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GALLERY: 1351 / DATE: Jun 7 2017 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 1

You will not believe this video. This eye-popping scene features three kinksters, and believe it or not, it's the first time this young lady has appeared in a kinky video. Naturally, a scene like this could only be dreamed up orchestrated by our friend Elise Graves, but my friend Petgirl Kako and I need to take a bit of credit for building the bizarre padded device that the young lady is secured to. We call it the Ameba because the base reminds us of an ameba - what ever that is.

In any case, this scene in this video on the Ameba is, frankly, mind blowing. It's every man's dream to be forced to face fuck a pretty young woman with a double-ended dildo, and that's exactly what Elise Graves forces these two kinksters to do. Maybe women have this fantasy as well, but since I'm a guy and can only share my own attraction to being forced to do this.

The submissive guy in this scene has appeared on Kink.com websites in the past, but since he's a lifestyle kinkster he was totally enjoying his role as the Ameba face fucker.

Enough said on this one. A special thanks to the young lady for participating in this crazy scene, especially since it was her first time in a kinky video. And our hats off to Elise Graves for directing such a bizarre scenario. Fun was had by all. Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation for more of her outrageous videos.


GALLERY: 1294 / DATE: May 31 2017 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

This is the second update on this website dedicated to our friend 'Quality-Control' on Fetlife. He had sent us an email recently asking if we could post more female submissive videos. So this update features a cool video with Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves and their sexy submissive friend. We are honored that Mistress Miranda came to San Francisco to visit us, and it so happened that we had a special device from Christopher Fetish to use in this video. The device is called the 'Hogtie Rollaround' which Christopher built himself.

So, as you will see in this video, Miranda and Elise secure their submissive playmate to Christopher's Rollaround rig and the fun began. That's why this update is titled 'Pushed Around'. The Rollaround has wheels which allow the hogtied subject to be rolled around the room at will, sharing the intimate secrets between her legs to whoever cares to take advantage of her.

Enough said. Check out this sexy and fun video and maybe you will be inspired to build a Hogtie Rollaround yourself! A special thanks to everyone involved in this video. Check out Miranda's website The Bondage Mistress to book a session with this popular London mistress. Also check out Elise's website Bondage Liberation for more of her cool videos. These two women are the real deal!


GALLERY: 1350 / DATE: May 26 2017 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

OK everybody, this is one of the best videos I have shot all year, and I would like to thank 'Quality-Control' on Fetlife for asking me to dig this video out and post it on the site. He commented that the most recent updates on the site were all about guys in bondage, and he thought there should be equal time given to women in bondage. Done! The young woman in the video is Greyhound from BondageLife.com and as you will see, she really likes bondage.

I had brought a leather body harness with me to the shoot, which fit her exactly. This harness is a prototype which Mr S made for me years ago, based on a picture from an old Centurains catalog. The harness has very thick and heavy leather straps, and the strap which runs between the legs serves to hold one or two plugs deeply embedded. When the body harness is combined with black boots and spread eagle bondage, the resulting sight is absolutely mind blowing - or at least I think so!

I have a fantasy, along with many other men, of a sexy young lady who ties herself up on the bed at home, and waits patiently for her Master to come home from work and find her. I shared this fantasy with Greyhound, and before we knew it we were making this fantasy come true for our camera. In this video Greyhound inserts two dildos into her sexy body, then straps on the body harness to hold them deeply embedded. She laces up a pair of knee-high leather boots, and gags herself with a ball gag. She completes her self-bondage preparations by securing her ankle restraints to the ends of the bed.

Now comes the final test of her submissive state-of-mind. Using two pairs of handcuffs she is able to attach one handcuff to each wrist and attach the other handcuff to the metal bolts at the top of the bed. Once she performs this little task she becomes completely helpless, stretched out on the bondage bed and unable to free herself. At this point the two dildos and the gag serve to amplify her helpless state by forcing themselves into her body. I have to confess that while I was editing this video I stopped and ran into the other room to jerk off because I couldn't keep my mind on the job. This is a hot video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while editing it.

