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GALLERY: 1718 / DATE: Sep 23 2022 / IMAGES: 213 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend JG-Leathers has been traveling the world for years. He enjoys the sights and sounds of other countries, but more importantly for us he has made friends with all kinds of kinky people during his travels. One such person is Mistress Madieanne in Amsterdam. Elise Graves and I visited Madieanne back in 2017 and confirmed that she is indeed the real deal. Madieanne is extremely knowledgeable and has years of bondage, fetish and kink experience. She is fortunate to have a loving partner who supports her business by building, modifying and collecting gear which she uses to entertain her clients.

The short video in this update was given to us by JG-Leathers, who was filmed by Mistress Madieanne's partner during one of his visits. JG's signature play is to be dressed in his heavy latex catsuit, thigh-high black rubber spile-heel women's boots, padded rubber helpless mitts, gas-mask, electrified suction breast cups, and electrified butt-plug and suction e-stim penis tube. Each breast cup is home made and contains a soft-force spring that tracks each of JG's male breast nipples as his breast skin is sucked in and out of each  cup. This allows the e-stim pole to stay in constant contact with his nipples as they move forward and back.

The penis tube is also home made by JG, and it's as brutal as it looks. JG's cock is sucked up and down a brass tube which is inserted into the urethra and the tube is charged with one pole of the e-stim channel. This is as brutal as it sounds. JG's quest is to experience extreme helplessness and intense stimulation. He assembled this collection of gear after years of fantasizing and tinkering in his home workshop. One of JG's famous sayings is "horniness is the mother in invention". Hahaha!  This is classic JG-Leathers.

For those who are unfamiliar with JG-Leathers, he has been around the kink scene for years, and was good friends with the late Jeff Gord from HouseOfGord. JG has authored and published many kinky fiction stories which can be found and purchased on-line by doing a Google search for 'JG-Leathers'. Some of JG's books are also available on Amazon.

This update contains 213 still photos, a short video and a rich 1,700 word narration written by JG. JG describes his play session with Madieanne including the sweat, near panic and joyful bliss he experiences under her control.

Many of us have toyed with the idea of visiting a professional Dominatrix but have not followed through because of shyness, embarrassment, or cost. For the most part, mistresses like Madieanne who have been in the business for years are friendly and accommodating and can provide you with a quality experience providing you are honest and clear about the kind of experience you are seeking.

A special thanks to JG-Leathers and Mistress Madieanne for sharing this unique video, text and set of photos with us. The video in this update is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1688 / DATE: Aug 31 2022 / IMAGES: 69 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cute little video we shot years ago featuring Mistress Alice and her friend. Mistress Alice lives a few hours from San Francisco, and only comes for a visit when there's something special to see. In this case it was a bondage cart which we built out of a heavy black plastic restraint chair used for transporting prisoners. We inherited this unique chair from our friend Squirm at RubberZone. He actually gave us two chairs but I forgot what we did with the other one. In any case, we built a steel frame out of Unistrut and bolted the chair to it. We then attached a 5-point racing harness to the chair and mounted a pair of snow-board bindings to secure the feet. Lastly, we added a vertical piece of Unistrut for securing the head, and four wheels to allow the entire frame to be rolled around easily. As you will see, this project turned into a fun and fantastic bondage cart. This is the kind of bondage contraption that motivates Mistress Alice and her friends to visit us.

It didn't take long to strap and lace Alice's friend into full leathers, including heavy boots, a beautiful straitjacket and a nice muzzle. Alice dressed herself in a shiny black PVC outfit and we were ready to drive up the hill to our favorite San Francisco lookout point called Twin Peaks. As you will see in this video, Alice has a way of narrating her bondage scenes no matter how crazy they are. Public bondage play can sometimes be a little edgy, but our little scene was nothing compared to other things that happen in public in this City. As it was, we hit Twin Peaks on an off-day so there weren't buses full of gawking tourists running around with their cameras.

This little scene was right up my alley. I love to play with secure, unusual, and over-the-top bondage, combined with a sexy Mistress in charge. Additionally, doing this scene in public adds a bit of spice to the experience. On the way home Alice's friend said, "it was exhilarating"! Well, it was exhilarating for me too! (I was the guy with the camera) Check out Mistress Alice’s website Alice In Bondage Land for more of her crazy antics. Enjoy! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing the video, try downloading and using the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1710 / DATE: Aug 20 2022 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a mind-blowing video featuring MedicalSlave, Elise Graves, and a new battery-powered female pleasure toy. This flashlight size tool delivers clit suction, simulated tongue licking and vibration all in a sexy and slim battery-operated hand tool. This is an amazing piece of technology.

First, MedicalSlave is restrained on antique medical table with leather straps. Her arms and legs are spread apart, allowing Elise full access to her pussy. The nipples of her beautiful breasts are covered by rubber suction cups which are connected to a large pulsating Venus vacuum pump.

During the first part of this scene Elise uses a rubber pump gag on her patient, and later swaps the pump gag for a unique amber rubber gas-mask which is attached to a small bubbler bottle. As you will see, Elise has a never-ending supply of cool gear.

At this point MedicalSlave is totally helpless, which is exactly where she wants to be. Elise pulls out the battery-operated suction toy mentioned above and fits its transparent cup over MedicalSlave's exposed clit. This is when the magic happens. The suction toy slowly sucks MedicalSlave's clit and surrounding area into the transparent cup. Inside the cup is a small red plastic tongue which Elise activates with the buttons on the top of the device. The small tongue starts moving up and down over MedicalSlave's engorged clit. Then, to raise the torment even further, Elise activates the internal vibrator. Wow! What a high-tech contraption! The sight of this is mind blowing and the focal point of this entire video. This is truly mind-blowing!

Both of these women moan and yelp as MedicalSlave’s moist flesh glides in and out of the cup, completely engulfing the small, motorized tongue. MedicalSlave slips into the submissive zone, completely consumed by the motorized stimulation and her extreme helplessness. Somewhere along the way Elise adds an amber gasmask and bubbler bottle to MedicalSlave’s face, which added to the intensity of the scene. This medical scene is over the top. However, as Elise says, once this scene has ended, MedicalSlave is still gonna be horny. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1717 / DATE: Aug 5 2022 / IMAGES: 80 / VIDEOS: 4

This update includes four videos from the archives featuring our friend Mistress Alice. These videos were shot at the beginning of this website years ago. As you may know, Mistress Alice is a tease, and loves to torment her captives with sexual suggestion and denial. This is part of the game of bondage, where sexual pleasure is limited by the restraints. The restraints control or prevent the submissive from sexual gratification, and instead keep him in a constant state of arousal.

