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GALLERY: 1286 / DATE: Aug 2 2016 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 3

What better arrangement than to have two beautiful rubber mistresses team up on three submissive guys. This was the situation as Miss Velour and her friend Mistress Alexia applied their tormenting skills in Velour's Brighton UK dungeon. Velour's dungeon has lots of cool gear including cages, suspension, crosses, bondage benches and a host of medical, e-stim and rubber gear.

Mistress Alexia is on and extended sabbatical but loves to play with Velour and her submissives. Both of these women are highly skilled, love to play with rubber, and have voluptuous voices which melt their subjects into submission. Additionally, they both look fantastic in tight rubber!

In this three-part sixty minute video we watch as Velour and Alexia share their skills between three submissive men. Naturally, a fun time is had by all. I can imagine the laughs and conversation they will all have later on at the pub. You see, playing with rubber, bondage and submission is a lot of fun, especially among friends. You might call it pure adult entertainment. To book a session with Velour, visit her website at MissVelour.com. This update includes 3 videos and 77 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1285 / DATE: Jul 30 2016 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes 3 videos titled Wild Pony, Casting Lesson, and Rubbed Out. Occasionally we end up with videos that don't stand on their own as an individual updates, so we combine them into one update.

The first video is titled ‘Wild Pony’ and features Mrs Feendish (Fetlife) and her pony Jane. As you will see, both of them have a lot of fun playing their rolls. These two gals are really into fetish and kink and have their own websites ThisGirl and BoundInLatex. The wild pony in this video is wearing a leather pony harness which is sold on their joint retail website LockedForInfinity. Ths harness is patterned after the popular JG-Leathers harness and has been sanctioned for resale by JG himself!

The second video is titled ‘Casting Lesson’ and features Elise Graves, MummyEd and Petgirl Kako. We gave MummyEd a lesson on how to use fiberglass casting tape, and Elise Graves had volunteered to be the model. When we were done MummyEd cut the cast off of Elise and she still has it to this day in her closet at home!

The third video is a home movie titled ‘Rubbed Out’ and features Jane and John of BoundInLatex.com. They love playing with their StudioGum inflatable bag and an Erostek 312 e-stim box. Their favorite gave is for John to guess the setting of the e-stim box by the way it feels, and if he's wrong the intensity of the box is turned up. It's hard to hear their conversation though, as they are both wearing rubber hoods which cover their mouths. Oh well, it's a home movie! The pin-hole hatex hoods they are wearing are from Latex101.com.


GALLERY: 1258 / DATE: Jul 24 2016 / IMAGES: 95 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a bizarre video featuring Miss Velour in the UK and two of her rubber submissives. As a skilled domme, Miss Velour is able to handle these two subs at the same time. One is in head-to-toe latex and a special inflatable rubber hood, and the other is in a rubber corset, heels, and hood with an inflatable gag which is held with a chain muzzle. Miss Velour applies her own brand of torment to these two rubber gimps, and although they seem to suffer it's quite clear that they enjoy her attention. It's also clear that Miss Velour enjoys applying her torment. Maybe this is why Velour is such a popular UK domme. She has years of experience and knows exactly the treatment her clients are seeking.

Personally, I love the inflatable gas-mask hood which one of her gimps is wearing. It was made by Regulation in the UK and is quite unique. I would love to spend some time secured to the same cross in full latex and the inflatable hood. A special thanks to Miss Velour and her two rubber submissives for allowing us to shoot this bizarre video. Visit Velour the next time you are in the southern part of the UK near Brighton. This update includes two videos and 95 still images.


GALLERY: 1280 / DATE: Jul 17 2016 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video featuring Miss Mighty in her own London playroom. We have shot Miss Mighty before with Mistress Miranda but we had not seen Mighty her own playrooms until now. She has two nice rooms with plenty of gear. One is a bondage room with suspension, and the other is a medical room. Our suspicion was also conformed that she has a uniform fetish and loves military hats. As such she specializes in those kinds of corporal punishment scenes. She also has a great sense of humor which puts clients at ease.

In this update Miss mighty works over one of her submissives in a ball crushing scene. The poor guy is straitjacketed and secured to the floor against her suspension frame, where his cock is tormented by Mighty's boots and stocking feet. As you will see in this video as well as future videos, this guy can take a lot. Miss Mighty also enjoys dishing it out, so I guess they are a perfect match. Check out Miss Mighty's website DommeInLondon.com and when you book a session tell Mighty you saw her video on this website.  :-)


GALLERY: 1265 / DATE: Jul 11 2016 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

In this video the popular UK bondage mistress Miranda demonstrates the SeriousKit vac suit and milker. The last time we filmed this demonstration Elise Graves was the subject however we were unable to show the milker because Elise has the wrong anatomy. This time around we see the details of the various hoses, tubes, bladders, e-stim wires, vacuum pumps and milking devices which make up the Full Monte for the male subject. For those who are  thinking about purchasing all or parts of the Serious Kit system, this would be a good video to watch. Alternatively, you could book a session with Miranda and take a ride in the complete system in her London studio. As you will see in the video, Miranda knows the system inside and out, and what dials and knobs to turn to achieve the best effect.

