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GALLERY: 1254 / DATE: Mar 19 2016 / IMAGES: 72 / VIDEOS: 2

In his younger days, a friend of this website used to make all kinds of cool leather bondage gear for himself and his lady friends. He used an industrial sewing machine in his garage to make corsets, hoods, sleepsacks, helpless mitts, and suspension harnesses. He was inspired by the drawings of Stanton, The Bishop, and Centurian magazines and catalogs. This was in the day before the Internet and they only way he could have access to this material was through magazines sold at news stands and adult bookstores.

Recently, our friend has given us a lot of his gear to use on the website. In this video he happened to be paying us a visit at the same time as Elise Graves. One thing led to another and before we knew it Elise was being cinched into one of the corsets he had made, followed by some leather mitts and a strange-looking female hood. Once Elise was totally secure, a vibrator was used to enhance her experience.

This is a special video because nothing was planned in advance. The conversation in the background is fun and quite genuine. Needless to say, a good time was had by all and we look forward to another visit by our leather-making friend and Elise Graves. They seem to get along well together! This update contains 2 videos and 72 still images. Don't forget to check out Elise's new website at DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 1256 / DATE: Mar 13 2016 / IMAGES: 70 / VIDEOS: 1

We would like to welcome Miss Velour to this website. This is the first of many videos we will present featuring this popular UK mistress. Miss Velour is the real deal. She loves rubber and kink as a lifestyle as well as a profession. She has an eye for quality and knows her way around all of her gear. She is a true fetishist and loves to take her clients away from their daily grind and into a world of pure fetish and fantasy. She can play hard and stern, but she has a watchful eye and can take you to the edge and back safely.

In this video Miss Velour plays with one of her rubber clients utilizing a female face hood and feminizing rubber dress to alter his mindset. Once fully transformed to a rubber doll, a straitjacket and e-stim are used to administer some harsh and effective therapy. When the session is finished the doll is left full restraints for the night to reflect on what had just transpired. Needless to say, this procedure is quite effective. Consult your medical insurance for coverage of Velour's wide range of services which can be found on her website at MissVelour.com. A special thanks to Miss Velour and her rubber friend for this great video!


GALLERY: 1255 / DATE: Mar 7 2016 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

When my friends started to play this game I couldn't believe my eyes. They used the parts from an old UK game called Shock Waves, similar to old US game called Operation. The idea is to navigate a rigid wire maze with a hand-held wand, being careful to not touch the wire maze itself. The original game would sound a buzzer if you toughed the wire maze, but this newly modified game triggers an e-stim box which sends powerful shocks to a pair of dildos buried deep inside the participants. Yikes! This is totally unbelievable and makes me nervous just thinking about it. As you can imagine, this game requires intense concentration and a very steady hand, neither of which was available after the first shock was delivered to the participants. This is a hilarious video which will will keep you on the edge of your seat. A special thanks to Mrs Feendish, PetGirl Kako, and Jane of BoundInLatex.com for this crazy scene.


GALLERY: 1203 / DATE: Mar 1 2016 / IMAGES: 86 / VIDEOS: 1

We are honored to have Charlotte Fetish come for a visit with her partner. Charlotte has her own website CharlotteFetish.com and she has also been featured many times on the HouseOfGord.com site as well. Charlotte is the real deal. She loves rubber, fetish, and bondage. In this scene Elise Graves zips Charlotte into a StudioGum inflatable bag which is inside of our new isolation box. Once Charlotte is fully installed in the gear, Elise attaches an oxygen monitor clip on Charlotte's finger so her heart rate can be monitored. This allows Elise to take Charlotte to the edge of orgasm and then back off so Charlotte stays in a perpetual state of excitement. At least that's the idea. This is the first time we used this oxygen monitoring software and there were some glitches. In any case, fun was had by all and we look forward to having Charlotte visit us again. Check out Charlotte's website at CharlotteFetish.com and Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. These two women are really great!