For many, being bound and helpless in various pieces of gear is quite exciting, and the addition of sexual torment is like icing on the cake. In the first video of this update, Alice's submissive is completely cocooned, head-to-toe, in a leather leg sack, straitjacket and hood from Mr S in San Francisco. He is 100% helpless and under Alice's complete control. She can roll him over and sit and lie on him with ease. In this case she straps a black dildo harness around his torso and threatens to fuck him, in which case she receives all the pleasure while he gets none. Frankly, this is the kind of bondage play I like to experience. I like to be bound and sexually used. I'm excited but never allowed to orgasm. Hot!

The second video features some unique gear. The first piece of gear is a leather hand tube, which is an old piece of gear made by HumaneRestraint and no longer made. Leather cuffs inside the tube restrain the wrists, and then the leather is wrapped around the hands in a tube and held closed with locking straps. The second piece of gear is a Carrara chastity belt, with attached dildo. This popular chastity belt has been on the market for years, made by Walter Goethals of Carrara Designs in Belgium. Naturally, the excitement is created by locking up the man's penis in cold steel which prevents him from receiving any stimulation, while at the same time the female takes advantage of his helplessness by mounting the dildo. How fun is that? His tan leather muzzle is from Sinvention, and his remaining restraints and straps are from HumaneRestraint. As a side note, in the early days of this website HumainRestraint gear was hard to come by because the company only sold to professional hospitals and institutions. However, now days all those rules are out the window and if you do a Google search for 'Humane Restraint' you'll find loads of pictures, information, and suppliers.

The third video features a wonderful canvas institutional straitjacket from Maxcita, and the same Carrara chastity belt. His ankles are restrained in a HumaneRestraint canvas bed belt, and his face is covered in a Sinvention leather muzzle and blindfold. Although straitjackets have been manufactured for years by many professional institutional companies including HumaneRestraint, the best canvas straitjackets on the market are actually made by the fetish bondage manufacturer Maxcita in Canada. As you can see in this video, mix and matching bondage gear can be very exciting.

The fourth video captures Alice and her submissive friend playing in a suspended spinning bondage board. Her naked submissive is bound to the board with leather restraints and long helpless mitts, and Alice teases him by undressing, sitting on his torso and face while he moans and flexes a raging hard-on. Alice and her friend are actually lovers in real life, which explains their intimate passion. As Alice demonstrates, bondage combined with tease and denial can be a fun game!

A special thanks to Mistress Alice and her submissives. Check out her website at Alice In Bondge Land. The four videos in this update were shot with an old video camera during the early days of this website, and then released in the old WindowsMedia video format. As a result, the quality isn't very good. If you have a problem playing these videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy


GALLERY: 1713 / DATE: Jul 17 2022 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video, our friend MedicalSlave is secured into the Feendish Bondage Chair with a latex catsuit and hood, rubber mitts and ballet boots, dual breast suction cups, gasmask and a pair of insertable e-stim probes. This unique bondage chair was built by Grimly Feendish and Mrs Feendish (both on FetLife), and is located in their secret attic playroom in Scotland. Both Grimly and Mrs Feendish are friends with JG-Leathers and trade ideas back and forth often. As JG-Leathers would say 'horniness is the mother of invention'. This is so true for those of us who like to build our own gear.

The Feendish attic playroom is hidden from their vanilla house guests, but if you know where to look there's a ladder that folds down from the ceiling and allows access to the playroom. This is like something right out of the movies! You can find all the videos of Grimly and Mrs Feendish on this website by searching for the word 'feendish' on the upper-left search window at the top of this page.

In any case, our friend MedicalSlave craves kinky and unusual fetish experiences. She loves to be restrained in fetish gear and be subjected to various invasive medical procedures and sexual stimulation. She's a true medical slave, and for Grimly and Mrs Feendish, MedicalSlave is exactly the patient they love to play with. MedicalSlave has been attracted to medical gear and bizarre procedures since she was little, and now that she's an adult she seeks fellow kinksters like the Feendish's to get her fetish needs met in a safe and trusting environment.

In this video, after some moaning and squirming, it's safe to say that MedicalSlave achieved the kinky orgasmic fulfillment she was seeking. A special thanks to MedicalSlave and Mrs Feendish for sharing a good scene with us, and to Grimly Feendish for doing the filming. For those who are unfamiliar, this video captures an actual real-life play scene. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1683 / DATE: Jul 6 2022 / IMAGES: 131 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video from the archives featuring the popular Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and her submissive Hudson. This video was shot years ago when we were visiting Max of Maxcita.com in Ottawa Canada. Max had a small playroom which he affectionately called his morgue. The morgue had a stainless steel bondage table, bondage chair, a padded cell, and two horizontal body storage cabinets. All the walls were stainless steel, and there was a steel barred door and a second heavy metal door with a viewing window. We stayed for a week or so at Max's place, and shot a few videos which you can find on this website by searching for each of these words in the upper-left search window: 'amanda' and 'maxcita'.

Let me start by saying that Amanda Wildefyre is an amazing Mistress with lots of gear experience. In this video she uses Segufix straps and restraints to secure her submissive Hudson to the morgue table. The Segufix system uses small black magnetic fasteners to connect the straps together, and in this case Amanda utilized the Segufix waist belt and the head restraint system. Hudson was in a black latex catsuit and special inflatable leather sensory isolation hood, and had padded latex helpless mitts covering both of his hands. As you can see in the above photo, Amanda used a myriad of Segufix gear to completely immobilize Hudson, which looked fantastic against his black latex.

In addition to the Segufix, Amanda hooked an Erostek box to a pair of electro-pads on Hudson's bare feet, which gave him mild stimulation through his legs and lower torso. But the best part of this setup was the Robojac milking machine. This automatic jack-off machine is similar to the popular Venus 2000, and might have come on the market before the Venus. In any case, as you will see in this video, this machine has adjustments for the strokes per minute as well as the stroke length, and when combined with Hudson's strict bondage provides an experience that's out of this world. Hudson has no choice but to surrender to the machine's relentless stroking of his cock, as the Robojac milks all of Hudson's cum. Hudson tries to reach his cock to dislodge the Robojac, but the his wrists are tightly restrained and his rubber helpless mitts prevent any use of his fingers. This is classic Amanda Wildefyre setup! She's in complete control of her rubberized and helpless patient, and as you can see by the smile on her face, Amanda loves every minute of it. This is a hot scene!

