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GALLERY: 1503 / DATE: Mar 9 2020 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

To me, there's nothing better than to see an attractive female made helpless in rigid metal bondage gear. Clothed or not clothed, this site fascinates me to no end. As a matter of fact, it's better if they're wearing sexy clothing while in their helpless bound state! I guess this obsession is driven by my own DNA. The bottom line of my attraction to seeing a helpless female in bondage is my raw desire to capture and possess her for my own sexual gratification - which ultimately completes my DNA's mission of depositing my sperm into her for procreation. THERE. I SAID IT. FOR ALL THE WORLD TO READ. LETS BE HONEST, AND NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH. IT'S ALL ABOUT REPRODUCTION, ISN'T IT? In any case, regardless of the underlying scientific facts, bondage is still fun and highly titillating!

This video features a lovely female, helplessly bound in rigid and inescapable gear. The female is the popular Australian bondage model Cobie. She's in the company of Elise Graves, Pling, and Mistress Troy Orleans, and it's obvious that Elise and Troy can't wait to get Cobie into bondage so they can ravage her voluptuous body. In addition, Cobie is a true bondage submissive and can't wait to be tied up and taken advantage of by these aggressive women.

The unique bondage scenario in this video incorporates a rigid metal 'Fiddle' which is suspended from the ceiling, and steel spreader bar which holds Cobie's ankles spread apart. This is my favorite bondage scenes, incorporating the Fiddle in a way you don't see used very often. In addition, the black spandex hood over Cobie's head is a perfect complement to the Fiddle and spreader bar, which further objectifies this poor woman. To me, Cobie's helpless situation presents us with nothing less than Exquisite bondage art, and should be displayed in a museum somewhere. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1501 / DATE: Feb 29 2020 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

Here is another mind-blowing video. This video features the popular bondage model Cobie in a tight-fitting spandex body stocking, Mistress Troy Orleans, and some unique metal bondage gear. This video was shot at our friend Remco's studio in Amsterdam just after attending Boundcon 2016. Remco runs many kink and fetish websites including MetalBondage.com and ChastityBabes.com where you can see this same gear in action. In any case, on this day we had Cobie, Elise Graves, Troy Orleans and Pling with us, and access to all of Remco's bondage gear. Cobie volunteered to be put into some of the gear, which turned out to be a visual treat for all of us because the chrome bondage combined with her spandex suit and black heels contrasted so nicely together. To me, the image of Cobie in this gear is nothing less than a Rembrandt or Van Gogh. You get my point.

Nudity, sex and bondage have come a long way since the early days of the Internet. In the days of adult magazine stores and mainstream newsstand magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, photos of bondage and raw sexual acts and S&M couldn't be mixed in the same photo. Then, along came the Internet and websites like kink.com and InSex who crossed this bondage/SM/sex boundary. Today, with social media and everyone taking photos and videos with their phones, mixing bondage with SM and sex seems so passé.

That said, I am a bondage enthusiast who still appreciates clothed females in distress. Don't get me wrong, I like naked bondage too, but this video stands on it's own as pure visual eye-candy. I love Cobie's slender body and the rigidity and unforgiving hold the metal bondage has on her. There is absolutely no escape. Cobie is forced to remain helpless, sexy and vulnerable. Her pretty eyes, pouty red lips and sexy Australian accent all serve to awaken our basic animal desires, and at the same time presents us with a striking and artistic image which is so captivating. Don't you agree? I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did while shooting it. Check out Remco's MetalBondage and ChastityBabes.com website for more videos like this.


GALLERY: 1500 / DATE: Feb 21 2020 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 1

Troy OrleansPling in chastityPling in rubber mouth gag
WARNING! This is a hot video! For many of us this video captures the essence of sexual desire and the frustration of unfulfilled sexual release. Pling, the popular European bondage model, is chastised, straitjacketed, and shackled by Mistress Troy Orleans from New York City. Both Pling and Troy are bondage lifestyle people, only Pling is a bottom and Troy is a Top. We shot this video in Amsterdam, following the 2016 Boundcon bondage event in Munich. We were visiting the studio of ChastityBabes.com, and since we had access to all of their chastity gear, Pling and Troy decided to play. What an opportunity to play with some cool gear.

