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GALLERY: 1480 / DATE: Sep 7 2019 / IMAGES: 227 / VIDEOS: 2

For an American like myself, I always say that visiting Europe feels magical. The pace is a bit slower, the streets are clean, and the people have a worldly perspective and depth about them. And as far as European fetish and kink are concerned, these interests have had a chance to grow and mature over centuries. The US hasn't been around as long, so the roots of kink and fetish aren't as deep. This is why, in my opinion, it's more interesting to travel Europe when looking for fetish gear.

This video features Europe's premier corset manufacturer Jeroen van der Klis and his business Bizarre Design, located in Amsterdam. Jeroen's educational background started as an engineer, but his interest in wearing women's tight corsets led him down a different career path. Jeroen's tailoring skills are completely self-taught, fueled by his desire to wear extreme corsets himself. As JG-Leathers would say, 'horneyness is the mother of invention' and Jeroen is certainly an example of this phrase. And although I haven't asked Jeroen about this, I suppose that as a young boy growing up in Amsterdam he was exposed to women wearing corsets, and this gave way to his fetish for corsets.

This video was shot in 2016 when Elise Graves, Troy Orleans, Petgirl Kako and myself were traveling in Europe. We had attended the Boundcon bondage convention is Mumich Germany, and were touring Amsterdam and it's kinky businesses. Bizarre Design is known world-wide and has made various corsets and clothing for the motion picture industry. We had invited the popular bondage model Cobie to join us at Bizarre Design so she could model some of Jeroen's recent creations. Cobie is from Australia and was attending Boundcon, so we were lucky to have her along.

This video is in 4 parts. The first two parts in this update, and part 3 and 4 in a future update. The entire video totals 80 minutes. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did shooting it, and watching Cobie try on Jeroen's amazing corset dresses. Visit Jeroen's website at BizarreDesign.nl, and if you Google the words Bizarre Design you can find amazing pictures of his past creations. He's also on Facebook and Twitter. This is the magic of Europe!


GALLERY: 1481 / DATE: Aug 29 2019 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 3

For those who follow my other website SeriousMaleBondage.com, you may have heard of my friend Bind who runs MenInChains.com. Bind and I both enjoy bondage and shoot a lot of videos together. One of the main differences between our two websites is that SeriousMaleBondage.com presents documentary style videos, whereas Bind likes to shoot videos with a story. Bind told me that he wanted to be a movie director when he was a kid, but he wasn't able to pursue that wish until much later in his life.

I think that after Bind met me and saw that I had created a business from shooting videos about bondage and kink, he felt that maybe he could do something similar. Once he got started his desire to be a movie director took over. In the last few years he has produced some amazing bondage films that include all the ingredients of a classic Hollywood blockbuster including a plot, suspense, developing characters, drama, music, comedy, and of course good bondage. One other aspect that separates our two websites is that Bind doesn't shoot any raw sex or nudity. He likes to focus strictly on having fun with bondage, and let the viewer fantasize about the sexual aspect.

So, this video highlights a spread-eagle bondage scene we shot for Bind's feature film titled 'Appleville Strain'. The video features Jimmy USMC and Sasha Rae, playing two innocent people caught up in a bizarre underground slave ring run by the citizens of a small town in the Midwest.  A new freeway had bypassed the town so the only way to stay afloat was to kidnap young passerby's and turn them into personal slaves. The mayor, sheriff, doctor, and all the town folks are in on the slave ring and bid on the new captives. In this video Sasha Rae has bought Jimmy, but the Mayor and Sheriff are suspicious that they are lovers and might try to run away.

Jimmy USMC is the new bondage heart-throb in the gay scene, although he is not gay. He can be found on Fetlife under the same name. Jimmy is a true bondage fan, and so is Sasha Rae who specializes in Japanese Shibari rope bondage. These two bondage aficionados were discovered on Fetlife by Bind, who enticed them with a chance to become movie stars if they agreed to be in his film. I don't know where their movie careers stand today, but they did a nice job with a spread-eagle bondage scene in Bind's movie. C'est la vie! This update includes the spread-eagle video and two promo clips for Bind's Appleville feature videos on his MenInChains website.