GALLERY: 1249 / DATE: Feb 26 2016 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

MummyEd is the guy who usually talks to our visitors first. We enjoy meeting and photographing new people, but recently we are focusing on inviting visitors who are unique in some way and have their own gear. This approach expands the breadth of photos and videos we present on this website.

In this video MummyEd and our visitor Marc Dunkel or 'Yc_' (that's Yc underscore) on FetLife test a new set of heavy metal bondage stocks. We purchased these stocks from a guy in Pennsylvania and hauled them all the way across the US to San Francisco. These stocks are totally great. MummyEd secures Marc in the stocks as a test, and after we were satisfied that he couldn't escape we released him and MummyEd proceeded to cocoon him in his signature full-body mummification.

After all was said and done and our visitor was ready to leave, he gave us a CD of one of his kinky videos as a gift. That video is included in this update as a second video titled 'The Chase'. Marc is a real rubberist. Check out his website MarcDunkel.com which has more free videos. He can be contacted on FetLife under the name Yc_ (that's Yc underscore). A special thanks to both Ed and Marc for this great scene.


GALLERY: 1233 / DATE: Feb 23 2016 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Eden Alexander is a lot of fun. She has a bubbly personality, lots of BDSM experience, and is always game for kinky play as either a Top or Bottom. In this video she helps a rubber gimp share his passion for unusual gear and gear that he made himself. Among his gear is a rare Outer Planets alien hood which was made some 20 years ago and is now a collector's item. He also shows us a neck-entry catsuit which he made for himself which fits perfectly! Now that's impressive. We hope you enjoy this little show-and-tell video and we look forward to seeing more of Eden on this website in the future. Check out Eden's extensive Clips-4-Sale site HERE.


GALLERY: 1183 / DATE: Feb 17 2016 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

As we have discovered, Elise Graves has a very intense sadistic quality which she likes to inflict on her subjects. "It takes two to tango" and Elise's subject in this video is DocRough (Recon) who is an intense and experienced masochist. He loves to suffer in a controlled manner and loves Elise's bizarre attention. These two were meant for each other - like a hand and glove. Check out this video and see how these two freaks tango together. By the way, notice that DocRough's balls are clamped to the floor... ouch! Also, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.net.


GALLERY: 1242 / DATE: Feb 10 2016 / IMAGES: 82 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Troy Orleans in located in the heart of New York City and specializes in many aspects of kink including serious bondage. I used the word 'serious' because she has a large collection of unique and interesting gear and she has the skill to apply it in a soothing and sensuous way. In this video she puts her slave in a thick rubber hood and leather corset, then straps him down to a custom bondage platform. The final piece of gear is a unique ball gag with an adjustable crank for setting the gag's depth. As you will see, Troy enjoys taking her clients on unusual and edgy journeys while keeping a watchful eye on their safety. Check out her website at TroyOrleans.com and look for more videos from Troy on this website in the future. Troy is indeed the real deal.


GALLERY: 1241 / DATE: Feb 4 2016 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay everyone, listen up. This is another fantastic and unusual video. Our friend Mrs Feendish (FetLife) takes her submissive on a special trip with the use of blackout contact lenses. These are black contact lenses which block all light and make the wearer completely unable to see even though their eyes are open fully. Yep! This scene is not only very hot but totally mind-blowing. As you will see, Mrs Feendish's submissive Anne_Omalley (FetLife) stares blankly - her eyes darting around trying to make sense of her predicament - as she is tormented with gas-masks, vibrators and e-stim and nipple weights. Her unknowing stare is is a little spooky to the viewer, which only adds to this unusual scene. A special thanks to Mrs Feendish and Anne_Omalley for sharing their private play with our cameras. These two women are the real deal!


