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GALLERY: 1222 / DATE: Dec 18 2015 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 2

Okay everyone, listen up. This is a really crazy video. This video shows Elise Graves in her element. Elise considers herself a freak and she thinks the people she plays with are freaks as well. In this video her suspicions are confirmed - Tony Orlando's balls are clamped to a poll, his wrists are shackled from overhead, his lips are parted with a dental spreader and his nostrils are hooked from the ceiling - and Tony asks himself out loud "why do I like this?"

I guess we are all freaks for watching this video, but I would like to suggest that as animals we are all driven by our fantasies, hormones and sexual desires which allow us to be attracted to a wide scope of interests and activities which are not directly related to mating and procreation. We are ALL attracted to activities and physical items that are not directly sexual - from high heels, silk stockings, Tango dancing, to vibrators, dildos, perfume, fast cars and action movies where the hero always gets the girl.

This two-part video is a lot of fun and is an excellent example of our ability to entertain ourselves with activities that have little to do with procreation. :-) A special thanks to Elise Graves, Tony Orlando and Petgirl Kako for creating this unusual and entertaining scene. Keep up the good work! Also, don't forget to check out the freaks on Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 1205 / DATE: Dec 12 2015 / IMAGES: 89 / VIDEOS: 1

We haven't see Charlotte Fetish for quite some time, but recently she and her partner Michael paid us a visit. We were all hanging around in the kitchen when, as usual, things just started to happen. Before we knew it Elise Graves and PetGirl Kako had Charlotte locked in a small cage and were tormenting her with whatever was available. Girls will be girls. Check out Charlotte's website at CharlotteFetish.com and Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. These women are the real deal.


GALLERY: 23 / DATE: Dec 9 2015 / IMAGES: 121

Here are some hot vintage rubber photos from 2007. This is our friend 'In Latex Always' who came for a visit and ended up being chained to the wall. The poor guy - or lucky guy? I think he was lucky because I would like to have been in his shoes but I was taking the pictures!


GALLERY: 1171 / DATE: Dec 6 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video we visit Mistress Miranda's medical room in London. Mistress Miranda has an awesome setup with lots of gear. With the help of Elise Graves, Mistress Miranda seals her rubber gimp Kako into a green rubber sleepsack and then lashes her to the medical table. Once she is fully restrained and helpless, both Miranda and Graves apply a variety of torment to their rubberized victim including some strange breathing gas. Moans are heard, but we saw no signs of distress so I guess the treatment was working. If you would like to visit Mistress Miranda for your own customized rubber treatment, visit her website at TheBondageMistress.com. Also, check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org. These women are the real deal!


GALLERY: 268 / DATE: Dec 3 2015 / IMAGES: 31

Here are some vintage photos from 2008 featuring our friend Alice. Alice was in need of some bondage therapy and the only room that was available was our dental suite. Keeping with a medical theme, we used a pile of Humane Restraints to secure her to the antique dental chair. Alice was restrained for quite some time before the bondage started to take effect. Luckily the room was not scheduled so we were able to leave Alice in the chair for a number of hours during which time her anxiety was noticeably reduced. She will be returning next week for a follow-up visit. Alice is such a good sport when it comes to bondage! Check out her website AliceInBondageLand.com to view all of her  bondage adventures. Alice's tan leather muzzle is from the folks at  ChurchOfSinvention.com.


GALLERY: 1212 / DATE: Nov 30 2015 / IMAGES: 97 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of3 - A bunch of us got together after the 2015 Folsom Fair and drove to a friend's house who had a swimming pool in his backyard. We brought tons of rubber and diving equipment with us and spent the afternoon wallowing around in rubber in his pool. Our group consisted of me (Mark), MummyEd, Elise Graves, PetgirlKako, RubCop (Felix) and our friend Ken.

In this video we see our friend Felix walking around on the bottom of the pool in a neoprene straitjacket and weighted boots while Elise Graves rides naked on his shoulders. Let me say that as far as I'm  concerned, there's nothing better than to have a naked woman in a swimming pool along with an underwater camera. Also, at one point in the video someone unzips Felix's neoprene pants only to find he's wearing a Carrara chastity belt. All in all, I think everyone had a good time.  

This update contains one video and a selection of still images. Don't forget to visit Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 1174 / DATE: Nov 24 2015 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

In this fun video we see our friend ModeNarr trying his new Butterfly Straitjacket. Petgirl Kako laced him into the jacket, and then put him in a bizarre rubber gas-mask hood. Lastly, she screwed a StudioGum breather dildo onto the gas-mask. What a crazy combination of gear, but ModeNarr looked totally cool. Once he was totally helpless Petgirl took him outside and attached him to an overhead chain. All he could do was flop around helplessly, and we couldn't understand a word he was saying. When Petgirl started plucking hairs off his butt we understood his yelps but at this point there was nothing we could do to help him. Poor guy!


