 / DATE: Oct 12 2020 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

I hope everyone if well and safe from the Covid-19 virus. Continue to wear your mask! I'm currently in Hampton Iowa visiting my friend Bind who runs MenInChains.com and HamptonJail.com. This is the first traveling I have done since March because of the virus outbreak. My friend and I traveled by plane, wearing a mask, face shield and gloves. We didn't get very many looks because everyone else was aware of the risks and wearing a mask as well. Even the announcement on the plane talked about requiring masks and using wipes which were provided by the airline. They made it very clear that you would be removed from the flight if you didn't conform to the safety rules. Although the plane was full, it seemed that everyone was on-board with following the rules.

This is an old video from the archives which I got from MedicalToys.com. Back then, MedicalToys had a membership site called TwistedClinic. That website didn't last very long and only had a few videos. In any case, this is one of their videos featuring the popular Kumi Monster.

I didn't know Kumi personally, but she had a great look and was featured on many kink and fetish websites. In this video she's in a HumaneRestraint straitjacket and Sinvention muzzle. Kumi's bald head and striking slender body accent the bondage gear. In addition, she's locked in a small steel jail cell which was made by Martin of RigidCuff.

This video isn't all that exciting, but it's always nice to see a pretty woman struggling in bondage gear. In addition, the best part of the video comes at the end when Kumi is hosed down with water by the co-owner of MedicalToys Sebastian Wood. What a hot scene to watch Kumi shot with water and unable to escape the torment because she's locked in a small jail cell!

This video is in the Apple Quicktime .mov format. If you are unable to play the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Check out MedicalToys and TwistedClinic for cool and kinky toys. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1570 / DATE: Oct 8 2020 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is doing OK during the virus. Please stay safe and remember to wear your mask. I think the virus is going to be with us for quite a while. I'm currently in Las Vegas visiting my friends at NoEscapeDungeon.com. Maybe I previously mentioned that I gave all of the gear from the Institute to my Vegas friends and set them up with a playroom. In exchange, I can shoot at their place any time. If we weren't in the clutches of the virus, Elise Graves and I would have already shot there many times this year. In any case, I'm here in Vegas working on the new playroom and Elise and I will rendezvous here in the future once travel opens up.

This is a fun video we shot years ago with our friends from Los Angeles. This was back in the day when we were just starting to shoot videos instead of stills for this website. At that time, still images were primarily used on adult websites because the bandwidth just wasn't available. The 2-part video in this update is in the old Windows Media format which was one of the early video media files.

This bondage scene was indeed the first time for this young woman, and frankly I'm a little surprised she was able to endure and tolerate the bondage that her boyfriend put her in. She was first restrained with heavy leather cuffs and chains. Then, leather straps were tightened over her entire body which further secured her to the table. Once she was thoroughly immobilized, she was silenced with a ball gag. So far, so good. From there, a pair of clover clamps were attached to her nipples and pulled taught with a white rope which was threaded through an overhead pulley. The other end of the rope was tied to a pair of heavy padlocks which were used as simple weights. The padlocks supplied enough pull on the clover clamps attached to her nipples to provide her with some mild pain and a sense of helplessness. What a great first-time experience!

Moving on, the nipple clamps were removed and her entire body was wrapped with pallet wrap. Two or three layers of pallet wrap was wrapped around her, circling under the bondage table and holding her down tightly. She was totally helpless in multiple layers of bondage! The final addition was a black elastic blindfold to cover her eyes. Unbelievable. This lovely young lady was a sight to behold. Her entire body secured in chains and leather restraints, and cocooned in tight plastic wrap. Our friends from Los Angeles had provided us with a wonderful and intimate look at a first time experience.

This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1603 / DATE: Oct 4 2020 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another classic video featuring Mistress Alice early in her kinky and fetish career. At the time this video was shot I don't think that Alice had her own website. She just enjoyed coming to the SeriousBondage Institute to play with gear and be in our videos.

This video doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's kinda kinky. Per my suggestion, we put Alice's friend in a heavy rubber suit, hood, gloves and boots. The suit was called a 'Boiler Suit' which I got from Mr S. The hood was from Cocoon. This was probably the first heavy rubber experience for both of them. Naturally, when Alice pulled his cock out of the rubber suit it was rock hard. His giant cock contrasted nicely against the black rubber.

Alice was wearing a short red skirt, red stockings and heels. I'm sure that from her friend's perspective on the floor, Alice hooked pretty hot. Let me stop here and say that being encased in head-to-toe rubber and the only part of your body exposed is your cock is really exciting. And, knowing that you're under the control of a lovely women while you're naked and totally cocooned in a bizarre suit is fantastic. This is the kind of play I like.

At some point Alice removes his hood and replaces it with a gas-mask and attached rubber hose. Knowing that her rubber gimp is inhaling through the hose allows Alice to up the ante by pushing the hose up under her skirt. How kinky is that? This is kink at it's finest! This is certainly an old video, but kink like this never get old!

There's not much more to say about this short scene, except that the video ends abruptly so maybe there's another part to it I missed in the archives?  Also, sometime after we shot this video another friend came by the Institute. In an effort to be helpful he oiled the zippers on both the suit and the hood with standard 3in1 household oil. For those who don't know, oil and natural rubber don't go well together. For some reason, the oil breaks down the rubber, and before you know it the rubber turns into a sticky black gum. As a result I had to throw out both the suit and hood. There was no saving the rubber gear once it had touched the oil. I couldn't wipe the oil off. Most rubber people know this, but this was the first time I'd seen what actually happens. The rubber completely disintegrates and there's nothing you can do about it. Also, you have to be careful the contaminated rubber doesn't touch your other rubber gear!