It's my opinion that for centuries chastity devices have been the food for wives' tales, folklore and myth. Everyone can understand and visualize the concept of a lockable chastity device, whether they have see one or not. Nowadays, thanks to on-line browsing and commerce, chastity devices are popping up world-wide. Chastity play is now available to the masses. Instead of fantasizing, we are now able to play with real chastity devices, and enjoy the mind-twisting effect of it's sexual tease and denial.

This is the case as Pling is restrained in an extremely open and sexually vulnerable position, only her pussy is covered and locked, completely unavailable to herself and everyone else. With her legs spread high and wide, she invites our fantasies to run wild as she struggles and whimpers helplessly. Poor Pling.

At the same time Pling is enticing us with her sexual vulnerability, Troy touches and pinches her in all the right places. Pling tries to resist Troy's unwanted advances, but to no avail. Pling's in no position to complain or resist - and she loves every minute of her erotic and vulnerable predicament!

Troy uses three different gags on Pling; a double-dildo rubber gag, rubber pecker gag, rubber mouth gag, and finally settling on an amber rubber breath-restriction hood. Pling's facial expressions are easy to read, but once the rubber breather hood is pulled over her face, all bets are off. Pling's attention becomes focused on breathing, not complaining. Troy has won this bondage battle, but I'm sure there will be more to come.

A special thanks to Pling and Troy Orleans for a fun video, and to our host Remco in Amsterdam whose studio and gear we used to shoot this video. Check out Pling and other sexy bondage models on Remco's ChastityBabes website. For more info on Pling, do a Google search for 'Pling bondage'.


GALLERY: 1499 / DATE: Feb 11 2020 / IMAGES: 72 / VIDEOS: 1

Sorry for the late update everyone. I was waiting for the approval on this last video from Aski and Asuka, the two players in this video. This video was shot in Zurich Switzerland a few months ago, and features two beautiful cross-dressers who enjoy classic fetish play. I was excited to meet them, and felt honored that they invited me to film in their secret underground playroom.

This is the third and final video featuring Aski and Asuka, but hopefully I will visit them again in the future - and bring Elise Graves with me. What a combination that would make!

In this video, Asuka is put in a steel waist belt, collar, cuffs, and a long band of steel that wraps around between her legs. The band connects her collar to her waist belt, then curves down and between her legs, ending up at the base of a heavy ring around her cock. This heavy intruding crotch band forces her ass-cheeks apart and holds an inflatable butt plug deeply buried inside her. Once her wrist cuffs are locked to the sides of her waist belt, there is absolutely no escape. She's forced into correct posture. She can't bend over. Her hands are useless. Her cock is held firmly within the steel crotch band, and her butt-plug is completely covered and  inaccessible. 

Once Asuka is secured in these harsh steel restraints, Aski applies makeup to her masculine face and transforms her into a beautiful bondage submissive. These two girls become the ultimate fetish fantasy of many men, including myself.

In the second part of this video, Asuka is fixed onto a wall-mounted steel crotch band, similar to the first, only this device can be raised and lowered. In addition, a pair of steel thigh bands attached to the crotch band hold Asuka from escaping. So, as a result, Asuka is held against the wall by her crotch and thighs. Again, her cock is held firmly in the steel ring and her butt-plug is held firmly inside her body and completely inaccessible. Poor Asuka! I wish I was in her place. Once the crotch band is adjusted to a comfortable height, Asuka's wrists are locked to vertical posts at her sides, completing her unusual bondage predicament.

The best part of this video is when Aski squeezes the inflation bulb of the butt-plug. We can hear the squeak of the air being pushed into Asuka's butt, and see her jump, whimper and grimace as her ass is filled with the expanding rubber. This is fetish bondage at it's finest!

This is a unique and classic video which you don't see very often these days. Although I was a bit rushed while shooting this video, I think it adequately captures the play these girls do on a regular basis. A special thanks to both of them for sharing their intimate play with us.