GALLERY: 1232 / DATE: Feb 1 2016 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

This inflatable rubber balloon from Regulation is much more fun that it looks in the still photos. For those who enjoy complete rubber encasement this is the toy for you. The balloon itself has two layers - inside and outside - with a short zipper that allows the subject to crawl inside. It's best for the subject to enter the balloon and get comfortable before it's inflated. There is a full-face gas-mask inside the balloon with an intake air hose which leads to a port in the balloon allowing the subject to breathe outside air once the zipper is closed and the balloon has been inflated. There are no other holes in the balloon so once it's inflated the subject inside is in total darkness and surrounded by tight latex pushing in all directions.

As compared to vac-beds and vac-cubes the gauge of rubber used to make the balloon is fairly heavy so there is less concern about puncturing it. In this video the test subject is our own intern Petgirl Kako who is already wearing a super heavy one-piece Studio Gum suit, so once inside the balloon with the gas-mask she is totally engulfed in layer after layer of heavy  inescapable, overwhelming and pressurized rubber. As you would imagine, this creates a cocooning womb effect like none other and takes the whole experience over the top into the realm of pure rubber bliss. This would be a great way to get some quality down-time, escape the stresses of everyday life and have a fantastic fetish experience. I think this experience would be less about a sexual turn-on and more about the bliss that rubber enclosure can achieve. The only downside to the balloon is that it would be very hard to clean and dry because it is made of an enormous amount of square meters of rubber which folds in on itself because the zipper is fairly short. That's why it might be best to wear full enclosure rubber to capture any perspiration and body fluids from getting on the inside of the balloon. Additionally, it might be best to use a two port gas-mask so your moist exhale air is deposited outside of the balloon. Maybe the Regulation people can take this into account with future models.

This video was shot with Mistress Miranda in her London bondage studio. A special thanks to Miranda for sharing this magnificent piece of gear with Petgirl and our cameras. This is one of more interesting pieces of rubber gear I have seen. Check out Miranda's website at TheBondageMistress.com. She is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1236 / DATE: Jan 29 2016 / IMAGES: 61 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video our friend Miss Mighty in the UK shows us how to bring a bound woman Lucia Love to orgasm with a minimum of effort. All you need is a medical room, gyno table, medical halo brace, lots of leather straps, helpless mitts, nipple clamps, and a big dildo. Yep! As you will see, Miss Mighty has a calm voice and steady hand, and with a little lube she is able to achieve orgasmic success with Lucia and give us a hot scene at the same time. Check out Miss Mighty's website at DommeInLondon.com for details and booking info. A special thanks to Lucia Love who can be followed on her Twitter feed @lucialovexxx, and to Mistress Miranda for the use of her beautiful medical room and gear. We hope to feature more of Miss Mighty and Lucia Love in the future.


GALLERY: 1240 / DATE: Jan 26 2016 / IMAGES: 250 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool video we found in the archives from 2008 featuring our friends Alice and Bondage Roadie. The idea was to do a plaster head cast on Alice, fill the cast with cement, and then build a custom metal helmet around the cement cast. This would enable us to create a form-fitting helmet for Alice that would fit her exactly.

In this video we watch as Bondage Roadie uses medical plaster gauze to cover Alice's head. Before starting Alice rubbed Vaseline all over her head and hair so the plaster cast would be easy to remove. Also, an open seam was left down the back of the cast so it could be pried apart slightly for removal before it completely hardened.

The plaster gauze material was fairly easy to apply and it didn't take too long. A month or so after the head cast was completely dried and hard, we poured cement into the cast and made a positive of Alice's head. It turned out great, but we never got around to making the metal helmet. C'est La Vie! This is a fun video anyway, so make sure to check it out. Also, follow Alice and her crazy adventures on her website AliceInBondageLand.com. Alice is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1213 / DATE: Jan 23 2016 / IMAGES: 120 / VIDEOS: 1

In the final part of our swimming pool rubber party we see our friend Felix get inflated in a heavy StudioGum bag. Unfortunately the bag wanted to roll over and put Felix under water. It was all the four of us could do to keep him upright. In any case, a good time was had by all. If you ever get a chance to wear latex rubber in a swimming pool you should try it. It's really fun!