This is a video from the archives, and it's in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try loading the free VLC media player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1602 / DATE: Sep 27 2020 / IMAGES: 67 / VIDEOS: 2

This update features two short videos of Karina Santos, a popular bondage model back in the days of Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage and Dorothy Laine and her Straitjacket Bound website. Dorothy and Lorelei were early adopters of the Internet, building membership websites that sold downloadable 320x240 MPEG-1 videos along with a set of still images. At that time the still images were much better quality than the early home video cameras could produce.

My friend Dalton and I took a trip to LA to shoot with Ashley Renee, and stopped along the way to meet Dorothy and Lorelei and their friends. As I recall, this was somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. This was around 2005 I guess? I was intrigued by Dorothy's Straitjacket Bound website which hadn't been updated in quite a while, even at that time. One thing led to another, and we worked out a deal to let me post her Straitjacket Bound content on this website. Needless to say, this was quite an honor.

The two videos in this update are rather poor quality, but watching pretty women struggle in straitjackets never gets old. The bondage imagery that was produced in the early days of the Internet didn't show much - if any - raw genitals and sex. This electronic imagery was following on the heels of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines, and lawsuits against the publisher Larry Flynt. Bondage imagery was more about the allure of bondage. As a matter of fact, I think that showing sex and bondage in the same image was illegal, until Kink.com came along and challenged all that. We have come a long way since then, in a very short time. Frankly, I like the old imagery featuring the allure and romance of non-explicit bondage. We all know the imagery is about sex, but it's the image's foreplay that's so sexy and exciting. Anyway, 'nuff said. I hope you enjoy the videos and still images in this update, and a special thanks to Dorothy Laine!


GALLERY: 1607 / DATE: Sep 21 2020 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is remaining safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing. I'm going to take a chance and fly to Las Vegas and visit my friends who have all of my bondage gear in their basement and now have this website NoEscapeDungeon.com, and from Vegas I'm going to fly to Iowa and visit my friend Bind with MenInChains.com. I'm flying with my friend and we will wear masks, face shields and rubber gloves.

The 2-Part video in this update is from the archive, and features a young woman who came to visit us for a bondage experience. Her name is Mariposa, and you can find her in a few other videos on the site by searching for her name Mariposa in the search window at the top-left of this page. In this video she introduces herself as Mariposa Calente on Fetlife, which means Hot Butterfly in Spanish. To me, she's a Hot Bondage Butterfly!

In this video we take Mariposa to a kinky cafe in San Francisco called Wicked Grounds. I'm not sure Wicked Grounds is still in business as a result of the virus, but this video was shot years ago. Anyway before we left for the cafe, I put Mariposa in some really fun bondage. The bondage consists of a leather handcuff restraint belt and handcuffs. In addition, Mariposa is put in a black hoodie with a special slot cut inside the front hand pocket. This allows her handcuffs to be threaded through a ring on the belt, so her hands are stuck inside the pocket. Cool, eh? Then, we put a Mr S leather muzzle on her, and away we went. I love stuff like this, and wish I had a girlfriend who liked bondage as much as Mariposa.

Once we got to the cafe, I introduced Mariposa to the owner, and we changed her bondage to an in-line fiddle and ankle shackles, both made by our friend Martin of RigidCuff. Once she was completely restrained in this new gear, Mariposa's boyfriend used a chain to lock her fiddle to an attachment point under the lunch counter. Excellent! What a sight! Finally before we left, we put Mariposa in a leather butterfly straitjacket. She looked so cute!

A special thanks to Mariposa and her boyfriend, and the owner of Wicked Grounds cafe for allowing us to film our bondage shenanigans. This 2-Part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems viewing this video, try loading the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1594 / DATE: Sep 15 2020 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

This is one of the last videos we shot at the SeriousBondage Institute before all the gear was moved to my friend's place in Las Vegas to create the NoEscapeDungeon. This video features Elise Graves in her classic role as a tormentor. As you watch this video you can tell without a doubt that she enjoys inflicting mental and physical suffering on her submissive rubber friends. She's really good at it, and that's why they come back for more.

In this video Elise uses a computer program developed by her twisted friend Dart_Tech. The program runs on a laptop, and controls a motorized valve that's hooked to the breathing hose of her rubber gimp's gas mask. So, once the program is running, it opens and closes the valve for preset lengths of time which are displayed on a big flat panel. As an example, the program can be set to turn on the gimp's air for 10 seconds, and then turn it off for 10 seconds. Unfortunately, the gimp is restrained in a straitjacket and strapped down in a chair, so he can't do anything when Elise changes the computer's settings to make the 'air off' time longer and the 'air on' shorter. Before I go on, let me say that the gimp's orange straitjacket is from the StraitjacketShop.com (which redirects to Etsy). Since they sent me this straitjacket I see that they have a number of new items that look pretty cool. If you search Etsy.com for the work 'straitjacket' or 'bondage' you'll find a lot of stuff.

In any case, Elise's gimp is restrained to a strange bondage chair which has snowboard bindings to clamp his booted feet to the support frame of the chair. These bindings are very secure and effective. I don't know why we didn't think of using them years ago. He's secured with a set of leather bondage straps from Mr S. They still sell these straps, but they're a little different than what's shown in this video. As you can imagine, it's a little scary to be secured in a chair with a gas-mask that's hooked up to some weird Rube Goldberg contraption. By the way, the
molded rubber gas-mask hood is from Polymorphe in Canada. The funny thing about using this rig is that whoever is wearing the gas-mask becomes totally fixated on watching the computer display. During this session Elise uses a Hitachi vibrator on the gimp's cock, which distracts him from concentrating on his breathing.