GALLERY: 811 / DATE: Feb 5 2020 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is from way back in 2011, during the early days of this website. It features the popular model Tony Orlando, a kinky guy who's been featured many times on kink.com. Tony is a real kinkster, and enjoys bondage and rubber. I forgot how we met him, but on this day he brought his girlfriend to our studio for some bondage play. (in those days we referred to our studio as the 'Serious Bondage Institute')

Tony and his girlfriend spent the day playing with our gear in the back room, and at one point Tony was suspended in a leather straitjacket with his ankles parted by a metal spreader bar. His girlfriend was in her panties and spiked heel thigh high boots. As it turned out, she was fairly good aim with a leather whip on Tony's butt. Tony was naked under the straitjacket and his cock stuck out like a giant coat-hook. I guess I would have had a similar boner, given his sexy girlfriend strutting around in her thigh high boots!

It's great to see this young couple enjoying their kinky sexuality so freely. This is even more common today as inhibitions decline and social media tares down the walls of repressed sexual deviation. This video captures the joy that two people can have while acting out their erotic desires. This is an example of good, old-fashion, clean, kinky, fun! I hope you enjoy this vintage video as much as we did while shooting it.

This video is presented in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1498 / DATE: Jan 30 2020 / IMAGES: 74 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a very unique video featuring Aski and her slave Aska in their private playroom in Zurich Switzerland. These two guys like to dress fem and play bondage games with their custom-made gear. Their style of dress and play is classic heterosexual fetish which you don't see much any more. These two girls love their individual roles as they create fantasy bondage scenes for their own enjoyment.

The playroom and most of the gear in this video is hand made by Aski (the tall one), including the steel collar, wrist cuffs, and crank-style e-stim unit. The long padded box is actually a modified equipment shipping crate. Aski is very resourceful when building gear, reminding me of Jeff from the HouseOfGord.

Aska's hands are covered in pallet wrap and pink duct tape, and her wrists are shackled in steel cuffs chained to her thighs. Her feet are enclosed in classic black patent ballet shoes and her ankles are shackled together with padlocks and a short chain. In addition, Aska is wired with cock and butt plug electrodes which are connected to a custom hand-crank e-stim unit. At this point she realizes that there is no turning back. As Aski lowers the cover of the isolation box, we can hear Aska's whimpering. As we all know, Aska is exactly where she wants to be.


GALLERY: 1497 / DATE: Jan 22 2020 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 2

We have seen more than one video of people restrained on Max's Segifix bondage table, but this video is special. This video features our friends Elise Graves and 'MsPentYouth', both on Fetlife. MsPentYouth isn't a fetish model, she's simply a friend of ours who likes to appear in the videos we shoot. She lives fairly close to Max, and meets us at his house every time we visit.

It seems like everyone who visits Max needs to be restrained on his Segufix table. For those who are not familiar, Max runs the popular straitjacket retail website Maxcita.com. Max manufactures the best canvas sleepsacks and straitjackets on the market. Segufix is the name of a European manufacturer of hospital restraints which incorporate unique magnet locking posts. Max has an entire set of Segufix straps and locks, including a special head restraint that many kinksters lust after. Segufix can only be purchased by licensed medical professionals, but a few kinky retailers sell Segifix gear to the public. You can purchase Segufix gear from my German friend friend Harry Tasker. Although his website is a little funky, he responds promptly and can sell you anything that Segufix currently manufactures. In addition, he sells other interesting restraints like hospital straitjackets and the popular Clejuso handcuffs.

In any case, we were delighted to restrain our friend MsPentYouth with all Max's Segufix gear. We then stood back while Elise took over and applied her feel-good skills to her helpless patient. Elise used a special labia spreader and a pair of clamps to pull apart MsPent's pussy lips, exposing her intimate parts for our camera to see. Then, using various vibrators, proceeded to torment MsPent with her famous edging techniques. The labia spreader and clamps which Elise used are made by SteelwerksExtreme in Montreal, and look absolutely bizarre and amazing between MsPent's legs! As a side note, if you look closely, MsPent's hands are caught up in rubber helpless mitts which prevent her fingers from getting into trouble. These cool mitts are from BlackStyle in Germany, and are a lot of fun to play with.

As you will see, there were other people in the room besides Elise's assistants. One guy was a tight rubber no-arms rubber straitjacket, and another was restrained in Max's rigid bondage chair. It's fun to visit Max and play with all of his gear. While we were filming Elise, other people were socializing downstairs including JG-Leathers. JG has such a loud voice I think you can hear him in the background of the video.