A special thanks to Amanda Wildefire and her submissive Hudson. Amanda is located in Minneapolis and has more bondage and fetish gear than you can imagine, and has the knowledge and experience to take you on a mind-blowing trip. Also a special thanks to Max of Maxcita.com makes the best canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Also, don't forget to scroll through the 130 still images included in this update. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1715 / DATE: Jun 18 2022 / IMAGES: 197 / VIDEOS: 4

This update includes four fun videos from the archives which we shot around 2010 with our old video camera. Talk about the wacky things we did back then. I guess if you're surrounded by kinky friends, you do kinky things together? Such is the case with these vintage videos.

The first video features a set of hand-crafted heavy wooden stocks which designed to use with our bondage table. The stocks held the subject rigidly to the table, pinning the ankles, knees, waist, wrists, and neck. You can find videos of the stocks on the bondage table by searching for the word 'stocks' in the search window at the top-left of this page. One day we got the idea of using the stocks in a vertical position by bolting them to a steel frame made of Unistrut. Unistrut is a versatile system of metal rails, connecting pieces, and nuts and bolts used in factories and commercial applications. Once we had the Unistrut frame assembled, our intern PetGirl Kako volunteered to be the test dummy. It took us a while to adjust the vertical positions of the stocks to accommodate her body height, but once we had everything adjusted, she was held stationary and completely rigid. After Petgirl was fully secured, Dalton added a gag, blindfold earmuffs and a ton of leather straps to further enhance her helplessness. We pulled out the video camera and filmed while Dalton continued to fiddle by tying thin nylon cords around PetGirl's thumbs and fingers to hold her hands outstretched. What a striking visual image this rig presented, with PetGirl stretched out helplessly in heavy stocks, her face muted in leather, and the crisscrossing of all the straps. Needless to say, our vertical stocks idea was a success!

The second video was shot at the popular Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. In this video I'm running the camera running around interviewing everyone. This was back in 2010 when there was a lot more fetish and kink at the fair. Nowadays the fair has gone mainstream and there aren't as many lifestyle players attending.

The third video starts by showing Dalton at the computer editing videos, and then moves to the other room where someone is floating in the air, suspended from overhead, in a Maxcita sleepsack and Sinvention sensory deprivation hood. The title is 'Stress Management'. This bondage scene definitely provides stress relief to the person inside. This suspension rig was created by Dalton and it got a lot of use.

The fourth video is titled 'Rubber Playtime' and features Mistress Minax, Superhero Jay. and our nameless HydroGlove friend. I don't quite know what we were doing in the backyard that day, but there was a party next door, and they were watching us in our rubber. Back in the early days of this website we were more focused on shooting stills than video, and we had a crappy video camera. In any case, getting together and wearing rubber is a lot of fun. All four of these videos are in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing them, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1712 / DATE: Jun 2 2022 / IMAGES: 116 / VIDEOS: 1

This video was shot back around 2008 with Mistress Alice and her rubber slave Gumbi. Although it was shot with an old DV video camera and the image quality isn't great, the scene is this video is priceless. This video captures a real life play scene that you might expect to see in a paid session with a mistress or ‘pro-domme’ dominatrix. Mistress Alice has experience to deliver a full fetish experience, and Gumbi is a true bondage submissive and rubber fetishist who knows how to please his mistress. The result is a unique exchange between the two.

This video was shot in Gumbi's secret playroom. What looked like a backyard game and party room was actually a fantastic dungeon which Gumbi meticulously built and stocked over the years. Gumbi had the financial resources to buy the best and gear on the market, and time and time again he would surprise us by pulling out some piece of eye-popping gear to use in a video. You can find videos featuring either Mistress Alice or Gumbi on this website by searching for the word 'Alice' or 'Gumbi' in the upper-left search window at the top of this page.

In this video Mistress Alice restrains Gumbi in a suspended steel pipe cage. He's wearing an amber latex cat suit, latex hood, padded latex mitts and knee-high ballet boots. The cage is setup for Gumbi to lie on his back with his legs spread, making his cock easily accessible for CBT play. Alice wires his cock to a portable Erostek 232 box, utilizing both a shaft band and urethra probe. The box has a special audio stimulation mode which allows a built-in microphone to control the level of stimulation that Gumbi's cock receives, which opens a whole new dynamic to their play. The level of Gumbi's genital torment is controlled by the sound the microphone picks up, including Mistress Alice's voice as well as the music playing in the background. You can see the little red lights on the box blink with the ambient sound picked up by the microphone. The lights indicate that stimulation pulses are being sent to Gumbi's cock.

Notice that everything Gumbi says to his Mistress, along with the sounds he makes, are polite, complimentary, respectful, engaging and submissive. Over the years, Gumbi has honed this way of communicating with his mistresses, allowing them to know if Gumbi is enjoying himself and his level of discomfort or pain. As most mistresses will tell you, they're not mind readers, and they appreciate the feedback they get from their clients like Gumbi. You can also see the enjoyment that Mistress Alice receives from playing with Gumbi. It's important for the mistress to have fun and receive personal satisfaction and fulfillment from the experience as well. It's best when the scene is give-and-take based on mutual respect. I hope you enjoy this old but informative and rich video. Check out Mistress Alice's website AliceInBondageLand.com for more of her unique scenes.

NOTICE - I'm in the process of moving this website to a new content management system called ElevatedX. The new system supports displaying on mobile devices. The move to the new system will take 4-6 months. There's a lot of content to move, and some of it will need to be re-edited. Watch the progress of the new website system by clicking HERE. This new site mock-up won't accept new members until all the content is loaded and the bugs are worked out. All the current members will have their account logins moved over to the new system. I'll keep everyone updated.


GALLERY: 1707 / DATE: May 18 2022 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 3

This update contains 3 videos that will blow your mind. The first video is titled 'Odds And Ends Part-11' and features some incredible clips. The first clip is a young woman who is chained to the bed naked, with her hands cuffed, and an expandable plug locked up her ass which is also chained to the end of the bed. Maybe you have seen this expanding lockable butt plug on-line, but have you ever seen one in action? It's unbelievable that someone can be locked by their ass to the bed frame with a chain. Actually, I kinda like the idea, it's very kinky.