Somewhere during the tormenting process Elise decides to put on a bizarre heavy rubber gas-mask hood from StudioGum. This is a cool hood that she bought a few years ago during a visit to StudioGum in Germany. The inhale port of the gas-mask is hooked to a SCUBA regulator via an orange rubber hose which is from StudioGum's sister business Latex-Maske.com. This is a fun setup as you can hear the hiss of the SCUBA regulator each time Elise inhales. It also makes each inhale feel different and just adds to the kinkiness of the experience. It's really fun to play with Elise as she's always game for trying weird gear and having unusual experiences. All in all, both Elise and her gimp had a really 'Fucked Up Treat'!


GALLERY: 1600 / DATE: Sep 8 2020 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's a fun 3-Part video from the archives which we shot long ago. This video features JG-Leathers and Venus DeMila in the back room of the SeriousBondage Institute. Even though JG-Leathers lives near Vancouver in Canada, he drove down to San Francisco many times in his van, packed full of rubber and bondage gear. He would literally come with hundreds of pounds of gear, and stay for the Folsom Street Fair or fetish parties. During his stay we would play, shoot videos, and visit the Mr S store.

During this particular visit Venus DeMila came to meet JG and try out some of his gear. Venus was a local fetish model and had her own website. As a matter of fact, there's an article on SeriousBondage.com titled Venus DeMila and JG-Leathers which shows photos from this video as well as some stuff we shot at MedicalToys.com.

I have said this before, and I'll say it again. JG-Leathers is one of the fetish and kink icons of the 80's, along with his friend Jeff Gord from House Of Gord. Although JG had a regular day job in the airline industry, he was driven by kink, and indulged as much as he could. JG has written many kinky books, many of which are currently available on Amazon. The thing that sets JG aside from other kinksters is that he's a 'doer', meaning he did kink as much as he could, all the time, regardless of how much time and effort it cost. Also, since JG is assertive, outgoing, and sometimes called 'larger than life', he made quite a name for himself. JG is smart, worldly, mechanically inclined and resourceful. In addition, since JG worked in the airline industry for years, he had access to free air travel which allowed him to travel the world and meet all kinds of kinky people and manufacturers. So JG had a unique vantage point and many kinky experiences which allowed him to flourish by writing books, building gear, and collecting gear. As JG says 'I'm the kind of guy your mother warned you about'. Haha!

So, it was not surprising that Venus DeMila was interested in meeting JG. In this video we see JG outfit Venus with a leather body harness and custom-made metal bra, rubber hood and posture collar, gas-mask, bubbler bottle backpack, rubber opera gloves and rubber helpless mitts, custom metal wrist shackles, metal collar and wrist spreader bar, and nipple and nose clamps. There's a story behind each of these pieces of gear. I think I was running the camera during this video, and my friend Dalton was assisting. Each time JG would put Venus in the metal shackles or handcuffs you can hear me say 'she's really helpless'. That's because I love this set of gear on women, and everything JG put on Venus was working for me. I think it was working for Venus as well. She and JG had a lot of fun. I think I have a video of JG and Venus at MedicalToys which I will try to find and post on the site. JG's nose and nipple clamps and metal shackles were from Axsmar. His leather hood and leather posture collar was from Top-To-Bottom.

This is an old fuzzy video in the Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC media Player.


GALLERY: 1606 / DATE: Sep 3 2020 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is managing OK with the virus. Lots going on here. My friend lost his house in the recent California wild fires. Wear your mask,  keep your distance, and lets try to get through this crazy year!

Here is a classic video I pulled from the archives. It was shot years ago with Mistress Alice and her kinky friends. One thing to mention is Alice's classic dialog. As I have said before, Alice says the most amazing things, both in front of the camera and when the camera is turned off. She's a master of pulling creative and hilarious dialog out of the air. This adds a lot to the video, and it's clear that she enjoys the kinky stuff she's doing.

In addition to a kinky and hilarious scene, another thing to mention is the motorized medical table Alice's patient is strapped to. A local San Francisco domme approached me and said she had the motorized table in her second-floor apartment and didn't want it any more. So, I gathered a bunch of guys and a pickup truck, and with a lot of effort we managed to move it to the SeriousBondage Institute. It weighed a ton! After the move, I called Alice and invited her over to use the table to create this video. After a year or so, we gave the table to someone else and I have no idea where it is now. Gear like this is fun to use in videos, and we have always been open to acquiring unique stuff like this.

In this video Alice's patient is recovering from a penis transplant, and needs to be put through various tests to make sure his cock and sexual responses are working properly. Alice and her assistant conduct a battery hands-on tests, and it appears that the patient is in good shape. Frankly, I'd like to strapped down and run through the same tests, including being fucked with Alice's strap-on. Where do I sign up? Many of us have these fantasies when in the hospital or dentist chair. I guess that's why medical play is so popular. The kinky medical restraint gear and gyno padded leg spreaders are what I like.

A special thanks to Alice and her two friends for a great video, and to the domme who gave us the cool medical table. It takes a village! Check out Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com for more of her creative videos.


GALLERY: 1578 / DATE: Aug 28 2020 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

During my travels with Elise Graves in Europe, we visited our friends Grimly_Feendish and Mrs_Feendish in Scotland. They're on FetLife under the same names. Grimly and Mrs. Feendish are friends with a Mistress in Edinburgh by the name of Lady Annisa. One day we all piled in the car and drove to Edinburgh to visited Annisa and her infamous playroom. Lady Annisa is an awesome domme with lots of experience, and she really enjoys the play she does with her friends and clients.

In this video Annisa uses a Studio Gum inflatable bag to cocoon Mrs_Feendish in heavy rubber. In addition to the rubber bag, Mrs_Feendish is wired up to a pair of Erostek 312 e-stim boxes. The wires from the e-stim boxes disappear into the opening of the rubber bag and down in-between Mrs_Feendish's legs.

