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GALLERY: 1162 / DATE: May 2 2015 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 4

People usually people think of dungeons as being located in underground rooms of castles. However, in this case, Mistress Miranda's dungeon is located in three stories of an above-ground building in London!

Mistress Miranda is known worldwide as 'The Bondage Mistress', and as you will see her dungeon contains all the gear a bondage enthusiast needs to fulfill their fantasies. Mistress Miranda takes us on a tour of her facility and explains the gear, services, and what to expect when scheduling an appointment. This is an excellent way to see Miranda in her element. She shows us the suspension room, medical room, bondage room, and infamous 'Cellblock M' with special cage elevator. Her place is like something out of the movies - only this is the real deal! Needless to say, Miranda is well versed in both rubber and bondage, not to mention CBT, E-stim (she has six Erostek boxes), breath play, cross dressing, Serious Kit and Venus vacuum systems. She even has a Rubber's Finest video hood. This UK Domme has all the skills and resources to fulfil your fantasies.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda for allowing us to shoot this unique one-hour video. For more information visit Miranda's website at TheBondageMistress.com.


GALLERY: 1161 / DATE: Apr 26 2015 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 2

Elise Graves takes her subject for a ride with some serious metal bondage gear and unique inflatable rubber. His legs and cock are secured into a steel frame which keeps him standing in one place without moving. His neck and wrists are locked into a metal yoke which is suspended from overhead. Next is the inflatable helpless mitts and inflatable hood with external nose tubes. Our hats off to Elise for selecting this hot combination of gear. Once secured, Elise inserts an e-stim butt-plug into this poor guy and turns up the juice until he moans and jerks. With the butt-plug fully functioning she moves to his front side and torments his cock but never allows him over the edge. Finally, she leaves him for a while to stew in his own juices - which is exactly where he wants to be. A special thanks to Elise Graves for sharing her unique style of play with us. This is the real deal.

This video is split in two parts which are both included in this update. The suspended metal yoke is from Cuff24.com, and the hand-held e-stim unit is from Erostek.


GALLERY: 1159 / DATE: Apr 20 2015 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

It is commonly known as 'SBS' or Sadistic Bitch Syndrome. This describes a mistress or dominatrix who derives joy from unusually cruel or harsh treatment of their submissive. They are unconcerned and completely unaffected by the plight of their subject and usually deliver more torment if their subject indicates any verbal duress.

Such is the case with ReallyTwistedMiss and her partner ReallyTwistedPup (both on FetLife). TwistedPup is chained naked and helpless in an underground cell, with a big silicon butt-plug and remote control e-stim pads taped to his thighs. A two-way audio/video communication system allows TwistedMiss to sit in the comfort of the house and administer various levels of e-stim torment to TwistedPup and monitor the results in real time. The Sadistic Bitch Syndrome comes into play when TwistedPup shouts insults to his Mistress in between rounds of intense stimulation. TwistedMiss simply turns up the e-stim and laughs as Pup thrashes around helplessly in the confines of his small cell. At one point TwistedMiss shares her soda with Pup only to pour the drink all over him. Finally she takes the garden hose and douses him with cold water. This is Sadistic Bitch Syndrome at its finest!


GALLERY: 1155 / DATE: Apr 14 2015 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

GoldilocksB and her partner DespicableC (both on FetLife) enjoy an intense rubber and bondage scene in the secret playroom of the diabolical Grimly Feendish. As the scene progresses they are both strapped together, gas-masked, and connected to shared air source which passes through a customized bubbler bottle rig. This video includes Miss Feendish and Elise Graves who guide their kinky couple through a unique combination of rubber and bondage.

By the way, check out Grimly's retail website LockedForInfinity.com which features genuine JG-Leathers body harnesses in custom made-to-order sizes.


GALLERY: 1152 / DATE: Apr 8 2015 / IMAGES: 87 / VIDEOS: 1

In Part-2 of this video Grimly Feendish turns up the heat on his poor captive Elise Graves. Using a specially modified gas-mask with embedded video goggles, Grimly forces her to view her own torment by means of a camera which is capturing the whole scene as it happens. Grimly’s system of pumps and hoses control her breathing, and multiple E-stim units poke and prod her body in various ways. Reminiscent of the film Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” as Grimly fiddles with the knobs and dials. This is undoubtedly the bondage chair from hell, and both Grimly and Elise love every minute of its torment. Hold on to your seat as you view this video - this is the real deal. Watch a preview video clip by clicking HERE.

