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  BOUNDCON 2016 - DAY 1

GALLERY: 1299 / DATE: Oct 15 2016 / IMAGES: 230 / VIDEOS: 3

FRIDAY DAY 1 - The BoundCon bondage convention happens each year, in May, in Munich Germany. The SeriousBondage Institute attended the event in the early part of 2016 with a group of 20 or so friends from various countries like Scotland, UK, USA, Australia and the Netherlands. Since our group was so big we were spread between three hotels so we setup a WhatsApp texting group so we could keep track of everyone.

The organizer of Boundcon gave us a booth so we could do bondage demonstrations and entertain the attendees. Not only did we entertain the attendees, but we entertained ourselves as well. We brought some bondage gear with us, but I think the biggest hit was the two fiberglass castings we did. One was a full-body doggie cast which we rolled around the convention on a cart, and the second cast was a full-body mummy on the table in our booth. Both of these castings attracted a lot of attention. I hope we earned out keep.

The two videos in this update covers Day-1 of the three day event. The event ran Friday through Sunday. The attendance on Day-1 was a little light as many people were still on their way into Munich. Luckily we had made hotel reservations in advance, since the primary hotel had completely sold out.

The two videos in this update only covers a portion of the event, mostly centered around our own group in our booth. There were many other demonstrations and fetish scenes going on around the convention. We tried our best to shoot everything but there was just way too much going on. During day two and three we interviewed some of the vendors which was really fun. All in all, everyone had a good time, and we hope to be at Boundcon 2017. Check out the Boundcon website for information, tickets and hotel reservations: Boundcon.com. This update includes the two videos plus a short Boundcon promo video. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1296 / DATE: Oct 9 2016 / IMAGES: 90 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay everyone, listen up! Here is a video you don't see very often. I'm sure you are all familiar with a double-ended dildo gag. This is a short pecker gag on one side and a longer dildo on the other side which can be used for penetration and face-sitting. This gag is humiliating because the Top gets pleasure while the Bottom is forced to endure the embarrassment of the position and the lack of control and pleasure.

In this video Elise Graves zips SteveLovesKink into a completely enclosed heavy rubber suit with only two small nose holes. Inside the suit there's also a full internal gag which fills his mouth with rubber and doesn't allow any air passage. Elise then secures Steve to a hospital bed with white Sigufix gear including straps, body harness, and head restraint. Lastly, Elise pulls a gas mask over his head leaving Steve completely cocooned in heavy rubber.

This would be the ultimate fantasy for anyone who enjoys heavy rubber and hospital restraints, but wait, there's more. Just when you think it couldn't get any better than this, Elise screws a dildo onto the intake air port of Steve's gas mask! Yep! This unusual dildo has threads that match the gas mask, and a small valve which controls how much air Steve can breathe from small holes which are located up and down the length of the dildo and how much air comes from the base of the dildo. Unbelievable! Clearly, this takes the entire scene over the top for both Elise and Steve. Not every rubber gimp gets to experience mind-blowing fetish play like this, but for Steve this is a very special day because it is his birthday. He flew all the way from the UK to Amsterdam just to participate in this video on his birthday, and what a birthday treatment this turned out to be! Steve is such a lucky guy. I don't think we've presented a video quite like this before, combining such intense fetishes into one well-rounded scene. This video certainly works for me!

Our hats off to Elise Graves for orchestrating this unique scene, and to SteveLovesKink for sacrificing his birthday to help us make this video. I know it was hard work for Steve, but hey, someone's gotta do it. I would also like to thank Petgirl Kako (Fetlife) for shooting the video, and our friend Remco in Amsterdam for allowing us to use his studio. Check out his work at MetalBondage.com and ChastityBabes.com. Lastly, a special thanks to StudioGum.com for supplying us with the awesome heavy rubber suit and highly unique gas mask dildo. StudioGum makes some great gear. They also have a new showroom near Munich Germany that every rubber fan should visit. The showroom allows customers to try on all of their gear. This update includes 3 videos and 90 still images.