The wonderful part about Lady Annisa is her Scottish accent. I could listen to her voice all day while she does nasty things to me, or in this case her patient Mrs. Feendish. This is one of many benefits of having sessions with Mistresses in Europe. Not only to they have a great selection of gear, but their accents are so refreshing and engaging that you feel like you're on a luxury vacation. In addition to Lady Annisa's fabulous voice, she looks great in her rubber nurse outfits! I highly recommend her services.

Check out Annisa's website at LadyAnnisa.co.uk. She's got some great photos on her FetLife profile under the name Lady_Annisa. Lastly, check out a few other videos of Lady Annisa on this website by doing a search for 'Annisa' in the search box at the top-left of this page. If you visit Annisa, tell her Mark sent you. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1595 / DATE: Aug 23 2020 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

A lot has been happening around me during the past week. My friend lost his house in the California wildfires, and two family members are close to evacuating their homes because of more fires. In addition, we have the Covid-19 virus. Lots going on. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this, and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

This update features a totally mind-blowing video with Elise Graves and her rubber gimp friend. Many of us see double-ended dildos gags on kinky retail websites. One end of the dildo gag goes in your mouth, and the other end sticks out as in invitation for a female to sit on. I suppose this is one of the ultimate kinky fantasies, but in this video it really happens. Yep! In addition, her gimp has a large rubber cock sheath pulled over his cock, and a separate rubber ball container which his balls are in. Together, this combination looks cool and it feels great.

Our friend Elise Graves is a very experienced rubber and bondage kinkster. She's been in the kinky video business for a long time and got her start with PD and InSex during the early years of the Internet. As you may know, PD was a quite kinky fuck, and I guess it rubbed off on Elise. The only difference between then and now is that Elise is a true rubber fetishist as well. PD used rubber in some of his videos, but since that time Elise has traveled to Europe and met many rubber manufacturers. As a result, she has acquired quite an attraction and fetish for heavy rubber.

In this video Elise clamps her rubber gimp down to a padded bondage platform in the back room of the SeriousBondage Institute. Her gimp has an electrified butt-plug inserted inside him, and the wire if hanging out of his rubber suit. Once he is secured and restrained, Elise plugs the wire into an Erostek 312 box and cranks up the juice until she gets a response from him. He's wearing a fairly heavy rubber hood with a small mouth opening, and eye holes. He has a gag in his mouth which has a threaded shaft extending out through the mouth hole in the hood, and through a hole in the leather muzzle which he has on over the hood. This is a very effective setup as the muzzle holds the gag firmly inserted in his mouth. Elise then takes a long black dildo, pulls a condom over it, and the threads it onto the gag's threaded shaft. This means he has a dildo gag in his mouth and on the other end is a long black dildo which is ready for Elise.

As you would guess, Elise mounts and uses his dildo gag to satisfy herself. This is totally mind-blowing. You can imagine how her gimp feels as Elise's body moves up and down on the dildo. He's totally helpless, and the pleasure is hers for the taking! This is kinky sex at it's finest, and it's done by two kinksters who would do this regardless of whether the camera is running or not. Both Elise and her gimp are lifestyle kinksters so this is the scene that they both crave. Can you imagine being in the gimp's position, looking up at Elise mounting the dildo. Unbelievable.

After satisfying herself on the gimp's dildo gag, she moves onto his rubberized cock and balls, while his butt-plug is still applying e-stimulation to his ass. At this point, Elise mounts the entire length of the dildo into her body, straddling him completely, with the tip of the dildo somewhere inside of her body around her bellybutton. Elise straddles the dildo facing towards the gimp's feet but manages to turn her body around and face his upper body without getting off the dildo. With the assistance of a portable vibrator, Elise gets herself off while enjoying the view of her poor helpless and restrained gimp below her. Unbelievable. I wish I was in his position!

As I said above, this is a mind-blowing video. You just don't see this type of scene very often, especially done by two lifestyle kinksters. A special thanks to both Elise and her gimp for sharing their intimate play with our camera. Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1584 / DATE: Aug 16 2020 / IMAGES: 75 / VIDEOS: 2

Having Tony Orlando and his girlfriend come to visit is always fun because both of them are game for whatever we can rig up. Additionally, they both switch, which doubles the possibilities. There are two short videos in this update. One is titled 'Her Turn' and the other is titled 'His Turn'.

One at a time we restrained them in our special steel cage, designed to allow free and unobstructed access between the prisoner's legs. Dalton used our overhead crank hoist to lift the cage up into the air. I ball-bearing swivel allows the cage to rotate freely, and being up in the air the camera see their private parts! Tony loves to play with e-stim so he hooked the electro pads to his girlfriend's feet and inner-thighs. As he turned up the Erostek box she started to yelp and object, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. Finally, Tony brings out the Hitachi vibrator, which he uses to augment the e-stim torment. Tony is a true kinkster. These videos were shot years ago, and since then Tony has been working for Kink.com on both their gay and straight websites.

In the second video titled 'His Turn' Tony is locked in the same cage, and his girlfriend lowers a strange box over his head and closes it latches. This bizarre head box was given to us by Mistress Alice. I'm not sure where it came from, but it fits nicely in our collection of weird gear. The box has a welding visor on the front which can be opened and closed to see the person inside. Tony's girlfriend doesn't have much experience as a top, but you can tell she loved to hang out with Tony and they make a great couple.

All in all, both of them had a good time. They have visited us many times and always enjoy the experiences they have. You can find other videos with Tony by searching for his name in the search window at the top-left of this page. These two videos are in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing these videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1580 / DATE: Aug 10 2020 / IMAGES: 94 / VIDEOS: 2

This a fun little video we shot years ago with our friends Mistress Alice and Gumbi. As you may know, the spelling Gumby with a 'y' was a popular 1955 clay animation TV character for children. Our kinky rubber friend Gumbi was a rubber and bondage guy who lived in the San Francisco area. I always thought his name 'Gumbi' was a cool name for a kinky rubber guy. The location for this video was in Gumbi's private playroom located in his back yard. I guess the small building was a guest room which he converted into his dungeon playroom.