Check out Grimly's retail website LockedForInfinity.com which features genuine JG-Leathers body harnesses in custom made-to-order sizes! Also, view an article titled 'Grimly's Chair' by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 1153 / DATE: Apr 2 2015 / IMAGES: 141 / VIDEOS: 2

We visited Hans-Peter in Frankfurt Germany who is the new owner of Studio Gum. Hans-Peter operates both StudioGum.com and his original website Latex-Maske.de. Together these websites contain a large selection of unusual and bizarre latex gear which you won't find anywhere else. My traveling companions were the famous bondage model Elise Graves, our intern and in-house photographer Petgirl Koko, and the popular UK bondage dominatrix Mistress Miranda. This update contains Part 1 and Part 2 of this multipart Studio Gum series.


GALLERY: 1151 / DATE: Mar 27 2015 / IMAGES: 87 / VIDEOS: 1

We are honored to present this unique video featuring our friends Grimly Feendish (FetLife) and Elise Graves (FetLife). The common factor that brought these two kinksters together was Grimly's famous bondage chair. What started as a simple medical exam chair has been transformed into a feendish torment device designed to take its helpless subject on a journey of multi-dimensional stimulation. Warning - one should be careful when playing with someone whose name is Grimly Feendish. This is what we told Elise Graves, but she wanted to give Grimly's chair a shot anyway. Hold on to your seat and check out her experience in Part-1 of this two-part video. This is the real deal. Watch a preview video clip by clicking HERE. By the way, check out Grimly's retail website LockedForInfinity.com which features genuine JG-Leathers body harnesses in custom made-to-order sizes. Also, view an article titled 'Grimly's Chair' by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 1149 / DATE: Mar 21 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

A recent visitor to the SeriousBondage Institute brought along an unusual breathing device which we had not seen before. After a bit of research we discovered that it is called a 'Squeeze to Breathe' device. The idea is that someone in a gas mask can only breathe if a rubber pump bag is continually being squeezed again and again. If the pump bag is not squeezed at regular intervals the gas-masked person does not have a regular supply of air. The gas-masked person could squeeze the bag themselves between their own knees, or step on the bag if it were on the floor, or have someone else do the squeezing. If the gas-masked person were somehow tied up it would make the squeezing of the bag that much more important, regardless of who was doing the squeezing.

In this hilarious video we watch as Elise and PetGirl Koko master the operation of the Squeeze to Breathe device. Cobbled together with rubber hoses, a rebreather bag, electrical tape and a special anesthesia valve, our visiting friend places himself at the mercy of these two women as they scramble to keep his air flow moving. Naturally a bit of chaos ensued. And once, during a technical glitch with the squeeze bag, our subject was trying to communicate while everyone was yelling "what did he say?" The problem was ultimately resolved but we never did figure out what he was trying to tell us.


GALLERY: 1147 / DATE: Mar 15 2015 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Our artist-in-residence MummyEd uses a winter color pallet of duct tape and pallet wrap to bind his subject Talena Williams. Talena and her friend Rich from CaptiveKink.com were in San Francisco on vacation and wanted to stop by for a quickie mummification. Once MummyEd covered her mouth with duct tape and her eyes became as big as saucers we knew she was having a good time.


GALLERY: 1150 / DATE: Mar 9 2015 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a really hot video. Elise Graves takes her new submissive on a journey of heavy bondage, trust and extreme fetish. Her subject is first strapped into a heavy rubber straitjacket followed up with an usually large leather straitjacket. The combination of the two layers provides an overwhelming layered experience that many submissives only dream about. Elise then ads a third layer with leather straps to secure him to a bondage board.

However, the real magic of this scene is highlighted in the extremely close and intimate interaction between Elise and her sightless subject. This is the stuff that real bondage fantasies are made of. Not only does she torment him with liquids and breath control, she takes him vertical with a suspension rig from the ceiling. Lastly, she changes his orange rubber hood to a highly-unusual pig snout hood which takes the scene over the top. If you like heavy rubber and bondage with a skilled mistress, you need to see this video.


GALLERY: 1148 / DATE: Mar 2 2015 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

Occasionally fans of our websites will donate gear to us as a way to show their appreciation for our work. This doesn't happen very often, and we are extremely grateful when it does. Some of the gear we use right away and some we hold onto for use when the time is right. Many visitors to our website think we own all the gear featured in our videos. This is not exactly true. We can't afford to buy every piece of bondage gear, so we borrow and trade gear with our friends and other websites. This makes our website more dynamic and interesting. In addition, we love to photograph people who own unique gear or have interesting playrooms. Our idea is for everyone to have a good time and share their fetish passions with our cameras.