The SeriousKit system is an impressive selection of gear. All of the components are high quality, using industry standard medical tubing, valves, vacuum disconnects and flow indicators. The latex suit itself features sewn and glued seams and durable air-tight zippers. This setup is pretty much the Cadillac of unusual fetish stimulation gear.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda and her subject, and to the inventor of the SeriousKit system. As JG-Leathers would say, "hornyness is the mother of invention!" This update includes 2 videos and 35 still images.


GALLERY: 1273 / DATE: Jul 5 2016 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

Heads up everyone! This is another mind-blowing video featuring Elise Graves and her friends Tony Orlando and Mercy West. Elise is able to cook up the most diabolical combinations of gear and situations for her friends. If I were her friend I would think twice before taking her up on an invitation to drop by her place for some fun. In any case, Tony and Mercy took the bait and both ended up in stringent bondage. Tony was locked in a small steel cage and his balls were clamped to the floor, and Mercy was put in a rubber armbinder which was tied to an overhead point in the ceiling.

Once they were both completely restrained and helpless, Elise pulled out the sexual humiliation card by attaching a long hose to Tony's gas mask. The other end of the hose was attached to a special dildo from StudioGum. What happened next when Mercy was subjected to the dildo was totally unbelievable, but you'll have to watch the video to get the details. 'Nuff said! A special thanks to Elise Graves, Mercy West and Tony Orlando for allowing us to get a peek at their private play and the fun that kinksters have when they get together. This is a hot video! Also, don't forget to check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 1252 / DATE: Jun 29 2016 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a vintage video from seven years ago featuring our friend Alice and her submissive partner Bob. Many kinksters fantasize about having sex while in a vac-bed, and that's exactly what happens in this video. Bob is completely sucked down and held stationary in the vac-bed, except for his cock which protrudes out of the black rubber. What an amazing sight to see.  His hard cock is surrounded by the jet black rubber as if this were some kind of bizarre science fiction movie. Alice takes full advantage of her captive, and by the moans and groans coming from under the rubber Bob is having a good time as well. This is a hot scene which we should try to repeat sometime in the future. This is kinky sex at it's best. I'll bet that every submissive guy would like to be in Bob's position. A special thanks to Alice and Bob for sharing this hot scene with us. Check out Alice's website AliceInBondageland.com.


GALLERY: 1279 / DATE: Jun 23 2016 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 3

This 3-part video is a peek into a typical day at the SeriousBondage Institute. Our friend RubberBug was visiting with his thick rubber suits, Wired4Fun was visiting with his cool metal helmets, Petgirl Kako had some new gas-masks, and Elise Graves was present to inject fun into the gathering. This scene is typical at the Institute. People bring their gear to show us and things take on a life of their own.

We started with Petgirl's re-breather gas mask from Ebay. Then Wired4Fun showed us two of his metal helmets and talked about the cast he made of his head which the helmets were modeled from. Then RubberBug was put into his heavy rubber suit, rubber waders, heavy wrist and ankle shackles, and one of the metal helmets. The metal helmet was then connected to an overhead chain which Elise found very exciting. Before we knew it the vibrator was out and Elise was pumping and grinding against RubberBug. Moans and groans were coming from both of them. 

We hope you enjoy watching the comradery between us kinksters. It's safe to say that a good time was had by all. RubberBug's suit is from HydroGlove.com, his heavy metal wrist shackles are from Parus-Leder.com, and his ankle cuffs are from Cuff24.com. The custom helmets were made by an artist who prefers to remain anonymous. Also, visit Elise's new website DigitalDark.org for more of her cool videos.


GALLERY: 1246 / DATE: Jun 17 2016 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

During our travels we get to take part in lots of kinky fun. In this video we are in the secret playroom of Grimly and Mrs Feendish (Fetlife) where they have invited some of their friends over for a night of rubber fun. With a selection of unique gear at hand, everyone enjoyed zipping and lacing each other into the rubber. This video highlights the fun that consenting adults can have when mutual trust and respect is present among the players. A good time was had by all. A special thanks to everyone during this night of kinkyyness including the folks from BoundInLatex.com. Check out their retail website for unique gear including the famous JG-Leathers' Creature harness: LockedForInfinity.com. The heavy rubber orange inflatable bag is from StudioGum and the heavy rubber faceless hood is from Rubbers Finest.


