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GALLERY: 1370 / DATE: Nov 14 2017 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friend Taylor Dawn didn't realize what he was getting into when he agreed to play with Eden Alexander and Elise Graves. Maybe he got in over his head? In any case, once he was naked and restrained in our 'Box of Torment' he lost any ability to turn back. He was going down the proverbial rabbit hole.

This box was the invention of our editor and videographer Petgirl Kako. She has some great ideas, and this was one of them. By positioning wrist and ankle cuffs inside the box, Taylor Dawn is made both helpless and vulnerable, and with the top of the box made into a head stock, his face is made completely accessible to these two dommes. The problem with his face being accessible is that Elise Graves loves to mess with people's faces, especially mouths. Elise wasted no time is using jaw spreaders to pry open Taylor's mouth to inspect his oral cavity. Chaos ensues as the two dommes tease and torment Taylor's face and cock. This poor guy is edged and tormented so much that he is unable to cum, even when given the permission to do so. C'est la vie!


GALLERY: 1367 / DATE: Nov 6 2017 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

We are proud to announce that the two videos in this update includes a cast of bondage stars. Our main star is Rachel Greyhound of BondageLife.com. She's an up-and-coming bondage celebrity because she isn't just a bondage model, but she lives a bondage lifestyle 24/7. She is the real deal. She's the kind of bondage submissive that you read about in fictional stories. That brings us to our next bondage star JG-Leathers. JG has been in the kink scene for years and writes such fictional stories. He has penned over twenty fictional bondage erotica books which can be found on the Web and Amazon. JG has appeared on this website many times in the past. Our third star is Dart_Tech (Fetlife) who is a relatively new kinkster and computer whiz who has invented devices which you may have seen on this website recently. The fourth star is Taylor Dawn who makes only a short appearance in one of the videos in this update. Taylor has appeared in a few videos on this website, and we hope to see more of him in the future.

So, the first video in this update is titled 'How to Lockup a Greyhound'. This video shows in detail the heavy and overwhelming security of a new jail we have been shooting in recently. Rachel Greyhound was locked up in the solitary confinement cell of this facility for 2 days, naked, chained to the wall, in the dark. Dart_Tech is the moderator of this short video and explains the level of security Greyhound was behind during her two day stay. A video of her 48 hour ordeal will be available in the future, but for now this is a tour of her serious lockup.

The second video highlights Geryhound in an unusual bondage predicament. She's naked as usual, and her head is locked in a transparent box. She loves this kind of situation, especially when friends like JG-Leathers and Taylor Dawn come along to torment her. They lock her wrists behind her back, shackle her ankles together, and clip a leash to her nose ring. Even though she pouts, we know she's having a good time. We're having a good time watching her as well, especially when she fondles her shiny metal butt plug which she wears 24/7.

These two videos fall under the category of bondage 'eye-candy'. What can I say. All bondage with Rachel Greyhound is good! Visit her website BondageLife.com to see her in action. Also, visit JG's website at JG-Leathers.com for an amazing array of kinky photos and literature. In addition, both Dart_Tech and Taylor Dawn can be found on Fetlife under their respective names. Lastly, the facility where Greyhound spend 48 hours in solitary confinement is available for rent and play stays. Check out their website for details at EdgeDungeon.com. A special thanks to everyone involved in these two videos. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1366 / DATE: Oct 30 2017 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

Here are a couple of odd videos from our bondage archives. The first video is titles 'Heavy Metal' and features a cast of characters including Wired4Fun, Elise Graves, Mercy West, MummyEd and a few others who couldn't show the faces or share there names. The title Heavy Metal refers to a pair of stainless steel helmest that Wired4Fun had brought along. The helmets were custom made and are very solid. Elise put the helmet on our rubber friend, then a set of heavy wrist shackles from Parus-Leder.de in Germany, and a pair of ankle shackles from Cuff24.com. The poor rubber guy ended up completely helpless - which is exactly where he wanted to be. We also put a halo brace in Mercy, only to find out later that it was on backwards. Finally, MummyEd strapped his friend into a police chair, and Ltx4Jay was hosed down with water in an industrial shower stall while wearing his head-to-toe rubber.