GALLERY: 1293 / DATE: Oct 3 2016 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 3

Here are three short but hot videos for your viewing pleasure. The first is titled 'SeriousKit verses Venus'. This video features Miss Mighty in the UK demonstrating the difference between the two popular auto-jackoff machines on the market: SeriousKit and the Venus. Both of these devices are effective, but you can be the judge as to which one is your favorite. Check out Miss Mighty's website to book a session and try out both machines:  DommeInLondon.com. She has a lot of gear.

The second video is titled 'Cutting it Short for Safety'. This is a great video featuring Elise Graves and Tony Orlando. Tony is in a metal helmet, straitjacket and cock stand when he starts to feel a bit woozy so we had to stop the shoot. Playing safely is the first priority. The helmet is from DungeonDelights. The straitjacket is from Maxcita and is called the 'Psycho' because it has so many straps.

The third video is titled 'Rub-Adub-Dub and features Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako in our hotel room in Amsterdam. Elise loves to use amber rubber tubing to bind her slaves. Although she is well versed in rope, she says that the rubber tubing is more fun and easier to clean. Check out this video and see for yourself. Certainly the rubber tubing goes well with other rubber gear.


GALLERY: 1268 / DATE: Sep 27 2016 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

This 2-part video gives us a closer look at Mistress Miranda in her element. Surrounded by all of her gear, it becomes apparent that she really enjoys putting a lot of gear on her submissives. I think the challenge for Miranda is to combine the gear in a functional yet esthetic way, leaving the submissive in a compromised, challenging and sometimes humiliating position. Miranda is a true 'gear head' and sometimes her work looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption. However, in the end, a good time is had by all and her clients keep coming back for more. We hope you enjoy this video as Miranda and her Mistress friend transform this poor guy from a "wimp to gimp". To book a session with Miranda in her London studio, check out her website TheBondageMistress.com. Mistress Miranda is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1295 / DATE: Sep 26 2016 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 3

This gallery was posted on the site a few months ago, but we are re-posting it because a new video has been added showing the actual casting process. This video was shot and edited by our friend Marc Dunkel and is titled 'The Full Body Cast'. The video documents the casting process used to encase Filador50 (Fetlife) in a full body rigid cast for three days. Although this video is available on various tube sites for free, Marc gave us permission to include it along with the original two-part interview video described below.

The interview video is a rare opportunity to hear Strange Hobbies (Fetlife) as he describes his week-long casting adventure with his friend Filador50 (Fetlife). These two guys have logged more time in full-body casts than anyone on the planet. Strange Hobbies first describes his 3-day ordeal confined in a head-to-toe purple fiberglass cast, and then describes casting Filador50 in a fiberglass cast covered with a coating of white plaster. Both of these guys each spend three days in their casts, consecutively casting each other so they could each enjoy their own FBC (full body cast) experience.

This two-part interview video is a 40 minutes long audio interview with Strange Hobbies while short video clips and still images of their casting experience are shown over the dialog. Neither Filador50 or Strange Hobbies want to show their faces in videos, so we assembled this audio interview video to capture their full experience without compromising their identities. The result is amazing as Strange Hobbies details every step of the casting process in detail as we see close-up still images and video clips.

This kind of rigid encasement experience is not for everyone. These guys had to gradually work their way up to prolonged stays in their casts, and it's my impression that three days might be their limit. Claustrophobia, fatigue and boredom are major factors in this process, not to mention a host of other dangers like panic, choking and unexpected sickness. WARNING - his kind of edge play is not to be taken lightly, and do not use this video as an instructional guide.

Filadar50 has been working with FBC's for many years and is probably the world's expert on the subject. Unlike a staged Hollywood movie scene, Filador50's casting sessions are the real deal whether they last for 6 hours or three days. Orchestrating a casting session takes a skill, experience, and a keen awareness for safety. In addition, full body casts cost around $500 for the various non-reusable supplies.

This two-part interview is highly unique, and we thank both Filador50 and Strange Hobbies for allowing us to assemble this visual documentary. Included in the interview are Strange Hobbies, Elise Graves and myself, and additional images from past casting sessions. In addition, Filador50 wrote a short text essay about FBC which is also included in this update. Lastly, a recent video has been added to this update titled 'The Full Body Cast'.