GALLERY: 1476 / DATE: Aug 20 2019 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 1

I have always loved self-bondage, either doing it myself or watching someone else do it. As a disclaimer, self-bondage is extremely dangerous, and I do not recommend that anyone do it. That said, doing self-bondage for the camera is extremely hot and exciting, and there are always people around behind the camera who can jump in and help out if something goes wrong. So, in this video our friend Pling does some sexy self-bondage at our request. We filmed this scene in Amsterdam at the studio of our friend Remco, who runs a number of websites including ChastityBabes.com and MetalBondage.com. We were visiting him in 2016 after attending BoundCon in Germany, and met up with Pling to shoot some bondage scenes before returning to the US.

Pling is a popular bondage model at BoundCon, in Europe, and specifically in the Netherlands. She is well-versed in all kinds of bondage including rope, metal and leather, and is quite a fetishist herself. In this video she shares her passion for chastity and metal shackles and self-bondage. She picked out the gear herself including ballet boots, a rubber hood and ball gag and metal wrist and ankle shackles. I know that she enjoys this selection gear, but you don't have to take my word for it, you can see the passion and ease at which she puts the gear on. She has put this gear on a thousand times before. She loves it. She knows the handcuffs by feel and keeps track of where the keys are at all times. She can put herself into bondage with her eyes closed - and in this case does so because the rubber hood is blocking her eyesight. It's obvious to any bondage enthusiast that she knows her stuff.

As far as I'm concerned, this video is as kinky as it gets. I'm not excluding a million other kinky videos to watch, but this video stands out because it feeds a number of my fantasies including owning a helpless and sexy bondage slave. By putting herself into her bondage willingly, there is an unspoken communication that she is submitting to me and making herself available to my sexual desires. Naturally this is all for play, but none-the-less this is where my mind goes. And I love that she is locked in a chastity belt, so even if I had her all to myself there's no way for me to access her private parts. This is so kinky! I love it. This is such a hot juxtaposition. This is indeed kink at it's finest.

However, there's another stimulating component to watching Pling do self-bondage. For me, doing my own self-bondage is fun and sexually exciting. I love the feeling of ballet boots forcing my feet to a point, and the experience of metal shackles rattling and clinking and limiting my movement. I love the feeling of being helpless and sexually vulnerable, and I love being gagged and encased in rubber. And the feeling of a metal belt and it's parts passing between my legs while securing my cock and holding a butt plug deeply embedded inside my body is out of this world. And the fact that the metal belt is locked and I can't remove it drives me crazy. Naturally, my own self-bondage fantasies include a mistress who I am making myself vulnerable to. So, I can totally relate to Pling and the self-bondage she does in this video. Self-bondage is a heady experience for everyone involved!

One other experience that self-bondage provides both Pling and I is a feeling of escaping our daily realities. Self-bondage allows us to 'go down the rabbit hole' and indulge in our own erotic fantasies. It's like taking a mini-vacation or getting a good massage. For us, time seems to stand still while we enjoy the feeling of being helpless, out of control, and forced to wear whatever fetish items turn us on.

As you can probably tell by now, this is one of my favorite videos. It was actually shot by Elise Graves. We were all traveling together during this 2016 trip, including PetGirl Kako and Troy Orleans. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did while filming it. A special thanks to Pling for this eye-popping scene, and to Remco for inviting us to use his Amsterdam studio. Check out Remco's websites ChastityBabes.com and MetalBondage.com, which feature Pling in some amazing gear. Also check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for some hot rubber and bondage. Wow, I'm privileged to have such amazing friends!


GALLERY: 1475 / DATE: Aug 11 2019 / IMAGES: 79 / VIDEOS: 2

During our travels we ended up in Amsterdam, which has a lot to offer to the fetish kinkster. Three of us were traveling after attending the 2016 BoundCon event in Munich Germany: Elise Graves, Petgirl Kako and myself. We had rented an Air B&B and had a list of kinksters to visit in Amsterdam including Mistress MadieAnn, Hendrick of SMMedical.eu, Remco from ChastityBabes.com and MetalBondage.com, Bizarre Designs, Rubber Fun, Rob of Amsterdam, and DeMask. This day we had an appointment to meet and interview Luva and her husband Anton, the folks who own DeMask. DeMask is a very popular rubber latex manufacturer and retail store with satellite stores in Los Angeles and Germany. It was a pleasure and privilege to meet this couple, and an honor that we were able to film our meeting.