GALLERY: 1244 / DATE: Jun 11 2016 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool video featuring NYC's popular mistress Troy Orleans. Troy specializes in bondage and always surprises us with unique equipment. In this video she pulls out her vintage Fetters leather sleepsack. This is not a standard sleepsack, but a unique inflatable leather sleepsack. Yep! This sleepsack was made by the Fetters company in the UK years ago, and features internal rubber bladders which can be inflated to squeeze the person inside.

Once Troy has fully laced up the sleepsack with her subject inside, she pulls out a bicycle hand pump and inflates the bladders inside the suit. We can tell that her poor gimp is feeling the squeeze because of the noises he makes. Once fully inflated, Troy leaves him to enjoy the ultra-tight confinement and utter helplessness of his situation. Incredible! Visit Troy's website at TroyOrleans.com. She is the real deal. Also check out the Fetters website for unique bondage gear from the UK.


GALLERY: 1248 / DATE: Jun 4 2016 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a rare and unique interview with JG-Leathers in his basement playroom where his famous Creature rig is setup. His friend Mistress Marleen pays a visit and acts as the interviewer. For those who are not familiar with JG-Leathers and his 'Creature' you will get a close-up description of one of the world's greatest kinky inventions. As a result of years of research and development JG-Leathers came up with a bondage and stimulation system that is far above anything else which is built for fetish and erotic play. The Creature includes vacuum, e-stim, breath control, suspension and bondage all rolled into one rig that will take a subject to their limits with the ease of simply turning dials on the master control panel.

JG-Leathers has been interested in rubber and kink for years and has written many fiction books on the subject which can be found on Amazon. This is a unique interview which kinksters who love gear will appreciate. This update includes 5 videos. Visit JG's website by clicking HERE. A special thanks to JG-Leathers for sharing this unique video with us.


GALLERY: 1272 / DATE: Jun 2 2016 / IMAGES: 86 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool video featuring our friend Mercy West and our new isolation box. We decided to experiment with custom foam cutouts that perfectly match Mercy's body outline. Once her outline was cut in the foam, MummyEd wrapped Mercy in pallet wrap and metal tape to create an inescapable mummification cocoon. We then lowered her into the foam which created a perfect encasement around her body. With the addition of a gas mask with regulated flow and an audio monitor, Mercy was ready for a an extended experience of isolation! A special thanks to Mercy for being a willing participant in our mummy encasement test. Check out Mercy on Twitter by clicking HERE


GALLERY: 1276 / DATE: May 27 2016 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

Elise Graves is one of the few women we know who truly loves heavy rubber. She owns gear herself, and loves to introduce her friends to it's erotic pleasures. In this video Elise puts one of our visitors into an inflatable StudioGum suit and mitts, heavy rubber toe boots, heavy anatomical rubber hood, and a metal helmet. Needless to say, once the suit was inflated and the helmet was attached to an overhead chain, this guy wasn't going anywhere. He was one hundred percent helpless and loved every minute of it (except for the garden hose). A good time was had by all and we are sure that our visitor will be back for more! By the way, don't forget to check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. She's the real deal!


GALLERY: 1251 / DATE: May 21 2016 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video from our bondage archives which was recently re-edited featuring Mistress Alice and her friend Bobbie. Alice installs Bobbie in our heavy wooden stocks and then proceeds to service and torment his cock which has been in chastity for months. Using this type of heavy bondage guarantees that Bobbie won't play with himself when his chastity device is removed. And, as a side effect, the heavy stocks seem to turn Bobbie's entire body into one giant sensitive penis.

Mistress Alice holds several chastity keys for her submissives, with various contractual arrangements. This type of open-ended control of a mans penis seems to intrigue her. Cocks can be locked away for months or even years, and in Bobbie's case a ritual cycle of cleaning and teasing begins. This is a fun video. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out Alice's website at AliceInBondageLand.com.


GALLERY: 1271 / DATE: May 8 2016 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

For the guys who don't see a lot of women wearing heavy rubber, this video is for you! In this video Elise Graves shares her heavy rubber suit with her friend Mercy West. Mercy doesn't have a lot of rubber experience, no less heavy rubber experience. Elise's heavy rubber suit is a serious piece of gear and maybe more than we should have put Mercy into. However, Mercy was a trooper and I think she enjoyed her first orgasm in heavy rubber.

Mercy is not new to kink and fetish, but she hasn't been around much serious gear like Elise's suit. In addition, Elise clamped her into our new Academy chair which took Mercy's experience over the top. With a Hitachi vibrator and some comforting words, Elise was able to take Mercy to orgasm fairly quickly. Elise had warned Mercy that having an orgasm in heavy rubber would give her an immediate fetish attraction to the suit, so we expect to see Mercy back again for another run in the near future.

Check out Mercy West on Twitter by clicking HERE. Also, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. Lastly, a special thanks to Studio Gum for supplying Elise with this highly unique rubber suit.


