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GALLERY: 1668 / DATE: Jul 13 2021 / IMAGES: 106 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hot video we shot a long time ago in Los Angeles at the garage studio of RubberAndBondage.com. The website was the work of Mistress Gwen Chemindefer and her partner. They have both moved on and no longer run their website, however we shot some great videos while they were actively involved in rubber and bondage scene in Southern California.

This 2-Part video features their friend Rubber Elle along with Dalton Ott who was the rigger. Rubber Elle was a local friend of Mistress Gwen and appeared in many of their videos. Elle was really into rubber and it was a delight to work with her. He looked so hot in her rubber catsuits, hoods and oversize ball gags!

In the first video Dalton puts Elle in a suspended leather corset sleepsack. However, this not just any sleepsack. The was made by a fan of this website SeriousImages. The man who made the leather sack was getting along in years and decided to gift us all of the gear he had made in his younger days for his wife. As time went by he and his wife got older and eventually his wife passed away. At some point he decided to reach out to Dalton and I and strike up a friendship. After we became friends he decided to give us all of the gear he had made over the years, including his leather tools and industrial sewing machine. He lived fairly close to us, so we saw him many times for short visits. We were the only people he could talk to about his interest in kink. Although he didn't want to show his face or share his name, we used a few of his own hoods on him and shot some videos with Elise Graves which he loved. Currently he's in his 80's and I haven't seen him for a while, partly because of the covid pandemic. In any case, he made the suspended leather sack that Elle is in.

As you will see, Elle looks great in the sack. Her hands were put into leather helpless mitts before she went in, and once inside Dalton laced up the sack skin-tight around her. Once she was fully suspended in the air, a chain was attached from a ring at the foot of the sack to the floor. Then, a leather hood was pulled over her head and she was left to swing and struggle to no avail. She looks so hot when the camera pulls back and we can see her entire body struggling against her bondage. She loved the experience, and so did we. This is pure fetish bondage at it's best!

The second part of this video shows Elle in a small Madame S leather straitjacket. For those who may remember, Madame S was the sister store to Mr. S in San Francisco, located across the street. The Madame S store only lasted for a few years. It was run by the son of Richard Hunter who owned Mr. S. Madame S catered to women and the heterosexual crowd, where Mr. S was primarily for gay men. The Madame S store was a great idea, but do to internal business struggles the store eventually closed. In any case, I purchased the small leather straitjacket in this video from the store during their closing sale.

As you will see, Elle looks very sexy in her black latex catsuit and the straitjacket. Dalton puts a big red ball-gag in her mouth and uses chains to support Elle from overhead, then chains her ankles to the bolt in the floor. She looks so HOT as she struggles against her bonds! Wow! What a sight for all of us to enjoy. This is classic rubber and bondage at it finest. Elle enjoyed it too. A special thank you to everyone involved including Rubber Elle, Dalton, Mistress Gwen Chemindefer and her partner, and our friend who made the suspended leather sack. This 2-Part video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1689 / DATE: Jul 3 2021 / IMAGES: 89 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video we shot years ago in a local studio in San Francisco, which is no longer around. My friend Mistress Gwen Chemindefer from RubberAndBondage.com and her partner drove from their home in Los Angeles to San Francisco, bringing their model Utwana with them. At the time Mistress Gwen was launching her website so we were shooting videos together right and left. In this video we use Gwen's fucking machine and the all-white background at the studio. The wooden frame Utwana was attached to was made by a local BDSM carpenter who loaned us the piece in exchange for some promotional photos.

This scene is the quintessential example of what many heterosexual men fantasize about. The sexy young woman with no body hair, a clean pussy that's open and available for penetrating. Naturally she's restrained and unable to escape. She's forced to have orgasm after orgasm with no control over her own body and the fiendish devices she's subjected to. She's simply a play toy, used for our own entertainment. Adding to her torment is a gas mask which is strapped tightly to her face, and a hose which runs from the inhale port of the mask to a single column bubbler bottle so we can monitor her breathing. She is allowed access to the speed control knob of the fucking machine, so she is able to control her own pleasure. The fucking machine is set at the perfect angle to penetrate her pussy regardless of it's speed.

The leather cuffs and chains which restrain her make a wonderful noise as she struggles with her limited range of movement. As time goes by and she becomes accustomed to the penetrating depth and girth of the dildo, she increases the speed of the machine. Her pristine body accepts the full stroke of the dildo and its simulated ball sack, which she can back into for a full banging experience. Eventually she increases the speed of the machine to maximum and we can tell my her moans and sighs that she's in the groove, allowing the machine to do all the work while she controls her own pleasure by adjusting the position of her body. The machine is now running full tilt as she receives the stimulation of its thrusts. The nerve endings of her pussy are full activated now, sending impulses of pleasure to her orgasm center. Eventually her cup runneth over and she rides multiple waves of machine-induced orgasms. She ends her roller-coaster ride by slowing the machine down and collapsing on her elbows as she regains her breath.

This kinky spectacle appears to be a success for both Utwana and ourselves. Utwana's exhibitionism has been satisfied, as well as our own search for unusual kinky entertainment. A special thanks to Mistress Gwen Chemindefer, her partner, and especially Utwana for a fantastic demonstration of machine sex. In the future, it's quite possible that fucking machines and artificial insemination will replace men entirely! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video. try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1698 / DATE: Jun 24 2021 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Here are three preview videos from our friend Jay at Fancy Steel in Australia. Fancy Steel manufactures a range of popular chastity devices for both men and women. In addition, for the last six years Jay has been producing feature movies which highlight his chastity gear. Every year or so Jay will sent me a batch of his preview trailers, and in this update there are three trailers promoting his films being released July 1, 2021.