Europe has a deep history with rubber, bondage and fetish, and I'm always fascinated to meet the people who we hear and read about back in the US. It's a magical experience to meet these people in person and see their place of business. Buildings are much older in Europe, and it's an adventure to descend down a winding staircase into the basement of one of these famous businesses. Such was the case at DeMask, and we noticed that a few others we visited had similar basements filled with kinky gear and nostalgic items we had only seen in printed magazines like SkinTwo and Secret.

There are two videos in this update. The first highlights the chat we had with Luva, and descending down the narrow and twisted staircase into the basement where her heavy rubber and kinky toys are displayed. It was a surprise to us that the basement was at water level to one of the many waterways that wind through the city. In the basement we met Luva's husband Anton and reminisced about people we knew and events we have attended.

The second video features Elise in her heavy rubber suit strolling up and down the sidewalk in front of the DeMask store. Luva shot some video with her phone, and one young lady who worked in the store next door seemed to have a keen fascination with Elise in her rubber suit. I bet if we asked her if she wanted to give Elise's suit a go, she would have said yes immediately. We should have asked her. C'est la vie! A special thanks to Luva and Anton for their warm reception and openness. Visit their website DeMask for the latest in rubber fashion and pervy rubber gear.


GALLERY: 1473 / DATE: Aug 2 2019 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

This update features Mrs Feendish and her patient Goldilocks. You may remember the childhood story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Well, this is the same Goldilocks, only she's grown up now and has an interest in kink. No more bears. Goldilocks is friends with Grimly and Mrs Feendish who live in Glasgow UK.

The Feendish's have a secret playroom in their attic which is equipped with all sorts of strange and interesting gear. Bondage toys in leather, rubber, metal with e-stim, suction, vibration, breath control, video goggles, medical chair, bondage table - you get the idea!

Anyway, Goldilocks wanted to experience their medical chair and all of it's bizarre wires and restraints. However, little did she know that she would break the record for the number of simultaneous vibrators used a play session. Three to be exact. And once Mrs Feendish had all of them plugged in and applied to Goldilocks, we realized that Goldilocks had grown up and traded in her three bears for three vibrators. Yep! From now on, Goldilocks will be creating adult bedtime stories. And that said, of the three different vibrators used during this procedure, Goldilocks never decided which one was 'just right'. I guess we will have to do the test again.

A special thanks to Mrs Feendish (FetLife) and Goldilocks ('GoldilocksB' on FetLife) for inviting us to film their play in the secret attic playroom.


GALLERY: 1472 / DATE: Jul 24 2019 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 6

Our friend Cobie is a lovely bondage model located in Australia. She travels around the world modeling for stills and videos, shot by both amateurs and professionals. She is popular in the international bondage community  because she specializes in non-porn bondage. She has probably been tied up more than anyone else I know. Rope, metal, chastity, straitjackets, gags, you name it.

Recently I ran across some great video clips for Fancy Steel chastity belts, and naturally Cobie was the model featured in the videos. I contacted Fancy Steel, one thing led to another, and before long they gave me permission to share a few of their videos on this website. Fancy Steel makes some beautiful chastity devices for both men and women. You can see Cobie in their chastity gear on ChastityBabes.com. Funny thing, both Cobie and FancySteel are located in Australia. Hummm...I wonder if that's a coincidence, or is there more going on here than meets the eye?

Along with the videos from Fancy Steel in this update, we have included a video which we shot in 2016 at the studio of ChastityBabes.com in Amsterdam. This video features Cobie and her friend Pling. Pling is also a popular bondage model, located in the EU. Pling and Cobie attend the Boundcon event in Munich Germany each year and strut around the convention in their chastity belts while wearing shirts advertising ChastityBabes.com. They look fantastic! This little video is something we shot with the gear at hand. I love the heavy metal torso brace that Pling is wearing. Check out FancySteel chastity belts at FancySteel.com, and tons of chastity gear on pretty women at ChastityBabes.com. Lastly, a special thanks to both Pling and Cobie for their contribution to the world of bondage. Keep up the good work lassies!

NOTE - After viewing the FancySteel videos in this update, it occurred to me that some websites are trying to raise the quality bar of their videos by shooting stories that go with their bondage imagery. I have included a sixth video in this update from my friend Bind who runs MenInChains.com. This is a promo for his feature video titled Appleville Strain. This video was completely written, directed and edited by Bind, and shot by me. Check out the full video on his website MenInChains.com. This was a BIG project!