Once again, do NOT use this video as a guide. If you play with fiberglass and plaster casting do so at your own risk. This update now includes 3 videos and 48 still images. You can see more of Strange Hobbies and his work in an article on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 1260 / DATE: Sep 21 2016 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 2

This update includes to videos featuring Miss Velour and AtMyDisposal, both rubber co-tops in the UK. The first video is titled 'Tender Pork', a guy in a rubber pig hood. The cool part of the video is when they put him in a rubber straitjacket and suspend him upside-down. The poor pig must endure torment from both Velour and AtMyDisposal who seem to enjoy dishing it out to their tender piece of pork.

The second video is titled 'Rubber Covert' and features a rubber guy who is thought to be a spy. He is strapped down to a medical table and tormented by Velour and AtMyDisposal as they try to extract the secret information. I love the rubber gas-masks and hoses, and if I were him I would never share the secret information just so I could be left in the helpless rubber predicamet.

To book sessions with either of these two Tops, visit Vemour's website at MissVelour.com, and AtMyDisposal's website on AtMyDisposal.Tumblr.com.


GALLERY: 1235 / DATE: Sep 15 2016 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 1

Attention everyone, this is a hot video! This video features Mistress Miranda and her favorite female submissive who is restrained in rubber and a medical halo brace. I think the halo braces are really hot, especially on pretty women! 

Mistress Miranda has a wonderful medical room where she restrains this poor young woman to the table and torments her relentlessly with a vibrator. The halo brace does a good job of preventing the young woman from moving her head, but Miranda adds a nose hook to her face which forces her to hold her head back and stare at the ceiling while Miranda applies the vibrator between her legs. She can't see what's going on, but she can certainly feel Miranda's aggressive actions! Next comes some e-stim and nipple clamps. There is no escape from the Miranda's stimulation. This is a really hot scene, and we should remember to use this halo brace more often! Visit Mrainda's website to book a session with this popular UK domme: TheBondageMistress.com. She is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1291 / DATE: Sep 9 2016 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 2

Few people are aware that Elise Graves has training as a real medical doctor. She signed up for one of those on-line courses and within a few weeks she was performing brain surgery and heart replacements. Unbelievable!

We're lucky that Elise is a fully trained MD because our friend Tony Orlando showed up with a bad case of erectile dysfunction. Elise jumped into action and was able to revive his cock by utilizing a few medical devices and some strict bondage therapy. This could only have happened as a result of her in-depth Internet training. Check out this fun video, and contact Elise if you think you need this type of treatment yourself.


GALLERY: 1290 / DATE: Sep 3 2016 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 6

This update features another SeriousBondage road trip, this time to Hampton Iowa to visit a historic jail house  which was designed and built as a maximum security facility during the late 1800's. The jail has been renovated and is now open for visits and overnight stays. This presents one of the most awesome opportunities for serious bondage fans in a long time.

This facility is the real deal - it is as harsh and unforgiving as it gets. At the time this jail was constructed the use of heavy strap steel, rivets and multiple layers of locking were the norm for high security lockups. Combine the heavy steel with small cells and the result was an oppressing and overpowering environment for the inmates.

This jail facility is located in Hampton Iowa. The jail was in operation until 1988, at which time the town closed the building and sent their inmates to an nearby county. The building changed hands a few times since it was closed, and was recently purchased and renovated by a friend of this website who is interested in bondage. The jail is now available for real incarceration experiences from July through October each year. The videos in this update present a complete tour of the facility and a demonstration of a prisoner intake as it would have been conducted during the 1960's.

This historic facility is the best way to experience a real institutional lockup without being a real prisoner. The cells are real - the lever-bolts and cell locks really work - and the handcuffs and leg irons are the real deal. For those who have visited the Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, this is a smaller version of Alcatraz with the same sounds and environment. This is a highly unique opportunity for both prison fans as well as the simply curious public to have a real incarceration (and role-play experience if requested) without the legal ramifications.