In the beginning of the video, Elise laces a leather hood on MsPnet. It fit like a glove. The hood was made for Elise by ChristopherFetish on Fetlife. This guy is an amazing fetish artist who creates one-off pieces of eye-popping leather bondage gear. Check out his picture gallery on FetLife and his blog FetishLeatherCrafter. Christopher is the real deal.

This video features Elise Graves and her sensual edging skills, great segufix bondage, and close-ups of MsPentYouth's poor pussy being clamped into the SteelWerks labia gear. Fun was had by all. A special thanks to everyone including our host Maxcita!


GALLERY: 1495 / DATE: Jan 11 2020 / IMAGES: 90 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another cool video we shot during our recent trip to Switzerland. This video features our new friend 'HeavyRubberSlave' on Fetlife and Instagram, who happened to live in Zurich where we were staying. I love running into kinky people and filming them on our trips to Europe. As far as I'm concerned, there's way more rubber people in Europe than in the States.

As you can see in the photos, HeavyRubberSlave likes tight-fitting kinky rubber and corsets. He has a slender body which lends itself to his narrow waste corset, and distinctive facial features which create an eye-popping visual with his black faceless mask and contrasting red neck corset. As many of us rubber enthusiasts will admit, he loves to spend a lot of time in his rubber. HeavyRubberSlave is also into high heel women's boots. and the pair he wears while in his catsuit and two corsets are really sexy. The truth be told, I like to wear sexy women's boots as well, and probably own six pair myself. I don't know what it is about women's boots, but ever since a little girl in my 7th grade art class showed up in a pair of thigh-high black patent go-go boots, I can't get them out of my mind. Women wear all kinds of black boots every day, but when the heel gets to a certain height the boots turn into an erotic fetish statement which mesmerizes me. Sometimes I find myself looking back or following women down the street who are wearing exceptionally sexy boots. No wonder women's high-heel boots are combined with rubber and bondage. Totally hot.

In any case, my traveling companion SFDom and I visited HeavyRubberSlave in Zurich, and having no plans, we just fired up the camera and shot this video. Our host was more than happy to strut his rubber and it was up to us to figure out how to document his kinky couture fashions. HeavyRubberSlave later told me that his black catsuit was from BrightAndShiny, red waist corset from FantasticRubber, red neck corset from LatexCatfish, spike heel boots from PleaserShoes, inflatable suit from DeMask inflatable ball hood from SlinkySkin. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1496 / DATE: Jan 1 2020 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

It appears to me that extremely heavy rubber gear is becoming more popular world-wide. I'm talking about gear that's 2mm in thickness or more. This video features a heavy rubber sleepsack that's 2.4mm, made by StudioGum. For whatever reason, thick heavy rubber is appealing to many rubber fetishists including myself. Thick rubber has very little give. It's more stringent and inflexible, and you immediately know that there's  no escape. The thickness also makes the pure weight of the rubber a lot heavier. It's excessive weight reminds me of the heavy protective blanket they drape over you when you get dental x-rays. The weight of heavy rubber bondage gear is amazing, and naturally the material itself is more expensive which raises the price of the gear. In addition, the shipping costs go way up.

This 3-part video features Elise Graves and our German friends Cymbelin and Lady_Silver, all on Fetlife. They are playing with a new 2.4mm sleepsack made by StudioGum. As a matter of fact, this video was shot in the showroom at StudioGum in Frankfurt, where you can see the eye-popping 'wall of hoods' in the background.

The two rubber ladies zip their poor submissive into the heavy sleepsack. The sleepsack was made to his custom measurements so it fits him perfectly. His arms slip into the internal sleeves which renders his hands completely helpless. If you have never experienced a sleepsack, the point of no return is when the zipper is zipped up closed. You instantly realize that there's  no escape. Your arms are held by your sides, and your hands are completely useless. Sleepsacks are deceiving. They're warm, inviting and comfortable, but once you're zipped inside you're instantly rendered helpless and fall under the control of those around you. This is either exciting or scary, depending on your perspective. Sleepsacks usually include extra zippers which allow the sack to be opened at the crotch for sexual play. As you can imagine, sexual play can distract you from your helpless predicament.