Jay tells me that his business started making movies back in 2014. The first videos were considered to be promotional videos which highlighted his chastity products. The idea was to sell the movies for $1 dollar each, like an iTunes download. The videos became quite popular and Jay started receiving emails wanting more. Around that time 'Orange Is the New Black' came out. The idea of girls in prison was gaining popularity online, so Jay decided to shoot movies featuring girls in chastity belts, in prison. This turned out to be a big hit.

Now, years later, Jay considers the movie production side of his business his creative outlet. In addition, it's a way to promote his Fancy Steel products, giving the viewer a way to see chastity belts used in unique and exciting ways. Also, Jay says that his productions raise the quality bar of fetish movies worldwide, and include a touch of Hollywood.

Jay directs all of his productions and edits his movies with Apple's Final Cut Pro software. He has two friends who work in the film industry, and they help him with his shooting and lighting. Jay’s also been talking with adult producers about creating a new style and look for traditional kink videos. As a side note, Jay pays his talent well and wants them to feel safe and have fun on his shoots. Jay's chastity belt customers sent him stories which he says he uses for inspiration.

Jay quit his day job last year which allows him to focus on his chastity business full time. He said it took six years of work for his company to finally support him financially. In Jay’s early years he attended film school directly from high school, but dropped out to work in the wine industry instead. Now, years later, he's fulfilling his original interest in making movies. Check out all his chastity and fetish products at FancySteel.com. A special thanks to Jay for sharing his preview videos with us. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1685 / DATE: Jun 22 2021 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 1

We are getting close to shooting new content as the virus subsides and our society opens up. I'm starting to think that traveling to Europe to shoot videos might be possible this year. If you haven't got your vaccine shots yet, now is the time. I got my shots, it's not a big deal.

This is a great video we shot years ago with Mistress Alice and Agent Smith. Many of you have seen or heard of Mistress Alice, but Agent Smith is not well known. He had a personal website TrapperSmith.com which is no longer online. Trapper went by the name Agent Smith, but I don't know the story behind that name or the Trapper Smith name. Trapper was a fan of most kinds of bondage and visited us a few times during the early days of this website.

The bondage frame in this video is made of Unistrut steel, which is used for building industrial framing. It's like the old Erector Set toy for children, but Unistrut is for adults. I have built a lot of bondage gear with Unistrut, and once we bolted Trapper in the frame we all agreed that he looked really hot! Trapper was into working out, so naturally he looked great in his black PVC suit. He didn't show his face in any of our videos. In this video his mouth was filled with a big penis gag, and a black spandex hood was pulled over his head, and then we used a leather blindfold to block any way for him to see through the spandex fabric. I must admit, this scene really turned me on because I love this kind of stark and inescapable bondage.

Mistress Alice is game for tormenting any man in bondage, and Trapper was no different. As I said, Trapper also goes by the name Agent Smith which was how Alice addressed him. She likes that name better. In any case, she pulls out a Hitachi vibrator and plays with Trapper's super hard cock. It's plain to see that he's enjoying his harsh and vulnerable bondage captivity. I would be pretty turned on to, if I were in his position. I'm sure the taught chain between his legs was helping to stimulate him as well.

Alas, Trapper didn't cum before the end of the video. As I think about it, I'm not sure he ever came in any of our videos, but he always had a good time. Alice always has a good time as well. As you will see, Alice always has something amusing and entertaining to say in our videos. We haven't see Alice since the virus pandemic, but I hope we reconnect this year. Check out her website at AliceInBondageLand.com. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this video!


GALLERY: 1645 / DATE: Jun 12 2021 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

Corona Virus Update:  Elise Graves and I have set a date for shooting some videos in her new studio, and I'm starting to contact other kinksters about shoots. Yay!  Things are opening up. If you haven't got your shots, please do so. Lets try to achieve immunity and get over the hump. I got my shots and it's no big deal, so go for it!

Back in the early days of this website we spent time with January Saraph and her boyfriend Smutty, and Mistress Gwen Chemindefer from RubberAndBondage.com. This video was shot by Smutty and was one of the early videos we posted on this website. As you can see, the two girls are caged and shackled. This is a classic fetish image for men's entertainment. In the busy world of today we see people in the grocery store, driving their car, at the movies, etc. But it isn't very often that we see people naked people, and it isn't very often that we see people engaging in intimate sexual relations. For some reason that's taboo. So, when we see two naked woman in a cage, we are naturally attracted to the image. I suppose if intimate sexual relations were displayed on billboards, TV, and in the newspaper we would get used to it and not give it a second look. But that's not the case, so we we crave our porn, kink and fetish websites to feed our inner desires.

Mistress Gwen is quite an entertaining domme and always keeps up the dialog with her slaves. I don't think her website is around anymore. You can still find videos and still images of her work, but as far as I know she's moved on in life. That's really the way with so many people I've met in the kink industry. Years pass by and people change, and find new interests to entertain themselves. As the French would say, C'est la vie.

As an introvert during my school years, photos of women in bondage always attracted me. The images were very exciting, and sometimes I couldn't decide if i wanted the fantasy women to be in bondage, or for me to be in bondage and under their control. Either seemed attractive to me as I struggled with my young sex drive and dating challenges. So, here I am at 65, still struggling with these issues, and running bondage and fetish websites for a living. I love running my websites and I hope my work keeps all of you entertained. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1614 / DATE: Jun 1 2021 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 2

This 2-part video from the archives is an excellent example of married men who visit us at the SeriousBondage Institute. These men have an agreement with their wives that they can visit a Mistresses or play with others, so long as they don't orgasm. This type of agreement usually includes no intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids.

In my view, this is quite a workable solution for married couples. Men seem to be wired to continually seek sexual experiences, which creates problems in a marriage. Most women become disinterested in kinky play after bearing children. I'm no expert on this subject, but I've seen plenty of men who have some form of this agreement with their wives or partners. This includes both gay and straight people. Additionally, I've met plenty of men who have partners or spouses who are not kinky, so an agreement like this allows the partner to get their kinky needs met while preserving the relationship.