A special thanks to Greyhound for inviting us to shoot this video. Check out her website at BondageLife.com for more sexy videos. This young lady is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1349 / DATE: May 20 2017 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 1

This crazy video features our friends Strange Hobbies and Petgirl Kako, both on Fetlife. If you take the time to look at the profile of Strange Hobbies you will see that he is into sinsations. He loves to cover his body in different liquids and materials to experience what it feels like. In this video he is stripped naked and locked in a metal bondage chair, and then covered with marshmallow fluff. This harmless product is used for cake decoration and consists of sugar and egg whites, and is very sticky.

Strange Hobbies has done this once before, but it was years ago and he only had a few still images of his experience. So when he came to San Francisco for a visit we insisted that we do it again for a video. The only thing different is that we used some chocolate syrup to cap his experience, which he wasn't expecting. All in all, he had a great time, especially when his cock and ass got covered with the sticky substance! We had a good time too, and cleanup wasn't too bad. The marshmallow stuff washes off in the shower.

I guess this video falls into the category of food play, which many people are into. Except for this video we aren't going down that path, but watch for another upcoming video of Strange Hobbies covered in liquid silicone. This marshmallow scene was just a warm-up for the silicone scene which was way more intense. In any case, our hats off to Strange Hobbies for pushing the envelope of bizarre experiences. Check out his profile and huge selection of photos on Fetlife and the DeviantArt website. Also, a special thanks to Cuff24.com for supplying the unique metal bondage chair.


GALLERY: 1319 / DATE: May 14 2017 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

Our London friend Mistress Miranda is at the top of her game when it comes to dominating men. She has all the gear and skills to take men on a journey of bondage and submission. Many men seek a submissive experience to balance their daily lives of work and life stresses. A submissive experience can be quite psychologically fulfilling, feeding a desire to be a 'little man' and have a strong dominant woman provide a bit of emotional and sexual intimacy. A casual observer may not understand this kind of play, but it makes perfect sense from a psychological point of view, and nothing any man should be ashamed of. In this day and age these kinds of emotional needs and activities are coming out of the closet and becoming more socially acceptable.

In this video Mistress Miranda straps her subject to a vertical pad and torments him with various kinds of stimulation. Her subject is attractive and quite fit, and she gags him with a penis gag to take him further into a submissive head space.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda and her submissive for allowing us to peak into such an intimate session. Check out Miranda's website TheBondageMistress for more information and to book a session to have an intimate bondage experience of your own. Mistress Miranda is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1336 / DATE: May 8 2017 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 2

This is another mind-blowing scene with Elise, heavy rubber, e-stim and bondage. Elise's subject was a sincere and willing young guy who had seen Elise in videos. He never thought that he would have a change to meet her, but a lucky e-mail got him connected.

I think this was his first time in a heavy rubber suit, and I think he liked it. That's fortunate, because Elise likes heavy rubber. In this two-part video, we watch as he disappears down the rabbit hole with Elise and doesn't look back.

Elise secures him to a bondage table and takes him for a wild ride with e-stim, vibrator, a gag, and an electrified butt plug. Once he was helpless, plugged, and under Elise's control there was simply no turning back. This guy was in the position that many of us men would like to be in - we are under the control of a sexy woman who is lying beside us, sitting on our chest, and talking softly to us as she twiddles the dials of her e-stim box. With our hands and feet tied she feels so close and yet so far away. This is indeed Elise's favorite game, and the game that so many men want to play with her. Elise is the real deal. You can find more of her videos on her website  BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1314 / DATE: May 2 2017 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 2

Ok everyone, hold onto your seats. This is another mind-blowing video by our friend Miss Velour in the UK. As you may have noticed in her past videos, Miss Velour walks on the edge, stretching the limits of her submissives. She is actually a very kind and warm person, but once you're tied up things can change and you find yourself participating in one of her kinky and extreme sessions. Don't be worried though, she is a safe player and respects limits. That said, the two rubber gimps in this video are her personal friends so she can push their limits and they always come back for more.

As Miss Velour will tell you, this video is about bondage, rubber and ass training. In the photo directly above, you can see the bizarre silicone toy that she uses on her gimp while he's restrained in a heavy metal stocks. This thing is really scary, and so is the smile on Miss Velour's face. She really likes toys that are bizarre and unusual. Is it a plug, or a tail?