For prices, information, and to book a visit, check out the jail's website at HamptonJail.com. This place is definitely the real deal. This update includes 6 videos and 38 still images.


GALLERY: 1292 / DATE: Aug 28 2016 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 2

During a recent trip to Amsterdam, we visited a friend who runs the website SMMedical.eu. He likes to go by the name "The Hendrik (TM)", but I will just use "Hendrik" for short. Hendrik has an interest in padded cells and  institutional medical restraints. I have been communicating with Hendrik for years, and he has submitted various padded cell videos to this website, however, I have not met him in person until our Amsterdam trip. I was traveling with Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako, and we had just attended the Boundcon 2016 event in Munich.

During our visit with Hendrik in his home in Amsterdam, we reviewed various pieces of gear including Heepkemp and Segufix locks, tare-proff institutional clothing, and straitjackets. Although his gear was quite interesting, the  main attraction was looking at his padded cell which included an electronic self-locking time release door. As we discovered, Hendrik loves to wear multiple layers of restraint clothing, diapers, padded mitts, a safety helmet, and lock himself into the padded cell for overnight stays. During his time in the cell, he is unable to remove any of his protective clothing and gear because it is secured with Segifix or Heepkemp locks. The keys are kept outside the cell and unavailable to him until the electronic timer unlocks the door. Hendrik tells us that he has experienced so many extended stays in the cell that he can actually get a full night's sleep despite the restriction and frustration of the gear he is wearing.

Many of us who fantasize about bondage love the thought of being forced to endure erotic situations that are out of our control - restrained in invasive, unusual, intimidating, scary or embarrassing restraints for an extended period of time. The gear we find erotic like butt plugs, shackles, chastity or hoods are locked on in such a way as to keep us in a constant state of arousal. And so long as we don't climax we can ride these pleasant feelings of sexual excitement for long periods of time. Our friend Hendrik finds the restraint clothing, protective helmet and padded cell arousing, and by locking himself into the clothing and cell with an electronic timer he is 'forced' to endure the wonderful cocktail of mood-altering juices flowing through his body. Bursts of adrenalin, sexual arousal, anxiety, fear, embarrassment and heightened sensations pulse and spiral out of control in his mind as he continues to asses the helpless situation he finds himself in. Over and over again he tests the psychical helplessness he finds himself in, which feeds his own self-induced coctail of stimulants until he drifts off to sleep. Similar to a drug-induced altered state, his helpless predicament feeds his own erotic fetishes and keeps his mind and body filled with his own natural stimulants. Some people refer to this state as 'edging', in which a person is kept in a perpetual state of sexual excitement and unable to climax. A never-ending sexual 'high' or 'buzz'. Additionally, some people find bondage to be comforting and a retreat from the daily stresses of life. So, to be comforted and swaddled in an sexually erotic situation that you can't escape from, can be quite enjoyable and therapeutic.

In any case Hendrik has assembled his own collection of comforting gear and padded cell which provides him with his own fantasy fulfillment, escape from daily stresses, and natural, self-induced, mind-altered states of pure chemical ecstasy. I know this state well myself, and so do other bondage aficionados who indulge in self-bondage.

However, lets bring this text description back to earth by thanking Hendrik for sharing his gear, knowledge, and intimate play with our viewers. Nuff' said. View Hendrik's website by going to SMMedical.eu. This update includes two videos. At the end of the second video Hendrik has shared an actual time-compressed video of one of his many  overnight sessions in his padded cell. You can see his erotic start, the tossing and turning during his night's sleep, the unlock of the cell door in the morning, and his struggle to unlock and release himself from his restrictive gear. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did when we were there shooting it and talking with Hendirk. WARNING - self bondage is extremely dangerous and quite possibly fatal. Do not use this text description or video as a guide. If you play with self bondage, do so at your own risk. Many people have lost their lives during self bondage play when encountering unexpected panic, chocking, cramps, fainting, fatigue, house fires and equipment failures.