The 2-part video in this update features our friend Gumbi (Phil) and his mistress Rebecca. Gumbi has such an agreement with his wife, so you'll see how he and his mistress dance around the 'no sexual gratification' rule. Mistress Rebecca and Gumbi developed a workable style of play so that Gumbi receives his rubber, bondage and CBT play while Rebecca receives the pleasure of tormenting him, appearing in videos, and a monitory payoff. Mistress Rebecca and Gumbi have been playing for years so their interaction flows smoothly while orgasm denial is achieved.

For many who play with kinky gear, orgasm is not the main objective anyway. Kinky people simply want to pair up with someone to share their fetish with. Explicit sexual intercourse and orgasm are not on their list. Hopefully my comments will give you something to think about as you watch this 2-part video. A special thanks to Gumbi and Mistress Rebecca, who seem to have a lot of fun playing the game of tease and denial. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1687 / DATE: May 21 2021 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Corona Virus Update - I got my shots, I feel fine as well as relieved. If you haven't got your shots yet, please do it. Don't wait. The shots are quick and easy. I'm excited that things are opening up and I am already planning video shoots with Elise Graves and friend in Europe. Yay!

The video in this update is from the archives and features our kinky friend from a small town North of San Francisco. She's the real deal, and as you will see, she enjoys pain play as well as bondage. The day we shot this video the planets seemed to be in alignment.  We had an unusual cast that included our Northern friend as well as MymmyEd and Mistress Troy Orleans. As you may know, Mistress Troy doesn't show her face, so in this video you will only hear her voice. However, don't let that disappoint you, she's driving this scene with her whip and crop talents as well as her surgical stapler. Yep! If you are unfamiliar with surgical staples you need to watch this video!

In addition to a great cast of characters, we had acquired a motorized gynecology table. This table, when combined with a sexy young woman, Humane Restraints and straps, sexy lingerie and a pair of red ballet shoes, created a visual scene that really spoke to Mistress Troy. Troy is as kinky as it gets, and I think that with our helpless young patient strapped down, legs spread, pussy exposed, Troy was really turned on. Come to think of it, I guess we were all turned on.

Troy had an excellent aim, and as she started in with her floggers and whips, we could see some white creamy lubrication forming around our patient's pussy. Clearly, our patient was enjoying the pain and pleasure of Troy's strokes. This went on for quite some time as Troy slowly raised the intensity of her strokes. It's important to start slowly with a lite stroke and build up the intensity. This approach allows the submissive to take more and for a longer time. Our patient received the strokes in a whirlwind of moans, yells and screams, and enjoyed every minute of the attention.

After a short cool-down, Troy brought out her surgical stapler. She prepped our patient's labia with alcohol, then, holding the outer labia lips together, injected the first staple which bridged both lips and held them together. Unbelievable! Troy was actually closing up our patient's pussy by stapling her labia lips together! 

As Troy worked her way down the labia, it became clear that our patient was experiencing intense pain and pleasure at the same time. Our patient was a real trooper, able to endure Troy's intense kind of play. As you may know, Mistress Troy is from New York City, and it caught us all by surprise when she first arrived that she would be traveling with a surgical stapler! Our patient was excited to be playing with Troy, so everyone seemed to be on a natural high.

A short time passed with jokes and conversation, and then it was time to remove the staples. Troy used a special tool to remove the stainless-steel staples, one at a time, eleven in all. Luckily our video camera could get in close so we could see the intimate details of applying and removing the staples.

This is a really hot and unusual video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did while shooting it. A special thanks to our patient and Troy for creating a unique scene. Visit Troy's website TroyOrleans.com to book a session. Her studio-dungeon is located on 5th avenue in the heart of NYC! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1612 / DATE: May 11 2021 / IMAGES: 232 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a fun 5-Part video from the archives featuring our friend Mistress Minax and her bondage gimp. These videos were shot at a local San Francisco studio which isn't in business anymore. The main reason for using this studio was that our friend Martin had built a free-standing jail cell that we had no room for, so we set it up in the studio so we could film it.

Mistress Minax loves rubber, bondage, and unusual gear, so she did not hesitate when we invited her to join us for an afternoon of filming. As you will see in these videos, Mistress Minax is quite comfortable around fetish gear. If you are looking to see a Mistress, I suggest you pick one that has a lot of experience like Minax.

The five videos in this update were posted on the site at different times which is why they have different titles. There's lots of gear shown in these videos including an orange heavy rubber 'System' hood from StudioGum, black leather thigh-high boots and steel shackles from Mr S, a stainless steel chastity belt from Carrara Designs, leather arm corsets and leather muzzle from Sinvention, canvas straitjacket from Maxcita, straps and hospital restraints from Humane Restraints. I'm not sure where the rubber straitjacket came from.

I only wish we had more time to play with this jail cell. It was super heavy and we had a hard time finding a home for it. I wish I could have kept it at my house, where I would have spent every night it. A special thanks to Mistress Minax and her bondage gimp for participating in this unusual video. Additionally, here's a fun article about Martin, the guy who built the jail cell. The article is titled 'The Master Of Metal.' Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1620 / DATE: Apr 28 2021 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun 2-part video from the archives that should appeal to everyone. There's nothing better than to have a helpless woman dressed in a spandex body suit. I guess I'm a sucker for women's intimate clothing, especially tight-fitting leotards and tights. Some guys don't get the point, but to me, making out with a woman who's wearing a leotard is very hot.

In this video our friend MummyEd puts his play partner in a Rigid Fiddle which is suspended from overhead by a chain. In addition, he adds a lockable ankle spreader bar between her ankles, and a pair of goggles with the eyes blacked out. This makes for a very effective blindfold. As a result, this his nymph becomes completely helpless and is exactly where she wants to be.