The second video features a petite woman who wanted to try a straitjacket, so Dalton strapped her in, put her in a gas-mask, and stuffed her into a fiberglass box. Once the box was closed and latched, he suspended the box with an unusual rig that allows the box to float and rotate with the slightest nudge. This was a very meditative experience for our visitor, and when Dalton opened the box she requested another round! This is an old video shot with our first camera, so if you have a problem playing it try installing the free open-source VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1365 / DATE: Oct 23 2017 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun video featuring Mistress Alice and her submissive Taylor Dawn (Fetlife). Taylor came all the way across the country from Florida to hang out at the Institute over the Folsom 2017 weekend. While he was visiting he asked about our Studio Gum orange heavy rubber inflatable bag. So we pulled out the bag and Alice took charge of the scene. In addition, our staff technical consultant Dart_Tech (Fetlife) happened to be at the Institute, so he rigged up a video feed from a small webcam to a head-mount viewer. This enabled Taylor Dawn to watch Alice as she tormented and stimulated his cock. What a setup! As the title of the video indicates, 'you see what I see'. The webcam was attached to a head strap which allowed the camera to see exactly what Alice was seeing.

In addition to the head-mount viewer, Dart_Tech rigged up a hospital patient monitor which allowed Mistress Alice to monitor Taylor's heart rate as she manipulated his cock with a vibrator. To take the scene over the top, Dart added a bubbler bottle to Taylor's gasmask hose which allowed us to monitor his breathing. This was a super high-tech rubber and bondage scene happening in real-time. Fun!

This video is in two parts because there was so much going on. Taylor couldn't hold back and shot his load while he looked on via his head-mount viewer. This was unbelievable. We should charge extra for this array of high-tech gear! In any case, a good time was had by all. Alice and Taylor want to come back for more high-tech play, so I'm sure we will see them again. Check out Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com for more of her unusual videos.


GALLERY: 1352 / DATE: Oct 16 2017 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 1

Earlier this year Elise Graves and I visited the studio of ReflectiveDesire.com in the North-West US. These folks specialize in highly reflective skin-tight latex stretched tightly on slender female bodies. As everyone knows, tight and shiny latex looks fantastic, which is why it has turned into such a world-wide fashion statement.

In this video Elise puts Miss Desire into a highly polished vac-rack and pumps her down for our visual enjoyment. Once the air of the vac rack has been fully evacuated her red dildo becomes the center of attention. The visual is mind-blowing. Miss Desire becomes a shiny sexual object. Our minds become filled with erotic thoughts, images, and sexual desires. Lets watch as these two women explore their reflective desires!


GALLERY: 1302 / DATE: Oct 9 2017 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool video featuring Elise Graves and her bizarre rubber friend 'K-pa' on Fetlife. Before this dental session starts, Elise uses pallet wrap to secure K-pa's arms and legs to the chair. This prevents him from running away, although I doubt he would.

Once he's restrained, Elise looks him over to see what she has to work with. K-pa has a strange rubber gag filling his mouth which includes false teeth, lips and tongue, which we can see from the outside. He's also wearing a metal chastity cage from Steelwerks Extreme. Clearly, this guy has  prepared for a session with Elise. Without a doubt he's a serious fetish gear-head, but so is Elise, so I guess they're a match.

Elise replaces K-pa's rubber gag with a spreader that allows her to put her fingers into his mouth. We can hear K-pa moaning, in a good way, so we know that he's enjoying Elise's touch. She tests his cock-sucking abilities  by sticking her fingers down his throat to test his gag reflex, and he passes with flying colors. Next, Elise tests his nipple sensitivities with a pair of vacuum suckers, and then graduates to a pair of nipple clamps. K-pa turns out to have remarkable self-control, so the last test is to measure his stamina. Elise leaves him to contemplate his situation while bound to the chair with his nipples clamped. How long can he go like this? Maybe he's not suffering as much as we think. What a strange session this turned out to be.

A special thanks to both Elise and K-pa for letting us watch their strange dental restraint session. Visit Elise's site Bondage Liberation for more of her cool rubber and bondage videos. Dr Elise is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1364 / DATE: Oct 2 2017 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 2

Here are two amusing videos from our archives. Occasionally we fire up our 'Way Back' machine and pull out some videos that were shot in the early days of this website. Back then we shot our videos on tape instead of digital chips. Actually, during the first couple of years we only shot still images which is why our older updates contain no videos.