The second clip features the popular bondage model Cobie restrained to a metal sling frame. She's gagged and confined in a leather straitjacket. A heavy leather belt is locked around her waist, with smaller leather belts connecting it to each side of the sling frame. In addition, her ankles are tied with rope to each side of the frame, which forces her legs spread wide apart. She's totally helpless and vulnerable. However, that said, Cobie is a self-taught escape artist with Houdini-like skills she has honed from all the 'escape challenge' events she has participated in at the yearly Boundcon convention in Munich Germany. So, as you will see in this video, Cobie tries her best to free her ankles from the ropes holding her ankles apart. I love Cobie's pouting and whimpering, and the helpless look in her eyes. You can find more videos of Cobie on this site by searching for the word 'Cobie' in the upper-left search window at the top of this page.

Moving on, the third video clip is of Pling and Mistress Troy Orleans. This clip features a group of us preparing for a video shoot in Amsterdam at our friend Remco's studio. Remco runs a number of bondage websites including BeltBound, BoundLife, HuCows, MetalBondage, ShockChallange SteelBound, and Tieable. Pling is in a metal chastity belt, leather straitjacket, latex breather hood and ballet boots. Troy secures her ankles over her head so Pling's pussy would be completely accessible if it weren't for the metal chastity belt! None the less, Pling is in a very compromising position, and the latex hood limits her ability to speak. Poor Pling!

The remaining two videos in this update are promo videos from our friends at FancySteel in Australia. They manufacturer metal chastity belts, and in addition, create full length Hollywood-style chastity and bondage videos. Every video they produce is better and more polished than the last. You can purchase all of their videos from their website FancySteel.com. In addition, many if not all of their videos feature our friend Cobie. Is there such a thing as a Hollywood Bondage Movie Star?

NOTICE - I'm in the process of moving this website to a new content management system called ElevatedX. The new system supports displaying on mobile devices. The move to the new system will take 4-6 months. There's a lot of content to move, and some of it will need to be re-edited. Watch the progress of the new website system by clicking HERE. This new site mockup won't accept new members until all the content is loaded and the bugs are worked out. All the current members will have their account logins moved over to the new system. I'll keep everyone updated.


GALLERY: 904 / DATE: May 2 2022 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video we shot long ago around the beginning of this website. It was shot with an old PAL European format consumer camera and encoded in the old Windows Media format, so the quality isn't too good. However, the story behind the video is pretty fun.

I forgot how we met the couple in this video, I think they sent us an email. They lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, so they were able to pay us a visit without much of a problem. The couple were fascinated with bondage and wanted to have an experience. Actually, I think they contacted my business partner Dalton who was on FetLife and was open to introducing people to bondage. Most surprising to me was that they didn't mind showing their faces in this video. Most people who we meet didn't want to show their face, and that's still the same today. In any case, it turned out that both of them wanted to be tied up. The husband wanted to try a straitjacket, and the wife wanted to try various pieces of gear including a Butterfly Straitjacket which was made by our friend Christopher Fetish. Christopher is located in Los Angeles and is a ‘master fetish leather crafter’. I think he might have actually invented the Butterfly Straitjacket. His FetLife profile name is Christopher Fetish, and he has a blog about his leather projects called FetishLeatherCrafter. Christopher is a professional graphics artist and has an amazing ability to draw kinky bondage art.

In any case, Dalton strapped our male visitor into a Maxcita canvas straitjacket, and allowed him to wander around the house trying to escape. He used doorknobs and the edge of the kitchen counter to try and loosen the canvas straps behind his back. While he was busy trying to be Houdini, Dalton started the mummification process on his wife by wrapping her to our 'Gingerbread Mummification Board' in our small studio. To our delight she was trusting enough to take off her clothes and be mummified naked.

Dalton started with 6-inch pallet wrap, and then used silver duct tape over the top of that. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, the pallet wrap is applied first so the duct tape doesn't stick to her skin. The Gingerbread Mummification Board was invented by Dalton, who made many versions over the years. As you will see in this video, wrapping someone to the Gingerbread is very easy because it has legs made of 3/4 water pipe which supports the board a foot or so off the floor. This makes passing the roll of pallet wrap or duct tape around her body so easy. Once her body was fully wrapped, Dalton used a boxing face guard to cover her face, then proceeded to wrap it as well. This immobilizes her head and protects her face at the same time.

Then, both Dalton and I were taken by surprise as her husband walked into the room unexpected and dropped the straitjacket on the floor. Well damn, he had escaped! Unbelievable! Both Dalton and I were quite impressed. We had never had that happen before - and never again I might add. Since he was now free, Dalton handed him a Hitachi vibrator which is used on his mummified wife. It was easy for us to see that this couple were in love and sexually open and experimental. This was so warm and refreshing to see. Dalton titled this video 'First Time Tape Job' because it was her first time being mummified, and probably not her last. This visiting couple certainly had a good time, and we thank them for being so open and agreeable to this video.

Since this video was posted years ago on this website, the text below is the original description that Dalton wrote:

"Our curious couple returned for some more bondage and some escape. She wants to explore heavy bondage, and he fancies himself to be an escape artist. He is a wiry guy with the ability to flex and squirm his way out of just about anything I've put him in so far. I didn't think he would be able to get out of the Maxcita jacket, but with enough rubbing on corners and walls he eventually escaped. In the meantime I was in the other room tying his wife up. She was deep into subspace as I began to wrap her body with plastic pallet wrap. He would enter the room in different stages of escape. I continued to cover his lovely wife with duct tape. It was her first time in this type of bondage. The total body compression was working. I was securing her head as he walked in covered in sweat and dropped the jacket on the floor. I took a moment to shake his hand; I was impressed. It was unusual because most of the people who visit us want to stay in bondage. I laid out the Hitachi just in case he wanted to use it on his wife. The video captures some great orgasm action. Later I cut some of the mummification tape to allow him access to her and left them alone to enjoy each other which they did in every way."

I hope you enjoy this video even with its poor quality. If you have problems playing this old Windows Media file, try installing and using the free VLC Media Player to play the video, which works much better than the current player that comes with Windows-10. Also check out the still photos which are much clearer. Enjoy!