GALLERY: 1278 / DATE: Aug 22 2016 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Once again Tony Orlando is put to the test by Elise Graves and Mercy West. Tony seems to be a sucker for punishment by attractive women, and this time he is put into a House Of Gord cage which was given to us by Jeff Gord years ago. As a matter of fact, this might be the first time a guy has been put into this cage. Jeff Gord liked to tie up women, not men, so I hope he is OK with this. In any case, Elise uses wire rope and crimp nuts to attached Tony's arm-bindered wrists to the top of the cage and his balls to the back end of the cage. Once the top of the cage is closed, Tony is completely captured and unable to escape the probing fingers and tools the two women apply to his helpless naked body. Tony is at their disposal, and as usual, Tony is exactly where he wants to be and a fun time is had by all. Tony is indeed one lucky guy!


GALLERY: 1288 / DATE: Aug 16 2016 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 2

This video features our Fetlife friends Arthur_Dent and Cherry_Bakewell, both on Fetlife. They are playing with a unique video helmet from RubbersFinest in Germany. Cherry is suspended helplessly in the middle of the room while her master tries various rubber helmets on her, settling on the video helmet. Once she is zipped and laced into this heavy rubber device, the helmet is hooked to a small GoPro video camera. Cherry is then able to view the image from the camera in real-time allowing her to watch her own torment from a third-party perspective. She is able to watch as Arthur slaps her thighs and pinches her nipples. This is a unique experience as she can see can watch Arthur apply the nipple clamps from a third party perspective but feel the clamp's pinch in first person. This is fantastic!

A special thanks to Arthur_Dent and Cherry_Bakewell, as well as Grimly Feendish for the special hookup of the video helmet and the use of his secret playroom. Also, thanks to RubbersFinest for supplying this ultra-cool the video helmet. Check out their heavy rubber gear at RubbersFinest.com. Lastly, check out Grimly's retail website at LockedForInfinity.com. This update includes two videos and 44 still images.


GALLERY: 1622 / DATE: Aug 12 2016 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hilarious 2-part video from the archives featuring a kinky hospital staff and kinky patient. We got together in 2010 at the warehouse of MedicalToys.com, which was in a small town in Northern California. They had a medical room setup in the warehouse for shooting photos of their products, and they invited us to use the room to shoot videos. At the time we were doing a lot of fiberglass casting for our videos, so we decided to ask a local woman 'Princess Nawdy' if she wanted to be full-body casted in one of our videos. Nawdy is a bundle of energy and fun and was more than happy to appear in one of our epic videos.

The full-body fiberglass casting we did on Nawdy was quite spectacular. Not only was it a full-body cast, but we added another twist and suspended her face-down over a hospital bed. There's nothing better than to have a selection of medical gear around to play with. We had planned to suspend Nawdy facing down, so we cast a metal ring onto the back of her head to be used as an attachment point. This proved to be a great idea because there's no easy way to suspend someone's head in a fiberglass cast. We had brought along a lot of leather Humane Restraint straps, which came in quite handy for her suspension. Many of the straps had been used in hospitals to restrain real patients so they added to the kinky medical vibe we already had going.

Nawdy was a sport and didn't mind all the jokes and shenanigans that our top-notch medical staff came up with. In addition to the humor, our team connected monitoring pads to Nawdy's body so we could keep an eye on her vital signs with an old EKG monitor. The beep-beep sound of Nawdy's heart rate along with the hospital masks and scrubs added a sense of realism to the scene.

Fiberglass casting is a lot of fun, and quite kinky. The fiberglass is available in many different colors, and is less messy than traditional plaster casting material, but it's more expensive. Fiberglass takes roughly 20 minutes to harden, and once it's hard you need an electric cast saw to cut it off your subject. Some of the fiberglass casting videos on this website show the removal of a cast with a saw, so if you're interested in seeing that use the search window at the top-left of this page and search for the word 'fiberglass'.

Once we had Nawdy suspended over the hospital bed, her friend slid under her and onto the bed. Then, lying face up, he was able to play with Nawdy's boobs and pussy with clothespins and a Hitachi vibrator. This is every man's wish - to have a helpless woman suspended over him while lying on a bed. The only thing that was missing was a big ball gag for Nawdy. This hilarious video captures grown-ups playing just like children, and the only difference I can see is the cost of the toys. I hope you enjoy this 2-part video.