The first video in this update is titled "How Do You Say 'Yes Mistress' in German?" In early 2010 Mistress Gwen Freestorm came from Minneapolis for a visit, so we called our friend 'Mode Narr' and asked him if he wanted to meet and play with this popular domme. Mode Narr is German, and his name means 'fashionable'. Mode Narr showed up with some cool latex including an inflatable straitjacket and hood. We strapped him to a motorized medical table with his legs held wide apart. I must say that once we had him fully inflated and secured Mode Narr did look quite fashionable - in a kinky kind of way. At that point Mistress Freestorm stepped in with her own e-stim box and electrified cock press. From there we were up and running. Check out the video to see this fashionable scene.

The second video stretches way back before 2010 and is titled "Kinky Zero G's", as in the zero G's of outer space. It features our friend Mistress Alice who has been with us since the beginning of the website. She puts her friend in some heavy head-to-toe black latex and then pulls out his unbelievably long cock. His eye-popping member contrasts nicely against the black rubber. I think this is the first time he had been in full latex so he was quite aroused. Alice slips a gas-mask over his face, and attaches a long black hose for him to breathe through. Alice knows that his every breath comes through the hose, so she lifts his skirt and presses the end of the hose to her pussy. Alice sure knows her way around kink!

A special thanks to everyone involved in these two vintage videos. Friends like these helped us launch this website and keep it going all these years. Visit Mistress Alice's website 'Alice In Bondage Land' for more of her work.


GALLERY: 1362 / DATE: Sep 25 2017 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hilarious video we shot earlier this year while visiting Max of Maxcita.com in Canada. Max makes the best canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market today. As you will see, he is a kinkster himself and loves playing with gear as much as we do.

In this video we see a rubber vac rack which Max made himself. He used to sell the vac rack on his website, but I don't think he makes them any more. His vac rack has a one-way check valve, and a heavier black border around the rack frame with a thinner amber latex center which sucks down on the subject.

During our visit Max had 7 guests staying in his house so there were multiple scenes going on every day. During this vac rack scene our friends Elise Graves and MsPentYouth (Fetlife) were secured into a metal stock at their waists. This crazy piece of gear held them 10 inches apart which is just far apart to keep them hot and horny! Others seemed to be attracted to the commotion and added handcuffs and torment to their delicious predicament. Needless to say, fun was had by all.

Check out Max's website Maxcita.com for a selection of high-quality bondage gear, and Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for her cool bondage videos!


GALLERY: 1363 / DATE: Sep 18 2017 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

I love it when we meet rubber women, especially women who love heavy rubber. Eden Alexander is such a woman. She understands the need to smell and feel rubber. For Eden it's an organic and animal like experience. For most of us, natural rubber is an easy material to fetishize. As Eden will tell you, adopting an obsession with rubber comes naturally.

In this video Eden plays with her friend who has an obsession with heavy rubber suits and total enclosure. He is cocooned in a StudioGum 'Rubber Prison Suit' with detachable anesthesia face mask. As much as he seems to moan about being locked in this suit and restrained in heavy bondage, it's just an act. He's lucky to have the attention of Eden, and excited to receive her warm caress and torment. Lets just say that he's exactly where he wants to be, and I wouldn't mind trading places with him at any time. Check out Eden Alexander on her Twitter Page and all the major clips sites!


GALLERY: 1304 / DATE: Sep 11 2017 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another example of how Elise Graves can torment her subjects. This poor guy is strapped into a police restraint chair and hooked to a hospital ventilator. It took a lot of concentration on his part to allow the machine to take over breathing for him. Frankly, I don't think he ever got the hang of it because Elise kept tormenting him, and the torment kept changing his breathing pattern. Hospital patients need to be relaxed or sedated when they are connected to a ventilator, and this guy was definitely NOT relaxed.

To further the torment, Elise climbed into his lap and masturbated herself with a vibrator. Wow! This changed his breathing pattern even more, to the point where he seemed to be at war with the machine. I don't think Elise has had any formal medical training with ventilators, but this scene looked like fun to me. So where do I sign up for this treatment? Will my medical insurance cover the costs? For more of Elise's bondage videos check out her website at BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1361 / DATE: Sep 4 2017 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video we shot while visiting our friend Uncle Max at Maxcita.com. Max lives in Canada and makes the best canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market. He has neen in business for years, and his gear is used by kinkseters and escape artists worldwide. Actually, I'm told that escape artists are kinksters as well?