NOTICE - I'm in the process of moving this website to a new content management system called ElevatedX. The new system supports displaying on mobile devices. The move to the new system will take 4-6 months. There's a lot of content to move, and some of it will need to be re-edited. Watch the progress of the new website system by clicking HERE. This new site mockup won't accept new members until all the content is loaded and the bugs are worked out. All the current members will have their account logins moved over to the new system. I'll keep everyone updated.


GALLERY: 1657 / DATE: Apr 15 2022 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a wonderful bondage and CBT suffering videos from the archives featuring our friend Tony Orlando and one of his girlfriends. The video is in three parts totaling around 30 minutes and highlights the fun two young lovers can have with some kinky gear.

First, Tony is secured in a metal yoke that bolts around his neck, holding his wrists out at his sides. The yoke is suspended from overhead at a height to take the weight off his shoulders. In addition, his ball sack is secured in a steel clamp which is mounted to a vertical strut behind his back. The strut is mounted to both the ceiling and floor and is very stationary, and in turn the steel ball clamp is also very stationary. This is one of the main points of interest. Since the ball clamp is stationary, it creates a very unusual feeling for Tony. Tony can move his torso but only to the limit his ball sack can stretch. This is probably the first and only time Tony will experience having his balls held stationary while the rest of his body can move. Quite an erotic experience and produces boners every time we use this setup.

In addition to Tony's balls being clamped, his girlfriend has encircled his stiff cock with two e-stim bands hooked to an Erostek 312 unit. Poor Tony. When she turns up the e-stim knobs, Tony whimpers yells and moans but never jerks away because his balls are held fast by the heavy clamp. She proceeds to use a Hitachi vibrator on his cock while waves of e-stim travel up and down his erect shaft. Tony is completely helpless and there's nothing he can do except receive the torment from his girlfriend. At one point she moves one of the e-stim bands to encircle his ball sack so the electricity travels a longer distance to the band around the end of his cock.

She also uses a few different stinging whips on Tony's ass which make a wonderful sound but don't do very much through Tony's latex catsuit. She loves to pull on his restrained ball sack, pulling his balls downwards towards the floor. Then she applies a few clothespins to his sack, and we can tell by the look on her face that she's having a lot of fun. This is a cute little video which captures a bit of kinky fun between two lovers.

Unfortunately, I don't think the steel ball clamp and the nipple suction cups with the bulb and hose are available anymore. This 3-part video is in the old Windows Media Format. If you have problems playing this video, try loading the free VLC Media Player.  Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1711 / DATE: Apr 2 2022 / IMAGES: 108 / VIDEOS: 1

For those who are into fiberglass casting and humor, this video is for you. This video was shot years ago at MedicalToys.com in Northern California. Back then we went through a phase of fiberglass casting all our friends including this young woman, who was friends with the folks who owned MedicalToys.com. Medical fiberglass is fun to play with. It sets up quickly and looks great. The only downside is cutting the cast off. It takes time and is rather messy as it generates fiberglass dust that needs to be vacuumed up during the cutting process. You can find all the fiberglass videos on this website by doing a search for the word 'fiberglass' in the upper-left search window.

In this video our medical staff consisted of Doctor Ott, Nurse Humble and Bondage Roadie. Our young woman patient didn't want to share her name in the video. The bondage in this casting session was rather intense. Our patient was first buckled into a hospital straitjacket and strapped down to a roll-around cart with leather straps. Doctor Ott loved these straps and used quite a few. Once the patient was fully secured in a cross leg Indian style position, she was wrapped in red pallet wrap. This plastic wrap protects her skin and the white straitjacket from the red dye that leaks from the red fiberglass. You'll see that applying the fiberglass can be a bit messy so medical gloves are used to keep the dye from staining your hands. Once a package of fiberglass is opened you have around 4 minutes to apply it before it starts to harden. Water is used to activate the resin in the fiberglass, and rubbing the fiberglass helps to distribute the water and activate the epoxy resin.

Once our patient's body and the cart were covered in fiberglass, Doctor Ott applied layers of white synthetic cotton padding to her head to protect her skin from the final fiberglass covering. The padding also provides an important barrier, so the cast saw doesn't cut into her skin when it's time for her to come out. We were all thankful that our patient was so calm and willing to be put through this intense experience. One thing that helped to keep her distracted was a remote-controlled vibrator that Nurse Humble had slipped in-between the crotch strap of the straitjacket and her pelvis. At the push of a button on the remote the vibrator was turned on and off, providing our patient with distraction and entertainment.

Wrapping our patient's head with the red fiberglass brought the entire scene together. The staff added a pair of plastic eye tubes during the wrapping process which were used to form and retain eye holes in the fiberglass, but after removing the eye tubes it seemed that our patient looked more interesting with them left in. The staff also have her a blue breathing tube. It turns out that it's easy to breathe through the fiberglass, but we used the breathing tube to make the process safer for our volunteer patient.

Once the casting was completed our patient looked so amazing! Doctor Ott said she looked like a Buddha, and indeed she did. Our friend Bondage Roadie was even impressed with our finished piece. He has done many plaster Life Casts on his friends. We lifted our Buddha statue off the cage she was sitting on, and placed her on the floor. The cart she was attached to had wheels, so she could be easily rolled around the room. She reminded me of a strange bondage art piece that David Paige displayed in museums several years ago. Check out his work by doing a Google image search for 'Davis Page Security Theater'. David Page does some amazing bondage installations.

In any case, our red fiberglass Buddha looked amazing. I don't remember who came up with the idea to cast our patient in the Indian style sitting position, but it turned out great. Fun was had by all of us, and the comedy was a welcome addition! A special thanks to our willing volunteer patient, our medical staff, and to Sebastian Wood from MedicalToys for filming this crazy scene. Check out MedicalToys.com for all your kinky medical needs. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1709 / DATE: Mar 15 2022 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

This video features a bizarre antique medical chair used by Elise Graves uses to invade and humiliate her subjects. In this case, her subject is our kinky friend MedicalSlave. Medical Slave is a serious kinkster who loves to experience all kinds of medical and bondage gear.

