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GALLERY: 1341 / DATE: Feb 9 2017 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 3

This is another one of our crazy videos featuring four of us on vacation in Hawaii. We brought along some rubber and bondage gear to play with during our stay in a private house which we rented for the week.

This video is kinda corny. It's also shot like a home movie, so don't expect eye-popping models or imagery. It's just the four guys playing with some gear we brought with us. The cool thing about this video is it features like-minded friends who are all kinky and we can enjoy our kink together in a safe and accepted environment.

The video includes two heavy rubber StudioGum suits, gas-masks connected to SCUBA air tanks, a few different rubber hoods, some guys in their fem mode, some shackles, and me in a ultra-cool metal bondage belt and shackles and faceless rubber hood.

All in all we had a good time, even though our Hawaiian vacation was in January and the pool wasn't heated. I suspect we will make this trip again at the end of the summer when the islands are still hot and the private pools are warmer. I hope you enjoy this video and can appreciate how fun it is to vacation with link-minded friends.  :-)


GALLERY: 1328 / DATE: Feb 3 2017 / IMAGES: 167 / VIDEOS: 3

We have not seen our friend Charlotte Fetish in a long time so when she and her partner came for a visit we were really excited. Charlotte used to hang out with Jeff from the House Of Gord and was involved in many of his photo shoots. Since Jeff passed away Charlotte had been conspicuously absent from the scene and hadn't updated her website. But now she is emerging and one of her first stops was the SeriousBondage Institute.

As long as I have known Charlotte has been a real bondage and fetish kinkster, and has been subjected to many crazy bondage inventions by both her partner and Jeff Gord. She always emerges with a smile on her face and is ready for more. Where can I meet a woman like this? Anyway, we invited Elise Graves to join Charlotte for an afternoon of play, and the two videos in this update show the results.

The first video is titled 'Butterfly Trap' and features Charlotte in a leather butterfly Straitjacket made by Christopher Fetish on FetLife. Elise zipps her in, adds a gas-mask and hoses, and then seals her inside of a fiberglass box. We have always wanted to do this, and Charlotte was the one. This is a cool box we acquired years ago but it hasn't got much use until now. With two hoses on the gas-mask Charlotte is able to breathe in outside air from the room, and exhale through the other hose back into the room. This prevents Charlotte from breathing her own exhaled air and also prevents the box from overheating. I wonder how long she could stay in the box?

The second video is titled 'Rubber Love' and features both Charlotte and her partner in heavy rubber suits from Studio Gum. Elise chains them on top of one another to see what would happen. Charlotte's partner was self conscious and although he thoroughly enjoyed the experience he didn't make much noise. (we found out later that he really enjoyed it) I believe Charlotte had at least one orgasm although she was new to heavy rubber as well. This video is in two parts which are both included in this update.

A special thanks to Charlotte and her partner for their visit, Elise Graves for being involved in our crazy antics, Christopher Fetish for supplying the cool straitjacket, and Studio Gum for the heavy rubber suits. A fun time was had by all! Visit Charlotte's website CharlotteFetish.com for some cool bondage videos.


GALLERY: 1339 / DATE: Jan 29 2017 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

This eye-popping video features our friend Rachel Greyhound of BondageLife.com. She is a rare breed of woman who loves bondage and can't seem to get enough of it. We visited Rachel in her private residence where she spends day after day in bondage. She's restrained in some kind of gear 24x7 by her strict but loving Master.

Rachel is the next generation of bondage slave to come onto the scene after the likes of Devonshire, Gord, PD and Hogtied.com. She and her Master run a new bondage website with a familiar name BondageLife.com, named after the popular magazine Bondage Life from the 1970's. It's a catchy name and accurately describes the daily life of Rachael and the torment of restraint she experiences on a regular basis. Luckily, Rachael loves every minute of her consensual captivity and is truly a rare breed of woman who craves to be tied up and helpless. She is a dream of most men, and her Master is a lucky guy indeed.