GALLERY: 1188 / DATE: Nov 18 2015 / IMAGES: 133 / VIDEOS: 2

Part 2of2 – As I said in the previous update, this video is every man's fantasy. Two women cast Tony Orlando's arms and legs in fiberglass - bolts are embedded in the fiberglass as attachment points - once the fiberglass is hardened there is no chance of escape - no way out.

In this update Tony’s arms and hands are cut out of the fiberglass because of fatigue. Once that is done he is strapped into a medical halo brace and secured to the bed. Tony is helpless again, and Elise Graves continues to work him over with a vibrator and electrified butt plug, applying her own brand of twisted sexual torment to her helpless victim. There is no relief for Tony, and at some point we have to stop and salute both Tony and Elise for their remarkable sexual endurance.

This update is part 2of2, and includes 2 videos and a selection of still images. A special thanks to Tony Orlando, Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako for creating such an outrageous scene. Check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 931 / DATE: Nov 15 2015 / IMAGES: 143

These are some vintage still photos we took at MedicalToys.com long ago, featuring the popular bondage model Madison Young. The images appeared on the MedicalToys website Twisted Clinic which is no longer in operation. As you will see, Madison sure enjoys being in front of the camera and indulging in kinky fun and games!


GALLERY: 1184 / DATE: Nov 12 2015 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

Don't let Elise Graves' innocence and charm fool you. Behind those dreamy eyes and beautiful smile is a sadistic creature that roams the land in search of men with masochistic tendencies.

In this case our friend DocRough is Elise's victim. This poor guy wanted to play with Elise but maybe he got in over his head. You be the judge. Frankly, I think he enjoyed every minute of his time spent with Elise in some sick and twisted way. Both of them were able to pull out the stops and show us the freaks they both really are. Just like a scary movie, we are honored to watch these two in action and a special thanks to both of them. If you are a fan of Elise check out her new website DigitalDark.org.


GALLERY: 197 / DATE: Nov 9 2015 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a 4 minute video clip from 2008. In this dreamy sequence  we get a chance to see the ultimate male fantasy: being secured in tight, total enclosure, inescapable bondage by a pretty woman dressed in tight sexy latex. The woman is January Seraph. This vintage video is in the Windows Media format. A universal video player for Mac and Windows is available for free from VideoLan.com. The leather hood and neoprene sleepsack are from Mr S.


GALLERY: 1221 / DATE: Nov 6 2015 / IMAGES: 106 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 4of4 - In the final part of this video the stubborn submissive Angel experiences the intense torment of 'The Creature'. She screams helplessly as JG-Leathers watches her face through her full-face gas mask. She is suspended from overhead in a overwhelming body harness. Her full breasts are sucked and stimulated while an intrusive 'Inhibitor Bar' invades her pussy with intense shocks and vibrations. Her hands are encased in heavy rubber mitts and her wrists are shackled behind her back. Her ankles are pulled to the sides of the room with springs which allow her to kick and struggle to no avail. She is truly at the mercy of this fiendish inventor and his bizarre Creature rig.

As Angel grows weary of screaming and struggling against her bonds she is lowered to the floor and chained to more anchor points. After reconnecting her to the suction and stimulation system, she is left lying on the floor for the night, still unable to resist the relentless assault of the Creature. Angel's will is eventually broken, in time for her Mistress to collect her limp body the following morning. Once again JG-Leathers has delivered on his ability to break even the most unruly of slaves.

It is our pleasure to present one of the few videos by JG-Leathers. This video was shot at his house in 2009, and features his kinky friends Angel and Mistress Marlene. It is a simple adaptation of books JG-Leathers has published over the years. His stories always seem to revolve around young beautiful women who are kept in some form of bizarre bondage. JG's work can be found on Amazon Books, Pink Flamingo, and on his website JG-Leathers.com.

Angel is subjected to JG’s famous and scary invention called 'The Creature' which finally breaks the girl, as her Mistress had requested. A special thanks to JG, Angel and Mistress Marlene for working so hard to create this fun set of videos.


GALLERY: 1209 / DATE: Oct 30 2015 / IMAGES: 122 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a really fun and amazing video. We were invited to a kinky party in Scotland and were amazed at how much bondage and rubber gear was brought by the people who attended. In the United States BDSM parties usually include more impact play (whips and canes), rope bondage, needle play, but not as much gear. At the Scotland party there was a wide array of gear including rubber clothing, straitjackets, inflatables, non-rope bondage, gas-masks, medical gear - and even a cool pilot's helmet!