Elise first straps MedicalSlave into an ultra-heavy rubber straitjacket. MedicalSlave says this straitjacket reminds her of the heavy protective blanket that dentists drape over their patients when taking X-rays. No wonder she likes being restrained in it. Next, Elise inserts a two-pole e-stim plug into MedicalSlave's pussy then directs her to sit in the chair where she uses leather straps to prevent her from escaping.

The chair has two articulated arms which allow Elise to use both a nose hook and dildo inserted in MedicalSlave's mouth. Plus, a clamp is put on MedicalSvave's tongue to hold it out of er mouth. This setup allows clear and unobstructed entry of the dildo into MedicalSlave's mouth. Elise says this is for cock suck training, reminiscent of House Of Gord scenes.

As Elise slips the dildo in and out of MedicalSlave's mouth, she turns up the e-stim levels. MedicalSlave responds with yips and moans. The final torment for MedicalSlave is a Hitachi vibrator. Elise is an expert at providing multiple points of stimulation and torment to her subjects. MedicalSlave responds appropriately with louder yips and moans. She's in the zone, riding the waves of e-stim in her pussy while her clit is massaged and stimulated by the vibrator. The dildo slips in and out of her mouth, while the nose hook keeps her mouth open and head still, This is a beautiful scene, and MedicalSlave is exactly where she wants to be. Finally, Elise leaves MedicalSlave alone to alone in her own helpless predicament and hot juices. Enjoy! Visit MedicalSlave's website at MedicalSlave.com and Elise's site BondageLiberation.com.


GALLERY: 1708 / DATE: Mar 1 2022 / IMAGES: 259 / VIDEOS: 3

This is an eye-popping video from the archives featuring Mistress Alice and 'Steffy the Rubber Doll'. This video was shot early days of this website, so the video is a little soft because we were trying to keep the file size small. In any case, this classic video includes 250 sharp still images, which, when combined with watching the video, provides a step-by-step documentary into the transformation of Steffy, a middle-aged man. He transforms himself into a beautiful Playboy Bunny. Steffy has been in the world-wide fetish community for years. You can find his/her profile on FetLife as 'Steffy'.

As you will see, Steffy savors the transformation from his male body to a woman's body, complete with an hourglass figure, smooth legs, big boobs, eyelashes and the classic innocent persona. Steffy shows us how his skin-colored rubber outfit is inflated to create feminine hips and legs. With a hand pump her hips are inflated to a proportion that complements her height and the size of her breasts. Then, with a selection of accessories including heels, wig, cuffs and cuff links, she fully crosses into female fantasy land. She suddenly has all the attributes that create an attractive female in our Western society. And, add some shy female mannerisms and she's ready to circulate in a trans nightclub or model runway. She can't help but be accepted by men, primarily because of her tall stature and hourglass figure. Steffy has the correct 'hip to waist' ratio that can easily attract men in our western society, and she knows it. (Google 'hip to waist ratio')

Mistress Alice helps Steffy with her outfit, which is completed with a pair of classic Playboy bunny ears. Steffy is suddenly ready to serve cocktails or appear on a Playboy magazine cover. In addition, when propositioned by men, she can display the classic female mannerisms including the index finger along the lips as if she's shy, naïve, delicate, innocent and indecisive. Steffy knows how to play it up big time, and she gets a chance to see what men are like when they're thinking with their ‘small heads’.

A special thanks to both Steffy and Mistress Alice, who narrates the video with her comments and insights. This 3-part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing these videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1706 / DATE: Feb 17 2022 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, it appears that the corona virus is subsiding. Keep wearing your mask though, as we aren't past the virus quite yet!

This is a fun video featuring Elise Graves and her submissive friend Pretty ODell. ODell is relatively new to staring in kink videos, but I can tell already that she's got what it takes to endure kinky torment in front of the camera. She got into the business through her friendship with Dart_Tech, and I'm sure we will see more of her on various kink and fetish websites in the future.

In this video we see an example of what Elise Graves does best, which is to fill all human orifices, or 'holes' as Elise calls them, regardless of the gender of her subject. Elise starts by inserting a high-tech remote controlled butt plug into ODell's asshole. The butt plug has a blinking light on the base indicating that it's on. After the butt plug is fully seated deep inside Odell's ass, Elise pulls out a long black dildo and stuffs it into ODell's pussy. The expression on ODell's face indicates her pleasure, and she moans that the dildos stuffed in two holes feels good.

Elise instructs ODell to sit carefully in the chair, making sure that the pair of dildos don't slip out of her holes. Then, using a set of tan leather straps, Elise secures ODell to the chair. Let’s stop here for a moment and talk about the chair. Elise calls this chair the 'Crazy Chair'. This chair is actually and antique optometry chair from the 1920's. I purchased the chair from a kink.com prop sale in 2018. It was dirty, rusted and the upholstery was in shambles, however it had two unique metal arms from the chair's base that intrigued me. So, I purchased, it and spend 100 hours and lots of money to restore it. As you will see, Elise uses the two adjustable arms of the chair to tie ODells hair, secure nose hooks, and hold a dildo which is forced into her mouth. Unbelievable. It's a pleasure to see Elise using the chair to its full kinky capacity, and I'm sure we will see more of the chair in Elise's videos. I forgot what I paid for the chair, but now it's priceless and an indispensable tool in Elise's collection of kinky tools!

Elise uses a dildo which is attached to one of the adjustable chair arms into ODell's face hole, and uses the other overhead adjustable chair arm to tie ODell's hair up and out of the way. If this wasn't enough, Elise inserts a pair of nose hooks into ODell's nose holes and ties off the rubber cord of the hooks to the same overhead chair arm. The nose hooks help to force ODell's mouth open to accept the dildo. Like it or not, ODell is forced to be a great cock sucker. At this point ODell is extremely helpless and humiliated. That's the goal, right Elise? Elise is like a kinky Nurse Ratched from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!

But wait, there's more! Elise brings out the remote control for ODell's butt plug and activates the plug's vibrations, and then stuffs a Hitachi vibrator between ODell's legs to stimulate her clit. This is an assault on ODell's emotions and senses, and she struggles against the firm leather straps that secure her to the Crazy Chair. It's not long before she screeches and moans to orgasm. Poor girl. ODell's expressive eyes tell us all. Elise's job is done, and with the help of the new Crazy Chair, Pretty ODell is another satisfied submissive exhibitionist! Check out Elise Grave's website BondageLiberation.com and Dart's website at Dart_Tech.com. You will find some overlay of videos on our three websites because we sometimes shoot together. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1704 / DATE: Feb 7 2022 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey everyone, remember to get your vaccination and booster shots, and continue to wear your mask. Get an N-95 mask because the cloth masks we have been using are not very effective against the Omicron virus. We might be coming to the end of the pandemic, but there are still thousands of people dying each day in hospitals in the US and around the world, mostly unvaccinated.