In any case, Elise and Lady_Silver hook their subject to an Erostek e-stim box connected around his cock and butt, and a motorized valve which controls his breathing through his gas mask. As you will see, these devices amplify Cymbelin's helpless and cocooned experience. He loves the feel and aroma of the heavy rubber which surrounds him. He's on a bondage journey controlled by a pair of sexy and sadistic women. This is the ultimate fetish experience! WARNING - this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Breath play is dangerous and possibly fatal. If you experiment with breath control, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1494 / DATE: Dec 22 2019 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a highly unique video which I shot during my recent trip to Switzerland. The focus of my trip was to shoot guys in heavy rubber at the BlackStore.com studio, however, in addition, I made some local contacts on Instagram and ended up shooting this amazing and eye-popping video. The two players are 'Aski' in the blue rubber skirt (Aski85 on Fetlife), and her companion 'HeavyRubberSlave' on both Fetlife and Instagram.

As many of us know, sometimes when we play the stars seem to be in alignment and we have a fantastic and memorable scene. This was the case for me when I was invited to shoot this video. Normally these two kinksters play privately, and although they take an occasional still picture with their phone, they have never filmed any of their scenes. So, I felt quite lucky that they were willing to share their intimate play with my camera.

The fetish components in this video are of special interest to me because I'm attracted to Aski's tall stature, expressive eyes and striking blue colors. In addition, I'm a fan of her highly stylized bondage. Her gear and play are reminiscent of bondage artwork from the 1970's, from both The Bishop as well as the legendary Centurians bondage catalogs, both of which I grew up with while cruising adult book stores before the Internet. Aski's attention to visual detail and symmetry is great and complements this timeless genre.

As you will see in this video, Aski and her play partner HeavyRubberSlave have both comfort and chemistry between them. They both love their roles, and the way they each look. Their visual appearance is everything, and it is to me as well. Their fetish appearance and stylized play are captured eloquently in this video.

The gear that Aski uses on her partner consists of a classic ring gag, arm binder, corset and ballet boots. However, the unique part of this scene are the attachment points in the floor. These small eye-bolts allow the thigh strap and ankles to be secured in the middle of the floor, which elevates this bondage scenario to a new and unique level. Not many players have threaded attachment points into their floor. These attachment points, along with the overhead and wall-mounted attachment points, allow the bondage possibilities to expand. Aski's unique play environment can deliver the kind of kinky bondage we all fantasize about, depicted in the Bishop drawings. Sit back and enjoy this video. A special thanks to HeavyRubberSlave for arranging this video shoot, and to both Aski and HeavyRubberSlave for sharing their private play with us. Check out their profiles on FetLife. Additionally, check out Michael Keye on Twitter and Clips4Sale as he shoots this same bondage genre from the 70’s. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 803 / DATE: Dec 13 2019 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting an update on the site. I'm back from my Switzerland trip with some cool new videos, but I'm slow to getting started with the editing process because of unpacking and a severe case of jet lag. So, to fill in the gap, here's an old video from the archives.

This scene is from way back when we first started to experiment with fiberglass casting. Our career intern PetGirl Kako (FetLife) volunteered to be the subject of our early tests, and as you will see, she had a lot of fun. What's more, she actually spent the night in the cast - too bad we didn't film that part! This is a timeless and classic video from the early days of this website. The video is in the old Windows Media format, so if you have a problem playing the video, try loading and using the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1493 / DATE: Dec 4 2019 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, I am in Switzerland shooting heavy rubber from BlackStore.com. Please enjoy this crazy update featuring ModeNarr and Mistress Alice at Boundcon 2018!


GALLERY: 1492 / DATE: Nov 23 2019 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

I love bizarre and kinky imagery like this, especially when it involves a female. This is fetish at it's finest. How many women out there like this kind of rubber bondage? Not Many. This is the conclusion that I've come to after many years of playing and running this website. I'm afraid that heavy rubber and cocooning are more of a male thing. It's intense, scary, comforting, and and most of the time a solo experience. Women aren't usually attracted to confinement and solo experiences.