GALLERY: 1234 / DATE: Jan 21 2016 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an interesting interview video we shot with our friend Richard in the UK. Richard has a houseful of bondage gear and for a modest price will put you in the gear - either by the hour or for extended and overnight sessions. Check out his website for the details: bondage-uk.co.uk

Richard owns almost any piece of fetish gear you can think of including leather sleepsacks, straitjackets, Maxcita canvas, Humane Restraint, heavy rubber, and metal. The gear that attracted me the most was his solitary pit, padded room, metal and rubber coffins, and Gibbit cage.

Check out this video which highlights his gear, then check out the gallery page of his website which has still images of more gear which we didn't show in the video: bondage-uk.co.uk. It's not often you run across a guy with so much gear who is willing to share it with others for a modest price. A special thanks to Richard for allowing us to shoot this fun video.


GALLERY: 1224 / DATE: Jan 17 2016 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a fun video featuring our friend Lady Annisa in Scotland. Lady Annisa is a very experienced Mistress who genuinely loves her work. We visited Annisa in her playspace in Edinburgh. One thing led to another and we ended up seeing a demonstration of Annisa's medical skills with a catheter insertion and scrotal inflation.

Annisa has the knowledge and gear to conduct these fetish procedures in sterile conditions and under a confident and watchful eye. We have shot videos of Annisa in the past, and in each of the videos it's clear to see her enjoyment of the rubber, bondage and fetish experiences she can create. She is a wonderful and sensitive Mistress with a soothing and comforting Scottish accent which seems to make her sadistic procedures more tolerable. :-) Visit Annisa’s website at LadyAnnisa.co.uk. A special thanks to Annisa for allowing us to shoot this video. She is the real deal. This update includes 3 videos and 96 still images.


GALLERY: 1227 / DATE: Jan 11 2016 / IMAGES: 85 / VIDEOS: 2

In this video Mistress Miranda transforms our intern Petgirl into a bizarre rubber doll... First a rubber catsuit, then a tight corset hobble skirt, then a leather suspension harness, then inflatable helpless mitts, then a wide spreader bar between her wrists. To finish off the ensemble a thick rubber doll hood is pulled and laced over Petgirl's head along with a pretty wig, head harness and an overhead suspension hanger which prevents Petgirl from slouching. What a sight! Our intern has been transformed into an attractive rubber doll whose only purpose is to stand silently and look pretty. Miranda sits in her throne chair and enjoys her doll as Petgirl whimpers under the heavy latex doll hood. Finally, Miranda uses a vibrator to torment her rubber doll while Petgirl struggles helplessly. If you are into rubber, transformation and bondage, this video is not to be missed!

Miranda loves to play transformational games with her submissives, and she has all the right gear in a wide range of sizes to fit most any submissive. Mistress Miranda is the real deal. Check out her website for more information: TheBondageMistress.com. This update contains 2 videos and 85 still images.


GALLERY: 1228 / DATE: Jan 5 2016 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video our friend Eden Alexander tries her hand at extracting secret information from her prisoner. The prisoner is in a skin-tight rubber catsuit and faceless hood, with a thick cock sheath, inflatable gag and butt plug. He's restrained in a severe metal chair which holds his wrists and ankles and leaves his cock and butt exposed. He is truly helpless and exposed which allows Eden to work her magic while trying to break her rubberized prisoner. We shouldn’t feel too bad for this guy though, because it appears he is actually enjoying Eden's torment. Imagine that! A special thanks to Eden Alexander and her rubber gimp for this fun scenario. Visit Eden's Clips-4-sale site by clicking HERE. The metal bondage chair is by Martin at Cuff24.com.


GALLERY: 1230 / DATE: Jan 2 2016 / IMAGES: 149 / VIDEOS: 1

This vintage video is from 2008 during the beginning of this website. As we know now, sometimes you just need to grab whatever bondage gear you have lying around and simply apply it wherever it fits. This was the case when Michael and Charlotte of Charlottefetish.com came to visit. Michael started off with two sets of Rigid Ankle Cuffs, on top of one another, around Charlotte's legs. Then a Rigid Fiddle between her legs to secure her wrists, and a Rigid Collar around her neck. Michael topped off his work with a bunch of 2-inch wide leather straps from Mister-S. At this point Charlotte was quite a sight to behold.