GALLERY: 1468 / DATE: Jul 15 2019 / IMAGES: 111 / VIDEOS: 3

I love it when women wear fetish rubber. I'm not talking about fashion rubber, I'm talking about unusual and bizarre rubber. In this video Tony Orlando and his lady friend Betty Cash experiment with rubber piss pants, rubber hoods, and bondage. Tony has been in many videos on this website, as well as the Kink.com websites. Tony is a true fetishist and although he does many sexual acts on kink.com, his main interest is rubber. So naturally he dates women who also like rubber. Such is the case in this video.

I love how casual Tony and his friend Betty are while playing in front of our camera. This is an example of how fun and intimate fetish play can be between a loving couple. In the last scene of this video Tony pulls a bizarre alien rubber hood over Betty's head which takes her into the obscure, completely removing her identity and personality. She becomes a helpless live female mannequin who is subject to Tony's sexual torment. This hood was made by Outer Planets, a business which is no longer around. There are three videos in this update, all shot in 2011, but the fun that Betty and Tony have with their rubber is timeless. Check it out!


GALLERY: 1466 / DATE: Jul 7 2019 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 1

I remember as a young man in my early 20's reading a Centurian bondage magazine. A drawing caught my eye of a naked guy strapped down and bent over a padded bench, and a hot woman with a strap-on dildo standing behind him, ready to fuck him in the ass. For some reason this image was burned into my mind, and I have been scouring Centurian magazines ever since trying to find the drawing. I liked the bondage rigging he was in, and I liked the idea of being fucked while helplessly restrained in bondage and unable to resist.

Well, forty years later I find myself shooting a similar scene with Elise Graves and one of her willing submissives. This poor guy is tied down to Elise's famous Fuck Cart in a leather straitjacket and thigh-high leather engineer boots. His head and feet are pulled up and tied off to a ring on top of the cart, and his mouth is filled with a bright red ball gag. This guy is totally helpless and exposed, and that's exactly where he wants to be. His legs are spread, and his ass hole is fully exposed and ready to be penetrated. This is a fantasy of many men, including myself.

Elise forces him take her dildo in his mouth for lubrication, and then fucks him in the ass. Along the way she uses a vibrator on the dildo, and his cock and balls, and then turns the vibrator on herself and gets off while her dildo is still inside of the submissive. Lastly, she gets him off with the vibrator on his cock while the dildo is still deeply embedded in his ass. He cums all over the floor, then Elise leaves him to contemplate his predicament with the dildo still stuck in his ass. After seeing this hot scene, the only question I have for Elise is - where do I sign up?


GALLERY: 1465 / DATE: Jun 29 2019 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friend Greyhound is a pleasure to be around because she loves bondage so much. You can see it on her face and in her actions. She loves to be tied up in any way, especially with interesting and unique bondage gear. She loves to be helpless and under the control of someone who she trusts. In this case, her Top is none other than the popular Mistress Alice. Alice has a unique style of her own, coming up with hilarious dialog and actions as the scene progresses. She is entertaining by herself, but when you add a beautiful, sexy and helpless submissive like Greyhound, their chemistry comes alive. You can see how much both of them enjoy their roles by looking in their eyes.

In this video our friend Dart_Tech supplied his deluxe hospital patient monitor for the shoot, and our resident bondage specialist StrapWizard brought his safety harness, Humane Restraint gear and hospital gurney. What a selection of gear. Greyhound is in big trouble now, with three people combining their gear and talents to properly torment their subject.

Once Mistress Alice had Greyhound secured to the gurney, Dart_Tech applied a handful of EKG sensor pads and corresponding wires to Alice's helpless patient. Wow. What a sight. Greyhound looked great with all the bondage restraints and wires connected to her sexy body.

Now it was time for Alice to apply her well-honed pleasure and torment skills. Alice loves to wear a white lab coat in scenes like this. The lab coat allows her the freedom to administer embarrassing and unconventional medical procedures without worry. After all, the lab coat indicates her years of training.

By the time Mistress Alice was done, Greyhound had not only achieved three orgasms but smoke was coming out of the EKG patient monitor. I guess the monitor wasn't designed to display the vital signs of a patient's orgasms... c'est la vie!


GALLERY: 1464 / DATE: Jun 20 2019 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a highly unusual video featuring the end-to-end process of covering our friend Strange Hobbies in liquid silicone. Strange Hobbies can be found on Fetlife and DeviantArt. This guy has done some pretty strange things including spending days at a time in full-body fiberglass casts. Some of his adventures can be found on this website as well.

