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GALLERY: 1588 / DATE: Oct 20 2021 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 5

This video was shot years ago with Mistress Minax and JG-Leathers, during one of the many visits that JG made to the SeriousBondage Institute in San Francisco. Driving from Canada, JG would bring suitcases full of kinky gear with him each time he came, and on this occasion we fired up the video camera and asked Mistress Minax to review everything he brought.

JG's popularity spanned 1995 - 2015 and during that time he published many kinky fiction books and toured Europe meeting all kinds of Mistresses and gear manufactures. I met JG around 2006. Many of us considered JG to be 'larger than life', primarily because of his outgoing personality and the fact that he was a drill sergeant in the military. As of this writing JG is along in years and lives comfortably with his wife in the South Vancouver area. You can find his fiction publications by searching for his name JG-Leathers on Google as well as Amazon books.

Our friend Mistress Eve Minax is also a star in her own right, and also larger than life. Minax is a fan of rubber and we have shot many videos together. You can find videos on this website featuring Minax by searching for her name in the search box at the top-left of this page. I love Minax because nothing surprises or shocks her when it comes to kink. She has seen it all, and is open to new ideas and fantasies as they emerge from her friends and clients. She's mature, accepting, and a safe player. She can be contacted via her website at EveMinax.com.

In this 5-part video JG shows us a number of toys including stainless steel gear from Axsmar including a nose clamp and shackles. To complement the beautiful shackles JG purchased stainless steel boating hardware to cobble together connecting bars which allowed the shackles to be attached to his Latowski chastity belt.

The Latowski belt is a beautifully formed metal chastity device with an internal silicone pocket for holding and surrounding the penis so it can't receive any stimulation. This belt is a fantastic design and has great visual appeal. In addition, a dog shock collar receiver has been embedded into the silicone with the wires running to an electrified butt plug attached to the crotch of the chastity belt. How kinky is that? JG has always said that "horniness is the mother of invention".

Moving on, JG shows us his ultra-heavy RubbersFinest alien hood with top-side breathing ports. This eye-popping hood is made in Germany and is one of many unique hoods they manufacture. Since this video was shot RubbersFinest has changed hands and the new owner continues to create new products of the same quality.

Let me stop here and remind everyone that all of the fetish gear manufactures are small cottage industry businesses run by kinksters with a passion for what they do. As the years go by these small businesses come and go. Some change hands and some disappear, but none of them grow to more than having a handful of employees. This is because the world-wide fetish gear market to simply too small to support larger manufacturing operations and retailers. So, when you contact these businesses to make a purchase, sometimes the communication or delivery times can be frustrating. All of these businesses try their best to run smoothly, but especially in this covid pandemic time orders can go awry.

Lastly, JG shows us a pair of ultra-cool red and black leather arm corsets from Sinvention in Canada. These pieces are beautifully made and very effective at making the wearer helpless. I'm not sure if they are still available, but they sure look hot!

A special thanks to both JG-Leathers and Mistress Minax for a fun suitcase tour of JG's kink gear. Also, a special thanks to Dalton Ott for shooting this video. I wish all three of them well as the years pass by and we move into new frontiers of fetish and kink. This 5-part video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing these videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1690 / DATE: Oct 10 2021 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

OK everyone, this is an amazing video we shot back in 2010 with our friends John and Mistress Alice. John had been a big fan of this website and SeriousBondage.com. Over the relatively short life span of these two websites we have entertained many visitors and received numerous emails from people all over the world who pass along their comments and share their ideas and experiences with bondage. Our friend John is one such person, reaching out to connect with us as fellow kindred spirits.

John was getting along in years, so he decided to donate all of his gear to us for use in our videos. And, as a last fling, he volunteered to share some of his background and knowledge with us on video, and allow us to film him in one of his favorite bondage scenarios with the help of our friend Mistress Alice.

Like most of us, John spend his entire lifetime in the closet with his bondage interests. Although he had a professional and relatively high-profile career, he made time to create his own custom bondage gear in his garage with an industrial sewing machine. John was a Switch, and made gear for both himself and a few women he played with.

During this video John shares with us his early discovery of commercial bondage literature and imagery from the likes of Eric Stanton and Irving Klaw. This was his first discovery that there were other people in the world with his same interests and that his "prayers had been answered"! Similarly, Alice tells us of her introduction to serious fetish gear with a purchase of a box of gas-masks from a storage locker auction. You could say that our experiences spanned sixty years or so with John's discovery of Stanton and Klaw in the 50's, my discovery of Centurians and The Bishop in the 70's, and Alice's discovery of Betty Page, Centurian and Drummer magazines in the 90's.

After a short discussion of our backgrounds, John shows us some of the gear he made for himself including leather suspension shorts, a heavy leather helmet with an enormous gag, and a pair of unique "Grip Mitts". The only gear in this demonstration that John didn't make are a pair of 6-inch spiked heel women's leather boots.

We proceed to put John in his gear, and suspend him off the floor with an overhead hoist. John's ankles are pulled up behind him with a spreader bar, and his hands are secured around the bar with his special Grip Mitts. John is exactly where he wants to be, totally restrained and helpless helpless in his own devices! What a sight to see. It was an honor for us to hear his story and help facilitate one of his last flings in his own gear.

This year in 2021, we received word that John passed away. He was in his 80's. Our friend Dalton, who you also see in this video, kept in contact with John through his remaining days and said that John talked about kink until the very end. This video and story is a reminder that male testosterone continues to drive men even as they age, whereas the sexual drive in women tends to wane over time.