That said, our friend Elise Graves has a fetish for rubber, and is attracted to extreme and bizarre bondage experiences. She's the needle in the haystack. Elise allows us guys to get a rare glimpse of a woman who enjoys herself in this over-the-top gear. In this case she's confined in an inflatable fuck-suit heavy rubber hood from StudioGum in Germany. This is a mind-blowing combination of gear. The gear transforms Elise into a squirming rubber play toy. She's totally helpless, sexually vulnerable, blind and plugged. Frankly, I can't decide if I want to be on the outside playing with her, or on the inside where it's warm, rubbery, and separated from the outside world. What's your preference? It's all fun to me.

Visit Elise's website Bondage Liberation for more of her amazing videos, and the websites StudioGum and Latex-Maske for a great selection of rubber gear.


GALLERY: 1491 / DATE: Nov 14 2019 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an awesome video, and a lot of guys who will watch it over and over, including myself. The video was shot in Seattle and includes all the right stuff for a great fetish scene. Lets start with Elise Graves, and a local rubber submissive who had been fantasizing about playing with her for years. This guy totally lucked out because Elise had access to a big playroom and an unusual bondage chair. As you will see in the video, the submissive was hard and dripping with anticipation. His wrists were shackled behind his back with heavy Clejuso handcuffs, and his head was kept stationary by a thick cable noose which circled his neck. If you have ever seen Elise's videos you will know that she likes to use a noose to control her subjects. I think it turns her on.

Sitting next to the bondage chair was an Erostek box which was hooked to a large butt plug deep inside the helpless rubber gimp. He looked fantastic in his read and black latex outfit, and as the scene progressed Elise mentions her excitement about the noose. However, unfortunately for the this rubber gimp, Elise edged him for quite a while and then left him alone to stew in his own juices. Bummer! I'm sure he would have hit the ceiling with cum if she brought him to orgasm. In any case, cum or no cum, he was lucky to have had a memorable scene with the famous Elise Graves!


GALLERY: 1490 / DATE: Nov 5 2019 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

This is Part 3 & 4 of our Uncle Max trip, featuring more bondage fun and kinkery. As I've said before, it's a pleasure to hang out with people who enjoy the same fetishes, and it's wonderful to be in a big house where we can all play together with our gear.

Uncle Max runs the website Maxcita.com where is sells his custom-made canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks. His gear is the best on the market and is especially designed for folks interested in inescapable institutional bondage. His gear is much heavier than the traditional canvas gear from Humane Restraint and Posey. As a matter of fact, Max's gear would probably not be useful in a hospital setting because it's too strict and takes too long to put on.

Some of the clips in these two videos feature an extremely heavy and thick rubber hood from RubbersFinest in Germany, and a large selection of hospital restraints made by Segufix. Segufix seems to be growing in popularity in the US, and Segufix has come out with a new extra-secure locking system which most kinksters are not yet aware of. This system still uses the magnet key, only there are four magnets in the key in opposite polarities which is virtually impossible to recreate. In addition, the locks are far more reliable and secure. The old locking system uses black locking caps and a red magnet key, as shown in these video clips. The new system uses green locking caps and a yellow magnet key. The new system is way better than the old system. If you have an interest in purchasing Segufix gear you should talk to our friend Harry Tasker in Germany. He has a special business relationship with Segufix and can order gear that is not available to people like you and I who don't work in the medical business. Tell Harry you got his name from SeriousImages.com. As far as I know, Harry Tasker is the only way to buy Segufix if you are not a legitimate medical business.

The other thing to mention in these video clips is me, in heavy rubber, inside of a double-layer canvas sleepsack that Max made for me. This is the ultimate restraint experience. I was already in a StudioGum heavy rubber straitjacket and Cocoon hood, and then slipped inside the double-layer sleepsack. The arms of the straitjacket weren't attached together behind my back as is usually done, but instead I slipped my rubber-covered arms inside of the internal sleeves of the canvas sleepsack. Once the sleepsack was zipped and buckled up I felt very cocooned and helpless. The feeling was fantastic! Combining rubber inside of Max's canvas gear is a really great experience!

The last comment about these videos is about Max's home built bondage chair. Bondage chairs are becoming more popular these days and it's possible to purchase one ready built. But for some of us the old-school approach of building your own bondage chair is the way to go. Max did a great job on his chair and I enjoy spending time in it like the guy in this video. There's nothing better than to be fully restrained in the chair and be teased and tormented by a lovely female. Sit back and enjoy these two videos highlighting our fun with Uncle Max of Maxcita.com.