In this video we spend an afternoon encasing Strange Hobbies in a rubbery silicone shell. A group of us consisting of Elise Graves, PetgirlKako and I, mix up a 2-part liquid silicone solution and apply it to his entire naked body. Within 30 minutes or so the silicone solidifies into a thick cocoon which he is unable to escape. With the assistance of an air tube in his mouth and an external catheter on his penis, he is able to lye motionless while the silicone sets up. Once this bizarre milky coating has dried, he is welcome to explore his limits by bending and wiggling around as best he can. Naturally, this is mind-blowing for us to watch, and I'm sure he's having a similar experience in his private skin-tight suit. The silicone sticks to his skin which accentuates his ribs and creates weird wrinkles across his chest. He body looks like a strange aliens we see in movies today.

Naturally, once Strange Hobbies is completely helpless, Elise torments him with a vibrator until he reaches orgasm. This  doesn't take long because he's pretty excited to be in this cocooned state. The silicone completely engulfs his penis and prevents his from becoming fully erect. Maybe this is a new form on chastity?

A special thanks to Strange Hobbies for instructing us through this unusual silicone process. He is friends with special effects people in Hollywood which is where is gets some of his ideas and knowledge. Also, a special thanks to Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako for their help in this crazy adventure. Check out this video which documents the entire process from mixing the silicone to removing it from Strange Hobbies' body. The video divided into five parts, totaling 90 minutes in running time. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1463 / DATE: Jun 13 2019 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 2

This video was on the site years ago and has been completely re-edited. Mistress Alice loved to drop by the SeriousBondage Institute and be a part of whatever we had going. This time we were entertaining a visitor from the mid-west who went by the name 'Agent Smith'. During this particular visit he requested to be put in fiberglass bondage. Luckily our friend Alice was available, so as soon as she arrived we started the casting process. As I recall this was one of the first time we embedded steel eye-bolts into our bondage casts. The result was absolutely mind-blowing. Agent Smith looked so bizarre in his red fiberglass head and hands, which contrasted nicely against his black spandex suit.

As soon as the fiberglass had hardened, Mistress Alice lowered our suspension bar, and we connected Smith's eye-bolts to the rig. I was mesmerized with how stunning he looked as the suspension bar was raised back up. He was totally blind and helpless, and under the complete control of Alice. He was exactly where he wanted to be.

Mistress Alice teased and tormented her poor subject and they both loved every minute it, Alice sat in a chair and rubbed his hard cock through the spandex suit with her black boots, and the only communication Agent Smith seemed to have was rattling his metal bondage points. As far as I'm concerned, this was totally mind blowing to hear and see.

A special thanks to both Mistress Alice and Agent Smith for this amazing scene. Smith is quite a fan of bondage, and runs his own bondage blog called TrapperSmith.com... but we could never figure out why he had two different names.


GALLERY: 1462 / DATE: Jun 6 2019 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 3

This video appeared on the site years ago, but for some reason it did not include the third part of the scene. I apologize for this. The third part is the best part, including our casted subject's orgasm! I must admit, if I were in his position, I would cum quickly as well. This is a hot scene, and the fantasy of many casting enthusiasts. As you probably know, fiberglass casts are associated with medical clinics and hospitals, embarrassing medical procedures, sexy and stern nurses, and invasive treatments.

In this unusual video we cast our German friend 'ModeNarr' (Fetlife) in red fiberglass. We embed heavy steel bolts in the castings, so once the fiberglass hardened the bolts can be used as bondage connection points. One of the exciting experiences of this bondage is the feeling that the bondage is actually directly connected to your bones. There's no give to the steel connecting points, and it feels like the bondage chains are directly connected to the inside your body.

The relationship between ModeNarr and his Mistress is like magic and flows back and forth as they play. This makes for a very enjoyable experience for both of them, as well as making an unbelievable scene for our camera. This video shows details of fiberglass application and removable, as well as the fun in between. I hope you enjoy this highly unique video.


GALLERY: 1461 / DATE: May 30 2019 / IMAGES: 290 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a classic video featuring the well-known father of pony play JG-Leathers. For years JG has helped advance pony play, starting with his participation in an early VHS pony video titled 'Pony Girls at the Ranch'. JG has a bigger than life personality, partly as a result of being in the Canadian military, and partly as an aircraft controller. JG runs his own massive website at JG-Leathers.com, and has been in many videos on this website.