A special thanks to our friends John and Alice for participating in this special and highly unique video. Check out Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com for more of her videos. This video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1692 / DATE: Oct 1 2021 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, just a reminder to get your vaccine shots. I just got my Pfizer booster shot last night, and although my arm aches a little, I'm fine, no symptoms. I'm worried that if you don't get your vaccine shots and you wind up in the hospital, you'll miss the future updates on this website! Don't let that happen! Please get your shots!  :-)

Speaking of forced medical incarceration, this video features Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and her patient Hudson during a visit to Maxcita.com around 2009. For those who are unfamiliar with Amanda Wildefyre, she is one of the most awesome dominatrices on the planet. She and I really connected because she's a self-proclaimed 'gear head'. Amanda owns every kind of bondage, medical and fetish gear ever invented, and is well-versed in using the gear on her clients. She has an eye-popping studio and delivers top notch experiences to her world-wide list of clients. Amanda and I have shot many videos together which you can find by searching for the keyword 'Amanda' in the top-left search window on this page, and check out her website for galleries of her still images.

The video in this update captures the real Amanda. As you will see, she's a down-to-earth person, mature, caring and responsible. She's providing her client Hudson with an overnight bondage experience in Max's playroom. Hudson is restrained in a Maxcita canvas sleepsack, blindfolded, catheterized and plugged with an e-stim butt plug. For many of us, this is a fantasy come true. It's often difficult to create these experiences with the help of a friend or partner, so this is where a seasoned Mistress like Amanda comes in. Lucky for everyone, the Internet and social media are providing us with stories, descriptions, imagery and services to fulfill our secret fetish desires, and our 'secret' desires are becoming more accepted and easier to express.

I hope you enjoy this video and appreciate the glimpse into one of Amanda's extended scenes. Check out her website at AmandaWildefyre.com and book a session. As Amanda always says 'more bondage please'! This video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have a problem playing this video try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1676 / DATE: Sep 21 2021 / IMAGES: 124 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a really old video we shot at the SeriousBondage Institute with Claire Adams and Charlotte Fetish way back around 2007. Both Claire and her partner Damon Pierce were here in San Francisco, along with Charlotte and her partner Michael. We had acquired this latex rubber coffin from a friend who had originally purchased it from BlackStyle in Germany and had it shipped all the way to San Francisco. After a while he sold it to us, probably because it was too much trouble to find someone to put him in the coffin and mind him once the cover was closed.

I think the coffin was a stage prop for a BlackStyle show. Our friend saw it in their retail store and had to have it. We call this an 'impulse buy'. This is when your small head (your cock) is doing the thinking, not your big head. I probably would have done the same thing. Nowadays there are more options for buying an isolation box, however back then isolation boxes were pretty much unheard of.

This box is shaped like a coffin, and it's inside is lined with latex-covered foam padding. The point that makes this box more unusual is the inflatable bag and gas-mask inside. The bag is inflated with a portable air compressor.  It's a simple bag without arm sleeves. Once the bag is inflated, a hose is attached from the gas-mask to a breathing port on the top inside wall of the coffin. This allows the person in the coffin to inhale fresh air from the room, and exhale air is expelled through a different port of the gas-mask into the coffin. This system allows the person to always breathe fresh air.

Claire Adams zips Charlotte into the inflatable bag, making sure the gas-mask hood is properly seated on her face. This sack is not like a vac-sack. This sack has two layers of rubber that confines the compressed air and squeezes you from all sides. This is not a severe experience because the rubber is fairly thin and the pressure isn't very high. However, as I have said many times before, being surrounded by rubber an breathing through a gas-mask is exciting and fun. In addition, being surrounded in rubber provides some kind of emotional calming effect that I can't really explain. It's very soothing, and so long as you're not claustrophobic it's a fantastic experience. This is not a super hot video by today's standards. Today, everyone is naked and pushing everything to the max. However, this rubber coffin was fun to play with regardless of who was involved and whether they were dressed or not. Currently, this coffin is in a friend's storage locker, and we're trying to get our hands on it again. Hopefully the latex hasn't deteriorated.

In addition to the gas-mask and breathing hose, the inhale port of the coffin is hooked by another hose to a single-column bubbler bottle. This crazy setup is just for fun, and doesn't provide anything useful other than to remind us that Charlotte is breathing. I don't know who came up with the bubbler bottle. It might have been StudioGum. In any case, the rubber, gas-mask, breathing hose and bubbler bottle just seem to go together.

I love this rubber coffin. It looks exciting when someone's fully inflated and the top of the coffin is about to be closed. Personally, I could stay in this setup for hours, maybe overnight, especially if these two women were in charge! The only thing I would add would be a set of ear plugs. Currently, I don't think either of these two women are shooting videos any more, but you can review all of Charlotte's mind-blowing work on her website CharlotteFetich.com and read about her in this article on SeriousBondage.com titled Charlotte Fetish. You can also find more videos on this webiste by using the search window at the top-left of this page. Try searching for the word 'Charlotte' or 'Claire'. Lastly, the video in this update is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1699 / DATE: Sep 10 2021 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Hi everyone. Sorry for this late website update. Things are a little crazy here. In general, San Francisco feels a little sluggish and I think it's partly due to the uptick in the Delta virus. Everyone is still hunkered down and wearing their masks. So, if you haven't already, get your shots so you don't end up in the hospital on a ventilator!

This is a fun little video I shot recently with Elise Graves. This is the first video we have shot together in quite a while. We used to see each other all the time, but because of the pandemic we haven't connected much. Same for our kinky friend KinoPayne who shot this video.

I any case, this video features an amber rubber suit that Elise got from StudioGum. It's a somewhat large suit which will fit most of the clients that book sessions with Elise. I'm honored that she wanted to try it on my first, I guess to gauge it's size, before she make it available to her clients.

I love this video because it shows the ease and trust we have around each other, and the fun we can have with kink gear. I wish we all had this kind of play relationship with each other. Along with the amber suit, Elise had a thin rubber hood which she pulled over my head which has microscopic pin-holes around the eyes, nose and mouth which allow for easy sight and breathing. From the outside, unless you look really closely, you can't even see the pin-holes. From the inside, I could breathe easily, and because the pin-holes are so close to my eyes they pretty much disappear and allow me full vision. Cool, eh? In addition, the face of the hood gave me a sense of rubber pressed tightly against my entire face which is very satisfying. So, once I was in this hood and then covered by the faceless amber hood, the combination was quite nice and I could stay in it for quite a while without fatigue. I don't know where the pin-hole hood was from, but if your do a search for 'pin hole latex hood' you'll probably find some for sale.