After Charlotte had been subjected to the orange inflatable gag, I handed Michael a thick black latex hood from StudioGum. As far as I'm concerned, this hood pushed the scene over the top. I love it when women are bound helplessly and whimper from under a heavy rubber hood. Fantastic!

This vintage video in the Windows Media format. A universal video player for Mac and Windows is available for free from VideoLan.com. This update includes 1 video and 149 eye-popping still images including some photos of Claire Adams. All of metal bondage gear in this video is from Martin at Cuff24.com, and the black leather straps are from Mr S.


GALLERY: 1225 / DATE: Dec 30 2015 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a really cool video we shot years ago with Amanda Wildefyre during a visit to Maxcita in Canada. For those who are unfamiliar with Maxcita, he is the premier manufacturer of white canvas sleepsacks and straitjackets. He manufacturers a wide range of canvas bondage gear and some cool rubber gear too. Maxcita lives in Canada and we spend a week with him and Amanda Wildefyre. Amanda is a star as well, known world-wide as a top dominatrix. Amanda is located in Minnesota and has an extremely large collection of rubber, bondage and TV gear to keep her clients entertained.

In this video we join in the fun as Amanda seals her client Hudson into a Maxcita Vac-Sac. This is an air-tight rubber sleepsack that allows the air to be sucked out of the suit so it compresses and clings tightly to Hudson inside. On top of the intensity of the rubber suit, Amanda adds a bizarre rubber gas-mask hood to Hudson so he is completely sealed in rubber. The look is amazing and I only wish I was in his place and left overnight to squirm and struggle as I view my helpless predicament in a mirror!

This video includes me (Mark the editor), Dalton, Max (Maxcita), Amanda, Hudson and Max's assistant. I love this kind of play where lots of people involved. As you will see, fun was had by all. Visit Amanda's website at AmandaWildefyre.com and Max's website at Maxcita.com. These two are the real deal.


GALLERY: 1223 / DATE: Dec 24 2015 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 2

We are honored to present the first video we have shot with the rubbery couple of BoundInLatex.com in Scotland. In this video they pull out all the stops by restraining Jane to a chair, wrapping her in Christmas wrap, and stimulating her with dual e-stim insertables. Jane's red leather boots and green latex catsuit add to her festive look as custom LED strips bounce up and down and change color indicating the intensity and duration of each of her plugs. What is this LED thing you may ask? Jane’s partner invented a companion box for the Erostek 312 which converts the two e-stim channels into a visual indication of their activity. So, as the LEDs turn red and move further up the strip, we can hear Jane groan and yell louder and louder. Yep! What a great way to visualize her suffering and celebrate the holidays at the same time! In addition to this festive visual treat, the kinky couple gives us a taste of their hilarious 'Yes-No' game which only adds to Jane’s helpless struggling and suffering. (e-stim people take note of this game) The playful interaction between this couple is addictive, and it becomes quickly apparent that they share a warm and loving relationship together. This is a really fun and kinky video.

A special thanks to this Scottish couple for sharing their kinky passions with us. And don't think Jane’s partner got off easy because he was the Top in this video - they switch on a regular basis so stay tuned for follow-up videos in which the tables are turned. In my opinion, these two kinksters have way too much fun! Visit their personal website BoundInLatex.com for a rich selection of rubber imagery. Also, visit their retail website BoundForInfinity.com for custom hand-made BDSM gear. Lastly, for you techies, ckick HERE for information on the LED interface that Jane’s partner demonstrates in the video in case you would like to build one yourself. This update includes 2 videos and 36 still images. Happy Holidays to everyone, and thank you for supporting this website! Mark the editor.
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