GALLERY: 1487 / DATE: Oct 28 2019 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

As I've said before, it's a pleasure to play with people who love kink and bondage and this video is yet another example. This was shot at Boundcon 2018 in Munich Germany, and features Elise Graves, Mistress Alice and our friend StrangeHobbies from Paris. 

Part of our deal with the Boundcon management for providing us a free booth at their show is to  present bondage entertainment. The event spans three days, so during that time we use whatever gear we brought with us to create a scene. Every year our friend StrangeHobbies is more than willing to be the subject of our bondage demonstrations, and as you will see, he enjoyed every minute of it. His willingness, combined with Elise and Alice, generates a lot of play energy which attracts hoards of onlookers. We can't show the crowd in the video, and it's tricky to shoot in such a way to not show faces.

Check out this fun video as StrangeHobbies is buckled, strapped, clamped and zipped into various pieces of gear. Did I mention the vibrator? His stainless steel nose clamp is from Axsmar.


GALLERY: 1489 / DATE: Oct 19 2019 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

I love videos like this. This video covers our last trip to visit Max of Maxcita.com in Canada. A group of us were there for almost a week, playing and shooting videos. The cool part of this video is that it shows the fun we had and all the crazy stuff we did each day. I hope you get a sense of the non-stop goofing around with gear that happened.

It's a very special feeling when you get a group of kinksters together like this. We all know each other and have played together before, so the chemistry is well established. On top of that, Max is a great cook, so all the meals are totally awesome.

I don't know what else to say about this video except to enjoy it and get a feel of how it can be when you are able to enjoy your kinky side among a group of people who have similar interests.

A special thanks to Max for inviting us and being the perfect host. Max manufactures the best canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market so check out his website Maxcita.com to place your order.


GALLERY: 1486 / DATE: Oct 10 2019 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Academy ChairAcademy ChairAcademy Chair
Our friend Dart_Tech (Fetlife) loves to play with high-tech medical gear like patient monitors, ventilators and the like. He likes 'Rube Goldberg' type instruments that have wires, hoses, dials and sensors which connect to the body. Actually, I think he works in the wrong industry; instead of computers or shooting kinky videos he should go back to school to be a doctor or anesthesiologist.

In this video, Dart connects our friend Rachel Greyhound to a new patient monitor which he had just purchased on E-bay. This high-tech device monitors the heart, blood flow, brain activity and a bunch of other stuff that I don't understand. I don't think Dart understands it either, but as I said, anything that has wires and hoses and connects to the body works for him.

Once Greyhound was all wired up, Strap Wizard restrains her in an old metal bondage chair (known as the Academy Chair) using Humane Restraint straps and cuffs. This chair was used years ago in gay BDSM films, and I always knew it was floating around somewhere. As luck would have it the chair showed up on Ebay in Pennsylvania, and I immediately bought it. The only problem was that it weighed around 300 pounds so transporting it to San Francisco wasn't easy. If you want to see more pictures of the four past Academy Chairs do a Google image search for 'Academy Bondage Chair'.  Anyway, Strap Wizard did a good job restraining Greyhound in the chair, and when he was finished poor Greyhound looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

Since this was the first test of the high-tech patient monitor, Dart_Tech didn't understand all of it's functions. He did his best trying to explain the complicated display which we projected onto the wall. Once all the displays were showing some activity and the beep-beep-beep sound was indicating Greyhound was alive and well, Dart pulled out a clit vibrator to use on Greyhound. He wanted to see how her vital signs would change on the display as she achieved orgasm. I must admit, this is an interesting idea, although it's probably not a test they would perform in a hospital.

Well, as luck would have it, we were running out of time, so stimulating Greyhound with the vibrator was a short test. She didn't achieve orgasm, and her heart rate barely changed during the test. We were all focused on the time so we weren't able to give Greyhound the full stimulus she needed. In any case, this was a great first test of the orgasm monitor idea, and we will do more tests in the future with a variety of different women to complete Dart_Tech's research. Hopefully his findings will be published in a prestigious medical journal or he'll win a Nobel Prize? Dart's quest for information on female orgasms reminds me of Woody Allen's movie 'Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex'.

