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GALLERY: 1198 / DATE: Sep 11 2015 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 3of4 - The stubborn submissive Angel is installed in the clutches of 'The Creature' while we hear the whirr and clicks of the suction machines as they come up to speed. Her fate is now in the hands of JG-Leathers who is at the controls. Encased in heavy rubber and restrained by leather and shackles, Angel is only able to peer through the lens of her gas-mask and watch as JG-Leathers manipulates the switches and dials. There is no turning back.

It is our pleasure to present one of the few videos by JG-Leathers. This video was shot at his house in 2009, and features his kinky friends Angel and Mistress Marlene. It is a simple adaptation of books JG-Leathers has published over the years. His stories always seem to revolve around young beautiful women who are kept in some form of bizarre bondage. JG's work can be found on Amazon Books, Pink Flamingo, and on his website JG-Leathers.com.

Angel is subjected to JG’s famous and scary invention called 'The Creature' which finally breaks the girl, as her Mistress had requested. A special thanks to JG, Angel and Mistress Marlene for working so hard to create this fun set of videos.


GALLERY: 1195 / DATE: Sep 5 2015 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

In this video Mrs. Feendish binds her two rubber friends with a latex sleepsack and butterfly straitjacket. Binding her friends was not hard to do because both of them were quite willing to be under her complete control. Once they were both gas-masked and made helpless, it was a simple matter to hook them up to a special breathing control box. By turning various valves inside the box, Mrs. Feendish is able to route their intake air between fresh air, bubbler bottle air, or aroma injected air.

Mrs. Feendish and her partner Grimly Feendish have an amazing playroom with lots of cool toys. This is why we call it the Feendish Manor. We will see more of their playroom and kinky gadgets in the future. Meanwhile, visit Mrs. Feendish’s personal Blog and profile on FetLife under the same name, and Grimly’s kinky retail website LockedForInfinity.com.


GALLERY: 1197 / DATE: Aug 30 2015 / IMAGES: 101 / VIDEOS: 8

This is a very cool video interview with the owner of the popular Serious Kit vacuum stimulation system made in the UK. We shot this video in Mistress Miranda's dungeon in London. The SeriousKit guy brought a suitcase full of different penis vacuum tubes, two different rubber vacuum suits, a vacuum rubber hood, and a new solid state vacuum pulser. We spend a few hours asking questions as he showed all the parts that come with a SeriousKit system. If you have ever considered ordering a system you should review this video first to have a complete understanding of all the components.

Our interview is divided into two parts. This update covers all the hardware of the system including the stainless steel milker vessel, pulser, vacuum pump, hoses, penis tubes, rubber suits and hoods, gravity lube feeder and system cleaning instructions. The second update will be posted on this website in the future and features a complete demonstration of the rubber vacuum suit and hood by the SeriousKit guy, Mistress Miranda and our demo model Elise Graves. (poor Elise!)

In addition to the four interview videos in this update, we have included four more promotional videos that were produced by SeriousKit. These videos show the vacuum penis tubes and vacuum suit in action.

A special thanks to the SeriousKit guy, Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako for making all of these videos possible. Visit the SeriousKit website for more information and ordering, and Mistress Miranda's website if you would like to book a session and try the SeriousKit system for yourself. This update includes 8 videos and 101 still images. Also, don't forget to check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org!


GALLERY: 276 / DATE: Aug 27 2015 / IMAGES: 119

This is a vintage set of photos from 2008 in the early days of this website. In these photos Mistress Rebecca entertains a friend on - or should I say in - our patio deck. The Mistress looks very attractive in her tight latex, and from her friend's point of view I bet she looks even better. This is one of our early scenes with our new deck cell stocks.


GALLERY: 1187 / DATE: Aug 24 2015 / IMAGES: 133 / VIDEOS: 3

This video is many a man's fantasy. Two women cast Tony Orlando's arms and legs in fiberglass. Attachment bolts are embedded in the fiberglass as attachment points. Once the fiberglass is hardened there is no chance of escape. No way out. Tony is absolutely helpless. His hands are covered in hard fiberglass shells. He is under the complete control of these two women. Tony is then moved to the next room where is chained naked on the bed, stretched wide and vulnerable in a spread-eagle position. E-stim is connected to his cock and butt plug, and a face-sitting dildo gag is inserted into his mouth. This guy is totally screwed. Let the fun begin! The scene takes on a life of its own, orchestrated by Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako. Elise applies her own brand of twisted sexual torment to her helpless victim, while Petgirl hovers behind the scenes handing her various pieces of gear. What a team!

