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GALLERY: 1393 / DATE: Apr 4 2018 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 2

The first video in this update is titled 'Good Puppy' and features Mistress Alice and her submissive playing in the water cell at EdgeDungeon.com. This video is very powerful and captures the intimate interaction between Alice and her puppy, who is chained and shackled spread eagle in a cell especially designed for water interrogation. I don't think the poor pup knew what he was getting into when he agreed to play with Alice in this cell. First he was caned with a number of strokes which took him to the edge, and then hosed down with cold water to the Mistress's delight. Alice is gentle but firm, and talks him through the caning as he counts the ten strokes out loud. His metal shackles are quite effective, holding him securely and extremely vulnerable. All in all, this entire scene is quite emotional and powerful.

The second video was shot for us by Grimly and Mrs. Feendish (Fetlife) and shows a scene they did with one of their kinky friends who loves medical play. This takes place in their secret playroom located in Scotland, which is outfitted with a selection of amazing gear as well as the bondage chair which their medical slave is strapped to. Watching this video reassures me that I am not alone with my kinky interests. There are people all over the world who like to be strapped into a chair wearing rubber, ballet boots and a gas-mask, and tormented with e-stim and a vibrator while watching themselves on a TV display. Where do I sign up, and if I had a catheter would anyone mind if I stayed in the chair all night? Fun!

A special thanks to Mistress Alice and her pup, EdgeDungeon.com, and Grimly and Mrs. Feendish (Fetlife) for creating these great videos for us to enjoy!


GALLERY: 1392 / DATE: Mar 24 2018 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

Segufix is a hospital restraint system manufactured and used in the EU. It's the equalavent of Humane Restraint gear used in American hospitals. In this video we were visiting Max of Maxcita.com in Canada, and he was showing us his collection of Segufix gear. As you probably know, Elise Graves is skilled at administering bondage and restraint, and between her and Max they were able to strap their rubber friend to a bondage table. The restraint was necessary because the rubber gimp had an e-stim butt plug inserted, and was going to be hooked to an 'Acu-Jack' auto suction machine. Under normal conditions, people need to be restrained while receiving this kind of stimulation.

Once the Segufix gear was applied, the e-stim and suction was turned up to a level that consistently tormented their rubber gimp. This poor rubber-clad guy was actually lucky to be under the care of Max and Elise, because they are both well versed in applying auto stimulation. At this point there was nothing more to do than leave this rubber patient to experience his bondage bliss. He was exactly where he wanted to be.

A special thanks to Max, Elise and J for allowing us to photograph their intimate play. Visit Max's website Maxcita.com for the best straitjackets on the market, and Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her amazing videos. These three kinksters are the real deal.


GALLERY: 1391 / DATE: Mar 18 2018 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool piece of bondage gear owned by our friend Max up in Vancouver Canada. He calls it the 'Seven-Point' because it restrains the subject is 7 steel cuffs which are all tied together with a rigid steel bar. As you can see in the photos, the rigid bar goes up the back of the subject, holding them in a hog-tie position. The Seven Point is very severe, but if it's adjusted properly it can be a wonderful experience.

Our subject had exceptionally big biceps and wasn't very flexible, so Max had to use a different spreader bar for his wrists. However, in any case, he was stuck and thoroughly enjoyed his helpless experience. In addition, Elise Graves give him some attention which he really enjoyed.

I would like to try the Seven Point myself sometime. I can imagine how restrictive and immobile a person must feel once they are locked in. I think someone made the device for Max, but I bet if you sent a few photos or this video to Rick at DungeonDelights.com he would make one for you. Check out his website for a selection of great metal shackles. Also, check out Max's website Maxcita.com for the best straitjackets and canvas bondage gear on the market. Lastly, check out Elise's site for her great bondage videos at BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1390 / DATE: Mar 14 2018 / IMAGES: 88 / VIDEOS: 3

During the operation of this website and our all-male site SeriousMaleBondage.com, we end up with interesting and unusual clips which are left out of our videos. These odds-and-ends are too short to create a full length video, so every once in a while we gather them all together and assemble them into one long video. This update includes three of these patchwork videos. We call these videos 'eye candy' because they are exciting and interesting tidbits that are fun to watch but sometimes don't make much sense. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do assembling them.