We had 8 people with us and stayed with Max for almost a week. During that time we did a lot of playing with his gear in both his upstairs playroom and padded cell in the rear of the house. This video features a number of women playing with our friend 'J' who was on the trip with us. J is a serious rubber guy and on this trip he got a lot of attention from our female traveling companions. Two of the scenes in this video are strictly rubber fetish and bondage, but the third scene features rubber and romance.

Our friend J makes all of his rubber gear including his catsuits, gasmask hoods, and vac sacks. In this video he is subject to one of his unique and diabolical inventions. It's a box that allows you to control a vibrator from a cel phone. The box can run stimulation programs that control Estim boxes, but plug vibrators, and Hitachi vibrators all at the same time. Fun!

A special thanks to J and the harem of women who enjoyed playing with him in this video. Also, a special thanks to Uncle Max for being a warm and welcoming host. Visit his website Maxcita.com for the best in institutional canvas bondage gear money can buy. Max is the real deal, and so is his gear.


GALLERY: 1247 / DATE: Aug 28 2017 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hilarious video featuring Mistress Miranda and Miss Mighty, both located in London. The video was shot in Miranda's dungeon, in her 'Bondage Room'. Miranda is the only Mistress I know who has a three story dungeon, and all three floors are setup to accommodate virtually any kinky fantasy you may have. In this case the fantasy was heavy rubber from StudioGum

The two mistresses encased a beautiful young lady and their client in heavy rubber suits, and then proceeded to humiliate both of them with various erotic tasks. In order to decide which gimp would be tormented, Miranda threw some coins on the floor to see which gimp could pick up the most money. Well, with all the lube and the heavy rubber gloves of the suits, it was virtually impossible for either gimp to pick up the coins. As it turned out, the client gimp was tormented the most because he was the center of attention.

This video is really fun and we are honored to film these unique scenes with Miranda and Miss Mighty. This is fetish play at it's finest. I wish some of my family's holiday parties would include games like these! Visit Miranda's website at TheBondageMistress.com and Miss Mighty's website DommeInLondon.com for more information about these two Mistresses. They are both highly skilled and own lots of gear!


GALLERY: 1360 / DATE: Aug 21 2017 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

This video highlights how enjoyable a bondage session can be with an experienced Mistress. For those who have never paid for a session with a professional domme, you might watch this video and then book a visit. Don't cut yourself short by only booking an hour because you won't have time to get to know the Mistress, and she won't have time to take you on an enjoyable journey.

This video features Elise Graves who is using the studio and gear of Troy Orleans in New York City. As you will see, this is a clean and inviting play space which is equipped with a unique suspension frame from MetalBound.com. Troy's studio is located in the heart of Manhattan, and she has a large selection of high quality bondage gear and toys.

In this scene Elise laces and straps her client into a Fetters sleepsack and hood. Once he is secured to a padded platform, Elise hoists him off the floor to a comfortable height, then applies some nipple torment to her poor subject. Notice how slowly this scene progresses. Nothing is rushed. This is an example of how rich and satisfying a session can be for both Elise and her client.

A special thanks to both Elise and her client, and to Troy Orleans for opening her NYC studio to our cameras. Book a session with Elise on her website EliseGraves.com. To book a session with Troy, visit her website at TroyOrleans.com. Both of these women are gentle, mature and professional, and can provide a memorable first-time experience.


GALLERY: 1359 / DATE: Aug 14 2017 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

This update includes 2 videos. The first video features Elise Graves and her rubber friend 'J' during a visit to Mad Max from Maxcita.com in Canada. A group of us went on a road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver Island in Canada, and stayed with Max for a week. For those who have not heard of Max, he makes the best straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market. Check out his website at Maxcita.com.

Max has a lot of gear, and two playrooms. In this video Elise stuffs her friend J in a Maxcita suspendable mail bag and then hoists him off the floor inside of a padded cell. J is in a full rubber catsuit with an electrified butt plug, custom silicone receptacle for a Hitachi vibrator, and a gas-mask hood with a long hose. However, once he is laced into the bag, the only thing you can see of J is the opening in the bag for access to his cock. Not only is he completely covered by the canvas, but internal sleeves for his arms keeps him from touching himself or escaping.