This update is part 1of2, and includes 3 videos and a selection of still images. These videos cover the fiberglass casting and the sexual SM games that follow. A special thanks to Tony Orlando, Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako for creating such an outrageous scene. Also, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 233 / DATE: Aug 21 2015 / IMAGES: 189

This set of vintage photos from 2008 features Amanda Wildefyre and some of her friends. They spent a weekend in a small town in Minnesota conducting some rather unusual pony play. Amanda's friend Charger is latched into a fiberglass pony, suspended by overhead springs, and made to take various beautiful women for a ride on his back. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so sit back and review these photos and see what can happen when you spend a weekend with the popular dominatrix Amanda Wildefyre.


GALLERY: 1182 / DATE: Aug 18 2015 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video featuring Elise Graves (Fetlife), Doc Rough (Recon) and a number of other notable kinksters. We were setting up bondage gear for some scenes which will be featured in videos on this website in the future. As usual, comedy and laughter were part of the process, however and at one point Doc Rough was getting a little teste with us. We pointed out that he was in no position to annoy us because he was locked in a cage and his balls were clamped to the floor. I said that I really liked the ball clamp because it is so weird and bizarre, and we could see by the grimace on Doc's face that this was indeed true. As usual, fun was had by all. Watch for the upcoming videos documenting just how intense play can be when you get a sadist (Elise) and masochist (Doc) together in the same room. By the way, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. She is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1185 / DATE: Aug 15 2015 / IMAGES: 218 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a vintage set of photos and video clips from 2006 when we first started this website. Here is a bit of background: the San Francisco Folsom Fair was started many years ago by the Gay leather community, and over the years it has grown to attract hundreds of thousands of people - both gay and straight. The Fair is held on Folsom Street in the South-of-Market area of San Francisco, where 5-6 blocks of the street are blocked to cars so all the people can have a place to hang out and strut their stuff.

On this day we followed Mistress Mya and her submissive Gumbi to the fair, starting at the SeriousBondage Institute where we called for a cab. When the cab driver saw Gumbi's cock hanging out of his latex suit he sped off down the street without us. So, we called another cab as Mya stuffed Gumbi's cock into his suit, and a few minutes later we were on our way. Mya and Gumbi had only met a few days earlier, and as you will see, they clearly hit it off while sharing their love for public BDSM play.

This update contains three video clips and 218 still images. The video clips are in the Windows Media (.wmv) format. If you are not able to play these videos try loading the free VLC media player which can be found HERE.


GALLERY: 1176 / DATE: Aug 12 2015 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

This was just a test. Petgirl built this chair out of pieces of water pipe and we wanted to see how it would work if we strapped somebody to it. Our friend Tony Orlando happened to be around so he was volunteered to be the test monkey. Petgirl first put Tony in a medical halo brace, and then used leather straps to secure him to the chair. This wasn't serious bondage, it was just a test. The garden hose was just a test too, to see how the pipe chair would hold up when water was sprayed on it. Although Tony was cold and shivering, the telltale bulge in his shorts gave him away. A fun time was had by all.


GALLERY: 209 / DATE: Aug 9 2015 / IMAGES: 123

Gwen of Rubber Dynasty shows us how to inflate a rubber suit as easily as you would fill your car tire at a gas station. Her rubber gimp is Gumbi, and these vintage photos were shot in Gumbi's playroom in 2008.

The combination of Gumbi's inflatable latex suit and his serious bondage chair are probably one of my favorite bondage scenes, and I’m glad we had a chance to photograph them in action. Basically, my attraction to this combination of gear has to do with how the latex suit bulges out from in-between the leather straps. I can only imagine how I would feel to be in the suit, restrained in the chair, and looking out through the eye holes of the hood to see the thick leather straps sinking into the inflated latex around my body. Wow!

Gumbi has been collecting gear for years, and has a collection that rivals most fetish stores. His gear was obtained from fetish suppliers and manufacturers located all over the world. In this set of photos, his inflatable latex suit was from Regulation, the inflatable latex hood is from DeMask, and his red latex helpless mitts and leather booties are from Mister-S. The bondage chair is no longer available.