The bondage chair that Elise strapped me into was one that I had made years ago for my own personal play. I gave it to Elise after I had shot videos of it so many times. You can find many of the videos by doing a search for the words 'bondage chair' in the search window at the upper-left of this page.

Amber rubber is gaining a bit of popularity because of the strange look it creates when you wear it over black rubber, especially if the amber suit is a little bigger that the black suit. The amber suit makes a strange look as the rubber from the two suits joins and separates as the person inside moves around. But in any case, the amber color is not for everyone. It has a medical look, so if you're into extreme rubber fetish like Elise is, you will probably find amber quite attractive.

In addition to the amber suit, Elise tried a new inflatable amber hood on me, with matching hose and re-breather bag. As you will see, this combination is the ultimate in bizarre rubber play which is exactly what Elise wants for her clients. In addition to the inflatable hood, Elise also acquired an amber gas-mask. I don't know where she got this, maybe it was from StudioGum where the rest of the gear came from. In any case, the amber gas-mask combined with the amber suit and the black pin-hole hood, all secured in the black bondage chair was quite a sight. For me, part of my attraction to bondage and fetish is how it looks. As an example, I suggested to Elise that she should have a full-length roll around mirror so I could see myself. I have suggested this same thing to some of my other playroom owner friend but nobody has acquired one. Maybe I'll buy one for Elise to have in her studio.

By the way, this video was shot in Elise's new studio which she has had for less than a year. She has an awesome setup and has definitely moved into the fast lane. If you're interested in a real rubber and bondage experience I highly recommend her. But you gotta be clean, polite, and have proof of vaccination. If you contact Elise, tell her Mark from SeriousImages.com sent you. Check her out on Twitter and her website BondageLiberation. She's the real deal.


GALLERY: 1629 / DATE: Aug 31 2021 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone. Remember to get your vaccine shots and wear your mask. This Delta virus is spreading quickly and you don't want to end up in the hospital on a ventilator. If you're unvaccinated you are rolling the dice on your life and the lives around you. Every unvaccinated person in the hospital says they wish they had got their shots and wore their mask. Hospital workers are burning out, and if too many of them quit their jobs you will not have any chance of recovery if you get infected. Just sayin.

This video is a fun collection of clips from the 'cutting room floor'. As you may know I shoot lots of bondage and kink scenes, but sometimes the videos are too short to stand on their own. So, I edit them together and make one long video. Odds-and-ends videos are kinda like going to a pot-luck dinner.

The first clip in this update features Elise Graves and KinoPayne at the Boundcon 2019 event in Munich. We have been to the Boundcon bondage convention a few times, but this is the last video we shot before the event went dark because of the virus pandemic. During their downtime the event ownership changed hands, and hopefully we will all be able to attend the event in 2022. Check out their website at Boundcon.com. In any case, Elise secured KinoPayne to a 'Fuck Cart' which was made by our kinky German friend ModeNarr. After he was fully secured, Elise rolled him around the event for everyone to see. Remember, this is a bondage convention, so anything's fair! How I wish there were bondage conventions when I was younger. I was in the closet for most of my life about my interest in bondage, and only now - partly because of the Internet and social media - bondage and kink are becoming more socially acceptable. Yay! A special thanks to Mistress Alice for shooting this segment.

The next clip is of the popular bondage model Anna Rose in our 'Vertical Stocks'. I built these stocks years ago for my own enjoyment, long before my first website SeriousBondage.com. The stocks were originally designed to be used horizontally on a flat bondage table, but somewhere along the way we decided to tilt up the outside frame of the bondage table to be vertical. This was a cool idea and increases the bondage possibilities. At the time Anna and her partner lived in Germany, and they had come to the US to visit Gord, JG-Leathers and us at the SeriousBondage Institute. As I recall, at the time Anna only had one website called Alterpic. We were honored to have them visit us and took the opportunity to play with Anna. I'm the guy in the video wearing the black jacket. Poor Anna! Visit her websites Alterpic and KinkyPonyGirl. Hopefully we will all meet up at Boundcon in 2022. FYI - I gave the bondage table and stocks to Elise Graves.

Following Anna is a clip of DartTech and StrapWizard putting a gag harness on Rachael Greyhound at the EdgeDungeon. I love the visual of this. It's shot with an overhead softbox light fitted with an egg crate grid. It's too bad we don't see much of Dart and Greyhound. The went their own way, as we all do, and I hope they're OK with this corona virus situation. The virus has messed up everything for us kinksters. Greyhound is in a fantastic bondage chair made by a guy in Germany. His name on Fetlife is SelfBondageChair. The rubber ball mitts on her hands are from BlackStyle.

Back to Boundcon 2019, we see a German guy who goes by the name SteelCollar. He's showing off his super-fantastic heavy rubber hood. His heavy rubber straitjacket is from BlackStore and his heavy ankle shackles are from Parus-Leder. SteelCollar has all the cool toys! There are some of us who are attracted to the more bizarre and unique bondage gear. Gear that's hard to find and acquire. As I have said before, the bondage and fetish market isn't big enough to interest big manufacturers, so unique gear like this is usually made by one-person operations in their garage. In any case, SteelCollar's heavy rubber hood and straitjacket are a real turn-on for me - and him to! Thanks again to Mistress Alice and Elise Graves for shooting this clip.