A special thanks to everyone involved, including our friends 'Rubber Stel' in the Netherlands (rubber stel means rubber couple in Dutch). We visited them back in 2016 when Elise tried on their red anatomical hood and straitjacket. We hope to visit them again in the future. This rubber couple is the real deal. Check out their website and videos at RubberStel.nl.


GALLERY: 1389 / DATE: Mar 5 2018 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 2

It has been my pleasure to know Elise Graves for quite sometime now. We have shot many videos together, and traveled to Europe a number of times to meet other kinky people. She is a true kinkster and we share many of the same interests in rubber and bondage. It's unusual that a female is attracted to fetish gear like Elise.

The two videos in this update highlight just how much Elise loves gear. The first video is titled 'Fun at Uncle Max's House' and was shot during our visit to the home of Max, the guy behind Maxcita.com. During our stay we played with a lot of Max's own bondage gear, along with a selection of gear brought by other people who were with us. Bondage and rubber gear was plentiful and we played day and night. As you will see, fun was had by all.

The second video is titled 'Hood Weekend' and features Elise playing with leather hoods. She is an equal opportunity kinkster; she enjoys being laced into hoods as much as she enjoys lacing them on others. You can see her enjoyment as she experiences gear from the Top and Bottom.

A special thanks to Elise for allowing us to share these two videos, and to Max for allowing us to shoot a video in his private residence. Also, a special thanks to all of our friends who are in these two videos! Check out Elise's bondage videos at her Clips-4-Sale store as well as her website BondageLiberation.com. Also, visit Max's website Maxcita.com for the best straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market, and his personal bondage website DrMadMax.com.

  FOLSOM 2017

GALLERY: 1387 / DATE: Feb 19 2018 / IMAGES: 127 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun video featuring the excitement of the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair. This yearly fair is full of kinksters strutting their stuff and lookers who enjoy the eye-candy. Both professional and armature photographers swarm around like paparazzi looking for unusual sites to document.

This year we had the honor of hosting JG-Leathers and his collection of pony gear. With the help of his two models 'MsPentYouth' and Rachel Greyhound, JG was able to make quite an eye-popping demonstration of female ponies and their associated gear. The two ponies were quite a hit and attracted onlookers, photographers and loads of gawkers. Not many noticed the estim box hanging from Greyhound's back, which powered an internal dildo that kept her excited and stimulated, along with JG's famous 'Inhibitor Bar' which kept her from getting out of line.

All in all, everyone had a good time, including the Uber driver who drove us to the fair. I'm sure he won't forget these two beautiful and sexy female ponies. A special thanks to everyone involved who helped make this an unforgettable Folsom event. Check out JG's website at JG-Leathers.com, and Rachel Greyhound's website BondageLife.com.


GALLERY: 1386 / DATE: Feb 10 2018 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's an awesome bondage and foot worship scene with Mistress Alice and her submissive 'Sculpture' on Fetlife. These two were in the same head space for this video, and it's scary to see and hear Mistress Alice when she has complete control over her subject. We haven't shot many feet scenes on this website, so tell me if you want to see more. There's plenty of bondage in this video, so if you're not into feet there's still plenty to watch.

Mistress Alice is the Warden in this private jail. She has Sculpture locked in the solitary cell and is monitoring him on the security camera. Once she feels that her prisoner has been confined long enough she administers a little pain with her crop, then moves him into a regular cell where she chains him spread-eagle on the floor. Once he has been secured, she removes her boots and stuffs her smelly socks into Sculpture's mouth. She then proceeds to paint her toenails while resting her feet on his face. He loves every minute of this unusual 'punishment'. When she's finished, Alice leaves the poor guy spread on the cell floor with her socks in his mouth. Unbelievable!