In this video we share a relaxing day at the home of Maxcita.com. Max is a character himself, but on this day the spotlight was on JG and his pony gear. JG makes his pony gear by hand, as well as the gear incorporated in his popular 'Creature' rig.

There were a number of us visiting Max that weekend, including our FetLife friend 'MsPentYouth'. She loves pony play so it wasn't long before she was outfitted pony boots, pony harness, and a beautiful head harness. She looked so amazing, and she took our breath away. The process of JG dressing her in his pony gear took quite a while. Our group looked on from the porch of house making comments, suggestions and cat calls. Finally MsPentYouth was fully harnessed and securely attached to the pony cart. She was ready to give JG and anyone else a ride down the driveway and back. She looked amazing in her red body stocking, black boots and heavy leather. Long leather reins ran from her hear harness back to JG so he could direct her movement. What a sight!

This video is a must-see for pony players as well as leather bondage enthusiasts. There's nothing better than seeing a lovely woman tamed by leather cuffs, hooves and a serious bridle. Don't miss this classic video. This pony scene is nothing less than a sight to behold, so hold onto your seat. Information and tons of photos about JG-Leathers can be found on his website JG-Leathers.com.


GALLERY: 1460 / DATE: May 24 2019 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 4

NOTE - This update was posted on the site last year, but now a second video has been added.

Kink Engineering has become popular in the rubber community by producing unique and affordable rubber. Among their many products are made-to-order VacBeds (or VacRacks). In this update we show the setup and preparation of a Kink Engineering VacBed, and then Elise Graves and Dart_Tech playing with the same VacBed.

These videos were shot way back in 2016 and at that time some of the participants were not comfortable showing their faces. So, the setup and preparation video carefully avoids most of the faces. This is not all bad because the entertaining and informative part of the video is the conversation about the VacBed itself. If you are thinking about purchasing a VacBed, you might want to view this entire update to become familiar with the gear.

This vac-rack featured in this update is rather special because it has two additional openings in addition to the breathing tube. These two openings allow wires to enter the rubber chamber. One wire is power an e-stim butt plug, and the other is to accommodate wires from the EKG heart rate monitor. As you will see, we like to add devices which expand the experience for the players.

Many of us have seen vac-beds or vac-racks in action, but it's always nice to see Elise Graves torment a helpless subject in one.  In this case her helpless gimp is our friend Dart_Tech on Fetlife. He's a 'gear head' too, so he fits right in. In the video we see Elise Graves at her finest as she torments her helpless subject and stimulates herself at the same time with a vibrator. This is rubber fantasy at it's best!

One of the special things to watch is the vac rack as it is sucked down around Dart_Tech's body. Once the air has been completely evacuated, he is held tight in one position, unable to move at all. I have tried this a few times myself, and the most exciting part of the experience is the last few seconds before the rubber is completely sucked down. This is an amazing sensation. Within the span of two seconds the rubber goes from feeling limp and pliable to gripping your entire body and holding you down so you are unable to move. It's an great experience. The experience is especially wonderful for rubber lovers who crave the feeling of being tightly enclosed, not to mention having Elise Graves in control!

A special thanks to all the people who were involved in these two videos including Elise Graves, Dart_Tech, Petgirl Kako, NWRubber, M-Kinky and his partner B-Kinky, all on FetLife. Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her eye-popping fetish videos. Also check out Kink Engineering for their VacBeds and other unique rubber gear including their pin-hole rubber hoods.


GALLERY: 1459 / DATE: May 16 2019 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 1

For those of us who like severe leather bondage, there's nothing better than the sound of creaking leather. This audible sound goes along with the look and feel of the restraints and creates a full sensory fetish experience. As you will see in this video, new leather tends to creak more than old worn-in leather.

Our friend Greyhound from BondageLife.com is our test subject in this video. Greyhound loves all kinds of bondage. We were visiting the popular Edge Dungeon when we decided to strap Greyhound in this bondage chair. Not only did we want to give her this bondage experience, we also wanted to test the chair's adjustability. When we ordered the chair, we requested that it fit both our largest and smallest bondage friends. We had our two friends sit in a straight-back wooden chair, and we took their measurements to send to the manufacturer in Germany. This was quite a feat to build a chair with this amount of range. As you see, Greyhound is rather small as opposed to our large male friend at over six feet. We adjusted the back of the chair and all the straps, and Greyhound fit perfectly.