The last clip features our friends 'J' and EliseGraves. This clip fell onto the cutting room floor because the scene was stopped short when Elise got maxed out in this inflatable hood. No big deal, sometimes we call the safeword when a scene becomes too much for us to handle. In any case, it's fun to watch, especially when 'J' refers to Elise as being "suitably plugged". Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1601 / DATE: Aug 21 2021 / IMAGES: 181 / VIDEOS: 3

This is an unusual, unique and classic video from the archives, shot in Los Angeles and featuring JG-Leathers and his crazy invention called the 'Creature'. His female subject is the bondage and kink model Kilo, also located in Los Angeles. JG-Leathers has been a practitioner of bondage most of his life and has also written many kinky fiction books which can be purchased on Amazon and other retail book websites. Much like Gord, JG grew up in the age of secret underground kinky books and sneaking into sleazy adult book stores to buy underground magazines full of bondage photos. At that time it was illegal in many countries to mail x-rated adult books and magazines through the government postal service. So, most of JG-Leathers' work is in printed form and not readily available online.

There are a few other videos on this website featuring JG's infamous Creature, and overall there are precious few videos of JG and his Creature ever shot. The video in this update is in three parts totaling about 45 minutes. The Creature is an invention of JG that is meant to stimulate and insult your senses and over the years JG has added and improved on it's ability to give the subject an exciting ride while amplifying their feeling of helplessness. The Creature has two transparent breast cups with nipple e-stim electrodes, along with suction vacuum hoses which suck the breasts into the cups.

The leather body harness includes an electrified butt plug and a pussy dildo which is connected to what JG calls an 'Inhibitor Bar'. This fiendish device transmits movement at the far end of the bar directly into the pussy. So, as Kilo struggles and flails about, her movement is transferred to the dildo so she feels related movements and vibrations in the depths her vagina.

Kilo's hands are buried inside of padded latex helpless mitts, then cuffed with heavy stainless steel shackles. The shackles are attached to side and overhead chains which pull her hands and arms away from her body. This prevents her from touching or messing with any of the gear hooked to her body.

Lastly, a gas mask is fitted to her face, and the breathing hoses are connected to a set of bubbler bottles which display her breathing and make it work harder to inhale. Her body is suspended in mid-air with springs that allow her to flail and thrash about to no avail.

The final assault is when JG uses a vibrator on the Inhibitor Bar and her clit. She's truly helpless and under control of The Creature! A special thanks to both JG-Leathers and Kilo for allowing us to film this unusual scene. You can find more info about The Creature on JG's website JG-Leathers.com. The heavy stainless steel shackles are from Axsmar. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1669 / DATE: Aug 12 2021 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, the new Delta virus seems to be spreading quickly. Please curtail any unnecessary travel, get your vaccine shot, continue to wear your mask, and avoid crowds. We have a long way to go with this pandemic. Be safe my friends!

This is a hot video from the archives featuring our friends Mistress Alice and Trapper Smith or Agent Smith. Trapper is just a guy who loves bondage. He had a website TrapperSmith.com, but I don't think it's online anymore. I'm not sure how he came up with the name Trapper Smith, but after knowing him for a while he started referring to himself as Agent Smith. He would visit us on occasion, and we would call Mistress Alice to come give him a bondage workout.

In this video we laced and strapped Trapper into a Maxcita canvas sleepsack with matching hood. Then we suspended him from overhead with a manual winch and super-smooth ball-bearing swivel. The highlight of this strict treatment is when Alice opens the sleepsack and displays the cock of her well endowed subject.

If you are new to bondage play, let me tell you that being strictly bound and then played with sexually is a fantastic experience. Trapper knows that he's fully cocooned from head to toe, so when Alice pulls out his cock and plays with it the experience for Trapper is amplified. The only part of his body outside of this heavy canvas sack is his cock, so the feeling of Alice's hands on his erect penis plus some lube and a vibrator is more exciting and stimulating than usual. In addition Trapper can't see, and Alice's soothing words and actions take him over the top. What an experience!

Trapper can't hold back any longer so he cums uncontrollably. As we see, Alice knows exactly what it takes to make a bondage man cum. I must admit, this video turns me on so it's a pleasure to write this description. It's no wonder men pay bondage Mistresses for sessions with happy endings. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1670 / DATE: Aug 2 2021 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

I am continuing to wear my mask in public even though I have been vaccinated. The new Delta virus is gaining ground, and breakthrough cases are starting to rise. We might be heading for a second lockdown. I just canceled a video shooting trip to Europe, and I'll try again early in 2022. Please get vaccinated and continue to wear your mask!

The video in this update is from the archives and features Tony Orlando from Kink.com and his girlfriend. Tony is a very kinky guy, and he likes to date women who are open to kink. Over the time we have known him he has managed to bring along some very kinky women when he visits us. Lucky guy, and lucky us!

During this video Tony's girlfriend uses a pair of unique suction cups on each of his balls, sucking each ball into the transparent cups. We got these cups years ago from MedicalToys.com, but after a few years these particular suction cups were no longer available. She goes on to use a dual-channel Erostek 312 e-stim box hooked to a pair of pads attached to each of Tony's feet and thighs. Each channel passes electrical stimulation between the foot and thigh of each leg. Notice that she giggles and smiles each time Tony yelps, moans and struggles against his restraints. Tony is strapped to the padded table with a selection of used Humane Restraint belts and cuffs which we purchased on Ebay. Hospitals are slowly replacing their leather restraints with newer plastic/polypropylene restraints which are easier to clean and sterilize so there are a lot of the traditional leather restraints on Ebay.

Finally she uses a Hitachi vibrator and some good old fashioned tickling to take Tony's mind off of the e-stim. Poor Tony. I don't know why he puts up with so much torment from his girlfriends. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 906 / DATE: Jul 23 2021 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey everyone, please get your vaccine shot if you haven't already. This Delta variant of the virus is spreading like wildfire and the only way to get it under control is to have everyone vaccinated. On another subject, I just finished six weeks of jury duty service. It's quite a chore to do jury duty full time and try to shoot videos and keep this website updated. In any case, I'm over the hump with the jury duty.