In this video, Rachael is put into a mouth-filling gag, chastity belt and RigidCuff fiddle. She's then directed by me to pick oranges from the backyard trees. Her fiddle is locked to a long chain which she must drag around as she tries to fill a bag with the low hanging fruit. It's a struggle, especially with a giant metal butt-plug buried deep inside her. The chastity belt holds the plug firmly in place while she prances around the backyard performing her duties. She's a sight to behold, and frankly we had a hard time keeping our minds on shooting this video!

Visit out Rachel Greyhound's new website BondageLife.com, and check out her profile on Fetlife under the name 'deargreyh0und'. A special thanks to Rachel and her Master for allowing us to see a bit of her daily life. She is certainly the real deal!


GALLERY: 1329 / DATE: Jan 23 2017 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a crazy video we shot with Elise Graves and our new friend Dart_Tech on Fetlife. Dart is into e-stim, breath control, computers, and building his own gear. I guess you could say that he's a cross between Steven Hawking and Rube Goldberg.

In this video Dart shows us his latest invention which is a foot-controlled air valve which allows Elise Graves to breathe only when her big toe is pressing on the switch. We hadn't planned on shooting this video, it sorta happened once we got the test underway. As scary and unusual as Dart's contraption is, I must say that it was entertaining to watch Elise play with the foot switch. Both Elise and Dart are freaks, so it's natural for them to collaborate on this bizarre project.

WARNING - this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Breath play is dangerous and possibly fatal. If you experiment with breath control, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1313 / DATE: Jan 17 2017 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

This hot video was shot in London at Mistress Miranda's studio. Miranda and her mistress friend from the US took turns dominating and humiliating a poor client who was helplessly bound. Body shaving, butt-plug e-stim, bondage, ass kissing and heel sucking were the main events, along with some of the other fantasies of the client like super-hero outfits and being suspended and bound to a pretty super-hero woman! This client had a big imagination and had a lot of his fantasies fulfilled in one session. This was one lucky guy.

Miranda and her Mistress friends can provide a wide range of fantasy fulfillment scenes, so if you have been dreaming about a particular scenario you should contact Miranda and discuss the possibilities of acting out your fantasy for real. Miranda loves to facilitate her client's requests, and has the gear and know-how to make it happen. Visit her website for more information at TheBondageMistress.com.


GALLERY: 1327 / DATE: Jan 11 2017 / IMAGES: 139 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a really fun video which we shot in Los Angeles with our friend JohnMik on Fetlife. John enjoys collecting fetish gear which he shares with his harem of kinky lady friends. John has worked with many popular latex and bondage websites, supplying unique gear and ideas which create eye-popping and sexy scenes.

In this video, John zips Elise in an inflatable latex suit and pumps it up with an ordinary tire pump. As the suit inflates Elise becomes more and more helpless, with her arms caught up inside the upper part of the suit. This is a hilarious process, and once the suit is fully inflated she looks like the popular tire manufacturer icon.

With the addition of a cordless vibrator which we inserted into the crotch zipper, Elise is transformed into a horny rubber gimp who can't seem to get enough. She orgasms over and over while thrashing about helplessly on the floor. This is a wonderful site indeed.

The final addition to the suit is an inflatable hood, which takes this crazy scene over the top. Personally, my favorite part is seeing Elise’s legs surrounded by the inflatable red rubber. Since the suit is a little big, her feet disappear up into the legs of the suit and look very strange as she rolls around on the floor. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did shooting it!

Check out Elise's website EliseGraves.com for more images and videos of Elise in action. She is the real deal. Also, a special thanks to JohnMik for inviting us to play with his cool gear. Check him out on Fetlife under the same name.