Check out this video and see what Scottish kinksters do at a private kink party. A special thanks to the organizers of the party as well as the folks who attended for allowing us to shoot video of their private event. This update includes 2 videos and 122 still images.


GALLERY: 1219 / DATE: Oct 24 2015 / IMAGES: 70 / VIDEOS: 5

This is one of the more crazy videos we have shot. The video features a host of people including Chris from Steelwerks, Elise Graves, Mistress Alice, Trixie, PetgirlKako, RubCop, Olicocks, Cretin23, and me. All of these people gathered at the SeriousBondage Institute a few days before the yearly Folsom Fair (2015) event in San Francisco. The idea was to show Steelwerks toys made for women. In addition, since our friend Felix was around, we invited him to show his Carrara and Latowski chastity belts as well.

Olicocks and her friend Cretin23 joined us and before we knew it Olicocks was held to the table, fitted with a Steelwerks toy, and forced to orgasm as the crowd of onlookers cheered her on. A similar treatment was performed on Elise Graves as her Ballet-booted ankles were hoisted overhead and a Steelwerks labia clamp and mouth spreader were affixed to her naked body. Poor Elise! Mistress Alice acted as our MC and gave us a running narration as screams of orgasms filled the room. Yeow! Needless to say, everyone had a good time.

This unusual update includes 70 still photos and 5 videos totaling 90 minutes. A special thanks to Chris from Steelwerks for demonstrating his toys for women, and everyone else involved in this unique gathering. I can't wait to see what happens next year. Don't forget to check out Elise's new website DigitalDark.org and Alice's website Alice In Bondage Land.


GALLERY: 1098 / DATE: Oct 20 2015 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

Every once in a while, we have visitors who want to be in a video and then they blow our minds with what they want to do. This is one such couple. They wanted to do a scene with a double-ended dildo gag. This gag is one of must kinky toys ever made. It is self-explanatory, and it's funny how fast your mind can conjure up images of how this gag would be used. As a matter of fact, they should make the dildo gag an icon for the world of kink and fetish.

In any case we were already prepared for their scene by having an all-steel bondage bed set up in the back bedroom. This ultra-heavy bondage bed was made by Martin of RigidCuff. It took four of us to get it into the house even with it being disassembled. Naturally, because we were running a bondage website, we had all the gear to make this a fantastic scene. All they needed to do was show up.

As is with most couples we film, one or both people don't want to show their face in the video. In this case it was the boyfriend who was shy and requested this, so we put him in a spandex hood with eyes and a mouth opening along with some red spandex leggings which contrasted nicely with the dark blue sheet on the bed. We then strapped him into a Maxcita Psycho straitjacket and used a handful of Humane Restraint leather straps and cuffs to restrain him to the bed. As you can see, he wasn't going anywhere! I think his partner liked the way he looked, so helplessly spread and bound. He was a nice-looking guy with muscular legs and a big bulge for a cock.

Without wasting any time, his girlfriend grabbed the dildo gag and climbed onto the bed. She straddled him and slipped the gag into his mouth. Clearly, they had either done this before, or had thought this all out and rehearsed it before they arrived. He was very willing to accept the gag into his mouth and made pleasurable humming noises as he lies on the bed with his eyes closed and the black dildo protruding from his mouth. This is a fantasy of many men, and we are able to see this scene played out between real people and not just professional porn actors. How hot is that?

Next, without skipping a beat, she took the end of his protruding black dildo into her mouth and sucked and licked it like it was the real thing. Then she sits upright and straddles his neck as the camera looks down over her shoulder. In this position we can see the same view that she sees, of his face and the head of the waiting black dildo. She leans back and massages the bulge of his cock, then grabs a small bottle of lube and applies the slippery liquid to the protruding dildo.

Without hesitation, she then squats over his face, mounts the dildo and the black shaft disappears into her body. Moans can be heard from both parties as they experience this ultimate kinky act. She asks him “you like it when I fuck your face, don't you?" Wow, what a mind-blowing sight this is. After shifting position a few times, she un-mounts the dildo, climbs off the bed and uses a vibrator on his bulging cock. More moans are heard as he enjoys the sensations. Then, without warning, she's done. "Alright dick-face, you can lie there for a while" she says, then announces "bye!" and leaves the room.

Holy moly! What just happened? As quickly as this scene started, it ended! I guess this is where the old saying "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" comes from. In any case, this was a HOT scene, and the real deal. A special thanks to this anonymous couple for fulfilling our kinky fantasies. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1215 / DATE: Oct 18 2015 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Eden says that her rubber gimp Tony Orlando has a sassy mouth. She buckles the poor lad to a reclining wheelchair where he is subjected to various pleasures and punishments. Watch this video and decide for yourself - if she’s dishing out strictly punishment, where do I sign up?