The video in this update is from the archives and features our friends Mistress Susan and Mumman. As you will see in this hilarious video, Susan has a very sadistic smile and her smile gets even bigger when she gets reactions from her submissives. This is a common for sadistic dommes. Her victim is the popular mummification practitioner Mumman (on FetLife). Mumman has been experiencing over-the-top mummifications for years and has a very high tolerance for being in long-term duct-tape wraps. Check out a few of his articles on SeriousBondage.com titled Weekly Mummification, Mumman's Bondage Adventures and Mumman's further SBI Adventures.

In this video Mumman is in a rubber suit and hood, and strapped into the famous Serious Bondage Chair. This chair is an icon of our websites which has been used in numerous video and still images. I built this chair around 1998 for my own play, but little did I know it would be used in so many images and hold so many people. This chair has restrained Peter Acworth the owner of Kink.com, Richard Hunter the owner of Mr S, Elise Graves, Fetish Model Pupett, Anna Rose, JG-Leathers and more I can't remember. In this video we watch as Mistress Susan torments Mumman while he's tightly strapped in the chair. Mistress Susan uses a small riding crop to hit Mumman's cock through the rubber suit, which makes Mumman jump and speak in French. Yep! Mistress Susan is turned on by men speaking French, so she torments Mumman more and more to get him to speak in his sexy and romantic voice. Little did we know that Mumman was so talented. This is a wacky video which I hope you enjoy. A special thanks to both Mistress Susan and Mumman. These videos are in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1668 / DATE: Jul 13 2021 / IMAGES: 106 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hot video we shot a long time ago in Los Angeles at the garage studio of RubberAndBondage.com. The website was the work of Mistress Gwen Chemindefer and her partner. They have both moved on and no longer run their website, however we shot some great videos while they were actively involved in rubber and bondage scene in Southern California.

This 2-Part video features their friend Rubber Elle along with Dalton Ott who was the rigger. Rubber Elle was a local friend of Mistress Gwen and appeared in many of their videos. Elle was really into rubber and it was a delight to work with her. He looked so hot in her rubber catsuits, hoods and oversize ball gags!

In the first video Dalton puts Elle in a suspended leather corset sleepsack. However, this not just any sleepsack. The was made by a fan of this website SeriousImages. The man who made the leather sack was getting along in years and decided to gift us all of the gear he had made in his younger days for his wife. As time went by he and his wife got older and eventually his wife passed away. At some point he decided to reach out to Dalton and I and strike up a friendship. After we became friends he decided to give us all of the gear he had made over the years, including his leather tools and industrial sewing machine. He lived fairly close to us, so we saw him many times for short visits. We were the only people he could talk to about his interest in kink. Although he didn't want to show his face or share his name, we used a few of his own hoods on him and shot some videos with Elise Graves which he loved. Currently he's in his 80's and I haven't seen him for a while, partly because of the covid pandemic. In any case, he made the suspended leather sack that Elle is in.

As you will see, Elle looks great in the sack. Her hands were put into leather helpless mitts before she went in, and once inside Dalton laced up the sack skin-tight around her. Once she was fully suspended in the air, a chain was attached from a ring at the foot of the sack to the floor. Then, a leather hood was pulled over her head and she was left to swing and struggle to no avail. She looks so hot when the camera pulls back and we can see her entire body struggling against her bondage. She loved the experience, and so did we. This is pure fetish bondage at it's best!

The second part of this video shows Elle in a small Madame S leather straitjacket. For those who may remember, Madame S was the sister store to Mr. S in San Francisco, located across the street. The Madame S store only lasted for a few years. It was run by the son of Richard Hunter who owned Mr. S. Madame S catered to women and the heterosexual crowd, where Mr. S was primarily for gay men. The Madame S store was a great idea, but do to internal business struggles the store eventually closed. In any case, I purchased the small leather straitjacket in this video from the store during their closing sale.

As you will see, Elle looks very sexy in her black latex catsuit and the straitjacket. Dalton puts a big red ball-gag in her mouth and uses chains to support Elle from overhead, then chains her ankles to the bolt in the floor. She looks so HOT as she struggles against her bonds! Wow! What a sight for all of us to enjoy. This is classic rubber and bondage at it finest. Elle enjoyed it too. A special thank you to everyone involved including Rubber Elle, Dalton, Mistress Gwen Chemindefer and her partner, and our friend who made the suspended leather sack. This 2-Part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1689 / DATE: Jul 3 2021 / IMAGES: 89 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video we shot years ago in a local studio in San Francisco, which is no longer around. My friend Mistress Gwen Chemindefer from RubberAndBondage.com and her partner drove from their home in Los Angeles to San Francisco, bringing their model Utwana with them. At the time Mistress Gwen was launching her website so we were shooting videos together right and left. In this video we use Gwen's fucking machine and the all-white background at the studio. The wooden frame Utwana was attached to was made by a local BDSM carpenter who loaned us the piece in exchange for some promotional photos.

This scene is the quintessential example of what many heterosexual men fantasize about. The sexy young woman with no body hair, a clean pussy that's open and available for penetrating. Naturally she's restrained and unable to escape. She's forced to have orgasm after orgasm with no control over her own body and the fiendish devices she's subjected to. She's simply a play toy, used for our own entertainment. Adding to her torment is a gas mask which is strapped tightly to her face, and a hose which runs from the inhale port of the mask to a single column bubbler bottle so we can monitor her breathing. She is allowed access to the speed control knob of the fucking machine, so she is able to control her own pleasure. The fucking machine is set at the perfect angle to penetrate her pussy regardless of it's speed.