A special thanks to Mistress Alice and her friend Sculpture. Check out Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com for more of her videos. Also, a special thanks to the folks at EdgeDungeon.com for allowing us to shoot this video in their awesome facility. Their jail is available to rent for those who would like to play in real jail cells, solitary cell, and padded cell. This place is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1385 / DATE: Feb 4 2018 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

Each year in September, San Francisco holds the giant Folsom Street Fair. This fair was started years ago by the gay leather community, and has grown into an event that attracts people from all over the world. Since the SeriousBondage Institute is located in San Francisco, we are visited by many or our kinky friends before and after the one-day fair.

This video captures some of the fun we had during the 2017 Folsom weekend. To fully appreciate this video you need to understand that people are coming and going to the Institute, and we just shoot what's happening at the time. This time we captured the infamous JG-Leathers as he takes and afternoon nap, and Rachel Greyhound trying a Lerman halo brace and some electric tape mummification with MummyEd.

All in all, everyone had a good time. Look for an upcoming video highlighting our rubber pool party which happend on Monday, the day following Folsom Fair Sunday. A special thanks to JG-Leathers and Geryhound for allowing us to shoot this video of their antics. Visit JG's website at JG-Leathers.com and Rachel Greyhound's website at BondageLife.com. These two are the real deal!


GALLERY: 1382 / DATE: Jan 28 2018 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 10

Part 2of2 - This update includes 10 videos which highlight exciting moments for Rachel Greyhound during her 48 hour lockup in a solitary confinement cell at EdgeDungeon. These videos consist of infrared security camera clips as well as webcam footage. The tenth video documents Greyhound being released from the solitary cell, only to straitjacketed, muzzled, and led to a padded room by Mistress Alice. Greyhound is left in the padded room to moan and struggle until she regains her mobility from her prior two-day lockup.

As you will see, Greyhound endured the solitary cell with minimal problems. She was visited many times by Mistress Alice who brought her food, emptied her waste, administered caning sessions, and changed her shackled positions to prevent fatigue.

Some of the video clips vary in quality as we struggled to keep the recording process going over Greyhound's two day incarceration. For those who fantasize about being held captive in a prolonged scene like this, this video is for you. Videos 1-9 in this update are a compilation of video clips, and the tenth video covers Greyhound's transfer to the padded cell.

If you missed Part-1 of this update, you should review it as well. Part-1 includes an interview with Greyhound and her support staff as they describe the grueling 48 hours of this scene. Needless to say this event would not have been possible without the EdgeDungeon facility. A special thanks to both Greyhound and Mistress Alice, and to the EdgeDungeon.com for making this special event possible. Check out Greyhounds website BondageLife.com for more of her amazing videos and likewise for Mistress Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com.


GALLERY: 1384 / DATE: Jan 25 2018 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

I have never met a loving couple who enjoy playing with heavy rubber more than my friends in Holland. Their rubber relationship is what many of us dream about having in our own lives. Elise Graves and I met them a few years ago when we were in Amsterdam. Their on-line name is 'RubberStel' which means 'rubber couple' in Dutch. Elise and I were able to visit their home to see their playroom and collection of rubber gear. This lucky couple plays with rubber so often that they decided to film their scenes and sell the videos on Clips4Sale. The money they receive from the sales of their videos is used to purchase more rubber. What a fantastic idea! We all know how expensive heavy rubber can be.

The video in this update features our Dutch friends and their new rubber sarcophagus from Rubber's Finest in Germany. This unique piece of gear is made of ultra-think rubber with an internal inflatable bladder. The helmet is also made of ultra-think rubber, with it's own internal inflatable bladder. Needless to say, this gear can only be fully appreciated by extreme rubber fetishists such as this Dutch couple. There's a special feeling when being enclosed in heavy rubber that's almost indescribable, and this 'sarcophagus' can easily take you to that feeling. In addition, the helmet has four rubber hoses which connect to 'aroma bags' on each shoulder of the sarcophagus. These hoses deliver breathable air to the person in the sarcophagus which is saturated with the aroma of natural rubber. This may sound odd to the uninformed, but to a rubber fetishist this is additional sensory stimulation which takes the cocoon experience even deeper.