As you can imagine, an ass training scene like this is both delicate and quite personal. I respect the relationship that Velour has with her submissives. Her gimps allow themselves to be taken on intimate journeys that are far away from the demands of daily life and stress. To me, that's one of the attractions to bondage and kinky play. It's like a mini vacation, and Miss Velour is the tour guide. Maybe that's why she is such a popular Mistress. Check out her website MissVelour.com for more information and to book your own mini vacation.


GALLERY: 1326 / DATE: Apr 27 2017 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 2

In this 2-part video Elise Graves experiences some sexy leather gear owned by our friend JohnMic on Fetlife. John collects unusual bondage gear for his girlfriends to wear. He's amassed quite a collection, and invited Elise to try some of it out. Elise isn't John's girlfriend, but that didn't stop them from having a brief and fabulous time together. If I had the same luck with women that John has with his girlfriends, I would be buying bondage gear right and left!

Anyway, John strapped Elise into a sexy set of red leather shorts and matching straitjacket, and topped it off with a tight fitting leather hood made by Christopher Fetish on Fetlife. We can then sit back and watch as Elise struggles and moans while John plays with his little leather creature. Hot! As you will see in this video, the combination of this leather gear is quite sexy. A special thanks to JohnMic and Elise Graves for indulging our helpless girl fantasies. Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her videos, and Christopher's website Fetish Leathercrafter's Journal for some mind-blowing leather work.


GALLERY: 1318 / DATE: Apr 20 2017 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 1

Before watching this video there are a few things you should know. The first is that our friend Tony Orlando has a thing for Elise Graves. Tony shoots with many porn companies, allowing him to play with many different women. But Tony and Elise have special chemistry. Certainly there is a sexual attraction between them, but more importantly is their kink play. Elise is a true kinkster whereas the other women Tony shoots with can't seem to provide him the same level of experience. Tony is primarily a kinkster, and secondarily a porn star. I would guess he's a 40% Top and 60% bottom. The second thing you should know is that Elise has a thing for Tony. As you will see, when they get together magic just seems to happen.

Elise secures Tony's hands and feet to an antique dentist chair, and his head is made immobile with pallet wrap wound around the headrest of the chair. Tony's big cock becomes hard as he sinks into his helpless situation. He is completely under Elise's control, which is exactly where he wants to be. As this scene progresses it is easy to see the sexual Ying and Yang energies flowing between these two. And, as in many cultures, an offering must be made from the student to the teacher, or in this case the slave to the mistress. This acient custom indicates the slave's true appreciation of the mistress. So what offering might Tony present to Elise when he's all tied up in the chair? Ahhh... you will need to watch the video and find out!

Check out Elise's website for more cool videos at BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1264 / DATE: Apr 13 2017 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

In this fun video Mistress Miranda and her friend Miss Mighty team up to fuck and torment a cute little submissive. The poor girl is restrained in a leather straitjacket and strapped down to a bondage table with her legs spread wide, making her pussy open and available to Miranda's long strap-on dildo.

Miranda controls the action between the girl's legs while Miss Mighty smothers the helpless nymph with her large breasts. Adding to the torment, a pair of suction devices are attached to the submissive's nipples which are readily accessible through two openings in the straitjacket. With all of the stimulation it isn't long before the poor girl is forced to achieve orgasm. Good job! The skill of these two mistresses has paid off, and they leave their bound submissive to recover from her orgasmic experience.

These two London Mistresses are readily available if you would like a similar treatment. Miranda's website is TheBondageMistress.com and Mighty's website is DommeInLondon.com. They both have tons of gear, and a lot of experience fulfilling kinky fantasies!


GALLERY: 1348 / DATE: Apr 7 2017 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Ok everyone, head's up! This is a mind-blowing video which you will not see anywhere else. This video features the lovely submissive Rachel Greyhound from BondageLife.com. She lives as a 24/7 lifestyle of bondage slave. We have featured her on this website in the past, but this might be the best video we have shot of her yet.

In this video Greyhound is completely naked, locked in a small cage, and forced to eat a meal of disgusting leftovers from the previous night. The food was mixed with a can of sardines and reheated in the microwave. She was encouraged to eat this foul meal with the help of various electrical prods. The rules are strict, and her face grimaced with each bite. After swallowing she was required to open her mouth, stick out her tongue and signal for more. Yuck!