GALLERY: 1289 / DATE: Aug 8 2016 / IMAGES: 92 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a really hot video we shot in a private bondage studio in Amsterdam a few days after Boundcon 2016. The two stars of this video are Cobie and Pling, both popular bondage models on the Web and at Boundcon. One of the main attractions at Boundcon are the 'Escape Challenges' which feature models tied up in rope by master riggers. Since our interests lean more towards serious bondage gear, we thought it would be fun to conduct our own escape challenge using rigid and unforgiving instruments like handcuffs, chains, padlocks and shackles. The result was a feast for our eyes as these two lovely ladies struggled to remove their blindfolds, search for the keys, and unlock their bonds. As you might imagine, teamwork provided their way to freedom - and everyone had fun watching them drool, grope, whimper, strain and nuzzle along the way. This is a really fun video - and sexy too! Watching these helpless women in chains is probably every man's fantasy? This update includes 2 videos and 92 still images.

A special thanks to our beautiful bondage models Cobie and Pling. We hope to work with them more in the future. You can follow Cobie on Twitter, and check out Pling's personal bondage website at PlingsPlayground.com. Additionally, a big thank you to our friend who allowed us to shoot in his Amsterdam studio. This guy runs a lot of bondage websites including the popular and eye-popping MetalBondage.com and ChastityBabes.com. He's a true gear-head just like us. You can find both Cobie and Pling on his sites. Lastly, don't forget to attend Boundcon each year in Munich Germany. See you there!


GALLERY: 1286 / DATE: Aug 2 2016 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 3

What better arrangement than to have two beautiful rubber mistresses team up on three submissive guys. This was the situation as Miss Velour and her friend Mistress Alexia applied their tormenting skills in Velour's Brighton UK dungeon. Velour's dungeon has lots of cool gear including cages, suspension, crosses, bondage benches and a host of medical, e-stim and rubber gear.

Mistress Alexia is on and extended sabbatical but loves to play with Velour and her submissives. Both of these women are highly skilled, love to play with rubber, and have voluptuous voices which melt their subjects into submission. Additionally, they both look fantastic in tight rubber!

In this three-part sixty minute video we watch as Velour and Alexia share their skills between three submissive men. Naturally, a fun time is had by all. I can imagine the laughs and conversation they will all have later on at the pub. You see, playing with rubber, bondage and submission is a lot of fun, especially among friends. You might call it pure adult entertainment. To book a session with Velour, visit her website at MissVelour.com. This update includes 3 videos and 77 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1285 / DATE: Jul 30 2016 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes 3 videos titled Wild Pony, Casting Lesson, and Rubbed Out. Occasionally we end up with videos that don't stand on their own as an individual updates, so we combine them into one update.

The first video is titled ‘Wild Pony’ and features Mrs Feendish (Fetlife) and her pony Jane. As you will see, both of them have a lot of fun playing their rolls. These two gals are really into fetish and kink and have their own websites ThisGirl and BoundInLatex. The wild pony in this video is wearing a leather pony harness which is sold on their joint retail website LockedForInfinity. Ths harness is patterned after the popular JG-Leathers harness and has been sanctioned for resale by JG himself!

The second video is titled ‘Casting Lesson’ and features Elise Graves, MummyEd and Petgirl Kako. We gave MummyEd a lesson on how to use fiberglass casting tape, and Elise Graves had volunteered to be the model. When we were done MummyEd cut the cast off of Elise and she still has it to this day in her closet at home!

The third video is a home movie titled ‘Rubbed Out’ and features Jane and John of BoundInLatex.com. They love playing with their StudioGum inflatable bag and an Erostek 312 e-stim box. Their favorite gave is for John to guess the setting of the e-stim box by the way it feels, and if he's wrong the intensity of the box is turned up. It's hard to hear their conversation though, as they are both wearing rubber hoods which cover their mouths. Oh well, it's a home movie! The pin-hole hatex hoods they are wearing are from Latex101.com.