Check out their website RubberStel.nl which features free photos and videos. Also, purchase their premier videos available on their Clips4Sale store. For more information about their special rubbery relationship, review them on Fetlife under their profile name RubberStelNL. (the 'NL' is for the Netherlands in Europe). The videos on their Clips4Sale store highlight all of their rubber play and a wide selection of unique and unusual rubber gear. (NOTE - do to some technical problems, the video in this update isn't as clear as the videos sold on their Clips4Sale site) This rubber couple is the real deal, and we look forward to sharing more of their videos on this website in the future. Lets support their Clips4Sale video sales so they can continue to invest in new gear for our viewing pleasure!  :-)


GALLERY: 1375 / DATE: Jan 21 2018 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This is one of my favorite videos featuring Eden Alexander and Taylor Dawn. These two kinksters play quite well together, and I especially like a scene like this showing the rubber gimp is chained to the wall. I have done this myself a few times, and the feeling of being restrained to the wall in chains and having a beautiful women standing in front of me - but out of reach - is fantastic!

As you will see in this video, Eden torments her poor rubber gimp and there's nothing he can do about it. His wrists are splayed apart and his ankles are secured to the bottom of the posts. He's sealed in a StudioGum all-one-piece 'Rubber Prison Suit' with attached hood. This is an awesome suit which is especially good for this type of scene.

Eden is well versed with tormenting guys in rubber. She's into rubber herself, but in this video she's wearing her sexy lingerie. Eden is San Francisco's rubber fetish star and has appeared on this website many times. A special thanks to Eden and Taylor Dawn for allowing us to shoot their intimate play. Also, thanks to StudioGum for supplying the heavy rubber suit!


GALLERY: 1383 / DATE: Jan 14 2018 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

Never under estimate our friend Miss Alice. In this video she uses the submissive nature of her friend Sculpture (Fetlife) to test a new bondage chair. Sculpture fit into the chair perfectly, and once he was fully restrained there was no turning back. Sculpture was in for the Full Monte.

The chair was made by our friend 'SelfBondageChair' on Fetlife. He's located in Germany, and has a background in woodworking. He has made a dozen or so chairs over the last few years, and made all the leather straps as well. Contact him on Fetlife is you are interested in purchasing a chair for yourself.

In addition to the chair, this video was shot at the new Edge Dungeon facility which is located in the San Francisco area. The chair is one of many unique play toys which are available at this unusual dungeon. Check out their website for more information at EdgeDungeon.com.

In any case, Mistress Alice pulls out all the stops as she clamps clothes pins all over her poor submissive. Luckily he was strapped down so there was nothing he could do about it. As you watch the video you will see that he's exactly where is wanted to be and enjoyed every minute of Mistress Alice's harsh attention! A special thanks to Alice and Sculpture for allowing us to shoot their intimate and extreme play.


GALLERY: 1371 / DATE: Jan 8 2018 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 2

As a kid I remember my parents scolding me about my posture. Many of us have these memories. In this video Elise Graves tries to correct Dart_Tech's bad posture with a corset, arm binder and a bit of strict schoolhouse punishment. Elise adds a neck corset posture collar and spandex hood, and then bolts his head into an overhead transparent box. This bizarre rig holds Dart_Tech in a strict standing position, and his armbinder and waist corset keeps his posture in the correct position. To add to his vulnerability, Elise parts his ankles with a spreader bar.