Her predicament is quite sexy and erotic but there is more to come. Once she finished eating, her cage is hoisted up in the air, where she receives her reward. I don't want to give away the whole video, so lets just say that this is one of the most unusual and eye-popping vibrator scenes you will ever see. I'm not kidding. This is a hot video and not to be missed.

Check out Rachel Greyhound's website BondageLife.com for more videos featuring this beautiful and amazing bondage submissive. She is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1317 / DATE: Apr 1 2017 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

This is another classic video featuring our friend Miss Mighty and her rubber mistress friend, and their submissive rubber gimp. If you are into rubber and bondage, tit play, CBT, e-stim and sounds, this video is for you.

Miss Mighty has a great rubber clinic with lots of gear. She has been playing with her submissive for quite a long time, so the scene flows very smoothly. I love the heavy straps which holds him to the table, and the unforgiving head harness.  Frankly, you could put me in all of this rubber and bondage gear, turn out the lights, and just leave me for the night. In any case, this guy is lucky to have the attention of two beautiful and experienced women. Check out Miss Mighty's website DommeInLondon.com for more information about her services. As you can see in this video, Miss Mighty runs a tight and clean rubber clinic.


GALLERY: 1322 / DATE: Mar 26 2017 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a really great video featuring Elise Graves, Tony Orlando and Mercy West. All three of these people are fantastic, but the real highlight of this video is the heavy wire cable that Elise uses to secure Tony to the floor. Yep! What an idea! The cable is coated with plastic so it is somewhat gentle on the skin, and Elise uses it to secure Tony's hands, feet, neck and balls! Tony is not going anywhere. Using a large crimp tool, Elise adjusts the wire rope to fit around Tony's body parts, and then crimps the fasteners around the cable locking it in place. This is serious bondage at it's best.

Once Tony is completely secured, Elise and Mercy work him over as he lies helplessly on the floor. Tony loves every minute of his predicament and even though he yells and complains his erect cock tells us that all is well. This is a hot scene and we hope that Elise uses more of this wire rope in the future. I guess she had to cut the rope at the end of the scene to let Tony free - or maybe he was never let free? I'm sure that would be OK with Tony. Visit Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her hot videos!


GALLERY: 1346 / DATE: Mar 18 2017 / IMAGES: 98 / VIDEOS: 3

This three-part video features our 2016 rubber pool party. Each year many of our friends come to San Francisco to attend the Folsom Street Fair. The day after the fair we have our pool party and each year more of our friends attend. This is our third rubber pool party and we are starting to get the hang of it. The idea is to invite friends who own unusual and bizarre rubber gear and have everyone show up at the same place and time. It also helps if the day is hot and sunny.

This year we had a lot of cool gear including inflatable suits and bags from Rubbers Finest and Studio Gum, and three gas-masks which were hooked to scuba tank air for everyone to try. There were twenty or so people in all, and everyone tried on everything which was really fun. If you have never been in a swimming pool in your rubber, you need to try it at least once. It's a fantastic experience. In addition to all the rubber we had a few guys in SteelWerks chastity devices, and some women in stainless steel bondage and chastity gear. We also had our friend Strap Wizard restrain himself in a wheelchair in the pool! All in all, everyone had a good time. We can't wait to see who - and what - will show up next year. This update includes 3 videos and 98 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1321 / DATE: Mar 13 2017 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Miss Velour is in touch with the essence of kink. She is a kinkster herself, loves rubber, and knows exactly how to use her gear to create the best experience for her clients. Dictionaries describe kinkiness as perverse, abnormal, deviant, unconventional, unnatural, degenerate, depraved, or perverted. Miss Velour can weave these actions in and out of her sessions with the skill of an refined artist.

When you think to yourself "I can't believe she's going to do that!" you have hit upon the experience that many of us are looking for. Maybe it is a yearning we have to break the rules of our daily lives with activities that counter and deify the rigid structure of our society. Kinky play is liberating, like a breath of fresh air.