Elise enjoys her power over her friend J, and plays with a new toy which allows her to control J's vibrator via blue-tooth from her cel phone. Alas, once Elise has her captive fully enclosed, restrained and hoisted off the floor, she closes the door of the padded cell and leaves J to cook in his own juices. J loved every minute of this treatment and is looking forward to our next visit! Check out Max's website Maxcita.com for a large selection of gear, and Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her cool videos.

The second video is a short collection of clips from our friends at ReflectiveDesire.com. During our same road trip to visit Max on Vancouver Island, we made a stop in Seattle to visit these rubber kinksters. They are great folks, and while we were there we shot a few videos which you will see on this website in the future. Check out their website ReflectiveDesire.com for more of their mind-blowing videos.


GALLERY: 1308 / DATE: Aug 7 2017 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

Elise Graves loves to take her friends to places they have never been before. Such is the case for this poor young man who said 'do what ever you want'. Never say that to Elise.  Check out this video and see what happens!


GALLERY: 1358 / DATE: Aug 2 2017 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Miss TeariousMiss TeariousMiss Tearious
Miss Tearious (Fetlife) and her friend 'J' share a keen interest in rubber. J makes his own gear, and Miss Tearious is a rubber event organizer in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact I think they met at one of her events.

During a casual discussion with Mark at the Institute, Miss Tearious helps J in and out of his inflatable hood, rubber sleepsack, and gas-mask hood with blackout lenses. Notice that all of J's rubber fits perfectly. This is because he makes all of his own gear. Cool, eh?

While J is in the sleepsack Miss Tearious guides his head into a transparent box which is suspended from overhead. Mark connects his gas-mask to a SCUBA air supply, and gives Miss Tearious a regulator of her own to breathe from. These crazy activities are fun for serious rubber lovers. I am a rubber lover myself, and it seems like the more gear that can be added to a scene the better. In this case, breathing from a bottled air supply and hearing each breath swoosh in and out of the SCUBA regulator is very kinky and exciting.

As you can see in the sample photos above, Miss Tearious is a very attractive rubber woman. When she stands beside her friend with his head in a gas-mask and locked in a transparent box, the scene becomes very unusual and striking. As a matter of fact, I think she should use one of these pictures to advertise her next rubber event in Los Angeles. A special thanks to these two rubberists for sharing their passions with us at the SeriousBondage Institute!


GALLERY: 1315 / DATE: Jul 26 2017 / IMAGES: 56 / VIDEOS: 1

The ultimate bondage experience is to be under the control of someone who you are attracted to. Someone who turns you on. The game is to be restrained so that you can't touch or get close to the person who you are attracted to. From the Top's perspective they can tease and torment you and you can't do anything about it.

Elise Graves and Tony Orlando know this game well, and they both love to play their respective parts. In this hot video Elise restrains Tony in a set of metal stocks which hold his neck, wrists and ankles. After Tony is rendered completely helpless, Elise turns up the tease and torment games and takes Tony on a ride of sexual submission, embarrassment and CBT. Tony loves every minute of this play as he's forced to suck Elise's strap-on. But who wouldn't? Elise is a beautiful, sexy and knowledgeable Top who knows how to walk the fine line of a male's sexual drive and ego.

This is a hot video and frankly I wouldn't mind being in Tony's shoes - or in this case his rubber catsuit! Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her hot bondage videos. A special thanks to both Elise and Tony for sharing their secret passions with our camera.


GALLERY: 1333 / DATE: Jul 21 2017 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

We recently acquired a hospital ventilator from a friend. This is a machine that is used to assist people in breathing. This device is kinda kinky and makes an inhale and exhale noise just like a human.

In this video Elise Graves and Dart_Tech (Fetlife) test the ventilator using a modified  aircraft pilot oxygen mask which fits securely to the face. Dart_Tech is the subject in this test, and wanted to be secured in the bondage chair to make the test more exciting. Naturally Elise went along with his request and strapped him in.

Lets stop here and tell everyone who is going to watch this video that playing this way can be extremely dangerous and we do not recommend trying this yourself. These two people have a not of experience with this gear and we had assistants standing behind the camera waiting to jump in and help is something went wrong. WARNING - DO NOT USE THIS VIDEO AS AN EXAMPLE. THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. BREATH PLAY CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND POSSIBLY FATAL.