The leather cuffs and chains which restrain her make a wonderful noise as she struggles with her limited range of movement. As time goes by and she becomes accustomed to the penetrating depth and girth of the dildo, she increases the speed of the machine. Her pristine body accepts the full stroke of the dildo and its simulated ball sack, which she can back into for a full banging experience. Eventually she increases the speed of the machine to maximum and we can tell my her moans and sighs that she's in the groove, allowing the machine to do all the work while she controls her own pleasure by adjusting the position of her body. The machine is now running full tilt as she receives the stimulation of its thrusts. The nerve endings of her pussy are full activated now, sending impulses of pleasure to her orgasm center. Eventually her cup runneth over and she rides multiple waves of machine-induced orgasms. She ends her roller-coaster ride by slowing the machine down and collapsing on her elbows as she regains her breath.

This kinky spectacle appears to be a success for both Utwana and ourselves. Utwana's exhibitionism has been satisfied, as well as our own search for unusual kinky entertainment. A special thanks to Mistress Gwen Chemindefer, her partner, and especially Utwana for a fantastic demonstration of machine sex. In the future, it's quite possible that fucking machines and artificial insemination will replace men entirely! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video. try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1698 / DATE: Jun 24 2021 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Here are three preview videos from our friend Jay at Fancy Steel in Australia. Fancy Steel manufactures a range of popular chastity devices for both men and women. In addition, for the last six years Jay has been producing feature movies which highlight his chastity gear. Every year or so Jay will sent me a batch of his preview trailers, and in this update there are three trailers promoting his films being released July 1, 2021.

Jay tells me that his business started making movies back in 2014. The first videos were considered to be promotional videos which highlighted his chastity products. The idea was to sell the movies for $1 dollar each, like an iTunes download. The videos became quite popular and Jay started receiving emails wanting more. Around that time 'Orange Is the New Black' came out. The idea of girls in prison was gaining popularity online, so Jay decided to shoot movies featuring girls in chastity belts, in prison. This turned out to be a big hit.

Now, years later, Jay considers the movie production side of his business his creative outlet. In addition, it's a way to promote his Fancy Steel products, giving the viewer a way to see chastity belts used in unique and exciting ways. Also, Jay says that his productions raise the quality bar of fetish movies worldwide, and include a touch of Hollywood.

Jay directs all of his productions and edits his movies with Apple's Final Cut Pro software. He has two friends who work in the film industry, and they help him with his shooting and lighting. Jay’s also been talking with adult producers about creating a new style and look for traditional kink videos. As a side note, Jay pays his talent well and wants them to feel safe and have fun on his shoots. Jay's chastity belt customers sent him stories which he says he uses for inspiration.

Jay quit his day job last year which allows him to focus on his chastity business full time. He said it took six years of work for his company to finally support him financially. In Jay’s early years he attended film school directly from high school, but dropped out to work in the wine industry instead. Now, years later, he's fulfilling his original interest in making movies. Check out all his chastity and fetish products at FancySteel.com. A special thanks to Jay for sharing his preview videos with us. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1685 / DATE: Jun 22 2021 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 1

We are getting close to shooting new content as the virus subsides and our society opens up. I'm starting to think that traveling to Europe to shoot videos might be possible this year. If you haven't got your vaccine shots yet, now is the time. I got my shots, it's not a big deal.

This is a great video we shot years ago with Mistress Alice and Agent Smith. Many of you have seen or heard of Mistress Alice, but Agent Smith is not well known. He had a personal website TrapperSmith.com which is no longer online. Trapper went by the name Agent Smith, but I don't know the story behind that name or the Trapper Smith name. Trapper was a fan of most kinds of bondage and visited us a few times during the early days of this website.

The bondage frame in this video is made of Unistrut steel, which is used for building industrial framing. It's like the old Erector Set toy for children, but Unistrut is for adults. I have built a lot of bondage gear with Unistrut, and once we bolted Trapper in the frame we all agreed that he looked really hot! Trapper was into working out, so naturally he looked great in his black PVC suit. He didn't show his face in any of our videos. In this video his mouth was filled with a big penis gag, and a black spandex hood was pulled over his head, and then we used a leather blindfold to block any way for him to see through the spandex fabric. I must admit, this scene really turned me on because I love this kind of stark and inescapable bondage.

Mistress Alice is game for tormenting any man in bondage, and Trapper was no different. As I said, Trapper also goes by the name Agent Smith which was how Alice addressed him. She likes that name better. In any case, she pulls out a Hitachi vibrator and plays with Trapper's super hard cock. It's plain to see that he's enjoying his harsh and vulnerable bondage captivity. I would be pretty turned on to, if I were in his position. I'm sure the taught chain between his legs was helping to stimulate him as well.

Alas, Trapper didn't cum before the end of the video. As I think about it, I'm not sure he ever came in any of our videos, but he always had a good time. Alice always has a good time as well. As you will see, Alice always has something amusing and entertaining to say in our videos. We haven't see Alice since the virus pandemic, but I hope we reconnect this year. Check out her website at AliceInBondageLand.com. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this video!


GALLERY: 1645 / DATE: Jun 12 2021 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

Corona Virus Update:  Elise Graves and I have set a date for shooting some videos in her new studio, and I'm starting to contact other kinksters about shoots. Yay!  Things are opening up. If you haven't got your shots, please do so. Lets try to achieve immunity and get over the hump. I got my shots and it's no big deal, so go for it!

Back in the early days of this website we spent time with January Saraph and her boyfriend Smutty, and Mistress Gwen Chemindefer from RubberAndBondage.com. This video was shot by Smutty and was one of the early videos we posted on this website. As you can see, the two girls are caged and shackled. This is a classic fetish image for men's entertainment. In the busy world of today we see people in the grocery store, driving their car, at the movies, etc. But it isn't very often that we see people naked people, and it isn't very often that we see people engaging in intimate sexual relations. For some reason that's taboo. So, when we see two naked woman in a cage, we are naturally attracted to the image. I suppose if intimate sexual relations were displayed on billboards, TV, and in the newspaper we would get used to it and not give it a second look. But that's not the case, so we we crave our porn, kink and fetish websites to feed our inner desires.