Gumbi owned a lot of rubber and bondage gear, and in this video Alice strapped him into his bondage chair. This bondage chair was made by Paul Mauser in Seattle, and briefly sold at the Mr S store, where Gumbi purchased his chair. Click HERE and HERE for two articles about Paul Mauser and the chair on SeriousBondage.com.

Gumbi was also into pain and CBT, and in this video we see Alice place tiny spring clips all over Gumbi's body. Gumbi would get really excited everytime we shot a video with him and one of the numerous Mistresses who topped him. Gumbi was a natural bondage slut, and always have two or three domme women standing by to play with him. He was a very interactive bottom and had a big cock, so he was in high demand by the women. Eventually Gumbi retired and moved to Oregon, as I recall. In any case, we shot many videos with him and really enjoyed his company. You can fine some of the other videos featuring him by searching for 'Gumbi' in the search window at the top-left of this page.

In any case, in this video Gumbi counts out loud each clip that Alice attaches to his body, and counts again as each clip is removed, seventy or so in all. These clips are painful when they are put on, and equally painful when they are removed. His cock is locked in a plastic chastity device which prevents him from an erection. Gumbi had an agreement with his wife that he wouldn't have sex or cum with anyone who he played with, so his cock was mercilessly teased and tortured on a regular basis by many women. Alice uses a barbecue skewer to poke and prod at his cock through the chastity enclosure, and although Gumbi moans and groans he loves every minute of her torment. He and Mistress Alice make great play partners!

This 2-part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. This video is a classic. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1585 / DATE: Aug 5 2020 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

This video was shot in years ago but was removed from the site because of a crackdown in the EU on the unauthorized use of Nitrous Oxide gas, which was creating accidental deaths. People were using the gas for careless recreational purposes, not understanding the dangers involved, necessary mix of other gasses, and patient monitoring procedures. Nitrous Oxide is used in hospitals and dental offices for an anesthetic and sedation. The general public was using the gas as a way to get high and have altered experiences. There were so many deaths in the EU that officials initiated a crackdown on non-licensed practitioners.

Since that time things have calmed down, so I thought I would post this video which was shot during our visit to the EU. We were invited to a kinky party in a private play space, which had the usual selection of bondage and spanking furniture. However, we were surprised to find that the location also had a unique medical playroom. It was stocked with various medical devices including Nitrous Oxide anesthesia gear. Frankly, I was a little apprehensive about this, but we were assured that the young woman running the gear was a trained medical professional. So, one of our traveling companions jumped into the chair, and prepared to have a short Nitrous Oxide experience. She had heard of using this gas to get high but had never experienced it for real. Luckily, her experience was rather short and shallow, and she had no after effects.

We had a lot of fun during the party that night, and I must say that the medical room was a bonus. I was impressed at the work someone put into building the room and outfitting it with real medical gear. Personally, I enjoy playing with genuine medical restraints, but that's as far as I go. I steer away from breath, needles and blood play.

WARNING - Do not use this video as a suggestion or guide for how to play with Nitrous Oxide. Playing with someone's breath, and the various gasses the body uses to sustain life, should not be taken lightly. Please do not practice breath play, or experiment with Nitrous Oxide. Play safe, and play at your own risk. This video is for entertainment purposes only.


GALLERY: 1593 / DATE: Jul 31 2020 / IMAGES: 153 / VIDEOS: 2

Sorry for the delay in updating the site. Too much going on with the virus, some family needs, and at one point I thought I was exposed to the virus so I got tested. False alarm, but it scarred my family and friends. In any case, I hope everyone is well. Wear your mask, wash your hands often, keep a safe distance from others, and get tested if you have any concerns.

Since I'm spending a lot of time at home, I'm sorting through the video library and pulling out stuff that I don't think has been posted before. This is one such video. This video features Elise Graves in JG-Leathers' famous invention 'The Creature'. I think this was shot around 2017. We went on a road trip to visit JG-Leathers in Canada, and then on to visit Maxcita on Vancouver Island,

This 2-part video shows a lot of detail of the Creature, which is setup in the basement of JG's house. The Creature has been an ongoing project of JG for years, and what you see in this video is probably the final version of the Creature. JG is kicking back these days with his wife, enjoying life that he worked for, and so much deserves.

This might be the last video I shoot of The Creature. I have shot it before, and there are also other videos of it on this website. However, this is the most recent of all the videos. In this video we see Elise in two positions. The first is facing down, and the second is facing up. As you will see, Elise is suspended with springs that keep her floating in mid-air. She is not able to grab or repel of of anything. She is helplessly suspended in the air. This is an ingenious idea which other people have copied. The springs allow Elise to flail about but not hurt herself, or escape. The Creature includes two e-stim dildos, and suction breast cups that suck the breasts into the cups where they come into contact with spring-loaded e-stim contacts. The base of each cup is fitted with a conductive ring that serves as the other contact for the breast, so there is no electric current across the chest. When JG fires up the system you can hear the hissing of the vacuum system, and valves on the control panel can enable or disable the vacuum that sucks the breasts into the cups. Elise is also wearing a gas-mask which is connected to a bubbler bottle on the back wall.

Elise's wrists and ankles are connected to springs that keep her limbs pulled away from her body. She can fight the springs, but as soon as she lets go the springs pull her limbs back to their positions away from her body. So, all in all, Elise is forced to endure the assault of the Creature with no escape or release. The sensations and helplessness can be quite intense. This rig is not designed for the novice.

As JG-Leathers would say "horniness is the mother of invention". This is an example of JG's twisted mind. And, truth be told, JG originally built The Creature for his own private use. If you want to see other videos featuring JG on this website, use the search window at the top-left of this page and search for 'JG-Leathers'.