At this point Dart_Tech finds himself in no position to slouch, no less complain. Lets stop here and take note of the fact that Elise Graves loves to put guys in bondage and make then helpless, regardless of their posture. Yep. Elise enjoys using bondage gear to hold guys in compromising positions. This scene is just an example. Once Dart_Tech is fully restrained Elise brings out a small whip to torment his exposed cock. Only time will tell if this procedure will correct Dart_Tech's posture, but I know a lot of guys who would pretend to have bad posture just to get the same treatment from Elise.

Visit Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her great bondage and fetish videos. Elise is indeed the real deal!


GALLERY: 1381 / DATE: Dec 31 2017 / IMAGES: 74 / VIDEOS: 2

The two videos in this update remind me of the fun we have exploring our kinky interests. The more I learn about my own interests and those of others, the more I realize that our kinky attractions are not unusual at all. Our sexual drive simply combines with our curiosity and desire to have fun. As a result we find ourselves seeking experiences that seem and feel erotic. In the past we labeled this as 'perverted', but now being perverted is popular. Today, instead of calling ourselves 'perverts', we call ourselves 'kinksters'.

What would it feel like to wear a gas-mask or a tight rubber rubber suit? What would it feel like to be tied up in a straitjacket or be bound naked with our legs spread apart? These are not 'perverted' thoughts, these thoughts are nothing more than our sexual drive combined with our curiosity and desire to have fun.

The first video in this update is titled 'The Secret Feendish Playroom' and highlights a hidden playroom owned by our friends Grimly and Miss Fiendish in Scotland. In this video one of their kinky friends was visiting, and the next thing she knew she was suspended from the ceiling in a rubber suit and gas-mask, with electrified dildos in her ass and pussy. Remember - sexual drive combined with curiosity and a desire to have fun.

The second video is titled 'Greyhound Adventures' and features our friend Rachel Greyhound from BondageLife.com. Rachel came for a visit during Folsom 2017 and ended up in some unusual and compromising bondage gear at the SeriousBondage Institute. Her sexual drive combined with her curiosity and desire to have fun is clearly demonstrated in this video.

A special thanks to Grimly and Miss Feendish for sharing a video of how they treat their guests. They can be found on Fetlife. By the way, when can I visit again? I need to satisfy my sexual drive and a desire to have fun! Also, a special thanks to Rachel Greyhound for sharing her love of bondage with our camera. Visit her website for more of her bondage videos at BondageLife.com. Lastly, thanks to StudioGum for the heavy rubber mouth gag hood, Regulation for the inflatable rubber gas-mask hood, and Maxcita for the suspendable canvas straitjacket!


GALLERY: 1379 / DATE: Dec 24 2017 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 4

Part 1of2 - Okay everyone, this is the real deal. This whole 48 hour scene with Rachel Greyhound was totally unplanned and unexpected. Rachel spent a full 48 hours in a solitary confinement cell, naked, chained and shackled, in the dark. Yep. This update features a 60 minute interview with Rachel and her support crew, and shows video clips from her 48 hour ordeal.

If you have ever fantasized about this kind of serious incarceration scene, you need to watch this video. With three of us supporting Rachel with food and water, she was able to go for two days in the dark with her wrists cuffed behind her back and her collar chained to a bolt in the floor. She has very little slack in the chain, and spend many hours alone on the floor of this concrete cell with only a blanket and thin floor pad.

Rachel Greyhound runs her own website BondageLife.com, and has only been part of the bondage website scene for a few years. However, she is the real deal. She is the woman we have all fantasized about who is a true submissive, loves bondage, and can endure long stretches of harsh restraint and suffering.

In this video we review her 48 hour stay in the solitary cell, which had ended the previous day. We discuss and review her feeding, sleeping, bodily discharge, butt plug, bondage positions, occasional canings and crying, lockup in a padded cell and straitjacket, as well as her rules of conduct and sexual excitement. During this review, Mark plays video clips that were shot with an infrared security camera during her confinement so the discussion is made even clearer.

This types of scenes have been written about by various authors including JG-Leathers. Rachel's 48 hour experience may lead to longer and more involved scenarios in the future. A special thanks to Rachel and her support crew including Alice from AliceInBondageLand.com and Dart_Tech from Fetlife for sharing this experience with us. Visit Rachel's website BondageLife.com for video from her unique two-day confinement.