GALLERY: 1330 / DATE: Jan 5 2017 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video featuring London's popular and knowledgeable Mistress Miranda and her rubberized gimp. After cleaning Miranda's spiked heel boots with his tongue, Miranda's rubber gimp is zipped into a latex sleepsack, gas-mask hood, and then strapped down to a table. Once he is completely secured, his electrified butt plug is connected to an Erostek e-stim box, along with wires from the bands around his cock. Miranda adjusts the knobs of the e-stim box to peak his stimulation every few seconds which makes the rubber gimp rise and moan at regular intervals. This scene is pretty hot! In addition, the layers of rubber and the gas-mask hood with black-out eye ports are pretty hot too! It's a great combination of gear. I wish I could be in his helpless position for a few hours myself. This gimp is in rubber heaven while under the control of Mistress Miranda. If you would like to book a session with Miranda in London, check out her website TheBondageMistress. She's the only mistress we know who operates a 3-story dungeon. Also, a special thanks to Mistress January for allowing us to shoot this video in her San Francisco play space.

  FOLSOM 2016

GALLERY: 1331 / DATE: Dec 30 2016 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Once again the Folsom Fair in San Francisco tops our list for kinky and outrageous public events. The Folsom Fair is a giant street fair open to people over 18 and features all thinks related to leather, sex, kink, fetish, nudity, pet play, flogging, bondage, alternative lifestyle and general madness. The fair was started years ago by the gay leather community and has blossomed into an international event with hundreds of thousands attending each year. The Folsom Fair has also inspired similar fairs around the world.

Since the SeriousBondage Institute is located in San Francisco, along with kink.com, it's natural for us to make an appearance at the Fair. Kink.com has a booth, and SBI covers the fair with our camera.

This is a really fun video. It is a condensed overview of the Fair which was shot over a few hours. There is so much going on that we can only capture a small portion with one camera. The highlight of this year is the beautiful Miss Liliane Hunt (shown in the center picture above) and her entourage from the House of Hunt. Miss Hunt has been featured on this website in the past, and is indeed the real deal! Check out the Folsom Fair website for information about the event: FolsomStreetFair.org.


GALLERY: 1332 / DATE: Dec 24 2016 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

Hold on to your hats. This update includes two crazy videos. The first video is titled 'Hang in There' and features weird and unusual scenes with CBT, catheters, breath control, a reclining bondage table, bizarre head box and heavy steel Scavengers Daughter. A special thanks to Ms Feendish, Anne_Omalley, Elise Graves, SteveLovesKink, Dart_Tech, Tony Orlando, and RubberJ for showing us some great kinky fun.

The second video is titled 'Squeaky Clean' and featured Mistress Miranda and her rubber gimp in a big walk-in shower. Miranda turns up the cold water and hoses down the poor gimp while he is breathing through a long rubber hose. She squirts water in his rear entry zip and his front pouch. This is a great rubber and water scene which I would like to do myself sometime. A special thanks to Mistress January in San Francisco for allowing us to use her ultra-cool walk-in shower for this scene.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for visiting this website and taking an interest in what I post. This website is a labor of love. I'm not getting rich, but instead I'm sharing my passion for bondage with the world. My life has included many friends and relationships and careers. The common thread woven throughout these life experiences has been bondage. Mostly in the closet all this time, I was able to share my passion to the world on my first website SeriousBondage.com around 2001, SeriousImages.com around 2007, and SeriousMaleBondage.com around 2009. A special thanks to all my kinky friends along the way who have helped to make these websites a reality. It's been a wild ride. We hope you enjoy these websites as much as we do shooting for them. Mark.

  BOUNDCON 2016 - DAY 3

GALLERY: 1311 / DATE: Dec 18 2016 / IMAGES: 247 / VIDEOS: 5

SUNDAY DAY 3 - The popular BoundCon bondage convention happens each year, in May, in Munich Germany. We attended the event in the early part of 2016 with a group of 20 or so friends from various countries like Scotland, UK, USA, Australia and the Netherlands. Since our group was so big we were spread between three hotels so we setup a WhatsApp texting group so we could keep track of everyone.