As you will see, Elise and Dart_Tech had a good time playing with this gear. Both of them like edge play, and this is exactly what it is. We hope you enjoy this video. 'Nuff said! Visit Elise's website Bondage Liberation for more of her unique videos.


GALLERY: 1259 / DATE: Jul 15 2017 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

Whenever we travel in the UK we have to stop and visit our friend Mistress Velour. She is located a few hours south of London in Brighton, and has a great studio with lots of gear. Velour specializes in rubber and bondage and can take you on a journey down the rabbit hole which you will never forget. She is quite experienced and creative, and can combine gear in ways that will blow your mind. This is why we like to visit her.

During our last visit we had a chance to meet her friend AtMyDisposal who is also a rubber and bondage domme, and we were able to film both of them working with one of Velour's clients. Velour and AtMyDisposal are long time buddies and are always found sharing gear and ideas together. Isn't that the way it works? There's so much to know as a top, and the amount of gear that's available these days is hard to keep up with.

In this video Velour uses a special metal rig that she can lash her client's cock and balls to. I've seen these devices made of wood, but not this one which is made of metal and is supported from a base on the floor which her client stands on. Velour secures her submissive's head in a metal cage and his wrists in metal hand balls, both suspended from overhead. Once he is made fully helpless, she uses the cock stand to secure his cock and balls so they can be properly tormented. To add a further sense of helpless and vulnerability, Velour inserts a metal ass-hook into her client and ties it off from the back of his collar. This is a hot scene. And, just like a jet plane circling the Heathrow airport waiting to land, Velour has another client in the adjacent room who is waiting for his turn to be tormented. This rubberized gimp has been locked in a cage all this time, and seems to be a bit shy to answer Velour's questions.  Maybe he's afraid of being led down the kinky rabbit hole? It's too late my friend, there's no turning back!

Check out Velour's website MissVelour.com for more information about her Brighton studio and the unique services she offers. As to her friend AtMyDisposal, he also offers bondage services and can take you on a different ride as a male top. He's gentle, caring and knowledgeable, and has his own selection of unique gear. Find out more about his services on his Tumblr Website. Both Velour and AtMyDisposal are indeed the real deal.


GALLERY: 1357 / DATE: Jul 9 2017 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video we shot in Amsterdam featuring the popular bondage models Pling and Coby, along with our own Elise Graves. Our Dutch friend Remco invited us to use his studio which is located just outside of Amsterdam. He runs a number of bondage websites including ChastityBabes.com and MetalBondage.com, and this studio is where he shoots his beautiful models in his bondage gear.

We found ourselves in Amsterdam after attending the Boundcon bondage convention in Munich Germany in 2016. Traveling with us was our friend Troy Orleans from NYC and SteveLovesKink from the UK. All in all, we had a great time in our friend's studio playing with bondage gear and tying each other up. For us, this was just an extension of the prior week's Boundcon event in which bondage is the main focus.

In this video Elise secures Coby, Pling and SteveLovesKink to the wall with metal bondage gear that was available to us in the studio. As you will see, the metal bondage gear is quite unique and fits the two ladies perfectly. Steve likes rubber, so Elise secured his latex-covered body to both the wall and floor between the two ladies. What is not apparent in the video is that his wrists were screwed and locked to the floor. Between his wrists, ankles and neck all being secured, Steve couldn't move at all. And because he was wearing a thick eyeless rubber hood, he couldn't see the sexy naked women standing beside him. Poor guy!

The shiny metal bondage gear that Pling and Coby were secured with was quite hot indeed. Two different collars held their arms up and out of the way while Elise pleasured them with a vibrator. Wow! What a sight to see these two naked ladies secured to the wall. Their metal waist belts were secured easily with padlocks, along with their ankles, and created an exciting and helpless situation for both of them.

All in all, everyone had a good time and look forward to doing this again in the future. A special thanks to Pling who has her own website PlingsPlayground.com, and to the international model Coby who flew all the way from Australia to be in bondage with us and at the Boundcon event. Also, a special thanks to Troy Orleans for lending a hand with the rigging, SteveLovesKink for flying in from London, and to Remco for inviting us to use his studio. Check out his websites ChastityBabes.com and MetalBondage.com. He has six more websites but I can't remember them! Lastly, a special thanks to Elise Graves, and to Petgirl Kako for shooting and editing this video. Check out Elise's website BondageLiberation.com for more of her cool bondage videos.
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