GALLERY: 1177 / DATE: Aug 6 2015 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video we find three people in bondage in a selection of very cool gear. Our friend Elise Graves is tormented in an upper cage by MummyEd while Betty Cash looks on from a lower cage. Betty has a special view of Elise’s' pussy because there is a transparent plexiglas bottom to the top cage! Later, an anonymous rubber gimp in the bondage chair is worked over by Elise Graves who applies her own brand of torment. This video shows how much fun an army of kinky people can have when they get together. Check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 244 / DATE: Aug 5 2015 / IMAGES: 122

This update includes 122 vintage still photos of JG-Leathers during his visit to the SeriousBondage Institute in 2008. During his visit JG expressed an interest in trying our concrete deck cell, so off to the hardware store we went. You may ask what a hardware store has to do with the patio cell? I have learned to not ask these questions when JG is present. Just go with the flow, because JG knows what he's doing and what he wants to use in his scene.

We returned from the hardware run with 30 feet of plastic washing machine drainage hose. The idea was to hook up my industrial vacuum cleaner to his breast cups and cock suction device, and locate the vacuum around the side of the house because it’s so noisy. If you are familiar with JG's play you will know that having some kind of vacuum system hooked to his stimulation apparatus is a standard procedure. We attached the myriad of hoses and e-stim gear to JG and lowered him into cell. Next, we chained his wrists to bolts in the walls. Lastly we then fired up the e-stim and vacuum, closed the hatch of the cell, and left JG to experience his helpless confinements and relentless stimulation. As JG would say, “What a ride!”

A special thanks to JG for sharing his own brand of kink with us. Visit his website for interesting imagery and stories at JG-Leathers.com. This guy is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1158 / DATE: Jul 31 2015 / IMAGES: 191 / VIDEOS: 3

This is the fourth and final installment of videos from our visit with Hans-Peter, the new Studio Gum owner located in Frankfurt Germany. In these videos we see actual liquid latex and how it dries to become the material used in hoods and clothing, We also see Mark try on a thick latex suit, and all of us gathered around the kitchen table talking with our friend ModeNarr using Apple Facetime. Everyone had a good time and our visit with Hans-Peter was nothing less than magical.

Hans-Peter operates two retail rubber websites: StudioGum.com and Latex-Maske.de. He also has a booth at the popular BoundCon event each year in Munich Germany. A special thanks to Hans-Peter, Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako for participating in these unique videos. Also, check out Elise's new video website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 270 / DATE: Jul 28 2015 / IMAGES: 76

In this set of vintage photos our friend JG-Leathers pays a visit to the SeriousBondage Institute during the 2008 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, and volunteers to try out our new dentist chair. This is a rare and close-up glimpse at JG's gear including an early prototype of his vacuum and stimulation cock tube. His gear is constantly evolving, and as JG says "hornyness is the mother in invention". This is so true! Check out his website at JG-Leathers.com. This guy is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1180 / DATE: Jul 25 2015 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 2

Mckenzie MittsStudio GumStudio Gum
This update includes two videos. Some of our local gay friends came for a visit so Petgirl Kako and Mode Narr (both on FetLife) threw one of them into some heavy rubber and metal bondage gear. Gay or straight, no one can pass up an opportunity for some serious rubber and bondage with unique gear. Among the gear was a Studio Gum suit, McKenzie mitts, a piss hood, inflatable mitts, leather puffy hood, butterfly straitjacket, the SeriousBondage chair, an inhaler dildo and rubber mouth hood. This was quite a selection of gear and as you will see, everyone had a good time. The two videos in this update are titled 'Feverish Pitch' and 'Around The House'. A special thanks to Latex-Maske.de and StudioGum.com for supplying most of the rubber gear.