Ed sets up a Hitachi vibrator that has been mounted on a movable stand and pushes it up against her pussy. Then comes the best part of this video. Ed uses scissors to slowly and carefully cut holes in her leotard. He starts with her breasts, cutting the fabric away to expose her supple breasts and lovely nipples. Once fully exposed and available, Ed puts wooden clothespins on each nipple. She's helpless and moans with pleasure as the vibrator does its magic. Ed adds more clothespins to her nipples. Her delicate hands, covered by black knitted arm warmers, look so sexy as they're trapped inside the metal Fiddle device.

Little by little, the fabric is cut away exposing her naked body. Parts of the fabric is replaced by more clothespins. You can tell by her moans and the look on her face that she's turned on and enjoying herself. Ed is able to fondle her half naked body while she's forced to stay in her limited, exposed and helpless position. It's fun to watch her animated fingers and hands as she responds to Ed's touch and the vibration of the Hitachi.

Finally the fabric is cut away from her naked pussy and she can receive direct contact with the vibrator. Ed applies more clothespins to her belly and pussy lips. She's in pain but the vibrator acts as a sensual distraction. Her fingers open and close, contrasting nicely against the black fabric of her arm warmers. As the vibrator touches the clothespins, the vibrations transmitted directly to her pussy. Then, one by one, Ed removes the clothespins which creates intense pain for this helpless nymph. Her fingers grasp at the air as she submits to orgasm after orgasm. If she wasn't supported by the fiddle and overhead chain, she would have collapsed on the floor in orgasm overload. A special thanks to these two players, this was a hot scene! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1684 / DATE: Apr 17 2021 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 2

When I reviewed this video, I was on the edge of my seat. This is another amazing video from our archives featuring our friends Tim and Mistress Minax, and a pair of computer programmable ultra-heavy 9-chain wrist shackles from Martin at Rigid Cuffs. I'm not a fan of using a computer or any electronic device to control bondage gear. However, these shackles and their functionality are truly exciting and mind-blowing.

The locks and keys used in these shackles are computer programmable. I don't know the manufacturer, but they are very high-tech. This video was shot 10 years ago, so the locks have been around for a while. I don't recall the exact programming procedure. I think the lock itself has an internal non-volatile memory and a electrically controlled latch. The key downloads the date and time instructions for the lock opening to the lock's memory. Then, later, when you insert the key, the lock queries the key for the date and time and if they match the lock uses power from the key to open the electrically controlled latch. The lock can't be queried to share its date and time instructions for opening. So, unless the key tells the lock the correct date and time the lock won't open. This is a cool system, but I'm always concerned about trusting your life or freedom to a sophisticated electronic system. The system itself may be reliable, but the programming of the system is open to human error, and so is the programming of the current time clock.

So, our friend Tim volunteered to be put in the cuffs for a few hours. We told him the cuffs would open at 4pm, but we actually programmed the cuffs to open a few hours later. Sneaky! We drove to our local kinky cafe called Wicked Grounds in San Francisco, where we met up with Mistress Minax. We had brought some other pieces of Martin's bondage gear to play with, and Minax went to town using as much of the gear on Tim as she could.

When 4pm rolled around, the cuffs wouldn't open. As you will see, the key has an LED that shows red when inserted into the lock but the time doesn't match, and shows green when the time is correct which tells you to turn the key in the lock to open the shackles. Although Tim wasn't too happy, this is a great way to demonstrate the functionality of the locks.

So, Tim had to wait another few hours in the shackles before the correct time rolled around. Here's where I was on the edge of my seat while reviewing this video. The cuffs were programmed to be opened for only 15 minutes. So, while we were all talking and Mistress Minax was teasing Tim, time was passing by. I was watching the time on my watch, but suppose my watch didn't exactly match the key's internal clock? Suppose my watch was off by a few minutes - or even 10 minutes? Tim managed to get one of the shackles opened but time passed by while Minax played with him. Luckily, Tim was able to open and remove the other shackle before the 15-minute window passed by. But if we had thought the time was 10 minutes different than the key's internal clock, Tim might have been screwed! Or, suppose the rechargeable battery in the key hadn't been recharged in a while and ran out? We had a backup key with us, but you get the point. You can start to see the fallibility of electronically programmed bondage. Our friend Martin no longer sells bondage gear, but this is a cool video showing the uniqueness of his time release cuffs. A special thanks to Tim and Mistress Minax for demonstrating this cool gear for us, and to Wicked Grounds for allowing us to film in their kink-friendly cafe. You can read articles about Martin and his gear on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1651 / DATE: Apr 7 2021 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video from the archives featuring our friends 'Rubbert' (Fetlife) and Mistress Alice. I like this video because it incorporates some great bondage, a unique jackoff machine called RoboJac, and Mistress Alice. Rubbert drove down from Vancouver to visit us in San Francisco and brought a ton of gear with him including his RoboJac. Many of us are familiar with the Venus jackoff machine for men, but the RoboJac is not as well known. This machine has been around for years and works quite well.

In this video Rubbert's legs are restrained in the two of the lower stocks of our full body bondage table stock system. You can see more videos of the full body stocks by searching for the word 'stock' in the search window at the top-left of this page. Rubbert is dressed in full leather, with a beautiful red straitjacket and black leather face zipper hood. The straitjacket is anchored on both sides with chains that are connected to the surrounding metal stock frame. Rubbert's cock has already been slipped inside the RoboJac suction sleeve. The sleeve has a flanged bottom, so it's held in place by the surrounding leather and straps. Alice slips a dildo gag into Rubbert's mouth and zips the hood closed before powering up the RoboJac.