GALLERY: 1377 / DATE: Dec 17 2017 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 3

This video features Mistress Alice, Sissy Joy, and the new Edge Dungeon jail in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are honored to be the first to shoot in this fantastic jail installation, and as you will see, Mistress Alice and her Sissy enjoyed using some of the special features of this ultra-cool location.

Alice starts off by hosing down Sissy Joy in a special concrete cell setup for water play. Alice handcuffs Joy's wrists between the two walls and proceeds to hose her down with cold water. She is unable to protect herself from the imposing stream of water, and dances around like a mad animal. There is nowhere to hide so she is forced to endure this invasive and embarrassing treatment. Mistress Alice knows just what to say and which buttons to push to make Joy feel helpless and submissive. This is a mind-blowing scene and I'm sure many of us would like to be in Joy's position of being shackled, probed and drenched in a stream of cold water controlled by a strict and beautiful Mistress.

The scene continues as Alice dresses Joy is pink feminine panties, dress and heels, and leads her to an adjacent cell where her ass is plugged with a remote control vibrating dildo. Once the dildo is in place, Joy is restrained to a cot with a pair of handcuffs and eight heavy leather straps. Mistress Alice toys with her Sissy by turning up and down the vibrating dildo from her mobile phone, and then leaves Joy to fully experience her femininity while unable to hide or escape her inner desires.

After time Alice returns to release her Sissy, but immediately straps her into a straitjacket and muzzle. Sissy Joy is then led to a padded cell where she will spend the rest of the night kicking the walls and struggling against her restraints. Luckily her chastity device keeps her from playing with herself as she passes the long and lonely hours. Sissy Joy is left alone again, forced to reflect her true feminine desires.
This is a fun and kinky video and highlights the skill of Alice and the uniqueness of this special jail location. Visit Alice's  website AliceInBondageland.com for more of her videos, and the EdgeDungeon.com if you are interested in booking some playtime in this unique facility.


GALLERY: 1376 / DATE: Dec 10 2017 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an unusual video shot during the Folsom Fair week of 2017. Each year thousands of people come to San Francisco to join in the kinky festivities of this annual fair. And as a result, we have people who visit the SeriousBondage Institute because they are in town. This year we honored to have the popular chastity manufacturer Chris from SteelWerks Extreme in Canada, and Rachel Greyhound from the popular website BondageLife.com. Chris is known for his unique chastity devices for men, but he is also experimenting with manufacturing metal hardware for females. This year Chris had brought some female gear with him, and with the assistance of Rachel Greyhound we were able to see some of this prototype gear installed on a real woman! During the video, Chris demonstrates his Jaw-to-Nose Spreader, Labia Clamp and Pussy Rocket. If you're wondering what this gear is all about, you will need to watch this video! Visit Chris' website SteelWerksExtreme.com for more information about his mind-blowing products, and visit Rachel's website BondageLife.com for live webcasts of her sexy bondage predicaments. These two people are the real deal!


GALLERY: 1373 / DATE: Dec 3 2017 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 2

It isn't very often that we see Elise Graves get tied up. And as you will see in this video, she actually likes it a lot! In the first part of this video Elise torments a beautiful German woman in tight latex, who is tied in a rope hogtie on a table. She doesn't talk, she only makes sensual contact with her eyes - which are very pretty indeed. I wouldn't mind coming home and finding a woman like this hogtied on my table! But this is only part of the video. In the second part, we watch as Elise is hogtied in a strenuous arch position. I'm not a rope guy, but this tie looks pretty effective to me! The ultimate indication of a successful tie is when Elise starts to finger her clit, only after asking permission from her Master!