Mistress Gwen is quite an entertaining domme and always keeps up the dialog with her slaves. I don't think her website is around anymore. You can still find videos and still images of her work, but as far as I know she's moved on in life. That's really the way with so many people I've met in the kink industry. Years pass by and people change, and find new interests to entertain themselves. As the French would say, C'est la vie.

As an introvert during my school years, photos of women in bondage always attracted me. The images were very exciting, and sometimes I couldn't decide if i wanted the fantasy women to be in bondage, or for me to be in bondage and under their control. Either seemed attractive to me as I struggled with my young sex drive and dating challenges. So, here I am at 65, still struggling with these issues, and running bondage and fetish websites for a living. I love running my websites and I hope my work keeps all of you entertained. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1614 / DATE: Jun 1 2021 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 2

This 2-part video from the archives is an excellent example of married men who visit us at the SeriousBondage Institute. These men have an agreement with their wives that they can visit a Mistresses or play with others, so long as they don't orgasm. This type of agreement usually includes no intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids.

In my view, this is quite a workable solution for married couples. Men seem to be wired to continually seek sexual experiences, which creates problems in a marriage. Most women become disinterested in kinky play after bearing children. I'm no expert on this subject, but I've seen plenty of men who have some form of this agreement with their wives or partners. This includes both gay and straight people. Additionally, I've met plenty of men who have partners or spouses who are not kinky, so an agreement like this allows the partner to get their kinky needs met while preserving the relationship.

The 2-part video in this update features our friend Gumbi (Phil) and his mistress Rebecca. Gumbi has such an agreement with his wife, so you'll see how he and his mistress dance around the 'no sexual gratification' rule. Mistress Rebecca and Gumbi developed a workable style of play so that Gumbi receives his rubber, bondage and CBT play while Rebecca receives the pleasure of tormenting him, appearing in videos, and a monitory payoff. Mistress Rebecca and Gumbi have been playing for years so their interaction flows smoothly while orgasm denial is achieved.

For many who play with kinky gear, orgasm is not the main objective anyway. Kinky people simply want to pair up with someone to share their fetish with. Explicit sexual intercourse and orgasm are not on their list. Hopefully my comments will give you something to think about as you watch this 2-part video. A special thanks to Gumbi and Mistress Rebecca, who seem to have a lot of fun playing the game of tease and denial. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1687 / DATE: May 21 2021 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Corona Virus Update - I got my shots, I feel fine as well as relieved. If you haven't got your shots yet, please do it. Don't wait. The shots are quick and easy. I'm excited that things are opening up and I am already planning video shoots with Elise Graves and friend in Europe. Yay!

The video in this update is from the archives and features our kinky friend from a small town North of San Francisco. She's the real deal, and as you will see, she enjoys pain play as well as bondage. The day we shot this video the planets seemed to be in alignment.  We had an unusual cast that included our Northern friend as well as MymmyEd and Mistress Troy Orleans. As you may know, Mistress Troy doesn't show her face, so in this video you will only hear her voice. However, don't let that disappoint you, she's driving this scene with her whip and crop talents as well as her surgical stapler. Yep! If you are unfamiliar with surgical staples you need to watch this video!

In addition to a great cast of characters, we had acquired a motorized gynecology table. This table, when combined with a sexy young woman, Humane Restraints and straps, sexy lingerie and a pair of red ballet shoes, created a visual scene that really spoke to Mistress Troy. Troy is as kinky as it gets, and I think that with our helpless young patient strapped down, legs spread, pussy exposed, Troy was really turned on. Come to think of it, I guess we were all turned on.

Troy had an excellent aim, and as she started in with her floggers and whips, we could see some white creamy lubrication forming around our patient's pussy. Clearly, our patient was enjoying the pain and pleasure of Troy's strokes. This went on for quite some time as Troy slowly raised the intensity of her strokes. It's important to start slowly with a lite stroke and build up the intensity. This approach allows the submissive to take more and for a longer time. Our patient received the strokes in a whirlwind of moans, yells and screams, and enjoyed every minute of the attention.

After a short cool-down, Troy brought out her surgical stapler. She prepped our patient's labia with alcohol, then, holding the outer labia lips together, injected the first staple which bridged both lips and held them together. Unbelievable! Troy was actually closing up our patient's pussy by stapling her labia lips together! 

As Troy worked her way down the labia, it became clear that our patient was experiencing intense pain and pleasure at the same time. Our patient was a real trooper, able to endure Troy's intense kind of play. As you may know, Mistress Troy is from New York City, and it caught us all by surprise when she first arrived that she would be traveling with a surgical stapler! Our patient was excited to be playing with Troy, so everyone seemed to be on a natural high.

A short time passed with jokes and conversation, and then it was time to remove the staples. Troy used a special tool to remove the stainless-steel staples, one at a time, eleven in all. Luckily our video camera could get in close so we could see the intimate details of applying and removing the staples.

This is a really hot and unusual video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did while shooting it. A special thanks to our patient and Troy for creating a unique scene. Visit Troy's website TroyOrleans.com to book a session. Her studio-dungeon is located on 5th avenue in the heart of NYC! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1612 / DATE: May 11 2021 / IMAGES: 232 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a fun 5-Part video from the archives featuring our friend Mistress Minax and her bondage gimp. These videos were shot at a local San Francisco studio which isn't in business anymore. The main reason for using this studio was that our friend Martin had built a free-standing jail cell that we had no room for, so we set it up in the studio so we could film it.

Mistress Minax loves rubber, bondage, and unusual gear, so she did not hesitate when we invited her to join us for an afternoon of filming. As you will see in these videos, Mistress Minax is quite comfortable around fetish gear. If you are looking to see a Mistress, I suggest you pick one that has a lot of experience like Minax.