As you will see, Alice can adjust the suction and stroke rate of the machine, pulling Rubbert's cock up and down the semi-transparent jack-off tube. Let’s stop here and consider Rubbert's helpless situation. He's covered in tight fitting leather, with his arms caught up in the sleeves of his heavy straitjacket. The sleeves are buckled behind his back so there's no escape from the warm hug of the leather. His legs are restrained by the rigid grip of the leg stocks, which holds his lower torso in position. His head is surrounded by the feel and aroma of leather, and his speech and senses are suspended within the blackness of the heavy hood. The only part of Rubbert's body that’s receiving any stimulation is his cock, and no matter how much he struggles he’s unable to escape the torment of the RoboJac. Is this sexual ecstasy or torment? We watch as Rubbert thrashes about and can hear his moans from inside the leather hood. Is he enjoying himself? Who knows, but I'd sure like to trade places with him!

This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1681 / DATE: Mar 27 2021 / IMAGES: 103 / VIDEOS: 1

This video was shot back around 2012 when we were first starting to shoot video for this website. Previously we were only shooting stills. The domme is Mistress Gwen from RubberDynasty and RubberAndBondage.com in Los Angeles, and her bondage slave Utwana, also from LA. We spent many years hanging out and shooting with Mistress Gwen, sharing gear, models, locations and contacts.

The device Utwana is restrained to is called a 'Bondage Tower' which was built by a friend who was good at woodworking. He wanted pictures of his Bondage Tower, and this video and still image shoot was the result. Mistress Gwen and Utwana were in town so we rented a small photographic studio with a white background. I like shooting a white background which makes the gear and subjects stand out.

Mistress Gwen has an amazing collection of rubber and her signature black latex hood enhances her beautiful eyes and lips. Gwen has a great domme personality which keeps the scene rolling. Utwana is 100% submissive and has a beautiful body both in and out of rubber. As I describe this video to you, I recalled that most of the stuff we shot with Mistress Gwen and RubberDynasty were still images. I have thousands and thousands of still images in the archive. I thought that most everyone wants to see videos so I took all the still images off of this site. Maybe I should create another website with just still images?

In any case, this is a hot video and shows Mistress Gwen, Utwana and the bondage tower to their 'best advantage' as the Brits would say. As years have gone by, we don't see Mistress Gwen, RubberDynasty and RubberAndBondage.com any more. Time passes and people move on. Lets give a special thanks to Gwen and Utwana for this sexy snapshot from years past. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1641 / DATE: Mar 17 2021 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a video from the archives featuring the popular rubber and bondage model Anna Rose. Anna runs two websites: Alterpic (her original flagship site) and KinkyPonyGirl. The vintage video in this update was shot around 10 years ago at our friend Travis' house in Northern California.

Travis owns an all-black playroom which contains a high-tech bondage chair he built with 8020 extruded aluminum. He calls his chair the 'Split Bench'. Using a combination of HumaneRestraint cuffs and straps which connect to the 8020 material, his bondage subjects can be effectively restrained in an open and sexually vulnerable position. The highlight of the chair is a heavy neck stock which slides open and closed and pins the neck of the slave very securely. The frame of the neck stock is made of 8020, and stock pieces themselves are machined from heavy 1-inch thick heavy aluminum plates. Once the slave's neck is in place, the outer stock is slid into place and a pair of yellow industrial screw handles are tightened to lock the stocks in place. This 'Split Bench' is a serious piece of gear, and very high tech.

At the time this video was shot Anna Rose lived in Germany, and had come to the US to visit friends, play, and shoot videos. As part of her kinky visits she would usually visit HouseOfGord, JG-Leathers, and various people in the San Francisco area including Travis. Travis's famous Split Bench wasn't his only showpiece, he also owned two burial caskets and a hearse. Travis would dress as an undertaker and drive his hearse out to breakfast. I can't remember if Anna Rose got to take a ride in the hearse, but a few of us did - in a casket! Travis was known for his sense of the macabre, especially around Halloween when his house would attract trick-or-treaters from miles around. Here are a few articles about the fun we had with Travis: Don't Let Your First Ride Be your Last, High Tech Restraint, Studio Gum Delivers, Travis Biography, Inescapable Conclusions, along with Wild Times At SBI which features a visit by Anna Rose to the SeriousBondageInstitute.

In any case, this video features Anna Rose restrained on the Split Bench, and her partner who takes advantage of her helpless situation with insertable and e-stim toys. To make matters worse, poor Anna is unable to see over the edge of the neck stock, so she can't see what's happening down between her legs! Anna is a beautiful and sexy woman, and her tight-fitting latex and high heels only add to the look of her helpless situation!

Anna is a switch. She's well versed in both domme and submissive rolls and enjoys playing both. As you can see on her Twitter feed, she enjoys latex and heavy rubber, and she's is a true fetish artist when it comes to choosing her outfits and the gear she uses. Anna runs her own websites, shoots and edits her own videos, and lives a real fetish lifestyle. Anna is the real deal. Check out her websites Alterpic and KinkyPonyGirl. The video in this update is in the Apple Quicktime format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1598 / DATE: Mar 7 2021 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay updating the site. Too much going on here. I got my first vaccine shot a few weeks ago, and will get the second shot in the next few weeks. I got the Pfizer vaccine. I would take any of the vaccines. Probably, in the near future, all three vaccines will be available to everyone. Maybe it will be a badge of honor to have received all three vaccines? An any case, please don't wait for your shot. Get your shot regardless of which vaccine it is. Any shot is better than no shot. And hopefully by the end of this year it'll be safe to travel and I can share new videos with you from Germany and Switzerland.