The second video in this update are some promotional clips from our friend who runs the Clips4Sale store TheWhiteWard.com. These videos feature various casting scenes and a variety of medical braces, which are all used in the hallways and vacant rooms of an abandoned hospital. Adding to the plight of these poor helpless women in medical bondage is a masked nurse who ties and torments them to orgasm. Check out TheWhiteWard.com for a wide range of medical restraints and helpless women! If this wasn't your fantasy before, it could be after seeing this sampler video! These videos are hot!


GALLERY: 1374 / DATE: Nov 26 2017 / IMAGES: 174 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a very special video, and I am honored to present it on this website. This video captures the essence of kink, and the enjoyment people can have while indulging in their fetish play.

JG-Leathers is known for the custom Pony Girl body harnesses he makes by hand, and Rachel Greyhound is the next generation of bondage kinkster whose website Bondage Life is making a big splash in the real-time webcast bondage market.

In this video JG-Leathers works through the process of fitting Greyhound into his Pony Harnesses, in preparation for a day in public at the 2017 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. The fitting of a Pony Harness is quite involved, including the custom pony boots and a plethora of leather straps and buckles. Greyhound is completely naked during this pleasurable ordeal, and lends herself without hesitation to the adjustments and insertions. The popularity of JG's harness stems not only from its fit, but from the internal dildo and 'Inhibitor Bar' which is an integral part to the control of the pony.

During the fitting, we experience JG’s deep and commanding voice and see the pleasure on Greyhound’s face as the harness surrounds and restricts her lovely body. The sound of the creaking leather and metal hardware clearly adds to her experience. The closeup shots of JG lacing up the poly boots on Greyhound’s legs is out of this world, and a boot fetishist’s dream come true! Greyhound is indeed a lucky girl, and so are we for watching this intimate process unfold. As a side note, our Grimly Feendish in the UK made the pony boots by hand, and we salute him for a top-notch job. I’m sure he will enjoy watching this video as JG laces them up Greyhounds slender legs!

This video is quite unique, and we offer a special thanks to JG, Greyhound and Grimly. In an upcoming video we follow JG and Greyhound to the 2017 San Francisco Folsom Fair where they are joined by another pony and strut their stuff in front of the crowds. They are indeed a show-stopper, and didn’t fail to make a spectacle of delicious eye-candy for everyone to enjoy. These videos document pure kink at its finest, and the documentary-style way these videos were shot is not often seen.

We offer an additional thanks to Greyhound’s master Jackson. He gave Greyhound permission to speak and directly face our cameras. Greyhound is a 24x7 submissive who spends her days with her eyes lowered, and not allowed to speak unless given permission to do so. She sleeps naked and in bondage every night, which is viewed by the members of her website via a live webcam. Rachel Greyhound is the real deal, and we thank Jackson for allowing her to participate in this and other videos on this website. Visit Greyhound’s website BondageLife.com. She experiences a real and full-time bondage life that many of us can only fantasize about.

Also, visit JG’s website JG-Leathers.com for a wide variety of mind-blowing text and imagery. JG is also the real deal, and has spent years cultivating his kinky interests. JG is a walking encyclopedia of kink and fetish, and coined the saying “horneyness is the mother of invention”. Check out all of his inventions and experiences as he travels the world meeting like-minded people. This guy is unbelievable!


GALLERY: 1372 / DATE: Nov 19 2017 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another mind-blowing scene with our friends Elise and J. First let me say that J makes his own rubber gear. So both the neck-entry cat suit and rubber gas-mask hood in this video were made by J. Pretty cool, eh? Anyway, Elise straps J to a unique bondage chair with a collection of Humane Restraint cuffs and straps and then proceeds to torment his with a re-breather bag, vibrator and E-stim. And even though J struggles and moans, it's clear that he's exactly where he wants to be! J is in his 'happy place'. I would be happy too, while being dressed in head-to-toe latex with Elise at the controls!

This is a hot erotic fetish video, and shows how knowledgeable Elise is when conducting these kind of scenes. Check out Elise's website for more of her videos at BondageLiberation.com. Elise is the real deal!
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