Greyhound loved how overwhelming and secure the chair felt. She couldn't decide if the chair made her feel safe (as bondage often does) or like a prisoner restrained against her will. In either case she looked wonderful, sexy, and struggled and whimpered with her usual passion. She was a sight to behold. We sat back and watched her strain against the leather and pout through her gag. The creaking leather was fantastic. Greyhound in this chair creates a classic bondage icon. We were able to achieve bondage nirvana for both Greyhound and our viewers. Enjoy!

As a side note, visit Greyhound's website BondageLife.com for more of her eye-popping videos. The bondage chair was made by a German guy on Fetlife whose profile name is 'SelfBondageChair'. Geryhound's rubber ball mitts are from BlackStyle, also in Germany. We shot this video at EdgeDungeon in the San Francisco bay area.


GALLERY: 1458 / DATE: May 7 2019 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a classic video featuring our friend Alice. Alice is an experienced domme with a flair for being in front of the camera. However, let me tell you, the Alice you see in this video is the same Alice you experience when she's NOT in front of the camera. Alice has a flair for humor and a quick wit. She's never at a loss for words.

This video came together at the last minute. I was invited to shoot along with Alice's main camera guy, so two of us were shooting at the same time. He was the primary camera, so I had to stay out of his way and give him first access to Alice and the scene we were filming. That said, we quickly got into a rhythm where we both shot without getting in each other's way.

This scene with Alice and her submissive Robert is not unlike other scenes we have shot, but for some reason this scene feels more intimate. It was filmed in a quite room, and we weren't rushed, so the scene flows smoothly, quietly and more intimately. This is bondage, edging and CBT at it's finest.

This video is a great way to see Alice in action. She's mature, experienced, and enjoys what she does. Alice applies a smooth and even layer of blue duct tape, and adds some thin rope to secure her sub's hooded head as well as toes. As Alice will tell you, it's important to completely secure the subject before his chastity device can be removed. After all, there can't be any chance of allowing him an orgasm while out of chastity. This is a great video, and runs a total of 40 minutes. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1456 / DATE: Apr 29 2019 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 1

The last few years we have traveled up to Vancouver Island in Canada to visit our friend Max of Maxcita.com. Max lives way out in the sticks and it takes quite a while to drive to his place from the mainland, including a 2+ hour ferry ride. One we arrive, non-stop kinky fun is had by all of us, including Max himself. In addition to kinky fun we enjoy fixing dinners, sitting around his fireplace, and enjoying the company of like-minded kinksters.

Max and his partner have a nice house which includes a walk-in shower. Naturally, our rubber friends Elise and J wanted to play in the shower in their rubber, so I got out the video camera and filmed their private soiree. For those of us who like to wear rubber, you may already know that wearing your rubber in a shower, bathtub or swimming pool is an experience of a lifetime. There's something magical and kinky about being cocooned in rubber while sloshing around in the water. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who has not tried it.

In any case, Elise and J got in the shower and took some time soaping themselves down. The soap makes the rubber slick, which makes it fun to fondling, grope and feel each other. The gas-masks keep the soapy water out of their eyes and further allow them to experience a sense of enclosure, distance, and being isolated from the outside world. What fun! I hope you enjoy watching this video and imagining yourself in their shoes - or in this case rubber suits and gas-masks. And yes, my camera and I got wet shooting this scene!

The second part of this video shows J in his rubber sleepsack which he made himself. Notice how well it fits him, including the attached gas-mask hood. J also made a simple plastic frame that holds a Hitachi vibrator, and a special control box which allows the vibrator to be controlled from an app on a cel phone. Watch as Elise plays with the settings on the phone to make the vibrator pulse on and off, which in turn makes J jerk and groan. Unfortunately I was not in the room with the video camera when J reached his orgasm. Oh well, maybe next time!

A special thanks to our host Max and his partner, Elise, J, and the 10 other people who were with us during this stay. We hope to visit Uncle Max again this year, so watch for more of our crazy videos. Visit Max's website Maxcita.com for the best in institutional canvas bondage toys, and Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her unusual, entertaining and kinky videos.


