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GALLERY: 62 / DATE: May 9 2013 / IMAGES: 102

We recently did a shoot with Kink.com featuring the larger standing cage. They were so impressed with this piece and asked so many questions I thought I would repost a few galleries featuring these bondage works of art. The first if it's kind full body human cage arrives at San Francisco Mister S store. The big shock was that it had an occupant.


GALLERY: 996 / DATE: May 5 2013 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

MummyEd Picked out some familiar colors for this mummification, they remind me of that movie theater treat Good n Plenty candy covered licorice. The protruding boobs are and optional extra. MummyEd shows his sadistic side while he torments these tender treats.


GALLERY: 995 / DATE: May 1 2013 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Persephoned takes a ride in our magic box. The movement of this air-tight container is much more than a spin, it moves in an ever changing pattern. The disorientation is more confusing than dizzying. The double hoses of the gas mask allow air to enter via one hose, and then flow out through the other. Persephoned is fairly new to bondage, but she is up for most new adventures. This was heavy bondage for most experienced players. She is game for even more, so stay tuned!


GALLERY: 994 / DATE: Apr 27 2013 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Persephoned is a beautiful and very fit woman. She runs marathons and lives a full athletic lifestyle. In other words she is really strong, something I find very hot. She was fairly cooperative so I didn’t have to do a take down. I think she would be quite a challenge, perhaps next time. The strait jacket in the inside out model made by Maxcita. I love the secure position that is fairly stress free so I can ignore her for a while. I just love the sound of creaking straps. Straitjacket from Maxcita, muzzle from Church Of Sinvention.


GALLERY: 993 / DATE: Apr 23 2013 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Ashley Renee has such a beautiful ass that fits right in your hand. Her petite body is fun to overpower. The playful way she teases her way into situations comes natural. Tie her up and immediately you want grab her and throw her around. Resistance play with her is just plain hot. Spanking Ashley Renee is as fun as it looks guys. In fact she got a smile out of Dalton. Metal bondage gear from Martin at Cuff24.com.


GALLERY: 992 / DATE: Apr 19 2013 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 1

Ashley Renee is strapped to a metal bed spring with a proper amount of medical restraints. She is then teased to arouse her sexual need by feeling the helplessness of her situation. Dalton then applies the Hitachi as a therapeutic tool. These still photos were previously posted but now there is a very hot video.


GALLERY: 990 / DATE: Apr 11 2013 / IMAGES: 73

These are photos from an early SBI session. Everyone looks thinner and younger, but I’m sure you will recognize some of the bondage gear. Most of the gear was bespoke by Mark himself. There were very few gear manufacturers in that day so we had to be creative. The playtime energy makes this bondage session very special. The lovely young woman has moved east and the gear shows a little wear, but the bondage fun has never stoped.


GALLERY: 989 / DATE: Apr 7 2013 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This was a very special shoot. We have been planning this experience for some time. We first met at a party at SBI around the time of the Folsom Street Fair. I was my usual good host and wanted to share our bondage gear. I strapped her into a well worn leather strait jacket. I had no idea what that small act had affected her. We played email tag for months then finally settled on a day and time. The bondage I proposed is a rather extreme one for someone I had barely met. However we talked and she agreed to try. Well I am pleased to say she passed my expectations. The 90 minute float took her to some amazing places. I’m very certain we will continue our journey to even more bondage places. The box is a military missile container that is practically airtight. The double swivel and counter weights varies the movement which is much more than a spin. The gas mask brings in fresh air and exhausts the exhaled breaths. This allowed me to monitor breathing and the level of excitement.


GALLERY: 846 / DATE: Mar 29 2013 / IMAGES: 107

The idea of women in chastity is a perfect fantasy for many guys, particularly if they are holding the key. Keeping access to her sexual parts under lock and key is only part of the fantasy. Filling her with inserts or vibrators can be another very hot idea. Heightened sensitivity or the build of sexual need can focus her obedient attentions. If she is a kept slave or a kept woman, the idea of women in chastity devices is as old as the dark ages. Puppet is one of the very few women truly into chastity devices. I say rare because it is a common practice with males possibly because of the sexual curve of a man. The long slow build and sudden drop off of energy at the point of orgasm are powerful physical forces to plat with. In a much different way women have a rolling sense of arousal. I don’t feel it is as much physical for the woman it is much more a power dynamic. The wear these things and get a sense of connection or ownership. The playful shots reveal the delight in both being locked up but more importantly who has the key. A special thanks to Fetish Model Pupett for sharing these sexy images with us.


GALLERY: 987 / DATE: Mar 25 2013 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Alice encouraged Mode Narr to bring the elaborate opera gown. The dress was very heavy. I have no idea how many yard of material it took to make. The platform we chose to display our rubber doll was a rigid metal ball mount. Once our dolly was bolted by his balls to the rigid steel post there was absolutely nothing he could do to get away. Alice does a fine job of making him feel helpless.


GALLERY: 986 / DATE: Mar 21 2013 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

It was Folsom Street Fair 2011 time and the house was filled with bondage lovers. MummyEd had miles of pallet wrap and tape. The trunk had a lovely woman bound and booted. Triple Bagger is what I call this gallery.