A special thanks to Elise and JG, PetGirl Kako and her partner NWRubber (both on FetLife), and Dart_Tech in the black scrubs. Visit JG's website at JG-Leathers.com, and Elise's website BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1587 / DATE: Jul 26 2020 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a special update during the corona virus pandemic. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this, and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

I love playing with straitjackets, but I haven't yet experienced having my arms folded behind my back like Elise Graves did with Petgirl Kako in this video. It seems like a fun variation on the traditional straitjacket tie. In this video Petgirl is strapped down to a fuck bench, in a straitjacket with her arms folded behind her back. This actually worked out great. In addition to the straitjacket and heavy leather straps, Petgirl is blindfolded and lead weights are hung from her nose piercing which holds her face buried in the padded slot in the fuck bench.

Elise and Petgirl are playing in the studio of Mistress Miranda in London. Miranda has a large selection of gear and a three-story dungeon. This video was shot in the main room on the second story. As you see, the room and gear are very clean. Miranda prides herself in running a clean and well equipped facility. Her setup is awesome and I recommend her for sessions with both beginner and seasoned players.

Elise uses a pair of pads on Petgirl's ass to stimulate her with E-stim from an Erostek 312 box. Once set, the box ramps the stimulation up and down depending on which program is selected. Once a suitable program is initiated and the levels are set, Elise moves on to the stainless steel hook. This hook is inserted into Petgirl's ass, and tied with a cord that runs up her back and around her neck. This cord holds the ass hook deeply embedded in Petgirl and provides gentle tension to the opening of her ass.

Naturally, the final instrument of torment is the Hitachi Vibrator. Elise uses it on Pergirl's clit, and then uses it to vibrate her ass hook. Poor Petgirl. She's strapped down securely and can't move at all. Her legs are spread and her private parts are made available for Elise to use in any way she chooses. Oops, I forgot to mention the labia clamps. Elise attaches a pair of clamps to Pergirl's pussy lips, and the clamps are then attached to a ratchet at the bottom of the fuck bench. As the ratchet is turned, click by click, it slowly pulls more and more on the pussy clamps. At the same time, Elise presses the vibrator against Petgirl's pussy. This is stimulation overload for Petgirl as she's still being stimulated by the E-stim pads, and the weights hanging from her nose ring!

This is a yummy video and shows Elise's skill and confidence. A special thanks to Elise, Petgirl, and Mistress Miranda for inviting us to use her dungeon. Maybe someday I'll get the opportunity to be straitjacketed, restrained with heavy leather straps, ass hooked and vibrated!


GALLERY: 1592 / DATE: Jul 21 2020 / IMAGES: 92 / VIDEOS: 1

For those of us who have been a fan of kink for years, you will enjoy seeing this video from 2007 featuring January Seraph. January was an up-and-coming star in the fetish community, and making her rounds on kinky websites. I think the only site she didn't appear on was House Of Gord.

January and her boyfriend Smutty came for a visit to shoot videos for the website they were running. The video in this update features January being chained chained up in the deck cell, and played with by Smutty using two big dildos. January is a beautiful woman, and to see her naked and chained to the concrete walls of the underground cell is a site to behold. Smutty crawls down into the cell with her, and penetrates her with the dildos while she tugs and grinds helplessly against her shackles. This is so hot! This is such a great example of the fantasy most men have of owning a beautiful woman for their pleasure and amusement. Clearly, our male testosterone drive is alive and working perfectly!

Personally, I love January in the metal shackles locked to the bolts in the cement. That really works for me. I love the solid feel and sound of the metal chains and the solidness of the concrete. No possibility of escape. This is what I consider 'serious' bondage. I'm not a rope guy; I love gear that's specifically made for bondage.

Since this video was shot, January has passed away. She took her own life in 2017. The entire industry misses her and we look back at these videos with reverence. I hope you enjoy viewing this video. This video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1579 / DATE: Jul 15 2020 / IMAGES: 93 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a special update during the corona virus pandemic. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this, and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

This is a 5-part video from our archives, and probably the most crazy bondage scene we have ever done. It took a lot of people to pull it off. The factors that allowed this scene to happen all came together at one time. As I have said before, most if not all of the scenes we film come about organically. People come with some gear or ideas, we have the time, so off we go.

Our intern Petgirl Kako was going to leave us, so we decided to involve her in a bondage experience she would never forget. We pulled out our fiberglass casting tape, and the idea was to put her in a full body cast. But as we applied the fiberglass, we came up with another idea. We had acquired a strange rig from our friends at MedicalToys.com which we called the 'vertical wheelchair'. This unique device consisted of a metal platform on wheels, a back rest, and a second set of wheels higher off the ground which you could turn with your hands when standing on the platform. The higher wheels were connected to the lower wheels which would move the entire cart around. I have no idea what the origional use of this rig was, but we used it in this scene as well as a number of other scenes. So, once we had Petgirl Kako fully casted, we stood her up and strapped her to this 'vertical wheelchair' which allowed us to wheel her around with ease. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you'll just have to watch the video to see the vertical wheelchair in use. Naturally Petgirl's hands were not available to turn the upper wheels and propel herself around, so we pushed the cart around manually.

As you will see in the video, we had a number of guys involved in the casting, and we did the job on the back deck of the SeriousBondage Institute. It was a hot day with direct overhead sun, so we erected a metal frame and hung a plastic tarp over the deck to provide some shade. We have done this a few times  in the past when we did full body casts. Casting outdoors is actually much easier than indoors.

