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GALLERY: 867 / DATE: Mar 7 2012 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Gwen Freestorm shows her mechanical ability by jumping into the metal erector set. The metal cage theme is applied to Onyx her long time slave. He is totally encased in thick rubber with a total enclosure suit with gas mask and hood from Studio Gum. This was fun because she got so involved with the work that she lost track of the cage door and somehow got locked inside. Onyx was a month or so into chastity and had to endure the scent of his Mistress as she relieved some stress.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE. The 'Bondage Erector Set' was provided by Dungeon Delights.


GALLERY: 866 / DATE: Mar 3 2012 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 4

JG leather is a frequent visitor to SBI and he always brings his toys. Mistress Gwen was also a visitor and had never seen this unique style of kink. We took some time to sit down and tour his well traveled green suit case. I edited this into four parts so you can see all of the interaction and gear.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 1529 / DATE: Mar 1 2012 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 1

While watching this video of Dalton tying up Ashley Renee it occurred to me that I'm more interested in seeing Ashley's face in the muzzle and the heavy strap securing her high-heel ankles than I am looking at her boobs and pussy. Call me a pervert, or kinky, or a fetishist, I love to see attractive women being held, cocooned, cuffed, spread, with gear. I also love seeing women tied up in sexy boots. Ask me if I prefer seeing a naked woman, or a woman tied in a straitjacket, muzzle, sleepsack, arm binder or bizarre rubber, I will always pick the latter. I prefer to make love to a woman who's enclosed, helpless or compromised in some bizarre piece of gear or clothing.

The preference for the unusual or bizarre has driven me all of my life, and I suppose that's why I like running my websites. I get to express my fetish desires in videos which I can share with the world. Look at FetLife. People from around the world are coming out of the woodwork and sharing their kinky personalities and lifestyles. I guess this is the time to celebrate! Full speed ahead!

The video in this update features a quick scene with Ashley Renee and Dalton in a Los Angeles loft around 2004. Dalton had been a fan of Ashley for years, and up until this day he had only seen her in bondage magazines. So naturally, Dalton was beside himself when we met up with Ashley to shoot some videos. I can imagine how he must have felt when it came time to tie her up. Ashley has been a model for years and is used to guys who loos their minds around her. I like Ashley a lot, and like working with her. She's warm and friendly and easy going. However, although I'm a fan, I'm not sexually attracted to her so I don't loose my mind when we work together. Although, I must admit, I've sometimes fantasized what it would be like to be in a relationship with her and live together. Would she mind if I tied her up every night?

This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 865 / DATE: Feb 28 2012 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

San Francisco is a kink friendly town. Serious Bondage has a great time doing scenes in the streets. People here are curious and friendly, they usually greet us with a smile. The same area where Dore Alley and the Folsom Street Fair bring out the fetish ware is very welcoming year round. This is also where Wicked Grounds is located. We spend a few hours meeting several of the local kinksters. Davina Darling was charming a young man and Cleo Dubois on her way to a piecing class stop by. Mistress Gwen thoroughly enjoyed this welcoming atmosphere.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 1109 / DATE: Feb 25 2012 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

Betty Cash is a woman who sees a piece of gear and fixates on it until she experiences it in person. She is a sexy young woman who puts herself into the experience. This is a very great piece of bondage gear and a very hot scene.


GALLERY: 864 / DATE: Feb 23 2012 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Gwen Freestorm writes: Dalton and I helped Onyx get positioned in the cage. It's a nice tight fit, since it was custom made for his body. Then Dalton methodically tightened down all the screws that hold the cage shut. Now comes the fun! I screwed on the flexible rubber hose and showed Onyx how vulnerable and helpless he was. By covering the end of his hose he quickly realized just what a precarious situation he was in. Knowing that I have a true sadistic streak, he quickly mumbled acknowledgment of his predicament.

I titillated his imagination with my power and then decided to take out his manhood and play with it a bit. I mean...isn't that what all guys want? Since he had to take off the tube for his CB-6000 chastity device in order to fit in the cage, I decided to take out his cock and tie it up nice and snug with some red corset lacing. He was particularly sensitive to my nails after having had his cock protected for so long in that plastic tube. But Onyx knows that once his Mistress has her mind set on something there's no turning back.

After getting his little package all tied up with a nice bow, Dalton agreed to hoist the cage and lay him horizontally. That would make Onyx so much easier for me to access without having to squat. So up he went! Once suspended, I discovered the really wonderful ball-bearing swivel that Dalton had implemented into the rigging. I was able to spin onyx around the room as smooth as silk with my finger tip. A few laps around taking a break here and there for some breath control and my slave was begging for mercy. He knows how fond I am of that. Of course by this time it was around 3am, so I agreed to give him a break. Dalton and I took him down and out of the cage, to find poor Onyx looking like he'd been rode hard and put away wet. He was definitely ready for a break. So we got our things together and took off for the night, with plans to return the next afternoon.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 863 / DATE: Feb 19 2012 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

Miss Gwen and her pony Onyx were drooling over this thick rubber Studio Gum blow up bag from the moment they arrived. The addition of the Folsom Electro torture device made it even better. The fabulous horse hood has an internal gas mask. This is one very cool piece of gear. Miss Gwen has her usual sadistic smile and laugh, something I find quite attractive. Please enjoy this fun video.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 857 / DATE: Feb 5 2012 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Davina Darling a local hottie once more surrendered to experience some serious bondage. This time I broke out the smaller version of the ginger bread board. She fit perfectly. After strapping her firmly to the board I began wrapping her with pallet wrap limb by limb. After I began I learned she had never been tied this way. She was fully encased in an additional layer of duct tape, except for a few places. The addition of a blacked out gasmask and Hitachi make this a very intense video. Enjoy..