The organizer of Boundcon gave us a booth so we could do bondage demonstrations and entertain the attendees. Not only did we entertain the attendees, but we entertained ourselves as well. We brought bondage gear with us, but I think the biggest hit were the two fiberglass full-body casts we did.

In this 5-video update, we interview some of the popular retail store owners including Torsten of NoEscape straitjackets, Hans-Peter of StudioGum and Latex-Maske, Walter Goethals of Carrara Designs chastity belts, the folks from Captured Taboos, and the popular bondage models Cobie and Pling. Although this was the last day of Boundcon, it seemed like there was a lot going on including our second full-body fiberglass cast and our interview with Torsten of NoEscape who tied up Elise Graves in one of his straitjackets. You will need to watch the video to see what happened! All in all, everyone had a good time.

The Boundcon 2016 event in Munich ran from Friday through Sunday. Luckily, we had made hotel reservations in advance since the primary hotel had completely sold out. This is a popular event which everyone should attend, so make your reservations early.

The 5 videos in this update only cover a small portion of the event. There were many other demonstrations and fetish scenes going on around the convention. We tried our best to shoot everything but there was just way too much to see. Check out the Boundcon website at www.boundcon.com for information, tickets and hotel reservations. We hope you enjoy these 5 videos as much as we did shooting them. :-)


GALLERY: 1325 / DATE: Dec 12 2016 / IMAGES: 79 / VIDEOS: 3

This update features three short videos which we have collected during our travels. No matter which country you visit, kink and fetish are just around the corner.

Our rubber friends in Scotland are always having a good time with their kink, and such is the case in the first two videos. Oh wait - the guy in one of the videos is from Paris France. Does he count? Anyway, the first video features the popular Lady Annisa and Ms Feendish (Fetlife). Lady Annisa has a cool medical playroom and shows us how to use a StudioGum inflatable sack and e-stim on her rubberized patient Ms Feendish. Check out Annisa’s two websites at LadyAnnisa.co.uk and Fetish-Clinic-Scotland.co.uk.

The second video features our crazy friend Strange Hobbies (Fetlife) from Paris France and more ladies from Scotland. This guy is rarely seen in rubber or away from his face and body modifications. However, in this video, he tries an inflatable rubber balloon with the help of Ms Feendish and her companion Jane from BoundInLatex.com and LockedForInfinity.com. Strange Hobbies is encapsulated in the weird latex balloon with a gas-mask connected to the outside. He is completely cocooned in warm black rubber, insulated from the world, and unable to see anything. Where do I sign up for this treatment? I would stay in that balloon for an entire day if I were in his place. I think the rubber balloon was from Regulation in London.

The third video features the popular Mistress Miranda from London and her hansom and muscular slave. It's hard to describe exactly what happenes in this video. Miranda locks her slave in a small metal cage and steel ball mitts and then torments him with vegetables and dip. He ends up with a glass bell jar over his head as the two of them try to kiss through the glass. This is pretty strange, but they seem to be having fun and we happened to catch it on video. Check out Miranda's website TheBondageMistress.com if you want to know more about her London services. All in all, everyone in the videos had a good time, which is what really matters.  :-)


GALLERY: 1303 / DATE: Dec 5 2016 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

Over the 2016 Folsom Fair weekend in San Francisco we had a few visitors from out of town including a rubber guy by the name of K-Pa on Fetlife. This guy had some really unique gear including a one-inch thick rubber helmet from Rubbers Finest in Germany, and a custom chastity device from Steelwerks in Canada.

In this mind-blowing video Elise Graves secures K-Pa to a bondage table and then proceeds to have her way with him using all of her rubberized play methods. K-Pa is usually a solo player so this was a special experience for him which he enjoyed very much.

We are lucky to be surrounded by kinky people who we can share our strange and unusual ideas with. It was a pleasure to have K-Pa with us, and we look forward to his visit again next year!