GALLERY: 1453 / DATE: Apr 21 2019 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another fun video featuring Elise Graves, Mercy West, and a transparent head box which was built by a friend. I love working with Elise and Mercy because they are both game for playing with pretty much anything I cook up. In this case I suspended the head box from an adjustable overhead metal structure mounted to the ceiling. This structure allows the head box to be moved up and down to accommodate people of different heights. The head box is quite heavy with the transparent windows made of one inch thick plastic. I think this box was originally inspired by the movie 'Saw' which featured a similar box which filled with water while someone's head was locked inside. You will have to watch the movie to see what happens. In any case, once Mercy's head box is bolted closed there is no way for her to escape, even with her hands free.

But Mercy's hands aren't free, they're caught up in a unique front-lacing leather arm binder. She's also wearing a sexy leather posture collar. Basically, she's totally stuck, and under Elise's complete control. Lucky girl. Elise Graves is gentle and a caring top, but when presented with a naked young lady like Mercy, Elise's sadistic side tends to bubble to the surface. Frankly, I love this video. It really turns me on to see Mercy so helpless and stuck inside this bizarre head box. As I guess you know by now, I'm a gear head!

A special thanks to Mercy and Elise for allowing me to film their play. Check out other videos featuring Mercy West on Clips4Sale, and check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for a large selection of her work. These two women are the real deal!


GALLERY: 1454 / DATE: Apr 15 2019 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

Elise Graves is one of us. She's a gear head. She likes to collect and play with unusual rubber and bondage gear. In this video she and her friend Mercy West strap Tony Orlando to Elise's unique 'Fuck Cart'. This crazy piece of gear was inspired by the Fetish Leathercrafter's Journal, a do-it-yourself blog by Christopher Fetish on FetLife. The cart was built for all kinds of sexual play, with tie points that can hold the subject in exposed and vulnerable positions.

As you will see in this video, Tony Orlando is just as versatile as the Fuck Cart. Tony loves bondage and fetish, and has been featured on many of the Kink.com websites. Elise and Mercy love to play with him because he's a true lifestyle kinkster. Tony is agreeable to just about any scenario the two women can kook up.

Once Tony is naked, Elise uses pallet wrap to secure him to the cart. We can tell by his hard cock that Tony is on board with whatever is about to come. An inflatable dildo is next, which is used to fuck Tony's ass while to two women tease and torment his cock and other parts of his body. Naturally Tony is excited, and before anyone can stop him Tony cums with an explosive orgasm. The two women tried to stop him, but alas, he was past the point of no return and unable to stop himself. Cum shot all over the place like a fire hose while the women looked on. This premature and uncontrolled release was disappointing to the women, so they further tormented Tony by tying the inflatable dildo to his feet so he could continue to fuck himself. Mercy straddled his torso and rode him while Elise pushed the Fuck Cart around the room. As you will see, fun was had by all despite Tony's lack of self control!

A special thanks to Elise, Mercy and Tony for this fun video. Visit Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her videos. Mercy West can be found on Clips4Sale.com and Tony Orlando can be found on many sites including Kink.com.


GALLERY: 1455 / DATE: Apr 7 2019 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

There's been a lot of vac-beds, vac-racks, vac-cubes and vac-sacks on the fetish market. Everyone seems to be selling them, and there are many variations to choose from. However, here is a new twist on the vacuum idea. This is a two person vac-sack custom made by a rubber friend of both Elise Graves and I. There are two neck openings in the sack, one is slightly bigger than the other to accommodate both a male and female neck size. If you enjoy cuddling or 'spooning' with your partner, this special vac-sack is for you.

This vac-sack has a slightly larger bag, and the usual air-tight diving zipper. Also, instead of the noisy vacuum cleaner running to suck down the bag, our friend used a fish tank pump to suck the air out of the bag. The pump takes much longer to pump the bag down, but the pump makes very little noise and can be kept running during the entire play session.

The two subjects in this video are Jimmy USMC and his friend 'Chains 5280'. During the video they change positions in the bag a few times, and each time the bag needs to be returned to ambient air pressure. As you will see, once the air is sucked out of the bag, Jimmy and Chains are completely sucked together and unable to change their position. Fun!

Maybe this two-person vac-sack idea is already being made by various manufactures, but this is the only one I've seen. It's a great idea and quite a turn-on for the people inside. A special thanks to Jimmy USMC, Chains 5280, our Master of Ceremonies SFdom, our videographer Dart_Tech, and to our rubber friend who made the bag. This is a fun video!
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