This is a cool odds-and-ends video from the archives featuring three popular bondage models Cobie, Pling, and Elise Graves. Cobie is from Australia and travels to Europe a few times each year to star in bondage videos. Pling is a European model who mainly appears at the BoundCon bondage convention in Munich Germany each year. Elise Graves is a bondage model from San Francisco who also works as a rubber and bondage domme. Due to the virus pandemic I haven't seen or shot with these three women in the last few years. However we all attended BoundCon around 2017 and shot videos, and the video in this update features some outtakes from those sessions.

The people in these video clips also include our UK friend 'SteveLovesKink', PetGirl Kako, Mistress Troy Orleans from New York City, and myself. These clips are not that special except they provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes camaraderie we all experience when we get together. In my early years I never thought I would be hanging around pretty naked women who liked to be tied up and restrained in serious bondage gear. Wow. I wish I knew these women when I was younger.

Some women like bondage as much as guys, but for different reasons. In my opinion, women like to be tied up, or tie up guys, but their experience is only temporary. They mainly focus on their interaction and relationship with the guys they play with, whereas guys are mainly out to conquer women for sex. So, for many guys, tying up women is ultimately about power over them, as well as sexual ownership. Fortunately, there are some women who like to play with bondage, be in videos, and have fun with the eroticism of the sport.

There are two videos in this update. One is the odds-and-ends video, and the other is a video from my friend who runs the website MetalBondage.com in Amsterdam. We were shooting at his studio for the odds-and-ends video, so he gave me one of his videos to include in this update featuring Cobie in some sexy metal shackles and a chastity belt. My friend also runs a website called ChastityBabes.com.

You can find most of the videos we shot in Amsterdam by searching for the key word 'amsterdam' in the upper-left search window. The videos in this update are just outtakes, but they are fun none-the-less and I'm glad I can share them with you. The video of Elise on the dildo pole is sexy, but we never finished shooting it because Elise safe-worded during the shoot, which sometimes happens. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1686 / DATE: Jan 27 2022 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey everyone, this Omicron virus is spreading like wildfire here on the west coast of the US. Please get your vaccine shots and booster and remember to wear your N-95 mask. The doctors say that simple cloth masks are no longer effective in protecting you from Omicron, you now need an N-95 mask to stop the spread. Get your N-95 masks, be well and stay safe.

This is a really great video from the archives featuring our friends Mistress Alice and Trapper Smith, later known as Agent Smith. This video was shot years ago, before we could hold the video camera still! Seriously, if you enjoy Maxcita canvas straitjacket bondage, this video is for you - and me!

Trapper Smith was a fan of this website and SeriousBondage.com and eventually we met him in person. I forgot why he called himself Trapper Smith, and later he changed his name to Agent Smith. He had a website TrapperSmith.com, but he took it down long ago. You can find videos featuring Trapper on this website and SeriousMaleBondage.com by searching for his name 'trapper smith' in the search window at the top-left of the page on either website. In addition, you can find many of his pictures by doing a Google image search for 'trapper smith bondage'. Trapper was a really nice guy. And, like life itself, time passes by, and we lost contact with each other. In any case, like many of us, Trapper was a true bondage guy.

Trapper loved to visit us at the SeriousBondage Institute, and in this particular video we invited Mistress Alice to join us. We had just received some canvas bondage gear from Maxcita.com and decided to let Alice torment Trapper while he tested the new gear. The new gear consisted of Maxcita's Psycho straitjacket and leg sack. As you will see, his is a unique combination of gear. First, the straitjacket has three straps in the front that pin the arms to the chest. This completely removes any possibility of escape, whether you are a magician or not! The leg sack is made to attach to the straitjacket crotch straps in the front and back, which securely attaches the two garments together. So, it's kinks like having a versatile sleepsack where the top and bottom can be used together or separately. Cool, eh?

The straps of this gear are exceedingly sturdy because they are backed with nylon straps sewn together with the canvas straps. This allows the straitjacket and leg sack to be easily suspended from overhead. In this case Alice uses an overhead crank hoist connected to a suspension bar and short chains to lift Trapper off of the floor. Trappers full weight is supported by the crotch straps, and later by the bottom of the leg sack where his feet carry his weight. This is a hot setup. In addition, Alice used a ball bearing swivel attached to the hoist which allows her to effortlessly and silently spin Trapper around to her liking. The swivel is so smooth that usually the first thing dommes do is spin their prisoner around quickly, which can make them sick. So, Alice had to resist that temptation. In any case, you can see how easy it is for Alice to play with Trapper's cock whether it's covered or not. She can even open the leg sack zipper and easily access his cock. On both websites you can find videos where this is done, but in this video Alice decided to use Trapper's butt like a punching bag. Alice used a pair of boxing gloves and hood to take advantage of Trapper's helpless body. All in fun mind you.

As you will hear in this video, Mistress Alice always has something to say during her play. She wit and humor are certainly highlighted. Trapper Smith had a sensitive job, and he was very concerned about his interest in bondage being discovered, so he never showed his face and as I recall didn't share his voice either in our videos.

Everyone had a good time shooting this video, including Dalton and I behind the camera. We hope Trapper Smith is doing well, and maybe someday we will reconnect with him. I hope you enjoy this video and get turned on by Trapper's helplessness in the Maxcita gear including the canvas hood. Check out the Maxcita site for a selection of premium institutional canvas bondage gear. This is the best canvas bondage gear on the market! In addition, a special thanks to Mistress Alice for providing us with some first-rate entertainment! This 2-part video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 910 / DATE: Jan 12 2022 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, look out for the Omicron virus. It seems to be spreading quickly. Many of my friends and family have it. Dump your old masks and get some N-95 masks as they are the most effective at preventing Omicron. Be well.

This is another classic video from the archives featuring our friends Mistress Susan and Mumman. The quality of this video isn't very good, but you will appreciate the fiberglass cast we put Mumman in. This casting is over-the-top, and bondage at its finest. Luckily Mumman is quite accustomed to tight and restrictive mummification, so he was able to survive his time in this amazing fiberglass cast.