The five videos in this update were posted on the site at different times which is why they have different titles. There's lots of gear shown in these videos including an orange heavy rubber 'System' hood from StudioGum, black leather thigh-high boots and steel shackles from Mr S, a stainless steel chastity belt from Carrara Designs, leather arm corsets and leather muzzle from Sinvention, canvas straitjacket from Maxcita, straps and hospital restraints from Humane Restraints. I'm not sure where the rubber straitjacket came from.

I only wish we had more time to play with this jail cell. It was super heavy and we had a hard time finding a home for it. I wish I could have kept it at my house, where I would have spent every night it. A special thanks to Mistress Minax and her bondage gimp for participating in this unusual video. Additionally, here's a fun article about Martin, the guy who built the jail cell. The article is titled 'The Master Of Metal.' Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1620 / DATE: Apr 28 2021 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun 2-part video from the archives that should appeal to everyone. There's nothing better than to have a helpless woman dressed in a spandex body suit. I guess I'm a sucker for women's intimate clothing, especially tight-fitting leotards and tights. Some guys don't get the point, but to me, making out with a woman who's wearing a leotard is very hot.

In this video our friend MummyEd puts his play partner in a Rigid Fiddle which is suspended from overhead by a chain. In addition, he adds a lockable ankle spreader bar between her ankles, and a pair of goggles with the eyes blacked out. This makes for a very effective blindfold. As a result, this his nymph becomes completely helpless and is exactly where she wants to be.

Ed sets up a Hitachi vibrator that has been mounted on a movable stand and pushes it up against her pussy. Then comes the best part of this video. Ed uses scissors to slowly and carefully cut holes in her leotard. He starts with her breasts, cutting the fabric away to expose her supple breasts and lovely nipples. Once fully exposed and available, Ed puts wooden clothespins on each nipple. She's helpless and moans with pleasure as the vibrator does its magic. Ed adds more clothespins to her nipples. Her delicate hands, covered by black knitted arm warmers, look so sexy as they're trapped inside the metal Fiddle device.

Little by little, the fabric is cut away exposing her naked body. Parts of the fabric is replaced by more clothespins. You can tell by her moans and the look on her face that she's turned on and enjoying herself. Ed is able to fondle her half naked body while she's forced to stay in her limited, exposed and helpless position. It's fun to watch her animated fingers and hands as she responds to Ed's touch and the vibration of the Hitachi.

Finally the fabric is cut away from her naked pussy and she can receive direct contact with the vibrator. Ed applies more clothespins to her belly and pussy lips. She's in pain but the vibrator acts as a sensual distraction. Her fingers open and close, contrasting nicely against the black fabric of her arm warmers. As the vibrator touches the clothespins, the vibrations transmitted directly to her pussy. Then, one by one, Ed removes the clothespins which creates intense pain for this helpless nymph. Her fingers grasp at the air as she submits to orgasm after orgasm. If she wasn't supported by the fiddle and overhead chain, she would have collapsed on the floor in orgasm overload. A special thanks to these two players, this was a hot scene! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1684 / DATE: Apr 17 2021 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 2

When I reviewed this video, I was on the edge of my seat. This is another amazing video from our archives featuring our friends Tim and Mistress Minax, and a pair of computer programmable ultra-heavy 9-chain wrist shackles from Martin at Rigid Cuffs. I'm not a fan of using a computer or any electronic device to control bondage gear. However, these shackles and their functionality are truly exciting and mind-blowing.

The locks and keys used in these shackles are computer programmable. I don't know the manufacturer, but they are very high-tech. This video was shot 10 years ago, so the locks have been around for a while. I don't recall the exact programming procedure. I think the lock itself has an internal non-volatile memory and a electrically controlled latch. The key downloads the date and time instructions for the lock opening to the lock's memory. Then, later, when you insert the key, the lock queries the key for the date and time and if they match the lock uses power from the key to open the electrically controlled latch. The lock can't be queried to share its date and time instructions for opening. So, unless the key tells the lock the correct date and time the lock won't open. This is a cool system, but I'm always concerned about trusting your life or freedom to a sophisticated electronic system. The system itself may be reliable, but the programming of the system is open to human error, and so is the programming of the current time clock.

So, our friend Tim volunteered to be put in the cuffs for a few hours. We told him the cuffs would open at 4pm, but we actually programmed the cuffs to open a few hours later. Sneaky! We drove to our local kinky cafe called Wicked Grounds in San Francisco, where we met up with Mistress Minax. We had brought some other pieces of Martin's bondage gear to play with, and Minax went to town using as much of the gear on Tim as she could.

When 4pm rolled around, the cuffs wouldn't open. As you will see, the key has an LED that shows red when inserted into the lock but the time doesn't match, and shows green when the time is correct which tells you to turn the key in the lock to open the shackles. Although Tim wasn't too happy, this is a great way to demonstrate the functionality of the locks.

So, Tim had to wait another few hours in the shackles before the correct time rolled around. Here's where I was on the edge of my seat while reviewing this video. The cuffs were programmed to be opened for only 15 minutes. So, while we were all talking and Mistress Minax was teasing Tim, time was passing by. I was watching the time on my watch, but suppose my watch didn't exactly match the key's internal clock? Suppose my watch was off by a few minutes - or even 10 minutes? Tim managed to get one of the shackles opened but time passed by while Minax played with him. Luckily, Tim was able to open and remove the other shackle before the 15-minute window passed by. But if we had thought the time was 10 minutes different than the key's internal clock, Tim might have been screwed! Or, suppose the rechargeable battery in the key hadn't been recharged in a while and ran out? We had a backup key with us, but you get the point. You can start to see the fallibility of electronically programmed bondage. Our friend Martin no longer sells bondage gear, but this is a cool video showing the uniqueness of his time release cuffs. A special thanks to Tim and Mistress Minax for demonstrating this cool gear for us, and to Wicked Grounds for allowing us to film in their kink-friendly cafe. You can read articles about Martin and his gear on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Enjoy!
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