A special thanks to Rachel Greyhound from BondageLife.com for participating in this unusual test, and to Edge Dungeon for allowing us to shoot this crazy video in their facility. Naturally a good time was had by all.


GALLERY: 1482 / DATE: Oct 1 2019 / IMAGES: 227 / VIDEOS: 2

In Part-2 of our visit to Bizarre Design in Amsterdam, we get to see an old photo of the owner Jeroen in a corset dress, which he made for himself, with a waist of, say, 22 inches? Unbelievable! We also see the popular Australian bondage model Cobie in her sexy Fancy Steel chastity belt, rubber arm binder dress, skin-tight leather neck corset, and ending with an unbelievable 'Vampire Queen' black leather corset dress. We were lucky to have Cobie with us so she could model all of these unique pieces of fetish clothing. For me, my favorite piece was Cobie in the rubber arm-binder dress. I can't get that image of Cobie out of my mind. I'd love to see her wear the dress to the opera or symphony. Maybe we could ask Jeroen to make one that covers her breasts so she wouldn't get kicked out of the event.

Jeroen explainers that he was fascinated with corsets as a child, and started to make corsets for himself as a young cross-dresser. As JG-Leathers would say, 'horniness is the mother of invention', and this is certainly the case with Jeroen.

Jeroen also explains - and what many of us who make bondage gear already know - finding sources of sexy materials and fabrics is not easy. And just when you think you have your sources under control, one of them goes out of business. It's a constant and never-ending job.

Jeroen also shows us a pair of ballet shoes he acquired that look really sexy but don't support the feet properly. He explained the technical details of this problem, which reminded me of the early 70's bondage drawings from The Bishop that depict women in ultra-hot bondage scenes. The problem with that imagery was that some of the positions and gear couldn't actually be worn and survived. That said, the Bishop artwork made quite an impression on me at a young age, similar to Jeroen and his corsets. Our minds are so impressionable.

Do a Google image search for 'Bizarre Design' to see a large selection of Jeroen's work. A special thanks to Jeroen for giving us an afternoon of his time, and to Cobie for helping us visualize Jeroen's amazing work in three dimensions. It doesn't get any better than this!


GALLERY: 1485 / DATE: Sep 22 2019 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 4

This is another mind-blowing fiberglass casting video shot last year at Boundcon 2018 in Munich Germany. A group of us from all parts of the world met at Boundcon for three days of non-stop bondage fun. This Boundcon event happens twice a year in Munich, and I think there is another smaller Boundcon event in a hotel which also happens twice a year, but I'm not sure about it because the Boundcon events have a new owner.

Anyway, our friend Strange Hobbies (Fetlife) brought some fiberglass casting supplies with him, and wanted us to cast his arms, legs and head so he could crawl around on a leash like a dog. Naturally this would draw a lot of attention to him and our booth. We can always depend on Strange Hobbies to dream up a crazy idea like this.

The casting was performed in our booth by Elise Graves and Mistress Alice. It didn't take them very long to cast Strange Hobbies' arms and legs in a bent position, including a small piece of foam over his elbows and knees to soften his crawl on the concrete floor. Casting his head went fairly quick as well, leaving only his nose protruding for air. When they finished, Strange Hobbies was completely helpless, blind, and totally dependent on Elise and Alice.

They moved him off the wooden bench where he was sitting, and onto the floor where he tested his ability to crawl and lie flat when he got tired. Alice then put a leather strap around his neck for a leash, and they disappeared into the crowd.

The onlookers enjoyed this eye-popping scene, and so did Alice and her fiberglass-casted pet. As usual, Strange Hobbies was exactly where he wanted to be. It must have been hard for him to crawl, but he didn't mind and was thoroughly enjoying himself. Every once in a while he would stop and lift one leg as if he were peeing, just like a dog would do. Crazy!

Eventually Alice and her pet worked their way back to the booth, where Elise fired up the cast saw and started cutting the fiberglass off of his head. This went fairly quickly, and upon prying the two head cast pieces apart Strange Hobbies' face emerged no worse for wear. What a trooper! Our thanks to Elise Graves, Mistress Alice and Strange Hobbies for their great work! We will see you and Boundcon 2020!
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