Two videos are included in this update. The first video features MummyEd as he discovers that there really is a ‘Bondage Santa Claus’. MummyEd unpacks three boxes of gear which we received from a fan of the website. Among the gifts is a pair of unique Mckenzie Mitts! In the second video our intern Petgirl Kako (FetLife) plays with a self-bondage fantasy, but after securing herself she discovers that she is not alone. Yikes! Because of the dangers involved we do not encourage self-bondage, so please view this video as entertainment and not as a guide. Enjoy, and by the way, check out our all-male website SeriousMaleBondage.com.


GALLERY: 1141 / DATE: Feb 24 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

In the fifth part of our interview series with Chris from Steelwerks chastity, we take a close-up look at a customer who commissioned a unique and scary chastity device called 'The Grinder'. This harsh device features a set of six screws which dig into the head of the cock as it begins to get hard, and a urethral tube for maximum invasion and control. This bizarre contraption is a indeed mean piece of work, and the owner loves every minute of its torment. Ouch!

If you are considering the purchase of a chastity device, review this video series for valuable points to consider before ordering from any manufacturer. This is the fifth installment of videos which highlight both Chris and his customers who show and talk about their own Steelwerks gear. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the production of this unique video series. Click HERE for a preview video clip.

Visit the Steelwerks website at SteelWerksExtreme.com. Also, check out these articles on oud companion website SeriousBondage.com website titled Bondage Is Chastity and Chastity Device Play For Two.


GALLERY: 1146 / DATE: Feb 18 2015 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

In this mysterious video Elise Graves applies her dominant skills on rubber covered Petgirl Kako (FetLife). Elise combines a bizarre rubber garment with unique spreader bars to render Petgirl sightless and completely helpless. Once secured, Elise torments her rubber clad subject in a variety of ways with a Hitachi vibrator. Unable to escape, Petgirl is forced to submit to Elise's erotic stimulation. Poor Petgirl. I think she liked the treatment. Girls will always be girls.


GALLERY: 1145 / DATE: Feb 12 2015 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 2

All the dominant women and submissive men are going to like this video. Our friend Elise Graves takes her submissive friend out on the town in handcuffs which are attached to a waist belt and hidden inside the pockets of a hoodie. Their first stop was a vintage clothing store where Elise try’s on a leather skirt then forces her handcuffed prisoner to buy it for her since she has control of his wallet. The next stop was a local cafe where she locks his wrists under the table and then spoon-feeds him oatmeal. During the process a blueberry and some oatmeal gets shoved up his nose but he is helpless to do anything about it. Poor guy!

This is a really fun video and although Elise's friend couldn't show his face I assure you his cheeks were red with embarrassment. A good time was had by all. If you try any antics like this please do so at your own risk. Public bondage can attract unwanted attention and can be quite dangerous. This video is split into two parts which are both included in this update. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1144 / DATE: Feb 6 2015 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

A visiting rubber guy was the first to try out our new Mckenzie Mitts metal bondage mitts. Under the skilled hands of PetGirl Kako, he was outfitted in head-to-toe rubber including a unique inflatable rubber breather hood, a pair of arm-length rubber gloves, and heavy leather boots. He was then restrained to our bondage test bed by ratcheting his boots into special bindings and locking his mitted hands to a chain around his waist.

Once he was fully secured, various suction devices and a vibrator were used to amplify his feeling of bondage and helplessness. Although our new Mckenzie Mitts appeared to be secondary to his overall experience, they were still exciting to see in action. More tests with the mitts will need to be conducted in the future.


GALLERY: 1143 / DATE: Jan 31 2015 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

The icon for the Serious Bondage family of websites is without a doubt the infamous bondage chair. I built this chair around the late 1990's, long before I was running the websites. The chair was built for myself and I designed an internal mechanism to allow me to close and lock the wrist straps automatically without assistance from others. I built the entire chair from scratch with 2x4's and plywood, and made all the leather straps from 10-12 ounce Latigo leather. This project spanned 8 months and probably took 100 hours and cost around $1,200 dollars. Do to the insane churn of the tech industry at the time, plus the eventual dot-com bust in early 2000, I never finished the chair because I was busy just trying to stay employed. After being laid off four times in a row as a result of the tech booms and busts, I started the Serious Bondage family of websites as a way to reinvent my career. So, years later, the bondage chair remains only 95% complete.