I salute Petgirl Kako for remaining calm during this entire ordeal. This is mostly because she trusted us, and she had helped us do full body casts before. Once we were finished with her cast, the only part of her body that was left exposed was her eyes and nose. The video jumps in time from finishing her head cast in daylight to loading her into the van after dark. Did I mention the van? We decided to load her into MummyEd's van and drive her to the Castro district of San Francisco. This is the gay area of the City, and people in this neighborhood have seen it all. So, wheeling Petgirl around on the sidewalk was not a big deal. So we loaded everyone in my car and followed MummyEd to the Castro.

The heart of the Castro district consists of 3 city blocks of bars, stores and restaurants, which is where we wheeled Petgirl around to the delight of people on the street. Many people stopped us for a look or to take photos. Petgirl was a hit! We crossed the street and decided to go into a local restaurant for dinner. We went inside first and asked a few of the wait staff to come out and look at Petgirl to make sure it was OK to bring her in. No problem! The staff of this restaurant has seen everything before. As a matter of fact, our scene was rather tame compared to guys half naked, leather straitjackets, cross-dressed guys, etc. So we wheeled Petgirl in and took a big table towards the back of the restaurant. This was hilarious, and we got a lot of stares from the other customers, even though they have seen it all too. Being in the Castro in San Francisco is like being in the Village in NYC.

The most mind-blowing part of this evening came after we had dinner. We had talked about going to get the van and parking it in front of the restaurant so it would be easy to load Petgirl. However, MummyEd decided to up the ante and suggested that he take Petgirl back to the institute on the city bus! Yikes! I was a little nervous about this idea, but we did it anyway. Before we got to the bus stop someone said the had to go into the famous Walgreens drugstore on the corner of 18th and Castro, which is the heart of the Castro. The people who work in the Walgreens have seen it all too so this wasn't a big deal. So MummyEd wheeled Petgirl up and down the isles while looking for something that one of wanted to buy. Holly fuck. This was totally mind-blowing.

Once we finished shopping in Walgreens drugstore, we wheeled Petgirl across the street to the bus stop. The buses in San Francisco have an elevator-type stairway to enable people in wheelchairs to get on the bus. So, MummyEd asked the bus driver to lower the handicap elevator so he could roll Petgirl onto the wheelchair platform. Once the elevator was raised, Petgirl's head just passed under the bus door with little space to spare. I can't believe we did this! The people on the bus weren't very surprised because in this neighborhood they have seen it all as well.

The only thing we didn't film was at the end of the bus ride when we wheeled Petgirl into a local bar near the SeriousBondage Institute. Remember, we were in a different neighborhood, and the bar's customers and staff weren't comfortable with our scene and asked us to leave. C'est la Vie!

Once we got back to the Institute we fired up the cast saws and cut Petgirl out of her fiberglass prison. This process took around 45 minutes. Once she was free, and still in one piece, I was relieved! This was a going away present that Petgirl Kako will never forget, and neither will we!

A special thanks to everyone involved including Pergirl Kako. You can find her on FetLife under the same Name. This 5-part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1577 / DATE: Jul 10 2020 / IMAGES: 98 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a special update during the corona virus pandemic. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

This video from the archives features the ultimate kinky act. Today we see a lot of suggestive images and gear made for sexual insertion, but it's another thing to see the act itself. One of the classic tease-and-denial scenes is to make a person helpless in bondage and then to use them sexually, either by using their genitals 'against their will', or by pleasuring the TOP by using a dildo attached to some part of the Bottom's bondage gear. The idea is for the TOP to get sexual satisfaction at the expense of the Bottom. The Bottom is forced to watch the TOP receive sexual pleasure while the Bottom receives none. This enhances the helpless feelings of the Bottom, and hopefully creates lots of sexual frustration for them as well. This is the game of sexual S&M tease-and-denial.

In this video we see our friend Fuchsia take advantage of her male friend in the same way. She zips him into a Regulation inflatable latex bag which includes a built-in gas mask hood. Then, using a small portable air compressor she inflates the bag. The inflation of the bag takes a while because it's a small compressor. While the bag is inflating, Fuchsia straps a dildo around the center of the bag, and another around her friend's gas mask hood. You can image her friend's shock and excitement as he looks through the lenses of the gas mask at the dildo!

Once the bag is inflated, Fuchsia sucks on each of the dildos as a warm-up. Then, Fuchsia mounts the first dildo while teasing her friend about how he wishes it was his own cock she was mounting. Good work Fuchsia, the more frustrated he is, the better! This is S&M tease-and-denial play at its finest. While she's satisfying herself, her friend is craning his rubber neck to get a glimpse of Fuchsia in action. I would be doing the same thing too! Then, if this isn't enough, with the dildo still inside her, Fuchsia leans over and sucks the dildo attached to her friend's face! Unbelievable! I wish there were mirrors on the ceiling so her rubberized friend could watch the action without crooking his neck!

At this point you may be quietly thinking to yourself "wouldn't it be great if she switched ends and sat on his gas mask dildo"? Say no more! Fuchsia does exactly that and teases him again about his helplessness. Poor guy! What a view he's seeing from inside his gas mask. Some of us would call this an E-Ticket Ride! (Google the term E-Ticket Ride for an explanation) Fuchsia then brings herself to orgasm while fingering her clit. What a crazy scene! As crazy at it is, this is what people like about kink and fetish. Two people can have sexual fun without exchanging body fluids. This would be considered safe sexual play, and as you can see, it's pretty hot!

A special thanks to Fuchsia and her friend for doing this wild scene in front of our camera, and to our friend 'Smutty' from Los Angeles for doing the filming. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1575 / DATE: Jul 9 2020 / IMAGES: 121 / VIDEOS: 7

This update features a unique get-together at the SeriousBondage Institute back in 2008. We had a high-tech friend come for a visit who was into heavy rubber. He was a fan of the website and we met up with him in person so he could show us his rubber collection. This guy was one of my early meetings with someone who owned a lot of heavy rubber. At the time I was too busy running the websites to take much notice, but in the last few years I've become quite a fan of heavy rubber.