GALLERY: 1270 / DATE: May 2 2016 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

This video highlights the class and skill of our UK friend Miss Velour. She is located in the coast-side city of Brighton in the UK, and certainly knows her way around fetish and kink. In this eye-popping video she applies her knowledge of the male anatomy to a pair of gimps who are bound and waiting for her attention. With the skill of a hospital surgeon she is able to insert various stimulating devices into her male submissives, producing highly pleasurable results for both. Using a combination of E-stim, metal sounds, oversize butt plugs and her female charm, these guys are taken for an erotic ride that's a pleasure to watch. If our local hospitals would offer Velour's charm and host of kinky services I'm sure every man's health would improve. Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, check out Velour's website at MissVelour.com and make an appointment!


GALLERY: 1250 / DATE: Apr 26 2016 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cute little video featuring Troy Orleans and her friend Miss Mona Rogers. Located in New York City, these two women love to play with their attractive and fit bondage sub. In this video they secure him with elbow and knee pads, padded helpless mitts, leather foot booties and a leather corset. When all of the gear is lashed together he is turned into a little leather bondage pet who is forced to crawl across the floor and kiss and lick Mona's sexy high heels. Hot! I think this is the best part of the video. Naturally his ass is vulnerable for spanking, and his back makes a good foot stool for the two women. Even though the poor leather gimp is forced to stay on the floor, I think he had the best view of Mona's beautiful legs. Visit Troy's website at TroyOrleans.com, and Mona's website at MsMonaRogers.com. These two women are in the top tier of mistresses in NYC.


GALLERY: 1266 / DATE: Apr 19 2016 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a great video. Mistress Miranda seals her gimp into an extremely heavy StudioGum inflatable rubber suit and fills it up with air. This suit has eight chambers so the filling process is not easy, but the result it totally worth the trouble. The gimp has a hard time fighting against the pressure of the suit and has a difficulty just sitting upright. Mistress Miranda then buckles inflatable rubber mitts on his hands and blows them up too, which prevents him from playing with himself and unzipping the suit. Lastly, she gives him some bondage booties which he must put on his feet. With a lot of work he manages to slip on the booties but isn't able to buckle them up because he's simply too exhausted. He collapses in utter defeat as the layers of heavy rubber overwhelm his every action. It's all he can do to just lay on the floor and try to catch his breath. It becomes plain to see that with a minimum of effort Mistress Miranda has forced her gimp into complete rubber submission. Wow!

Visit Mistress Miranda in her London studio. She has unbelievable gear and can provide amazing experiences. Check out her website at TheBondageMistress.com. Also, a special thanks to StudioGum for providing the inflatable rubber gear. This is real deal!


GALLERY: 1245 / DATE: Apr 13 2016 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Leave it to those crazy Brits to find something non-standard to do with bondage gear. In this case Mrs Feendish and Arthur Dent (Fetlife) decide to secure an inflatable latex bag to the wall instead of leaving it on the floor. Hummm... I never thought of that! In any case, the inflatable bag is from StudioGum, and the young female gimp inside the heavy rubber bag is Cherry_Bakewell, also on FetLife. Her gas mask is hooked to a bizarre breathing rig on the wall which consists of various pipes, valves and containers. This allows Cherry's inhale air to be routed through aromatic and unmentionable liquids. The sounds that Cherry makes during her heavy rubber ordeal indicate that she enjoyed this somewhat bizarre experience. All in all, everyone had a good time, including Cherry's toes!

A special thanks to StudioGum for supplying the heavy rubber bag, Arther Dent and Cherry_Bakewell for being good sports, and Grimly and Mrs Feendish for allowing us to shoot this video in their secret Scotland playroom. Check out Grimly's retail website LockedForInfinity.com for interesting and unique kink gear.


GALLERY: 1243 / DATE: Apr 7 2016 / IMAGES: 101 / VIDEOS: 1

It's a pleasure to shoot a video with Troy Orleans because she is able to show her love for kink and bondage in such a refined and elegant way. Troy is first class all the way which is the hallmark of being a New Yorker and having her studio located in the heart of the New York City. She is mature, sensitive, easy to talk to, and well-versed in working with clients to reach their desired experience. Visiting Troy's studio is like something out of the movies, and if the walls could talk they might tell us of visiting dignitaries, Wall Street bankers, and the regular Joe, like me, from out of town.

In this video Troy demonstrates her favorite suspension position with her zentai-covered gimp. Using a leather body harness and overhead suspension rig with independent hoists, she is able float her boy at exactly the right height for rear access torment - should she decide to do so.

Contact Troy on her website TroyOrleans.com and book a quality and fulfilling session in the Big Apple. Couples are also welcome. Tell her that Mark at SeriousBondage.com sent you. Afterwards, celebrate your kink by going out for a night on the town.  :-)
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