Regarding this update, let me start by saying that my friend JG-Leathers is a wonderful guy. He can sit for hours and talk about trains, airplanes, politics, and life in general. And, when it comes to kink, JG can both talk about and play on the edge as much as any other heavy player I know. In this 3-part video, JG came to the SeriousBondage Institute to meet Mistress Gwen Freestorm who is an experienced domme from Minneapolis. JG arrived to the Institute fully equipped with gear. He made previous arrangements with Mistress Freestorm to take a ride in his rubber, chains and e-stim. Miss Freestorm was looking forward to meeting JG and the two of them became good friends almost immediately. I have to admit, meeting a woman like Freestorm, who loves kink and enjoys dishing out torment and punishment can be quite exciting. Most men, like myself, who enjoy rubber, bondage and torment are always on the lookout for Mistresses who share these interests. It's not often that we run across a domme who's experienced, willing to close the padlocks, and spin the e-stim knobs.

The first video shows JG gearing up is his latex catsuit, Latowski chastity belt, chains and rubber helpless mitts. His Latowski chastity has been bastardized with internal electrical stimulation pads that are held securely in place. For JG, gearing up is as much a part of the journey as the actual ride. Many fetish guys, including myself, are focused on exactly how the gear fits together and matches the rest of the ensemble. This is certainly the case with JG. Isn't it funny how the type of gear and how well it fits together is such a turn-on? It certainly is for me. I guess we have developed a fetish for both the gear and the final experience. I have strapped and buckled JG into his gear several times, and I have learned to respect his head space during the process.

The second video reveals the intricacy and extent of JG's restriction. As you will see, he enjoys total rubber coverage which is then secured with metal shackles and locks. There is no possibility of escape. To add another layer of confinement, JG uses an inflatable StudioGum mummification bag which both supports and compresses him in heavy rubber. The inflatable bag has two openings, one for cock access and the other for his hooded and gas-masked head. The cock opening allows the e-stim wires to come out from the Latowski chastity belt, and the head opening allows a pair of rubber hoses to run from the gas-mask to a pair of bubbler bottles. The bubbler bottles allow us to monitor JG's breathing and at the same time add another level of kink to the setup. As you will see, this is a mind-blowing combination of gear. JG is really a fetish artist.

At this point Mistress Gwen starts to adjust the e-stim knobs while watching JG's reactions. JG likes the e-stim intensity to be set high enough for intermittent passages of pain and torment with low passages for recuperation. It's clear that the Mistress enjoys the moans, groans and yelps that JG makes. As you remember, JG's hands are inside padded rubber mitts and his wrists are shackled to his sides, so there is no way for him to break free or disable the throbbing pulses of electricity. JG is cocooned, helpless and exactly where he wants to be. At the same time JG is also experiencing inhale breath restriction provided by the rubber hoses and bubbler bottles. His moans and struggles are all part of his experience.

In the third video JG is without his rubber hood and gas-mask. He concerns most onlookers with his antics, but he simply enjoys swimming in the deep end. This final video shows the interaction between JG and Mistress Freestorm. This was a first-time session between these two, and it turned out really well. I shot this video and got caught up in the intensity. Personally, I'm not into e-stim or breath play, but I sure love the rubber, bondage, gas-mask and inflatable bag in this video, and I'd like to spend a night like this! An article highlighting Mistress Gwen's visit to SBI can be found on SeriousBondage.com by clicking HERE. This video is presented in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, please install the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1138 / DATE: Feb 25 2021 / IMAGES: 166 / VIDEOS: 2

These are two classic videos from the archives, featuring how stuff happens at the SeriousBondage Institute. Kinky people would come and go all the time, and we would play with bondage and kink whenever they showed up. The point of this was to shoot videos, but it was also about making friends with other kink-minded people. There are two videos in this update, both featuring our Mistress friend from Northern California, and our friend 'ModeNarr' from Germany. We met our Mistress friend years earlier through MedicalToys who was also located in Northern California. She would drive down to San Francisco from time to time, and on this weekend we had special plans for both her and ModeNarr.

ModeNarr was staying temporarily in the US for work reasons. During a conversation I had with Hans-Peter who is the owner of StudioGum in Germany, he said his friend ModeNarr was working in the US and wanted to meet kinky people to play with. Well, it turned out ModeNarr was working in the Silicon Valley which located close to San Francisco. One thing led to another, and ModeNarr ended up appearing in many of our videos, including the two videos in this update.

ModeNarr has a wide range of kinky interests including wearing women's dresses. Not any dresses, he likes fancy showgirl dresses from Las Vegas and elegant period dresses from the 1800's. So, part-2 of this video shows us taking ModeNarr for a tour around San Francisco in his Vegas showgirl dress. This was right before ModeNarr had to return to Germany because his work contract had ended. As a sendoff we organized a day for ModeNarr to dress up and strut his stuff, accompanied by our mistress friend. What a wind day. As you will see, both of them had a great time.

Part-1 of this update features ModeNarr in a red fiberglass cast which we had casted on him a few weeks prior. In my kitchen, we gathered to watch a replay of the scene we did previously, with our mistress friend dishing out the torment. You can see the original casting scene by searching for the title 'Casting Mode Narr' in the search window at the top-left of this page. We were able to piece together his cast with plastic wrap and put him in his same helpless position. His casted arms were locked to bolts in his head cast and then supported by two chains connected to an overhead point in the ceiling. He was helpless and enjoyed all the attention he got from our mistress friend.

As you will see in these two videos, we had a lot of fun at the SeriousBondage Institute. A special thanks to our Northern California mistress friend, our German friend ModeNarr, the makeup woman in the mall, Dalton, Petgirl Kako, MummyEd, and Joe GoFerIt. It took all these people to create these two videos! ModeNarr is back in Germany with a hard drive full of memories from the SeriousBondage Institute. Unbelievable.


GALLERY: 1616 / DATE: Feb 19 2021 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This clip features Mistress Sable and her rubber gimp, both from Los Angeles. This clip isn't all that exciting, but it has some nice gear and Mistress Sable looks great in her skin-tight latex catsuit. In this video we were shooting still photos on the back deck of the SeriousBondage Institute. We had constructed a metal bondage stand with 2-inch pipe. I like big and heavy bondage gear, but as time went by we added some 4 inch pipe, and after that we actually talked about using some 6 inch pipe.