GALLERY: 856 / DATE: Feb 1 2012 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Gwen Freestorm has the chance to put a real old-school player through his paces. The great thing was a vintage piece of gear originally hand made in the seventies. The design was ingenious with features I have not seen. The feet are supported by a solid board with a leveling strap to cut down on foot fatigue. The access to cock and nipples is well thought out. The interior features have padding in strategic places. The action in this scene was very old-school with a long happy ending. Our sleepsack rider went home with some burning nipples to top out the day.

An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can he found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 632 / DATE: Jan 24 2012 / IMAGES: 37

Here's a classic set of photos we shot a few years ago with Ashley Renee and JG-Leathers in the GwenMedia studio in downtown Los Angeles. JG is as serious as ever when he applies his bondage gear to Ashley's slender body. The beautiful leather hood and neck corset is from Top-To-Bottom in the UK, and JG's metal shackles are home made. I believe the red bondage horse is from 'Downtown Willie' in Los Angeles. It's a pleasure to see Ashley in all of this gear, especially the unique leather headgear. Ashley told me that she feels quite at home when she's tied up and helpless. I love hearing that.


GALLERY: 818 / DATE: Oct 22 2011 / IMAGES: 223 / VIDEOS: 1

We are pleased to present a huge selection of mummification photos and videos from our friend ‘Mumman' (on FetLife). He has a special attraction for this form of bondage, and has been practicing serious mummification for the past 25 years.

Mumman visited us during the 2011 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, and during that time we created a unique article about him which can be found on the SeriousBondage.com site titled ‘Weekly Mummification'. Before he departed for home he gave us a selection of his personal photos and video clips to feature on this web site. These images highlight his use of various materials including traditional duct tape, electrical tape, pallet wrap, vet wrap, neoprene dive suits and sleepsacks, leather and inflatable latex hoods, gags and gas-masks, trunks, ballet boots, posture collars, etc. As you will see, Mumman uses a wide selection of gear to achieve a complete immobilization mumification experience. This guy is the real deal - our kind of guy! This amazing update includes 15 video clips and 220 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 785 / DATE: Oct 18 2011 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 2

A very special bondage piece from the past was featured in this Strict Restraint photo shoot. It was funny to see the reaction to their crew as this bondage evolved. It was something they had not seen before and weren't quite sure what to think. They soon found enough access to torment the girl trapped inside, so all was good.


GALLERY: 817 / DATE: Oct 14 2011 / IMAGES: 110 / VIDEOS: 2

We are honored to present this professional and full-length video from JG-Leathers titled ‘Exploring A Different Reality'. This video covers the bits and pieces of JG's famous ‘Creature' system which is located in his basement - or ‘whine cellar' as he affectionately calls it. During this video Mistress Marlene installs JG in the Creature and then takes him for a ride of intense multi-pronged e-stimulation, vacuum suction, breath control and heavy rubber and bondage restriction.

This is the first time this video has been made available on the Web and we are excited that JG chose SeriousImages.com to distribute it. We hope you enjoy this unique and one-of-a-kind visual experience narrated by JG-Leathers himself. As only a master wordsmith can, JG explains his attraction to the Creature and how someone might rejoice in its uniqueness rather than keeping it under wraps and away from ridicule. JG's words can help us bring our own dark fantasies into the light of day. This update includes a two-part 35 minute video and 110 still images.


GALLERY: 784 / DATE: Oct 10 2011 / IMAGES: 184 / VIDEOS: 2

Strict Restraint out of Los Angles California invited SBI to supply the medical fiberglass and Daltons expertise for a unique shoot. The position was fun for everyone especially after I cut some access points. This shoot was a combination of style both playful and painful. Enjoy this very cool video.


GALLERY: 816 / DATE: Oct 6 2011 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

The 2011 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair was much cooler than the last few years. It started with a light rain and cloud cover. A few hours in the clouds burned off but the temperatures stayed naked friendly. This three part video captures the flavor of this event, enjoy.


GALLERY: 819 / DATE: Sep 29 2011 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Alice brings her kinky friends for some bondage and a very skillful blow job. SBI is not usually so sexual but now and then a world class blowjob is fun. The classic vertical stocks usually keep a captive unable to enjoy sexual pleasure, but this time sexual assault can't possibly be avoided. Enjoy this very hot video.


GALLERY: 815 / DATE: Sep 22 2011 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

Doctor Mad Max had plenty of bondage gear in his van so the week was filled with bondage scenes. This one was filled with plenty of Maxcita handmade gear in both rubber and canvas. This video is filled with information about each piece that reveals the personality of the creator.


GALLERY: 814 / DATE: Sep 18 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Doctor Mad Max makes some very unique gear. He has taken the recreational straitjacket to a new standard. It is tough, secure, and inescapable. These pieces are his version of the mail bag. These tough canvas bags with welded D rings will hold a ton. After strapping one subject in an inside out jacket we put her in the closed bag. The other see through model holds its subject securely watching and waiting for what will happen next. The mitts are a proto type that will not be manufactured.  


GALLERY: 813 / DATE: Sep 14 2011 / IMAGES: 232

This young kinky couple wanted some personal shots of them in their latex. We set up a back ground and lights, the rest just happened. The spark in their eyes shows the energy and sexual tension they share. This is a really hot couple; we hope to work with them again soon.

Latex by Mr S Leather

Shackles by WholesaleBDSM


GALLERY: 812 / DATE: Sep 10 2011 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Our young kinky couple now turns to more familiar kink. They both have rubber clothing, but had not combined it with heavy industrial rubber and metal bondage. The hoods are from Maxcita and the metal restraints are from Mr S leather and Clejuso of Germany and Rigid Cuff.

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