GALLERY: 1175 / DATE: Jul 19 2015 / IMAGES: 78 / VIDEOS: 4

This is one of the more crazy videos we have shot at the SeriousBondage Institute. We invited the 'Strap Wizard' (Fetlife) to show us some of the medical braces he owns and talk about their names and attributes. There were five of us in all; Elise Graves, Petgirl Kako, Tony Orlando, Strap Wizard and myself. One thing led to another and before we knew it all of us were in medical braces including Tony Orlando who was also in leg braces and handcuffed into a wheelchair. Chaos ensued when the girls conducted a tickle test on Tony and Elise gave him an oral exam. (Elise has a fetish for dentistry) I guess this is what happens when you put five kinksters in a room full of fetish gear. As you will see, everyone had a good time and we all have better posture as a result of our brace experiences. A special thanks to the Strap Wizard for sharing his gear with us, and to Tony Orlando for being such a good sport. Also, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 1168 / DATE: Jul 13 2015 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of4 - The stubborn submissive Angel is lubed from neck to toe and required to don a special rubber catsuit. This suit has breast and crotch openings which allow access to the erogenous parts of her body. Once Angel is fully encased in the catsuit, a leather body harness is cinched around her torso which holds an unusual dildo pole and pair of suction breast cups in place. As this bizarre gear is fitted onto - and into - Angel's voluptuous body she starts to sense the restriction and control it will have on her. Maybe being so stubborn wasn't such a good idea after all?

It is our pleasure to present one of the few videos by JG-Leathers. This video was shot at his house in 2009, and features his kinky friends Angel and Mistress Marlene. It is a simple adaptation of books JG-Leathers has published over the years. His stories always seem to revolve around young beautiful women who are kept in some form of bizarre bondage. JG's work can be found on Amazon Books, Pink Flamingo, and on his website JG-Leathers.com.

In the two remaining parts of this video Angel will be subjected to JG’s famous and scary invention called 'The Creature' which finally breaks the girl, as her Mistress had requested. A special thanks to JG, Angel and Mistress Marlene for working so hard to create this fun set of videos.


GALLERY: 1170 / DATE: Jul 7 2015 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Miranda in London owns a lot of gear, and we believe this helmet is one of her best pieces. It is a video helmet from Rubbers Finest. This unusual helmet is made of thick black rubber and has video goggles built into the eye sockets which force the subject to watch the video images and nothing else. Mistress Miranda uses a live video camera to feed the helmet so her subject can see their own torment from a third party perspective. Mistress Miranda calls this setup her 'Mistress Cam'.

In this play scene the popular bondage model Elise Graves is strapped to Miranda's medical table and tormented with Serious Kit nipple suction, e-stim, and electrified dildo. During the entire process Elise is able to watch her own torment via the video helmet. As you watch this video the image cuts between our camera and the video helmet feed, so you are able to see exactly what Elise is seeing. This is a very unusual video.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves, Petgirl Kako (the Mistress Cam operator), Rubber's Finest for the video helmet, and Serious Kit for the suction system. Also, check out Elise's new website Digital Dark for more videos like these.


GALLERY: 705 / DATE: Jul 1 2015 / IMAGES: 62

These vintage photos are from our friends at StraitjacketBound.com in Los Angeles. The images feature the Anastasia Pierce in a classic leather straitjacket. In the early days of the Internet, photos were the medium of choice so each image needed to be as sexy as possible. Also, fetish websites were more about the gear and less about nudity and raw sex. There was always something left to your imagination. That’s the case here. I love how the black leather passes between her creamy thighs, and the helpless and worried look on her face. Poor girl. Anastasia really knows how to work the camera.


GALLERY: 257 / DATE: Jul 1 2015 / IMAGES: 336

In this set of vintage photos we feature Amanda Wildefyre's amazing Fetters leather sleepsack. You may have seen other leather sleepsacks, but this one is special for a few reasons: 1) It was made by the late Jim Stewart in the UK. Jim was the person who started the well-known Fetters line of bondage gear years ago, and 2) This leather sleepsack has internal bags which can be inflated with compressed air which tighten the bag after it has been already zipped and laced closed.

Jim Stewart made this sleepsack specifically for Amanda, and as you can see, it is quite a beautiful piece of gear. By the way, Jim had a website called Houdini Connections, but I don't know how often he updated it. Jim had been a driving force behind making bondage gear more accessible and popular worldwide.

You will note that Amanda and her assistant insert a number of spiked pads into the sleepsack and ballet boots before they seal their subject into the bag. Also, notice that the sleepsack has an optional foot sack extension which adds just enough additional length to the bag to accommodate the length of the ballet boots. We hope you enjoy this set of 336 photos.
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