Mistress Sable specializes in rubber and looks great in it as well. In this video her gimp is in a nice one-piece latex suit with dry-suit shoulder zip entry. His head is in an inflatable hood which looks great in the metal head cage we had on hand. The top of the head cage is connected to the overhead pipe stand. I love how the hood's latex bulges out from in-between the metal straps of the head cage. The inflatable hood, pipe stand and head cage are a great combination.

Mistress Sable locks her Gimp's wrists into a pair of RigidCuffs which have unique pass-through X holes that allow the chain to pass through the cuffs. Before the cuffs, Sable passes the chain through a RigidCuff block with two X holes. The block keeps the two chains together before passing through each wrist cuff. This X hole pass-through idea is very cool. RigidCuff gear has been featured all over the Web. Run by a German guy Martin, he was a pioneer in using a home-built CNC mill to make bondage gear. I think he's retired now, and people in China have copied all his gear. In some cases the Chinese gear is better quality, and in some cases it's worse. In any case, we miss Martin and his bad English, humor and the general chaos which follows him around. I hope he's doing well. Check out these two articles about Martin on SeriousBondage.com: Martin's Rigid Cuff gear from Cuff24.com and The Master Of Metal. In any case, Mistress Sable uses chains and padlocks to secure the gimp's wrists, and another set of shackles to secure his ankles to the bottom of the pipe stand. I'm not sure if any neighbors were watching, but Sable and her gimp made quite a visual sight in the backyard. I wish we could have left him out there until after midnight!


GALLERY: 1624 / DATE: Feb 13 2021 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 5

Troy OrleansTroy OrleansTroy Orleans
Here's another unique and interesting video from the archives, featuring Mistress Troy Orleans located in New York City. I had the pleasure of interviewing Troy in her studio during a video shooting trip. This is a special video which captures Troy talking about herself, her business, and the details of the play she likes and offers to her clients.

Troy is the real deal. What you hear in this video is exactly what you will experience when you session with Troy in person. She's smart, mature, trustworthy, self-motivated, in charge, compassionate, sensitive and very knowledgeable about her trade. She has classic New York City street smarts as well as personal boundaries to be respected.

I am so glad that Troy contacted us years ago and suggested we visit her to shoot photos and videos. New York City is an exciting place with 24 hour energy, and it's a thrill to get together with Troy for both dinner and video shoots. Her studio is located on 5th Avenue in the heart of New York City, and you can feel the buzz of the City all around you. She is a class act.

What I love the most about Troy is her genuine interest in bondage and fetish. She loves and collects quality gear, and knows how to mix and match her gear to provide unique experiences for her clients. As you might imagine, her hourly rates are not low. She charges for her personality and vast experience, and for the overhead of a studio located on 5th Avenue.

As you can see by the photos on Troy's website and in the videos on this website, Troy doesn't show her face in media. That's just a personal decision on her part, and I must say it creates a mystique about who she is.

Let me stop here and talk here for a minute about mistresses, dominatrixes, masters and domme's for hire. There are many people around the world, both men and women, who fill these roles. And, like in any profession, there are both apprentices and skilled practitioners. We are lucky that these people exist, and with today's technology we can see them in action and get a sense of their personality. I grew up with fantasies of bondage, straitjackets and hoods, and rubber encapsulation, but I had to keep these thoughts to myself. Now, at 65 I can fully explore my kinky interests and I'm glad it's not too late to enjoy them. I urge you to explore your own kinky interests with these paid professionals. There are plenty of us who sit at work or at family gatherings and dream about being tied up, gagged, butt-plugged and tormented - or left alone. These thoughts are quite normal, we just don't get a safe opportunity to share them. Consider a session with a professional kinkster as your first step. This idea used to be a taboo, but every day it's becoming more acceptable as people share their interests on websites like FetLife and Recon. Exploring your kink is actually fun, and, as JG-Leathers would say "it's better than golf".

Back to the video in this update, I'm not a professional interviewer, but I do my best to ask interesting questions and provide Troy with the time to let the conversation to go wherever it needs to go. I hope you get a feel for who Troy Orleans is, and trust my endorsement enough to book a visit with her. You won't be disappointed.

This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1623 / DATE: Feb 9 2021 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, lets hope the covid-19 vaccine does the trick. I think we have a long way to go before we're in the clear. Vaccinating everyone on the planet is going to take a while, and with new strains surfacing we will be wearing masks for quite a while. So, while we're spending a lot of time indoors, watching kinky videos is the way to go!

This is a great video I shot years ago with Mistress Troy Orleans and her friend Gumbi. Troy has a fantastic studio on 5th avenue, in the heart of New York City, and this is where I filmed this scene. Troy has been in business for a number of years, and has a lot of experience with kink and fetish. She owns a lot of gear and knows how to use it all. She's quite inventive, and never at a loss for what to do next.

I met Troy years ago when she first approached me to visit her in NYC to shoot photos and videos. Since then I have made many trips to Troy's studio and met a lot of her clients and mistress friends. In addition, I have visited Troy along with Elise Graves, and together we have traveled to Europe to meet other kinksters and attend Boundcon in Munich. Some of these videos can be found by using the search window at the top-left of this page - search for the words 'Troy' or 'Boundcon'.

In any case, this is a cool video featuring a typical session with Troy and her bondage gear, along with the soothing reassurance she gives her bound slave Gumbi. This poor slave is restrained in Troy's steel bondage chair with his legs spread and secured. His feet are laced into tight-fitting ballet shoes, and his cock is buckled and locked into a leather sheath with internal spikes. The sheath, along with his cock, are then pulled downward with a taught leather cord through an opening in the seat of the chair. As you might expect, the spikes prevent the sheath from slipping off his cock under the downward tension, and also provide a painful experience for Gumbi. He is an experienced submissive and can take a lot of pain, torment and CBT. You can find more videos of Gumbi by searching for his name in the above search box.