GALLERY: 41 / DATE: Mar 17 2013 / IMAGES: 121

This is an early shoot when Dalton was the subject. This was also when he was in a little better shape. The things going through his head were like many of our fans. The dream of being in these devices had gone unfulfilled for years. Finally it was time to play. I figured a way to use the table stocks in a standing position. The grip of these wooden stocks in a standing position made the sense of helplessness even more powerful. Again these were built for self bondage, I could actually get in them myself. Getting out is a whole different story.


GALLERY: 985 / DATE: Mar 16 2013 / IMAGES: 16

This is an early shoot when Dalton was the subject. This was also when he was in a little better shape. The things going through his head were like many of our fans. The dream of being in these devices had gone unfulfilled for years. Finally it was time to play. First were the table stocks. The smooth tight leather hood and metal cod piece hid my excitement. The fun part of this piece is built for self bondage so I could put myself in and wait to be discovered. Dalton takes a few hours in the full table stocks. There are only a few pictures because this was a real self bondage session, not a planned photo shoot.


GALLERY: 39 / DATE: Mar 16 2013 / IMAGES: 66

This is an early shoot when Dalton was the subject. This was also when he was in a little better shape. The things going through his head were like many of our fans. The dream of being in these devices had gone unfulfilled for years. Finally it was time to play. The aluminum fiddle from RigidCuff had always thrilled me. Combined with the touch of this lovely woman I was lost to total submissive sub space. Dalton is locked in a Rigid Cuff fiddle. The eyes of this beautiful dominant woman are spell binding.


GALLERY: 984 / DATE: Mar 12 2013 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Alice straps her sissy in a strait jacket and hood. She then hoisted him high in the air and secured her ankles to posts. This gave her complete control. This is a hot scene.


GALLERY: 983 / DATE: Mar 7 2013 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

Mistress Alice and friend took a rather tall sissy through her paces. The oak bondage chair was put to good use. This was streamed to her key holder so the session would be observed. This was a great way to use technology. The chastity device is from steelworks another example of technology.


GALLERY: 982 / DATE: Mar 1 2013 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Mistress Alice of Alice in Bondage Land visited with our friend Mode Narr. The new rubber kitty hood inspired him to bring all of the leopard spot tape he could find. This is a three part video that shows the bondage process and interactions. This is a fun bondage scene with some very serious bondage.


GALLERY: 1697 / DATE: Feb 28 2013 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a wonderfully kinky video from the archives which we shot years ago at MedicalToys.com. The fiberglass bondage that the patent finds herself in is very hot. The patient was caught playing with some of the medical equipment so the staff found it was necessary to limit her mobility - or some such story.

One of the unique methods of using fiberglass for bondage is shown on the patient. Her hands are covered in the cast material, then a metal loop is embedded in the cast before the material hardens. This is quite effective and kinky, as she can no longer use her hands, and the metal loops provide an effective way to attach her hands to other things with carabiner clip, padlocks or chains. How hot is that? Similarly, the cast is wrapped around and under her shoes then her two feet are joined together with a wood dowel wrapped with more casting material. This is totally fun!

Covering her head is a pretty intense thing to do to someone who hasn't done fiberglass before. As you see in the video, a synthetic cotton wrap is applied before the casting material. This is done for two reasons. One reason is to protect her skin and shoes from the harshness of the epoxy in the fiberglass, and to protect her skin from the color dye in the fiberglass. As you see in the video, the gloves of the medical staff are covered with the red dye and sticky epoxy. The second reason for the cotton under-wrap is to protect from the cast saw which is used to remove the fiberglass. The cast saw uses a vibrating (not rotating) stainless steel blade. The blade has sharp teeth that cut the hardened fiberglass by vibrating. So, the under-wrap protects the skin, bones and shoes. So, casting her head requires lots of under-wrap. Also, cutting the fiberglass creates lots of fiberglass dust so a vacuum cleaner is required while using the saw. Cutting these casts takes time and creates a mess, so removing someone from a cast IS NOT quick and easy. Also, fiberglass casting material is rather expensive and can only be used once. The fiberglass is available in many different colors. The cost of the fiberglass and synthetic under-wrap used in this video was around $150 or so.

We shot a lot of fun videos at MedicalToys until they relocated to Florida during the 2008 economic downturn. We would load up our cars with bondage supplies, then drive 5 hours north of San Francisco to a small town along the coast where MedicalToys was located. The owners of the business were a kinky couple who went by the name of Doctor Wood and Nurse Laurel. You can see some of the other videos we shot by searching for the key word 'MedicalToys' in the search window at the top-left of this page.

A special thanks to our willing patient, our doctors and nurses, and MedicalToys.com for creating this unusual and fun video. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 981 / DATE: Feb 25 2013 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 2

We arrived at our destination which was the studio of the infamous 'PD' and his popular bondage website InfernalRestraints.com. The studio is a large warehouse in the bay area. The rough housing and bondage play were followed by casting her hands. This was followed by even more hot play. Our friend 'PD' was watching us the entire time from his home via a secret webcam.


GALLERY: 980 / DATE: Feb 21 2013 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

They arrived from a long night of partying the following morning sleepy eyed but still imprisoned in the casts. We packed our gear and our woman and headed over the bridge to a studio. The interesting wire peaking from her panties was attached to an electric probe. This kept her attention all through the long ride. 
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