In this video Miss Velour manipulates pair of gimps who have given themselves over to her guidance. One is suspended over the other, and Miss Velour smothers one with her breasts and the other with her rubberized crotch. Miss Velour's feminine figure is enhanced by her tight latex, her gentle and firm voice is soothing to follow, and her beautiful eyes, lips and smile draw you into submission. These two gimps are in good hands as they explore Miss Velour's private fantasies. Check out Velours website at MissVelour.com. Similar a mini vacation, book a session with Miss Velour in the southern UK and escape the stresses of daily life.  :-)


GALLERY: 1345 / DATE: Mar 7 2017 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay everyone, this is one of the more wild videos we have presented on this website. This video is in three parts and features Chris from SteelwerksExtreme.com demonstrating his female chastity gear on a number of lovely models. Chris is one of the premier manufactures of male chastity devices and has recently been creating similar gear for females.

As you might imagine, inventing gear for females is a bit tricky because their genitalia is more inside than outside. So, a lot of thought and effort goes into creating medical-grade stainless steel pieces for this application.

The chastity devices that Chris creates for men and women are nothing less than beautiful. They are referred to as 'jewelry' and 'works of art' by his clients, and I'm looking forward to the day that his pieces are displayed in a New York museum.

In this video Chris applies his various chastity pieces to his models. Extreme close-up shots highlight how each piece is applied and locked on to each model. Ten people participate in this video which was shot over the span of two days. Towards the end of the second day things got a little wild and a labia tug-o-war was held between two of the models. Humor and wise-cracks were abound, and fun was had by all. This is a sexually explicit and highly unique video which you aren't going to see every day.

A special thanks to Chris for showing us his gear, and to all the models for volunteering intimate parts of their body for this eye-popping demonstration. Check out Chris' website SteelwerksExtreme.com for more information about his chastity gear. I suspect we will be seeing more of his female gear on the Web in the near future!


GALLERY: 1344 / DATE: Feb 27 2017 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

We recently acquired a large assortment of medical braces from a private collector in Southern California. During our phone conversation he warned us that we would need a truck to move all the braces he had in storage. He said he had been collecting for years and he had a LOT of braces. But how many braces could there be? Braces don't take up a lot of space. I wasn't sure that we really needed a truck but I decided to be on the safe side and rent a large enclosed Sprinter van. Well, the moving day finally came and I was glad we had the large van because we completely filled the cargo space all the way to the roof! There must have been at least 300 braces of every imaginable size, shape, color, age, material and manufacturer. I couldn't believe my eyes. This guy had indeed been collecting braces for years, at least since the beginning of Craig's List and E-Bay.

It was an honor to receive such a collection, and as we loaded the gear the man showed us each piece and told us the details about it's age, application and value on the open market. He showed us various pairs of shoes he had purchased in thrift stores which he had modified to fit the metal rods of the leg braces. Naturally, the idea was to install shoes on the braces which were his size so he could enjoy the braces himself, and on his partner. However, alas, he told us it was time to part with his collection because he and his partner were moving and there just wasn't enough room in their new house for a truck-load of gear.

Frankly, as a result of being in the kinky website business, I have heard this story many times from people who found they must part with their collection. These kinksters usually part with their gear for one of two reasons:  1) they are working through some personal life changes and decide that they need to stop being kinky and try to lead a 'normal life', and 2) their wife or partner is no longer interested in playing kinky games. The people in category 1 usually find that after considerable time and self-examination they accept themselves and their kinky interests and go on to acquire an entirely new collection of gear. The people in category 2 don't usually return to kink because they move on to having kids, or their increased age changes their life values and priorities. Personally, I have already experienced reason 1, but not reason 2. That said, I can see reason 2 on the horizon.

In any case, we now have a garage full of braces to use on both our male and female subjects. This particular update includes two videos featuring our friend Mercy West and some of our new brace gear. Mercy was all excited to try on the gear and said that medical and braces were part of her fetish. She said that as a kid she fantasized about playing sexually with some of her classmates who were wearing braces. I had similar interests as I wondered what it would feel like to be in braces. Let me stop here and state that I have complete respect for people who are required to be in braces for whatever reason, and braces for real are not something I would wish on anyone. However, we all have our fetish attractions braces fall into that category along with other medical stuff like braces on the teeth, catheters and bizarre operating room gear.