I'm sure I have a video of us wrapping the fiberglass on Mumman, but for now this is the only video I have. The fiberglass material comes in many different colors, but in this case the color was black. If you do a search for the keyword 'fiberglass' in the search window at the upper-left of this page, you can find other fiberglass castings we did in various colors.

In any case, the unique part of this cast was to wrap Mumman's arms together and away from his body. This was the first and possibly the only time we have done this, and it worked out great. As you might imagine, Mumman felt very helpless and at the mercy of Mistress Susan - which is exactly where he wanted to be. Susan loves to control and harass Mumman when he's helpless, as you can see in other videos featuring the two of them. Susan also loves to hear Mumman speak French which is the reason you hear it in the video.

Naturally, the fun part of this video is walking Mumman around on the street in public. Unfortunately, this was a Sunday and there weren't many cars around. You might recognize the intersection, however. It's the corner of 8th and Folsom in San Francisco where we have shot many other videos. This intersection is right between the Wicked Grounds kinky cafe and the popular Mr S store. Folsom street is where the famous Folsom Street Fair is held each year. This area, and the Castro Street neighborhood, are the only two locations that will tolerate our bondage antics.

The Wicked Grounds Cafe has been around for maybe 10 years or so, but I'm sure that the virus pandemic has impacted their business. A special thanks to Ryan in this video who is the owner and manager. He allows us to shoot videos in his cafe whenever we want. It was funny that hardly anyone in the cafe gave Susan and Mumman a second look.

The fiberglass casting material used in this video cost around $100. It took us 60 minutes to wrap Mumman, and approximately 90 minutes to cut him out. Fun was had by all. Check out Mumman's website MummificationPlease.com which I built for him years ago. The video in this update is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1703 / DATE: Dec 31 2021 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

Happy New Year everyone! Please get vaccinated and wear your mask! Here's another look at video clips from the archives, featuring the popular Australian bondage model Cobie and two new European models Alexia Valentine and Annabelle Lee. These two European women were starting their careers on my friend's bondage website BoundIvy.com in Amsterdam, which has long since been taken offline. I was able to acquire most of his videos.

I have worked with Cobie before, and the videos can be found on this website by searching for the word 'cobie' in the upper-left search window. I would have shot more videos with Cobie, but the last two years of lockdown have prevented that. Cobie lives in Australia but travels the world as a bondage model. I have shot with her at the yearly German fetish convention Boundcon in Munich Germany. The Boundcon event changed hands a few years ago, and since then the covid pandemic popped up, so Boundcon has been off line for quite a while.

This video also includes a behind the scenes look at KinoPayne and Mistress Alice, setting up for a bondage shoot at EdgeDungeon.com. I really like the metal bondage 'Fiddle' which KinoPayne is locked into. I love the combination of the naked body, the Fiddle and the chain suspending the Fiddle from overhead. This combination really turns me on.

In any case, the first video features Cobie is a RigidCuff Spreader Bar, then KinoPayne in a suspended Fiddle, then Annabelle Lee in a suspended straitjacket, and lastly Alexa Valentine in handcuffs and chain wrapping her body. I think my buddy in Amsterdam with the website website used to attract women by titillating them with an 'escape challenge'. Hummm, that's a new way of finding bondage models to film!

Cobie is locked in a spreader bar made by RigidCuff.com. Although this website is still online, our friend Martin is no longer accepting new orders. You can read about Martin in this article, and by clicking this link. Martin has invented many pieces of unique bondage gear over the years, but other entrepreneurs with NC (numerically controlled) mills have taken his designs and refined them. Just do a Google image search for 'bondage fiddle'. Cobie tries to escape from the spreader bar, and even though she has the keys she can't figure out which one to use. It's always nice to watch pretty girls struggle in bondage!

Annabelle Lee is suspended face down from overhead in a Posey straitjacket. Her ankles are suspended from overhead as well, so she has no traction when trying to move around. It's nice to watch her struggle as well as to see the tight canvas strap between her legs! Unfortunately I don't think these Posey straitjackets are made anymore.

Alexa Valentine in the chains and handcuffs is a nice sight as well. She's a bit of a novice but her frustration comes through as she struggles to unlock the handcuffs behind her back. I bet there are many guys out there who wish their girlfriends would like to try this escape challenge! Enjoy!


GALLERY: 909 / DATE: Dec 23 2021 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you are all well. Please get your vaccine shots and your booster if you haven't already. Please don't risk going without the vaccine. It's not worth it.

This is a fun little video from the archives featuring Mistress Susan, Mumman and Dalton. in our gear room. The video starts with Mumman already in a heavy rubber gas-mask hood and spandex body suit. I really like this rubber hood which was made by Polymorphe in Canada. Next, Mistress Susan and Dalton slip Mumman into a neoprene sleepsack from 665 Leather. Mumman is a big guy so it's a bit of a struggle to get his arms into the internal sleeves and once he's in we can see that it's a tight fit.

As Mistress Susan will admit, she falls for any guy who can speak French, and Mumman can speak French. As you will see in other videos we have shot, Mistress Susan gets a little frisky and irritated when Mumman speaks French to her. This just adds to the fun these two have when they get together. Our apologies to the French for Mumman's butchering of such a beautiful language.

Once Mumman is sealed in the neoprene sleepsack Dalton helps him to the floor and into an open Mr S leather sleepsack. The sleepsack is lying on a custom wooden platform that's especially designed for securing the sleepsack to. Dalton does a great job tying the leather sleepsack to the platform, and once Mumman is completely helpless Mistress Susan stands over him with her legs spread apart so Mumman has a great view up her skirt. The more I'm around Susan the more I love her style. I call it the "I'm not impressed with your bullshit" style. She uses a riding crop to whack Mumman's cock as if she's swatting a fly in the room. Mumman is wearing a metal cock cage chastity device which is hurting him as his cock tries to become erect.

As we can see, Susan loves to torment Mumman by pressing on his cock with her high-heel shoe, and Mumman loves to be tormented by any woman in high-heels. Finally, it's time to say goodnight as Susan blocks Mumman's inhale port with her hand. Poor Mumman, I guess he has no choice but to spend the night by himself, in multiple layers of bondage! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing and using the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!
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