GALLERY: 1323 / DATE: Nov 29 2016 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an exciting video if you're into metal bondage and metal helmets. UK's popular dominatrix Miss Velour has two rubber gimps in metal gear secured from overhead. One gimp is in an inflatable rubber hood with breathing tube, while the other gimp is in a far more intense predicament. This por guy is rubber hooded, ball-gagged, blindfolded, and locked in a steel head ball. His hands are also in rigid metal ball mitts attached to the same steel yoke which is suspended from overhead. What an amazing setup. Not only is he completely helpless, but he's gagged and blindfolded inside the head ball. With Velour's two gimps in metal bondage she is able to torment their cocks without complaints or resistance.

During the scene you will notice Miss Velour spraying some hiking oxygen into the head ball of the gagged gimp. Since the steel ball is completely closed, carbon dioxide can accumulate inside the sphere. A blast of oxygen keeps a balance while the gimp deals with the weights attached to balls. Yikes! As you can see, Miss Velour knows how to use her gear and loves CBT. Visit her website MissVelour.com for more information and to book a play session. Velour is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1312 / DATE: Nov 23 2016 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another mind-blowing rubber video from our friend Miss Mighty in London. She has a lot of cool gear and knows how to use it. In this video she puts a breath restriction hood on her female friend and proceeds to fuck her with a strap-on dildo. Its nice to watch two women get it on, especially when rubber and kink are involved. I love the way her friend's catsuit unzips, leaving her pussy exposed to receive the strap-on dildo while the rest of her body is still covered in black rubber. Also, listen to the way Miss Mighty says "rubber cock" and "rubber clad body". These women are totally great together. Visit Miss Mighty's website DommeInLondon.com to book a session and try your own dose of rubber!

  BOUNDCON 2016 - DAY 2

GALLERY: 1309 / DATE: Nov 17 2016 / IMAGES: 228 / VIDEOS: 3

SATURDAY DAY 2 - The BoundCon bondage convention happens each year, in May, in Munich Germany. The SeriousBondage Institute attended the event in the early part of 2016 with a group of 20 or so friends from various countries like Scotland, UK, USA, Australia and the Netherlands. Since our group was so big we were spread between three hotels so we setup a WhatsApp texting group so we could keep track of everyone.

The organizer of Boundcon gave us a booth so we could do bondage demonstrations and entertain the attendees. Not only did we entertain the attendees, but we entertained ourselves as well. We brought some bondage gear with us, but I think the biggest hit was the two fiberglass castings we did. One was a full-body doggie cast which we rolled around the convention on a cart, and the second cast was a full-body mummy on the table in our booth. Both of these castings attracted a lot of attention. I hope we earned out keep.

The three videos in this update covers Saturday Day-2 of this three day event. The event ran Friday through Sunday. Luckily we had made hotel reservations in advance, since the primary hotel had completely sold out.

The three videos in this update only covers a portion of the event, mostly centered around our own group in our booth. There were many other demonstrations and fetish scenes going on around the convention. We tried our best to shoot everything but there was just way too much going on. All in all, everyone had a good time, and we hope to be at Boundcon 2017. Check out the Boundcon website for information, tickets and hotel reservations: Boundcon.com. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1274 / DATE: Nov 11 2016 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Christopher Fetish on Fetlife sent us this prototype vinyl sleepsack years ago. It was made for a very slender person and we searched high and low looking for someone who would fit into it. Then, in a strange coincidence, we met both a guy and a gal who were the exact size for the sleepsack.

In this video we watch as Elise Graves zips Mercy West into the sleepsack and straps her down to a bondage board with heavy rubber bungee cords. This is a very hot and sexy scene for those of us who like the look of a helpless women trapped in a shiny black form fitting bag with faceless hood. All we can hear and the moans and groans coming from Mercy as Elise Graves stimulates her with a vibrator and dry-humps her with relentless energy. Elise really knows how to work someone over. Check out this video and enjoy the sight of Mercy West fully engulfed in inescapable black shiny vinyl. Hot!