Although I discourage self-bondage, the chair features self-retracting and locking mechanisms behind each wrist strap. Pulling on either of two small chains releases the wrist straps independently so if one gets stuck I could still release myself with the other. There was no time release system involved, I could release myself at any time. Time release bondage is MUCH too dangerous, as I have found out first hand with two life threatening experiences.

This update features our intern Petgirl Kako (on FetLife) as she slowly straps herself into the chair. One of her restraint points is the leather collar around her neck which attaches to the back of the chair which is a little hard to see in the video. Also, since I enjoy heavy rubber, I had later added a leather harness on each side of her head which holds the head stationary. As you will see this harness is designed to buckle around an Israeli gas mask which makes the bondage chair even more exciting. In the future I may add leather pockets at each end of each arm rest which the hands will slide into before the wrist straps are cinched down, which will render the hands and fingers completely useless. For now, enjoy the video as it is and the fantasies it may conjure up for you.  You can find articles featuring this and other bondage chairs HERE. Mark the Editor.


GALLERY: 1137 / DATE: Jan 25 2015 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

In the fourth part of our interview series with Chris from Steelwerks chastity, we watch as a few pieces of his gear are demonstrated by a pair of adventurous and kinky women. These pieces include two labia spreaders and a sexy red butt plug. This Steelwerks gear is like expensive jewelry and is quite erotic and  mesmerizing when applied to the intimate female genitals. During this video a fun and sexy banter is heard between Chris and his female participants. If you are considering the purchase of any Steelwerks gear, review our entire series for valuable points to consider before ordering.

This is the fourth installment of videos which highlight both Chris and his customers who show and talk about their own Steelwerks gear. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the production of this unique video series. Click HERE for a preview video clip.

Visit the Steelwerks website at SteelWerksExtreme.com. Also, check out these articles on oud companion website SeriousBondage.com website titled Bondage Is Chastity and Chastity Device Play For Two.


GALLERY: 1142 / DATE: Jan 19 2015 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 3

In this crazy three-part video, Mistress Alice takes her submissive down the rabbit hole for some wild and kinky bondage. She laces him into a butterfly straitjacket and molded rubber gas-mask hood, then buckles a heavy collar around his neck and attaches it to an overhead chain. As a result he poor guy is forced to flap his wings and waddle around like a captive little birdie. Then the torment really begins with leather straps, nipple clamps, special breather dildos, a vibrator and finally a special water treatment with the garden hose. Unbelievable! A special thanks to Alice and her friend ModeNarr, and to StudioGum for loaning us the unique breather dildos. This is a really fun video.


GALLERY: 1139 / DATE: Jan 13 2015 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

People in the bondage business love to show off their new gear. In this video PD of InSex fame shows us a new set he is building, and a steel cage which he invented recently. In turn, we brought along a pair of unusual 'Mckenzie Mitts' for everyone to see. Our visit was brief, but we all had a good time. PD spends his winters at this West coast studio and summers at his farm in upstate NY, thereby avoiding the cold and snow. We love the comradery and exchange of ideas with PD and his staff, and look forward to touring his farm which we will feature on this site.

Since the early days of PD's notorious InSex website he has moved on to create new works on the Web. His current sites feature a range of both male and female handlers, gear, scenarios, and locations: Infernal Restraints, Top Grl, Sexually Broken, Hard Tied, Realtime Bondage, and Insex On Demand.

Click HERE for a video clip from this update. You can also find a six-part interview we shot with PD on this website, and we hope to cover more of PD's unique work and imagery in the future.


GALLERY: 1134 / DATE: Jan 7 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a sexy video featuring our intern 'petgirl_kako' (onFetLife). Petgirl writes a note to her lover who is expected home any minute, then locks herself into spread-eagle bondage as a special surprise gift. This is a common fantasy which many bondage people dream about. Click HERE for a video preview clip.

We do not encourage self-bondage on this website because the dangers are far too great. We present this video for entertainment purposes only, and not as a guide to self-bondage. So, enjoy this video and the excitement you feel when Petgirl cinches up the straps and clicks the locks to ensure her helplessness. In real life, self-bondage is an extremely dangerous activity. If you play with self-bondage do so at your own risk.
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