Mistress Eden is new to the SeriousBondage Institute, but as you will see, she fits right in with our crazy bondage antics. She loves rubber and bondage play, so I am sure we will see more of her. Check out her Clips-4-Sale store at: Clips4Sale.com/90031.


GALLERY: 1208 / DATE: Oct 12 2015 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of3 - OK everybody, listen up! This is a really cool video! A bunch of us got together after the Folsom Fair 2015 weekend and went to a friend's house who has a swimming pool in his backyard. We brought tons of rubber and some diving equipment and spend the afternoon wallowing around in rubber in the pool. We had a blast! Our group consisted of me (Mark), MummyEd, Elise Graves, PetgirlKako, RubCop (Felix) and our friend Ken. We brought a dive mask and air tank, three StudioGum heavy rubber suits, and inflatable StudioGum bag, two rubber straitjackets and a neoprene hood from Mr S Leather, some gas-mask hoods, a weird medical halo brace, one hand-held video camera and two GoPro underwater cameras. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. (Elise and I are in heavy rubber in the photos above) This update contains one video and a selection of still images. Check it out, and don't forget to visit Elise's new website DigitalDark.org!


GALLERY: 279 / DATE: Oct 9 2015 / IMAGES: 147

This is a vintage set of photos from 2008. A friend of Serious Bondage, the beautiful Mistress Liliane Hunt, works over Dalton on his new ‘Bishop Device' bondage rig. Dalton is an expert bondage gear builder and came up with this idea from seeing old drawings from the 'Bishop' who was a fantastic bondage artist from the 70's. This fiendish device holds Dalton in an uncomfortable, exposed and helpless position, and is the perfect height for the Mistress to apply her trade. Bring it on! This update contains 147 still images.


GALLERY: 1207 / DATE: Oct 6 2015 / IMAGES: 90 / VIDEOS: 3

It is our pleasure to present an interview and tour of the famous Fetters bondage store in the UK. The founder of Fetters Jim Stewart paved the way to many of the straitjacket, sleepsack and hood designs that are on the market today.

In this three-part video we interview the owner of Fetters who took over the store from Jim Stewart, and tour their large retail store and the manufacturing facilities which create all of their kinky products. The Fetters store and all of its designs were recently acquired by Regulation, a rubber manufacturer and retailer also located in the UK. In this video we talk to the previous owner and the new Regulation representative. For those who have been in the bondage scene long enough to recognize the founder's name Jim Stewart you will enjoy the history discussed in this video. Jim Stewart and Fetters have also been connected to the popular Mr S store in San Francisco, providing patterns and equipment designs for some of their most popular bondage products.

As the world-wide bondage scene moves forward, the torch is passed on to new generations of kinksters and business owners. Such is the case with Jim Stewart and the original Fetters line of products, passed on to John Banister with a side split to Richard Hunter of Mr S, and then on to Regulation.

Along with the Fetters history, one of the little-known but impressive parts of this video is the giant showroom of the current Fetters store. It is quite large and displays an impressive about of gear easily matching the breadth of the Mr S store in San Francisco. If you ever get a chance to visit the UK, the Fetters store should be on bucket list of places to see. Remember to bring your credit card because there is a lot of cool gear to touch and feel.

A special thanks to John Banister and Krishan from Regulation for inviting us to shoot this video and taking the time to sit with us to discuss the Fetters history. A salute to the Fetters mission statement which is posted on the wall of the store:  “Bespoke Bondage Equipment and Furniture for the Discerning Enthusiast”. Keep up the good work guys! This update contains 3 videos and 90 still images. Part-1 is the interview, Part-2 is the tour of the Fetters retail store, and Part-3 is the tour of the manufacturing area.


GALLERY: 1190 / DATE: Sep 29 2015 / IMAGES: 98 / VIDEOS: 3

Our friend Lady Annisa in Edinburgh invited us for a visit when we were traveling in Scotland earlier this year. Annisa has a wonderful dungeon which includes separate bondage and medical rooms, each equipped with loads of gear.

While we were there she restrained her submissive on a wonderful Fetters stretch rack, and ran our travel  partner Elise Graves through some medical tests with a rubber breather bag, StudioGum hood and a high-tech oxygen monitor. Also, during our visit Annisa checked on a guy who had been straitjacked and restrained in her jail cell, in the dark, for several hours. Under his rubber hood and blindfold he reported that he was fine. Clearly, this Mistress is the real deal. In addition, Annisa has the most wonderful Scottish accent. Who could resist being tormented by this lovely woman and her fiendish gear? She is a safe, clean and discrete player. Visit Lady Annisa's website at LadyAnnisa.co.uk. This update includes three videos and 98 still images.
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