GALLERY: 1307 / DATE: Nov 5 2016 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 3

During the yearly San Francisco Folsom Street Fair weekend we have a lot of visitors to the SeriousBondage Institute. Many of the visitors are from out of town. Such is the case with TieGuy (Fetlife) who is from Florida.

TieGuy enjoys rubber and chastity, and we invited him to show us all the cool gear he brought with him. As a matter of fact, he had so much gear that he shipped a box of it ahead of his arrival so he wouldn't need to put it all in his suitcases. TieGuy likes to dress as a rubber female, so much of his gear is oriented in that way. Among his collection are pieces from Rubbers Finest, Polymorphe, HW Design and FantasticRubber.  The piece I was most interested in was a one-inch thick inflatable rubber hood from Rubbers Finest in Germany.

TieGuy had such an interesting collection that we decided to pull out the video camera and shoot a rubber show-and-tell which would allow him to show and talk about each piece. The result is a one-hour video divided into three parts which are all included in this update.

Our group consisted of TieGuy, myself (Mark), Mercy West, Tony Orlando, and MymmyEd. Together we looked at fifteen or so pieces of rubber gear, and his SteelWerks chastity device. As you will see, TieGuy is a serious kinkster and has spent a lot of money on his toys. Personally, I was very attracted to his Rubbers Finest heavy rubber hood and wish I had one myself!

A special thanks to TieGuy and our group, and we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did shooting it. This is a unique video featuring gear that you don't see very often.


GALLERY: 1306 / DATE: Oct 30 2016 / IMAGES: 87 / VIDEOS: 2

During our last trip to Europe we spent some time in Amsterdam visiting various fetish stores, kinksters and Mistresses. In this video we highlight the popular Mistress Madieanne who has a gear collection that tops our own collection at the SeriousBondage Institute hands down.

Madieanne has been acquiring gear since she has been a Mistress, and her collection spans a wide range of fetish interests. Her studio is like a museum. It's safe to say that she can entertain most of her client requests for both traditional or unusual play, spanning rubber, metal, water sports, feminizing, institutional, infantilism, breath control, and more which I can't remember. Madieanna has a lot of experience. She is mature, knowledgeable, safe, and has a sense of humor. She is meticulous about keeping her gear clean. When you watch this video it becomes clear that she loves her work. She would be the right fit for both novice and seasoned players.

We had a lot of fun visiting Madieanne, meeting her partner, and seeing her studio. I was also flattered when she wanted to play with me! A special thanks to Madieanne and her partner, and to my travel companions Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako who are part of this video. Check out Madieanne's website for more information and find out how to book a session: Madieanne.com. You can also find her on Fetlife as 'MrsMadieanne'.


GALLERY: 1257 / DATE: Oct 27 2016 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a mind-blowing video features Miss Velour and her two submissive rubber dolls. Velour secures the dolls in a steel cage, facing each other, and then applies CBT to both while they watch each other suffer through their gas-mask lenses. Moaning and yelping is heard while Velour just laughs and cranks up the torment. These dolls aren't going anywhere as their bondage is very secure and quite inescapable.

Finally Velour locks the cage, turns out the lights, and leaves them to suffer in their helpless and humiliating situation. Miss Velour knows how to play rubber dolls like finely tuned musical instruments. She is very experienced with rubber, bondage and torment. If you have an attraction to this kind of play you should book a session with this amazing UK domme. Visit her website for information at MissVelour.com. She is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1300 / DATE: Oct 20 2016 / IMAGES: 84 / VIDEOS: 2

This update includes five different scenes in two videos. These five scenes were too short to make an update out of any of them, so we edited them all together for one update. The videos include Mistress Miranda and Elise Graves and a number of different scenarios. One video clip features a full body brace test. We acquired a large collection of medical brace gear from a private collector, and this was one of the first times we strapped and buckled a poor willing guy into one of the braces. He was pretty helpless so the test was a success. We hope to be strapping some women into the brace gear sometime soon, so stay tuned. In any case, these five video clips are sexy and fun and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did while shooting them!
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