In addition to Gumbi's cock torment, his arms are in leather sleeves and his hands are buckled into inflatable leather mitts from Fetters. These are unique helpless mitts with an internal rubber bladder which can be inflated with a rubber bulb hand pump. Once the bladder is inflated Gumbi looses the use of his fingers because they become pinned inside of the layers of leather in the mitt.

Gumbi is also wearing a black leather corset which is secured to the chair with leather straps, and more straps which surround his shoulders pull his back against the chair. Lastly, Gumbi's head in sealed inside of a tight fitting StudioGum gas-mask hood. The thick rubber hood is held up and against the back of the chair with a leather strap that passes under Gumbi's chin. To finish off this fantastic ensemble, a rubber hose is connected from the inhale port of the gas-mask to an adjacent StudioGum bubbler bottle filled with Troy's own urine. So, every breath that Gumbi takes is filled with the aroma of Troy's piss.

Gumbi, being a true submissive, accepts and enjoys his kinky predicament. Gumbi has traveled all the way across the US to receive Troy's special treatments and cherishes the torment he receives. A special thanks to both Troy and Gumbi for allowing us to film some of their amazing scene. I highly recommend visiting Troy even if it's your first time with a Mistress. Troy is a safe player, and the real deal. The video in this update is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1630 / DATE: Jan 30 2021 / IMAGES: 72 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool set of three video clips. Sometimes I end up with short video clips that aren't long enough to make one complete update, so from time to time I gather them up and make one long video. The first clip in this collection is of our friend Kitty in the underground deck cell. Although it's an old video, I still love the image of a beautiful naked woman, in steel collar and shackles, struggling to find a way out. Her restraints are locked to heavy steel eye-bolts which are anchored into the concrete walls. The metal shackles are harsh and unforgiving. There is no escape from this solitary underground cell. How hot is that? There are a set of still images that go along with this video clip.

The second clip is an extra scene that we shot in Zurich Switzerland at the end of 2019 featuring our rubber fem bondage friends Aski and Asuka. The submissive Aski can be found on Twitter as HeavyRubberSlave. These two guys love to create classic and highly stylized rubber bondage scenes, like something you would you find on one of the Kink Canary websites. We shot a few complete videos with these guys which you can find by searching for the word 'Aski' in the search window at the top-left of this page. I love watching these guys play with bondage, rubber, corsets, hoods, etc. I can't wait for the covid virus to be over so we can visit them in Switzerland again.

The third video clip features Elise Graves and her friend KinoPayne at EdgeDungeon.com. We had purchased a bunch of props from a Kink.com auction, and one of the pieces was a rescue cage used to transport injured people with a helicopter. At least that's what I think it was used for. In any case, the cage was old and rusted. Immediately, Elise figured out that if we turned the cage over it became a tight-fitting restraint which could be used to hold KinoPayne down to the floor. Some parts of the wire mesh of the cage was cut away which allowed Elise to access Kino's cock and face. So, once Kino's wrists were strapped to the sides of the cage, Elise was able to stand on top of the cage, walk around, and torment Kino with her black leather military boots. She stepped on his cock, forced his to to lick the bottom of her boot, and required him to demonstrate how he would lick her pussy if given the opportunity. Poor Kino. Elise Graves is never at a loss for ways to torment her helpless subjects!


GALLERY: 1625 / DATE: Jan 19 2021 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Just a reminder everyone, we are not out of this pandemic. Over New Year’s I had dinner with my sister, her friend, her neighbor, and me. One week later we were all positive, and my sister and her neighbor spent time in the hospital. It was a close call for her neighbor who almost didn't make it.

This update includes another cool video from the archives, featuring Mistress Alice and her friend Gumbi in his inflatable rubber suit. I really want an inflatable suit like this. Mistress Alice straps Gumbi down to our famous padded 'Gingerbread' bondage board. This is nothing more than a plywood cutout of a body, covered with foam and red upholstery fabric, and lifted off the floor with 3/4-inch water pipes. This doesn't sound very sexy, but it's really a great idea for this scene as well as pallet wrap mummification scenes. The Gingerbread Board has a head rest taken from a massage table which allows the person to lie either face up or face down. As JG-Leathers would say "horniness is the mother of invention".

In addition to Gumbi's inflatable suit, he's also wearing an inflatable rubber hood with inflatable gag, and inflatable helpless mitts. Once Alice had Gumbi restrained to the Gingerbread Board with the straps, she attached a hose from a small air compressor to Gumbi's suit and turned it on. It's a loud and slow compressor but it does the job. Gumbi's suit filled with air, expanding around the straps in a funny way. After the compressor is shut off Gumbi looks like the old US advertisement for the Michelin Man! (the Michelin Man was the popular mascot of the Michelin tire company in the US years ago)

Gumbi's inflatable suit has a zipper in the crotch so his cock can be exposed, so naturally Alice unzips the opening and exposes Gumbi's private parts. Gumbi has a CB-2000 chastity cage locked on his cock, so no matter how excited he gets his cock is held at a short length and is not able to be stimulated. Poor guy. Gumbi is very vocal which makes him a fun submissive to play with. He's always making moans and groans which makes it fun for dommes. It's always nice for a domme to know how the sub is doing and with Gumbi there's no guessing.

Alice plays with Gumbi's cock, using a vibrator as well as wood BBQ skewers. The moans and gowns from Gumbi tell Alice she is on the right track. As much as Gumbi wants to cum, there's no way it's going to happen. All gumbi can do is wish and suffer. Mistress Alice is very happy to edge her submissives. She's mean that way. Gumbi is exactly where he wants to be, and it's plain to see that both he and Mistress Alice are enjoying themselves. This is an example of kink and fetish at its finest!
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