GALLERY: 1258 / DATE: Jul 24 2016 / IMAGES: 95 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a bizarre video featuring Miss Velour in the UK and two of her rubber submissives. As a skilled domme, Miss Velour is able to handle these two subs at the same time. One is in head-to-toe latex and a special inflatable rubber hood, and the other is in a rubber corset, heels, and hood with an inflatable gag which is held with a chain muzzle. Miss Velour applies her own brand of torment to these two rubber gimps, and although they seem to suffer it's quite clear that they enjoy her attention. It's also clear that Miss Velour enjoys applying her torment. Maybe this is why Velour is such a popular UK domme. She has years of experience and knows exactly the treatment her clients are seeking.

Personally, I love the inflatable gas-mask hood which one of her gimps is wearing. It was made by Regulation in the UK and is quite unique. I would love to spend some time secured to the same cross in full latex and the inflatable hood. A special thanks to Miss Velour and her two rubber submissives for allowing us to shoot this bizarre video. Visit Velour the next time you are in the southern part of the UK near Brighton. This update includes two videos and 95 still images.


GALLERY: 1280 / DATE: Jul 17 2016 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video featuring Miss Mighty in her own London playroom. We have shot Miss Mighty before with Mistress Miranda but we had not seen Mighty her own playrooms until now. She has two nice rooms with plenty of gear. One is a bondage room with suspension, and the other is a medical room. Our suspicion was also conformed that she has a uniform fetish and loves military hats. As such she specializes in those kinds of corporal punishment scenes. She also has a great sense of humor which puts clients at ease.

In this update Miss mighty works over one of her submissives in a ball crushing scene. The poor guy is straitjacketed and secured to the floor against her suspension frame, where his cock is tormented by Mighty's boots and stocking feet. As you will see in this video as well as future videos, this guy can take a lot. Miss Mighty also enjoys dishing it out, so I guess they are a perfect match. Check out Miss Mighty's website DommeInLondon.com and when you book a session tell Mighty you saw her video on this website.  :-)


GALLERY: 1265 / DATE: Jul 11 2016 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

In this video the popular UK bondage mistress Miranda demonstrates the SeriousKit vac suit and milker. The last time we filmed this demonstration Elise Graves was the subject however we were unable to show the milker because Elise has the wrong anatomy. This time around we see the details of the various hoses, tubes, bladders, e-stim wires, vacuum pumps and milking devices which make up the Full Monte for the male subject. For those who are  thinking about purchasing all or parts of the Serious Kit system, this would be a good video to watch. Alternatively, you could book a session with Miranda and take a ride in the complete system in her London studio. As you will see in the video, Miranda knows the system inside and out, and what dials and knobs to turn to achieve the best effect.

The SeriousKit system is an impressive selection of gear. All of the components are high quality, using industry standard medical tubing, valves, vacuum disconnects and flow indicators. The latex suit itself features sewn and glued seams and durable air-tight zippers. This setup is pretty much the Cadillac of unusual fetish stimulation gear.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda and her subject, and to the inventor of the SeriousKit system. As JG-Leathers would say, "hornyness is the mother of invention!" This update includes 2 videos and 35 still images.


GALLERY: 1273 / DATE: Jul 5 2016 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

Heads up everyone! This is another mind-blowing video featuring Elise Graves and her friends Tony Orlando and Mercy West. Elise is able to cook up the most diabolical combinations of gear and situations for her friends. If I were her friend I would think twice before taking her up on an invitation to drop by her place for some fun. In any case, Tony and Mercy took the bait and both ended up in stringent bondage. Tony was locked in a small steel cage and his balls were clamped to the floor, and Mercy was put in a rubber armbinder which was tied to an overhead point in the ceiling.

Once they were both completely restrained and helpless, Elise pulled out the sexual humiliation card by attaching a long hose to Tony's gas mask. The other end of the hose was attached to a special dildo from StudioGum. What happened next when Mercy was subjected to the dildo was totally unbelievable, but you'll have to watch the video to get the details. 'Nuff said! A special thanks to Elise Graves, Mercy West and Tony Orlando for allowing us to get a peek at their private play and the fun that kinksters have when they get together. This is a hot video! Also, don't forget to check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.
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