In this 7-part video we put our friend in 4 layers of heavy rubber. Two of the layers are inflatable. Also, while we were at it, we gave him the name 'Rubber Bug'. Our cast of characters were Rubber Bug, Mistress Eve Minax, MummyEd, Dalton and myself. I don't remember why we decided to put our friend in 4 layers of rubber, but it seemed like a good idea at the time - and we had the gear.

The first layer was a two-piece suit made by HydroGlove.com. HydroGlove has been around for years, specializing in molded rubber dive suits. Although they talk about drysuit diving on the website, I think the guy who runs HydroGlove is not only a diver, but he's a kinky heavy rubber guy as well. A few years ago the owner passed away and we were all told HydroGlove was out of business, but I'm told that another guy came along and took over the business. So, as of July 2020 it looks like the website is open for business and I'm going to order a pair of their 3-finger gloves right now! Our friend RubberBug didn't want to show his face in the video, so we start with him already suited up.

The second layer on RubberBug is a StudioGum 'Rubber Prison' suit. This is a great one-piece suit which includes a hood. As RubberBug dons the suit, he stops to slip on an extra pair of heavy rubber gloves the gloves of the HydroGlove suit! This is my kind of guy! The StudioGum suit has a pair of white shoe laces hanging from the zipper pulls which allow RubberBug to get in and out of the suit by himself at home. So, once he's zipped in the StudioGum suit he is wearing 2 layers of rubber on his body, 2 layers of hoods on his head, 2 layers on his feet, and three layers of rubber gloves.

The third layer is a heavy rubber orange StudioGum inflatable suit. This suit has 8 individual inflatable bladders. You can see all of the inflation ports at the top of his shoulders. Before he's fully zipped into this suit another gas-mask hood is pulled over his head. This makes 3 layers of hoods on his head. The inflatable orange suit is really fun, especially in a swimming pool because it floats so well. You can see some videos of our pool parties with this suit by searching for the word 'pool' in the search box above. We use a small tire inflation compressor to inflate each bladder. Once the suit is fully inflated we have some fun with RubberBug by pushing him back and forth between us. We ask him to sit in a chair, and he folds his hands together in his lap. Then, without warning, BOiNG! His hands separate and his arms fly apart, sticking straight out on each side of his body.  Hilarious!

The forth layer is a weird inflatable rubber sack with attached hood. However, before we put RubberBug into the sack, we slip inflatable StudioGum mitts over his hands, which already have 3 layers of gloves. So the inflatable mitts make 4 layers of rubber on each of his hands! Once the mitts are inflated with a small bulb, they look really great and match the rest of the suit in both color and size. So, once he's zipped into the inflatable sack we hood it up to the air compressor and fill it up. The last thing to inflate is the hood of the sack, so we use a bicycle pump for that. Done! What an awesome project. 4 suits, multiple layers, multiple hoods, and multiple layers on his hands. RubberBug was in rubber heaven. I would be to if I were in his position. And naturally it would be impossible for him to escape his heavy rubber cocoon. If we weren't shooting a video we would have left RubberBug in his rubber cocoon for a while. Maybe next time? This is a great example of a heavy rubber fetish.

A special thanks to everyone for this cool scene. It was great for Eve Minax to join is. She's a rubber person to, and she's very knowledgeable on kink and fetish. She's a safe player. So if you're in San Francisco, try to book a session with her on her website EveMinax.com. A special thanks to RubberBug for sharing all of his rubber with us, and for telling us about the HydroGlove site. This 7-part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1573 / DATE: Jul 8 2020 / IMAGES: 87 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a classic Alice video, no doubt about it. If you are unfamiliar with our friend Alice, she's a favorite of the chastity crowd, the sissy crowd, and the bondage crowd, to only name a few. Alice is truly kinky, and appreciates everyone else's kink as well.

Alice brought her sissy friend to the Institute because he was a fan of the SeriousBondage.com website. He had just purchased some leather bondage gear from Top-To-Bottom in the UK, and wanted Alice to tie him up while dressed in his frilly and lacy outfit.

I must say, he looked so cute in his full pink petticoat made of 200 yards of material. His dress and blouse were made of shiny pink PVC material, and his feminine hood was made of tight latex from DeMask. In addition, his white high heel boots were so high they touched his slutty satin panties!

The first piece of Top-To-Bottom bondage gear Alice strapped him into was a heavy black leather arm binder. This cruel piece of gear holds his arms tightly together behind his back, and when sized and applied correctly is completely inescapable. The black arm binder looks so intense and brutal compared to his frilly pink outfit. I suppose that's part of the turn-on. For him, he's 'forced' to wear his sissy outfit because he's tied up, helpless, and unable to do anything about it. 

To take his situation over the top, Alice adds high-heel locking straps around his ankles, and uses a three-way clasp to join his ankles and the end of the arm binder together. In this configuration he's forced to bow at Alice's feet, completely unable to escape! I love arm binders and thigh-high boots, so this scene was working for me!

In Part-2 of this video Alice straps him to a straight-back wooden chair, locks leather helpless mitts on his hands, then locks the mitts to the back of the chair. In addition, his legs are spread and strapped wide apart, which shows us his undeniable slutty personality. Then Alice fires up her Hitachi vibrator, sits in her slutty friend's lap, and gets herself off while leaning back on him. Is this Little Miss Muffet sitting on her tuffet? All he can do is watch Alice pleasure herself with the vibrator at his expense! How embarrassing! Alice is so good at playing with her kinky friends, knowing exactly what to say and do.

A special thanks to Alice and her sissy friend for playing in front of our camera. You can see many other videos with Alice on her website Alice In Bondage Land. This 2-part video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!
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