I hope you enjoy these two videos of Mercy as she tries to make the best of her brace situation. These videos are certainly a turn-on for me, and I hope they work for you too. A special thanks to the guy we got the braces from. He has a password to this website and is looking forward to seeing how we use his collection. No brace will be forgotten my friend! You will be glad you passed on your collection to the Serious Bondage Institute!   :-)


GALLERY: 1340 / DATE: Feb 22 2017 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Okay everyone, this is a hot video. We have always known that our friend Tony Orlando hds a crush on Elise Graves, and in this video he finally he gets to be a little intimate with Elise - although her head is stuck in a heavy box.

The head box is suspended from overhead, and allows Elise to be restrained in a straitjacket and an ankle spreader bar. As Elise squirms and screams her breath fogs up the transparent plastic which makes it hard for us to see what's going on inside the box. This head box was inspired by the movie 'Saw' which featured a similar box which was slowly filled with water with the subject's head inside. You'll need to watch the video to see how the poor guy deals with this seemingly impossible situation.

There's nothing more to say about this video other than to sit back and enjoy the play between these two romantic kinksters. This is kink at it's finest! Visit Elise's Clips-4-sale site Bondage Liberation for more of her cool videos.


GALLERY: 1343 / DATE: Feb 16 2017 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a unique video featuring Europe's popular domina Mistress Madieanne located in Amsterdam Neatherlands. Mistress Madieanne is well versed in fetish, bondage and kink, and has several amazing and well-stocked playrooms. Madieanne has been collecting gear for years which enables her to accommodate just about any request a client has.

Madieanne understands the human desire to try unusual activities we find ourselves attracted to. She has an in-depth knowledge of items and activities that get our juices flowing. It's my opinion that our sexual drive motivates us to seek experiences that can reward us with physical pleasure, and for many of us that experience doesn't necessarily need to be conventional sexual relations with another person. Madieanne has a firm grasp of this concept, so nothing surprises her. Additionally, Madieanne has a vast collection of gear which allows her to have most of the fetish bases covered. She also has a sense of humor which helps to keep things light and enjoyable. As an example, she refers to her playroom as a 'peculiar desire home'.

This video highlights our visit with Madieanne and her partner, and shows a scene she does with a rubber gimp who is restrained to her bondage table while breathing through an unusual scuba mask, air tank and regulator. Fun! We all had a good time talking and looking at Madieanne's gear collection while the rubber gimp drifted off into bondage sub-space. The next time we visit I would like to try the bondage table and scuba mask while in heavy rubber. I'm sure Madieanne has the gear to accommodate my 'peculiar desire'!

Visit Madieanne's website Madieanne.com for more information about her background, services and gear. Madieanne is warm, safe, gentle and understanding, and can fulfill a wide range of fantasies. A special thanks to Madieanne and her partner for allowing us to shoot this fun video.


GALLERY: 1342 / DATE: Feb 11 2017 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

There's nothing better than to see the look on the face of a pretty woman as her mouth is filled with an intrusive and embarrassing gag. Seeing the drool drip from her lips as she looks away to hide her eyes. She can’t do anything about it because she's locked into a rigid metal stockade which holds her wrists out and away from her body. She is embarrassed, vulnerable, and unable to cover her beautiful breasts from our gaze.

Our friend Troy Orleans takes us on a tour of gags using the popular bondage model Cobie as her demonstration subject. Poor Cobie is forced to endure gag after gag as Troy works her way through a pile of cruel and intrusive devices. As the video shows, Troy likes to insert things into Cobie's mouth, buckle straps, pump inflation bulbs, and fondle Cobie's large breasts. It is easy to imagine ourselves in Troy's place, working with such a beautiful submissive woman who is held captive by a harsh and restrictive metal yoke. The thought of forcing various gags into Cobie's sexy mouth while she whimpers and gives us her puppy-dog eyes is very attractive indeed.

This is a fun video and gives us a chance to see Troy's sadistic side. Visit Troy's website TroyOrleans.com for more information and to book a session with one of New York's premier mistresses. Cobie can be seen in person at Europe's popular Boundcon bondage convention. Cobie's smooth Australian accent will melt your heart, so be careful! A special thanks to our friend Remco in Amsterdam for allowing us to shoot this video in his studio. Check out Remco’s websites MetalBondage.com and ChastityBabes.com. Lastly, a special thank you to our friend Martin from RigidCuff for supplying the metal stockade.
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